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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Triple the FUN

Stressing a BIT about my upcoming Hood To Coast Relay, see yesterday's post, I opted for a Tuesday Triple...

Run #1
5:15AM- 5 Miles

9:54 Pace

Falling Water Rolling Hills
With Janna
Cool and dark

This run felt HARD, probably because I was not fully awake yet. At one point I felt like I was running sub 8's and it was over 10 minute pace. I had not run with Janna in a long time so the miles flex by as we got caught up on life.

Run #2
11:30PM- 5 Miles

8:17 Pace
Paths around work
Overcast and muggy

I have not felt this good on a run in FOREVER!! Everything clicked. My legs and core were STRONG and I tackled the Hills at top speed. I felt so good that I took the route which repeated the Hills. What a feeling!! Do people still say Boo-Yah? Well Boo-Yah!!

Run #3
6:45PM- 3.1 Miles
9:40 pace

Foothills Trail
With Muscle Man and the Boys
Overcast and buggy

Muscle Man is trying to recover from his knee injury so he put on his new Brooks shoes and we set out for a 5K test run. The boys were HYPER and a little hard to keep tame in the stroller. Loads of walkers and bikers on the trail. I kept asking Muscle Man if he was OK and hoping we would be able to continue to run. My legs were stiff, but loosened up after half a mile.

We see a lot of the same characters on the trail. With Half a Mile to go I saw a woman who looked like my friend Amanda. She had a stroller and a little one walking with her with the tiniest baby bump. She put her hand up and said "Hi Tall Mom!" With a smile and wave...mid stride I asked her name... she replied with Lyndsey and said "I am a fan!" I probably should have stopped :( Come to find out she had posted the question about Running while pregnant. A simple gesture totally made my day. And Muscle Man is now calling me a Celebrity! If you EVER see me out and about please say Hi it really makes my dimples shine. I hope to see you again Lyndsey!!

Total= 13.1 Miles

This workout gave me huge confidence with just 16 days to go!!!


Being Robinson said...

whoa! awesome workout, well done lady. you are totally a celebrity :) haha, LOVE IT! glad you had a great run, sometimes that's just THE thing, huh? BOOYAH (i still totally say it).

Elizabeth said...

Running so early in the morning is tough! Way to rock out the triple!! You're going to do great at Hood to Coast!

teacherwoman said...

Wow! Nice job on the Half Marathon yesterday! ;) Glad your hubby was able to join you for the 5K portion of it! I am sure it's becoming more of a challenge to run with your boys as they are getting older! Such little men you have there!

Kerrie said...

Good job, lady!

On another note: I wish people would stop counting down. It makes my stomach flip every time I read "17 days to go!" or "16 days to go!" Okay? So knock it off! :P

Erik Ammon said...

Oh, multi run days sure are fun! Great job getting 3 in!!

Marlene said...

Well done! Knew you could do it!! Look out HTC!

Rene' said...

Woo-Hoo! So excited for you!!!

Lisa said...

Great job on the runs! I always run in the morning, and totally understand how still being half asleep can really affect performance. I wish I had a little more time to wake up most days before heading out! You'll be great!!

Becca said...

You are a rock star!