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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

You Go Girl 2011

I was not planning to run the You Go Girl Half Marathon this year. I had not been training, I was going to spend Muscle Man's birthday weekend with him....BUT we talked and I guess I heard wrong and he was OK with my running.. Thankfully my friend Amy had a bib and Tressa had a team shirt. My plan was to run with the AMAZING Kim with a sbu 2 hour goal.How cool is Tressa's sign?? I love the saying I don't sweat I sparkle, so my sign was PERFECT.. Thanks Tressa!! I texted Jill who gave me info on the best parking spot, SCORE!! We all met at the nearby Tully's and posed for loads of FUN photos..

I wore braids to support team Kerrie, I had been coaching her for a 1:55 Half shhhhhh we told everyone it was for a sub 2 hour :) I knew she would be AMAZING and I was glad that I would see her on the course.

I could tell Kerrie had her game face on, she was READY and the nervous energy was thick.. Hugs and luck from Coach Tall Mom..

Had to pose with my (no longer Imaginary) Friend before we got all sweaty. I have wanted to run with Kim forever, she is also a Tall Mom we made a great pair..

Speaking of Tall Mom's in the gang Stacie was there looking lovely as always...

And our AWESOME race support Tressa, she made signs and had her tiny baby with her the whole time. I will call her Tough Mom!! Most of these photos are from her, Thanks!!

Team picture time, Tressa stood on a chari while holding Riley, talk about talented..

We have a fun group of ladies. The course is WONDERFUL because there are out and back sections where we could wave and cheer...

It was sprinkling lightly, I was a bit torn on what to wear so I kept on my arm sleeves.. BIG MISTAKE.. Jill did one of her awesome self group shots and we waited for the race to start.

I don't remember much from the race, I was having so much fun chatting with Kim that the rest of the race melted away...

What I do remember:

-So many beautiful women, strong and unique...all out there for the same purpose to get to the Finish.

-We met reader Melissa and her husband at Tully's, she was GREAT! her hubby was along the course taking pictures but I don't remember seeing him.

-Jill with her hippie hair running the 10K (love you Jill)

-I got HOT and muggy after the first mile. It was raining but too hot for arm sleeves and 2 layers.. i know better!!

-UP the BIG Hill, my legs felt STRONG, I was coaching Kim to the TOP, felt great to get there.

-I dropped my small water bottle and Kim did a killer side kick to get it out of the road.. NICE work Kim!

-Seeing Tiffany and her bright blue shirt and eyes, over and over during the race, she cruised to her first sub 2 half.

-Seeing Alma and Tressa cheering for us, I handed off my arm sleeves and wet phone at mile 5ish. My phone is trashed!

-My running skirt was weighed down with rain and kept slipping off. I was pulling it up the whole race

-Kim and I had no shortage of coversation and both of us are not fans of any sort of hills.. I wish she lived closer it was nice to go stride for stride with a tall gal.

-The water stops were well organized, this was the first Half I have run without a handheld and I LOVED it! Water stops slow me down but it was nice not to hold anything.

-I loved my pigtails but I think they made me hard to spot, I was spotted by one reader.. HI!!

-We saw Jamie ZOOMING to a PR and Kerrie not far behind.. STELLAR!! I was excited to see them at the Finish and CELEBRATE.

-The 2 hour Pacer seemed really fast and only had 1 person with her, she came in at 1:55.. Bummer :( I believe the goal for a pacer is to come within 1 minute of the goal time, but I could be wrong. It is my goal to pace a group to a sub 2 hour one of these days.

-Last year at the cone turn around I did a little dance move to show off for Kim. This year we were together...so we both showed off our GRACE as we did a super spin move around the road cone.

-I could see that we were behind pace for the Sub 2 Hour Goal, so Kim told me to set the pace. Mental math was tough, but I knew we needed to SPEED UP. Kim stayed close by as I picked off some runners.

-I turned to see how Kim was doing and gave her a thumbs up, she waved me to go on solo.. I was TORN, I didn't want to leave her, I wanted that Finish Line photo, but I also needed the sub 2 hour for ME.. So I turned on my ipod and took off.

-I was in the zone, legs strong until I hit the next hill. My mind went to places I didn't want it to go, I started to cry thinking about my Dad and how it had been a year since I had seen him. How he had never seen me cross a Finish Line in person. October 16th marks 1 year since his death, I thought about my Mom and family and the sadness we have been through.. The tears came out like the rain from the sky.

-At this point I had issues with Mommy bladder, guess I drank too much.. UGH!! Running fast and trying to hold it is NOT EASY.. It happens people, deal with it! I was thankful for my spandex shorts :)

-I had to find SOMETHING to pull me out of my sad place so I set my sites on runners in front of me. Lady in pink shorts, passed, lady with black capris, passed, lady with a smooth stride, passed... I was MOVING, I knew I had to hold the pace to make my Goal.

-The last hill came...small choppy steps.. "Come on Mel!!" I saw an older woman to the side and shortly after a tall Man, they were there to run with the pretty runner in front of me...bummer they would not see her Finish but it was neat to see their happiness.

-Past the hill and it was downhill to the Finish. Lazer focus until I saw my friends, what a welcome site... I burst forward and did a little pose as a couple runners passed me at the line. I did not wear a D-Tag because I didn't want to take a place away from another runner.. but my Garmin time was 1:58:18!! I did it! the last 2 miles were the fastest of my race.

I collected my cute (pho)gold necklace medal and waited for my buddy Kim.. She came across and looked GREAT! We talked about the last 5K and headed to the FOOD. My Fleet Feet buddies were manning the table, always nice to see friends... Not sure if Kerrie will love this, she left it all on the course. I am a PROUD Coach!! We stood around, shared stories, and got position to cheer on the last members of our Will Run for Ice Cream Team. Another FUN day!! We are already talking about next year. After the race we hit The Rock for lunch.. I got a pulled pork sandwich and coffee, YUMMERS!! And I bonded with the next Generation of Girl Runners Miss Riley.

You Go Girl makes my Dimples SHINE..

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Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I just got done reading Tressa's cheering recap... it sounds like you all had such a great time!! :) You can pace me to a sub 2 hr half any day ;)

Randi S said...

just checking here, isn't 1:55 a sub 2?? I don't care if it's 1:59:59, that's sub 2. Right? :)

Sounds like fun. I'd love to run with a group some day.

Unknown said...

Fun report. I didn't know how upset your were during that last 5k. So very proud of your strong finish (I want one, next time, next time!)

That pic of you and Riley is positively precious.

H Love said...

sounds like tons of fun! glad you were able to release and just cry...and do it while you do something you love. Thinking of you this month! Keep Shining!

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a super fun race! Congrats to you and everyone in your group who participated. I'll have to keep this race in mind for next year!

Jill - Striving to Stay the Course said...

Oh how fun!! I love your pictures and recap! Makes me want to run this next year so I can meet you!!

Carla said...

I loved seeing the two tall blondes on the out-and-backs! So glad you were able to be there.

I didn't know him, of course, but your dad must've been an amazing guy. My dad's birthday would have been the day after the race, and he was much on my mind too. God bless!

Kris said...

Good Job on your sub 2 hour half!! I'm sorry about your dad; dealing with the death of a loved one is hard no matter how long it's been. Thanks for the post it's very inspirational. You looked super cute too!

Marissa said...

ok seriously, I gotta find me a cute running outfit to sport for my first half!!! Ya'll always look ADORABLE for your races! Awesome job, yet again :)

Unknown said...

Yes, I too am jealous of your running wardrobe. I should beef mine up a little bit.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Sooooo fun despite the rain!! I wanted more CANDID pics though. :) wink, wink.

Dimples are a shining!!!!

Melissa said...

Fun, inspiring, and emotional recap - thank you so much for sharing! It was fantastic meeting you! Glad Brian was able to capture some fun pics of you and the other ladies :) After seeing all of your super cute running outfits I gotta go do some shopping....

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Mommy bladder - ha - love it! I live in spandex.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

No the braided pigtails ROCK! And I don't think you could be hard to spot if you tried. But then again I live in a world where 5'3" is considered Tall! ;-)

Great recap! I'm coming to "your" coast soon...just a little farther south.