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Friday, September 16, 2011


Welcome to HIGH FIVE Friday.. A day where I spread the Virtual HIGH FIVE for things going on in Blog Land..

Self HIGH FIVE I will now be running You Go Girl Half Marathon with Team "Will Run for IceCream" and Kim on Sunday!! I am super Excited!!!

You Go Girl
Half Marathon
*Cheering- Adorable Wife
Kerrie- Sub 2 hour Goal!!!
Fleet Feet Kendra
(so not)Super RunnerMom
Kadie & her daughter

SuperMomE12- Top of Utah Marathon (gunning for a sub 3:30)
Rachel- (FIRST) Fox Cities Marathon
Pamela- Canada Army Run Half
Becca- Air Force Half Marathon
Lisa- Air Force Half Marathon (pacing her brother to his FIRST!)
Amanda- Delta Harvest Half (and first 20 mile training run)
Melody- SavageMan Triathlon
Tahoegirl- Bridge Run 10 miler
Jess- Pumpkin Classic 10K

Jamie & her hubby- 7 mile training run for their upcoming Half Marathon.
Sarah- 22 Mile training run!! EEK!
Kristin- Longest training run yet in cold NYC, 16 miles
Running Moose- 5th 20 miler in a row!!
Rena- 10 miler after not running all week due to CRAZY schedule

Morning Runner- Got Married on 9-10-11
Jesse- 100 mile race- Check out his VIDEO HERE
Denise- Complete a 70.3 last weekend
Kate- New 5K PR and 3rd in her Age Group
Christy- 1st in Age Group and 2nd overall Female for a Sprint Triathlon

Michelle- Registering for Boston Marathon on Monday!
Molly- Mid-way through NYC training and having a tough time. Good luck on the 16 miler.
Barefoot Angie Bee- Planning a Barefoot Runners Meet-up

Kayla- Raffle every Sunday for American Cancer Society

  • What do you need a HIGH FIVE for?? Leave a Comment.. My apologies if I missed anyone I was compiling the list at 10:00PM...

  • Please go around and spread the HIGH FIVE Love :)
HIGH FIVE It's Friday!!


track coach and adorable wife said...

Yay for everyone!

ashleys said...

Love your High Fives!!! High Five everyone!!

fancy nancy said...

Yay! Love your high fives! I finished my 1000th mile on Tuesday! Still trudging along!

Unknown said...

high five to everyone running this weekend!!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the high five! High five to everyone else!!

Rachel said...

Have fun at the half!

Thank you so much for the high five! Passing it on to all the other runners. Have a great weekend!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Yay for all these fabulous runners! GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND__ENJOY YGG!!!

I'm giving you a mid-5 smack on on the arse you speedy girl you!

Tricia said...

Have fun!

Molly said...

Good luck this weekend! Thanks so much for the high five, it helped :)

Kris said...

Yay High Five's to All!!! That's awesome. I'm doing a 10k on Sunday :)

Marlene said...

High Fives all around - especially Kerrie! :D

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

I LOVE high five friday!! Getting to see what everyone is up to all on one page ;) and then getting to go around and give them high fives... highlight of my day ;)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love your High Fives! I better get moving to spread some high fives. There's a lot of them.

Next Wednesday will be my 500th day running, God willing. (I'm nearing 4000 miles!)

Heather said...

High five to everyone who's running this weekend! Hope the PR fairy is with everyone!

I'm going to attempt a under 47 min 10K at the Air Force 10k, here in Dayton Ohio.

(so not) SuperRunnerMom said...

Thanks for the high-five. I am glad you will be running!

See you there. But don't worry, my social awkwardness/anxiety will prevent me from coming up and talking to you.

The Jesse said...


high five to everyone running or racing or being amazeballs this weekend :)

good luck at the half :)

Meredith said...

High fives all around!! Also, wanted to let you know I thought of you this morning on my long run. You, Mile Posts and See Mom Run Far all get credit for my pushing the pace run! Ran 13.1 in 1:52:21! 4 minutes and 4 seconds off my 1/2 marathon PR! Now, I know this isn't a race PR, but I'm totally claiming it! Thanks for the motivation!

Michelle said...

I love High Five Friday so much! It is inspiring to see all that is going on in bloggy land!

Average Woman Runner said...

Hooray for Hiigh-5 Friday!!

Rena said...

Thanks for the virtual high five! Made my day. I mentioned your high five on my blog and linked it. I hope you don't mind.