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Thursday, September 8, 2011

3 Things- Family and Friends

1. Little Stud #1 is starting Kindergarten on Monday!!! Not sure why his school is later than others. To be fully honest I am NERVOUS, he is so sweet, kind and giving, I want others to treat him the way I hope they will. Letting my baby out in the Big Bad World is SCARY!! We met his Teacher last week and I really liked her!! After the meeting he said "Mommy I am worried, my Teacher's room is kinda messy." I assured him that the class was not ready and she was busy getting her supplies ready, he is totally my kid. I know he will be great but I still have some anxiety... Any advice on how to get over my internal worry would be much appreciated :)2. I am in LOVE with my College BF KT's twins.. I went to visit a few weeks back and got to play Auntie. Just look at these smiley beautiful gifts from Heaven. I don't know how she juggles her little angels, my arms were full. I tickled, fed, held and cuddled the babies and caught up with my friend, I hope to make this a monthly visit.
3. I am BLESSED to have amazing friends, people who support me, believe in me and make me a better person. I made a ton of new friends at Hood to Coast, I look forward to getting to know them even better. There are those friends who have been there for me over the years, women I respect and love with all my heart...
Who would have guessed that 729 college house at Gonzaga would lead to a lifetime friendship? Love these ladies!!! Cant wait to spend the weekend celebrating the upcoming arrival of Short Lawyers (lol just thought up that nickname, wonder if she read my Blog?) baby boy!!

  • Not at ALL running Related :) guess this is the "Tall Mom" portion of the Blog without the "on the Run."

  • What are some great things happening with your friends or family?


Elizabeth said...

How cute is LS#1? I'm sure he'll do great in kindergarten! And friends are the best. They're like a second family. I have my bf coming to visit from WA this weekend! SO excited!!! :)

Unknown said...

Your son is adorable.

Truthfully, I don't think there's an easy way to get over the mommy anxiety of them starting school. I think you just have to hide it from the kids as best you can (so they don't pick up on it). Then, it settles down as you see how they settle into school.

XLMIC said...

So normal to have that new/first school anxiety. I have it and I am on kid #4 :P

Those babies are soooooo cute! Almost make me wish... no. I can't go there :)

Lisa said...

Little Stud #1 is so adorable. I hope the start of school goes well, for both of you!