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Sunday, September 18, 2011

You Go Girl and keep on going

I did not plan to run You Go Girl Half Marathon this year, it is Muscle Man's birthday tomorrow so I asked him if I should skip it...apparently I heard wrong because this week he asked why I was not running it.. WHAT?

My good buddy Amy (who had a birthday on September 17th Happy Birthday friend) picked up her bib and gave it to me. FREE RACE! I asked Kerrie HERE if she wanted a pacer, she was ready to run her own race...so I texted Kim HERE. I have wanted to run with Kim since YGG last year!! We decided that we would shoot to run together for a sub 2 hour half. FUN!! Then the lovely Tressa HERE let me buy her team shirt, THANK YOU!! I opted for the Jess HERE inspired pigtails like Kerrie and we were READY TO RUN!!

I felt CUTE and so excited to go for a sub 2 hour. While trying to sleep the night before the race I realized that today marked the last day that I saw my Dad before he died, it was at a Birthday party for Muscle Man and Tall Nephew. This made me a bit teary during the race, I decided that I would PUSH for a sub 2 hour for ME, I NEEDED it.. If you must know how it turned out check out my Dailymile HERE or Facebook HERE.. Race Report to come Soon :) My Big Girl job is SUPER BUSY, so I will get it up soon...


Michelle said...

You guys look super cute! :) Glad you ran your race today. Your dad was smiling on you again. And we're all cheering for Kerrie! Yahoo!!!

Lisa said...

I have a feeling your Dad is very proud of you tonight (along with every other night). I hope you had a great time! Happy (early) Birthday to Muscle Man!

Kerrie said...

It was a special day!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Looking at all your race day pics on FB and you lovely ladies didn't let the rain spoil your race! LOVE LOVE your cute braids!!!! Adorable as always!

Marissa said...

what a special day :)


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