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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Weekend without Running

We have been meaning to take the Little Studs on a Family Hike since last year when we visited Little Si in North Bend, WA. It is about 5 miles round trip, not overly technical, with gradual inclines, we tested it first to make sure that the boys would make it.

We packed lots of snacks, water, extra clothes and the child carrier backpack (yes our son is huge but he stills fits). The boys both have little colds so it really could have gone either way with their energy level. We knew we would stop a lot to let the faster folks pass us..
First stop, the viewpoint. Little Stud #1 was concerned because there was trash on the side of the trail, and I had read him the RULES of the trail before we set out, it looked like dog poop so I opted not to pick it up.
This is my Going up pose, I guess?? I am sort of a cheese ball if you haven't figured that out.. and guess what??
The next generation is a poser cheese ball too :)

Our Little Guy made it a good 2 miles before we stopped for a snack and loaded him up. The last part of the trail is not too safe. I was DRIPPING in sweat, poor Muscle Man was doing all the work with the extra 45++ pounds.
Fishy Crackers, Beef Jerky and water were our first snack stop as we watched the climbers go up the cliff. I could not believe how HARD it was to hike, I have the utmost respect for trail runners, TOUGH!! I was so happy to get the the top....only to find a TON OF PEOPLE and nowhere to sit :( We wandered around and went back down a little to have our lunch.
My hair was a little buzzed from a french braid the day before. We GULPED down water and enjoyed the amazing view.
I truly love living in the Evergreen State. What a BEAUTIFUL landscape. LS#1 is not afraid of heights and was getting a little too close to the edge for our liking..
This is his new pose... Not sure where he got it?? But it means "I Love You" in Sign Language.. so that is pretty cool :)
I wanted to take a photo that looked like he was climbing...sorta failed but it was funny to see him act..
And our buddy is getting GOOD at taking pictures :) We rested a bit more while the kids played at the top..
Then it was time to head back down. Thankfully going down was a bit easier although my toes were very SORE from slamming on the way down.
Little Stud #2 rode on Daddy the whole way down and even fell asleep at one point. Our big boy started to get tired so I held his hand and made up games to keep him going. I don't think that we will do this again next year, but maybe in a couple years. All in all it was a FUN family day on Saturday..


  • People do not plan well enough, I saw people with no water, food and horrible footwear.
  • Parent should do a test run before taking VERY SMALL kids on this hike.
  • Women solo in the woods makes me NERVOUS.
  • Saturdays are BUSY at Little Si, go early

Sunday was supposed to be Long Run day... but we had some family projects we have been meaning to take care of. Trash around the sides of the house and redecorating the entry way to make it more homey. We will be visiting family next weekend and I have HTC the following weekend so this was our chance..

We worked ALL DAY moving furniture, here, no there, oooh there!! I am soooo proud of what we did. I truly love the transformation. We used furniture from around our house and only had to buy a couple new pieces for a total transformation.

I may have been able to fit in a run...but it felt soooo good to just relax in my clean and cozy home with Muscle Man. So I did not run... GASP!!!

  • This weekend I went off my usual path, and spent the time with my family and on things I keep putting off. Although I don't like to skip runs, and there is some guilt, I could not be happier with the way the weekend turned out :)


Marlene said...

It must have felt good to get stuff down around the house. I think Mark and I need to both take a WEEK off to catch up on things. Ugh!

Glad you had a fun hike the the family. Wow, the boys did GREAT! Love the photos as usual. :)

~K~ said...

I think Little Stud #1's new pose is actually "I love you" in sign language?? Right?? maybe...

Kittee said...

Family Time always trumps my long runs! My kiddos are 21 and 20 so when they are in town I want to spend as much time with them as I can. Looks like a great weekend!

S Club Mama said...

I didn't run all weekend either! I rolled my ankle Thursday and was at a Women of Faith conference Fri-Sat so I rested more Sunday to let my ankle feel better, then ran my long run today. 8 miles and it feels pretty good.

Michelle said...

I skipped my long run on Sunday in favor of some quality family time too! It's a good thing - glad you had a good weekend!

Michelle said...

I skipped my long run on Sunday in favor of some quality family time too! It's a good thing - glad you had a good weekend!

Kerrie said...

I'm proud of you!

We have that same carrier -- it's not the most comfortable. I was gonna get rid of it 'cause I thought T Jr was too big, but if LS#2 fits, then so will my kid!

Also - I want to see before and after pics of the entry!

Angela Knotts said...

So great to see you guys getting your kiddos in the habit of being active (and also adventurous!). :)

XLMIC said...

What fun photos! You are such a cute ham :) And so is your boy!

We did that once... took two on a hike. lol They were almost 5 and 2-1/2. The older one only wanted ME to carry him in the backpack. Awesome. And I was 3 mos pregnant. More awesome. The two hour hike took us nearly 8 hours! I will remember it always :P

Becca said...

We do the "I love you" in sign language in my family, it's how we wave goodbye!

Elizabeth said...

Your boys are adorable! I love the Evergreen State, too - such beautiful scenery. It's my dream to live there one day! And not running this weekend shows you are flexible in your running schedule. I think that's so important in being successful with training!