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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Loving Running

T-Rex arms & mouth wide open.

I often look CRAZY!!!


RARE when a photo captures the JOY on the FINISH.

Early in a race is is easy to flash the dimples.

Having a friend helps keep the SMILES flying.

EVERY FINISH is Different. I cant judge the LOVE of the person in front or behind of me.

When I see you taking my picture I will SMILE!!

Every Finish Line is Different, we ALL struggle and cannot look Zen and happy every minute of a race.. But that does not mean we are not "LOVING RUNNING".

For context on the last photo (with me in the background) go to my Facebook page HERE. "Loving Running" cant always be captured with a simple photo..


Michelle said...

That post was obviously written by someone who does not share the passion and respect for running that we all have. Clearly, they do not know you in ANY capacity....real or bloggy! Just remember, you've had quite a week. Don't focus on this picture or their comments....let it roll off you and feel embraced by THIS bloggy community!

Unknown said...

I feel like I shouldn't have let you go...love all the pics.

Unknown said...

In my last tri my finishing picture looked horrid and like I was suffering terribly. At the time, I actually though I was smiling huge.

That comment was insensitive and thoughtless. You ought to get an apology.

Coy Martinez said...

I love that one at the end! You're right, I don't think most of our race photos do us justice to how we feel inside.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I didn't read the orginal caption but I think "the" photo was wonderful. We each run our own race, in life and on the road. I love that you are always real. You don't share with us that things are always rosey. It's real life. I have a few less than beautiful shots from my dad's memorial marathon. I don't share them because no one would understand why I was crying and look under such stress. But I know that although there were tears, I was crying knowing he was watching me.

Kerrie said...

You give your whole self when you run. THAT is beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

I never read the original comment, but for anyone to be mean about someone who is out there giving it their all in a race is rude. I love reading your blog because you're inspirational and seem so sweet and encouraging! I can tell you love running and you try to pass on that same passion and drive to other people. Don't let one person bring you down! You did a great job and should be proud!!

Jillrunsforsanity said...

That comment was mean spirited and quite ignorant. If you are racing with all you've got then you're picture is more realistic. After a recent 5k race I had a friend come running up to me asking me if I was ok. She said I looked terrible and she thought I was having chest pain. She has run 5k's also but has never raced them, there is a difference. Love everything about your blog Mel.

Marlene said...

I'm glad you spoke up for yourself - it looks like he changed the caption to something more appropriate.

Good reminder for everyone not to judge a runner by their race photo. :)


runninglawyer said...

Having just received an ignorant comment from someone that they thought was "funny" I feel your pain - some people just don't think how their comments affect us and can deeply hurt the feelings of others. Know you did your best, know you love running, and don't let the actions of someone who either intentionally or unintentionally (I don't know, I didn't see the original comment) get you down.

Anonymous said...

Love this post!!!