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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nuun Hood to Coast 2011 Team Bios

I am typing this as I downing a bottle of Strawberry Lemonade nuun HERE, my new FAVORITE!!! I am honored to be a part of Team Nuun for the Hood to Coast Relay.

Announcement on Nuun Blog HERE.The 197 mile "Mother of all Relays" begins in Mt. Hood, OR and ends in the Pacific Ocean essentially (Seaside, OR) and takes place August 26, 27th.

A relay team is composed of 12 runners, each running 3 legs for a total of 36 legs. Individual legs vary from 3.7 miles to 7.4 miles with difficulty levels of "easy" to "very hard". Nuun is sponsoring 2 teams, we have 24 Runners, including Bloggers and our Awesome Nuun teammates and drivers! You would not believe the Email Traffic this team has created, WOWZERS!

Without further to do let me introduce my TEAMMATES!!!

VAN # 1
ALANNA- 1 (13, 25):

Where do you live? Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Blog Address: running42km.blogspot.com

Bio (including something about Running):

I’m a 31 year old married mother of one. I’ve lived in Vancouver my whole life. Growing up I was active, but I was into school sports rather than league. Once I was in high school I joined the track and field team and threw javelin. I wasn’t great, but it got me outside. At that point in my life running was what I had to do to warm up. I didn’t love it. Most likely because I’d slog around the track and knew that I wasn’t particularly fast (hello, awkward teenager with only moderate amounts of self-esteem). I met Colin when I was 19 and starting university. We did lots of outdoorsy stuff (mostly hiking) and had a brief foray into running. After 2 10km races we just sort of stopped. Dumbest thing ever! We married in 2003 and promptly got caught up with school and life. After getting my BA in History I worked full time at my job. I decided that I’d rather have a family than spend the next 3-5 years in school and Spud came along in 2007. By the time he was 18 months old I needed to get the heck out of the house and have some time on my own. Like a lot of mums I started running to get rid of the baby weight and found that I really liked it. Within 18 months I went from the learn-to-run clinic at my local running store all the way through to the marathon clinic. I’ve run 2 half marathons and 2 full marathons. I’m currently training for a half in the fall and, of course, Hood to Coast with Team Nuun!

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.:

-Graduating university.

-Having a beautiful 4 year old boy who tries my patience, but I wouldn’t trade him in for the world. Now if we can just get past the F-You Fours

-Finishing 2 full marathons! Hardest thing ever, but so worth it. Now if I can just get a sub-5 hour PR!

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?:Um, because I get to run Hood to Coast and Leg #1 at that! And because I worked my butt off on my application. I can’t wait to meet other bloggers. I know that I will be inspired by 19 women that love running and blogging like I do and I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from them too. I guess I should be politically correct and say I love Nuun, too, which is definitely true! 

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:I sent Nuun 197 reasons that I should be on their team. I sent a video too, but it had personal info. However I did put up outtakes.

Here are the links:



DOROTHY- 2 (14, 26):

Where do you live? Northern Virginia

Blog Address: www.mile-posts.com

Bio Mommy to three children under 5 who is a self proclaimed queen of the running stroller. Most recently I set a distance PR pushing all three of my kids in my triple stroller for 10 miles. I do most of my training pushing either a single, double, or triple running stroller. If you want to read more about me - check out my bio here ----> http://www.mile-posts.com/p/about-me.html

Notable accomplishment(s) in running: Qualified for Boston in 2008, 6 months and 2 days after having my 2nd baby with a 24 minute PR in the Marathon. I won the 2010 B&A Trail Marathon with a 10 minute PR in the marathon weeks before finding out I was pregnant with baby #3. In the spring of 2011 I ran 3 marathons in 5 weeks, 4 months post partum - National Marathon, Boston Marathon and Potomac River Run Marathon, finishing the 3rd with my 2nd fastest time ever of 3:23. I've run 16 marathons and I am proud of each and every one of them. My slowest time is a 4:58 and my fastest time is a 3:21. I am also very proud of the fact that I am a captain for the Saucony[www.saucony.com] Hurricane Athlete Team. This year is my 2nd as captain and my 3rd year on the team!

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: I love love love nuun, so I am excited to be representing the brand at such an amazing race. I am also really excited to meet a whole group of bloggers, some of whom I have been following for years, in real life. My best friend who actually is one of the reasons I even started running in college, will be competing on the Runner's World team, so getting to see her is going to make it extra special!

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application: http://www.mile-posts.com/2011/05/i-have-secret-and-i-need-your-help-hood.html I was so amazed at all the love from so many different people! I feel blessed to be connected virtually and in real life with such a great group of men and women.

KIMBERLY- NUUN- 3 (15, 27):

Where do you live? Seattle WA where I work for Nuun!!

Blog Address: nuunblog.com

Bio (including something about Running): I was a division 1 swimmer at UW and swimmers are not known for coordination on land. I had never run a single mile in one go until after college but I decided that triathlon was a good idea so I did my first 10k in 2006 and was hooked!!

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: My biggest accomplishment will actually be completing this race after having had major abdominal surgery in April. I am just so excited to be out there running again!!

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?:
girls packed into a van with contests, costumes, and lots of running, what's not to like!!?JOCELYN- 4 (16, 28):

Where do you live? New York City!

Blog Address: http://enthusiasticrunner.com/

Bio (including something about Running):

I grew up in Connecticut, I went to school at the University of Tulsa, and now I live in NYC. Growing up I always played sports: soccer, softball, tennis, etc. - you name it, I probably played it! It wasn't until I got to college that I stopped playing sports on a regular bases. I started becoming more anxious and stressed, so I knew I had to change something in my life. I started running my 2nd year in college, but I never ran more than 4 miles.

It wasn't until a three years after graduated from college, a couple of guys at work asked me to run the New England Ragnar Relay with them. I am so competitive that I knew I had to make sure I was better than those guys! That is when I started running faster and further distances than ever before. I think I impressed the boys on the relay team!

After the Ragnar Relay, I thought I should run the 2010 NYC Marathon! And I did! Now I am training for Hood to Coast Relay and the Timberman Half Ironman at the end of August!

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: Completed NYC 2010 Marathon, Ragnar Relay NYC 2011, Ragnar Relay New England 2010, Graduating College, and Being picked for the Nuun Hood to Coast Team!!

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?:I am so excited for so many reasons!! Top 3 Reasons:

1. I have never been to Oregon, and I am so excited to REALLY see the state.

2. I can't wait to meet the Nuun Relay Team members and share these memories with (soon-to-be) friends! I love the idea that all of us are interested in blogging and running. It should be a great deal of fun!

3. I am excited to be running for a brand as great as Nuun! Nuun is a wonderful product and a great company. I am so excited to be apart of this experience.

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


EMILY- 5 (17, 29):

Where do you live? City, State... Washington, DC

Blog Address:

Bio: 20-something year old sweat-addict who is positively obsessed with running, triathlons and cupcakes.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: First-time Ironman finisher as of July 24, 2011! 12-time marathon finisher and 3-time Boston Marathon qualifier. On a mission to run a marathon in every state and keep my body healthy enough to still be doing this at 87.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: Because I'm pretty sure that heaven on earth involves a dozen sweaty women, two minivans, running and a mountain of carbs stuffed in the trunk.

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


LAUREN- 6 (18, 30):

Where do you live? Rhode Island

Blog Address: http://www.healthontherun.net

Bio (including something about Running): I'm a 20-something New England transplant. I have a master's degree in Public Health and work in the field of health promotion. When I was in middle school, my parents used bribery to get (force) me to start running, and I haven't stopped since. I ran cross country and track in high school and college, have done 5 marathons (training for the 6th!), 6 relays, and countless other races. While my reasons for running have changed slightly over the years, I'll admit that the promise of a prize at the end of a race still keeps me motivated.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: Getting selected to run Hood to Coast with Nuun and a bunch of other awesome bloggers! But besides that...this year I smashed two "20" times that had been alluding me - I went under 3:20 in the marathon (3:18:18 at National) and finally broke 20 minutes in the 5K!

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: Anyone who has read my blog knows I'm sort of obsessed with relays. I think they're the best race ever created. And so to be doing the "mother of all relays" in beautiful Oregon is pretty much a dream come true! And I have to admit that I'm super excited to be able to represent Nuun. This is definitely unlike any other opportunity I've ever had.

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


VAN # 2
JEN- NUUN- 7 (19, 31):

Blog Address: nuunblog.com

CARRIE- 8 (20, 32):

Where do you live? Orange County, CA
Blog Address: www.thismamamakesstuff.com & http://www.team-sparkle.com/blog/

Bio: I'm a sewist, a runner, and mother of four. Sometimes running and sewing merge and I refashion race shirts (http://thismamamakesstuff.com/2010/10/making-stuff-refashioned-race-shirt/) or start a company making sparkly running skirts with my best running companions(www.team-sparkle.com). I started running almost 3 years ago as a way to build my endurance for mountain biking. I quickly fell in love and now I can't imagine my life without running in it. I also love sour patch kids, double dutch and watching So You Think You Can Dance.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: I ran my second marathon at 16 weeks pregnant (signed up before I found out about our little surprise). I helped organize a beginner's triathlon for the women at church hoping to encourage them to get active and love it (most awesome experience ever)! In July, I ran my first race in Vibram Five Fingers (a 5K) and got a PR! I started Team Sparkle with two of my best friends and running companions. It is a company where my love of running and my degree in fashion design are put to good use.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: I love nuun, I love to run relay races (it's where athleticism and creativity often cross paths), & I love meeting other women bloggers!

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:

MEL- TALL MOM- 9 (21, 33):

Where do you live? Bonney Lake, WA

Blog Address: http://www.tallmomontherun.com/

Bio: My Blog Header sums me up- 6'0 TALL Wife to Muscle Man, Mother to 2 Little Studs, Full Time Career woman, Marathon Maniac, RRCA Certified Running Coach and Runner on a journey wherever her size 10's will take her.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: Division 1 College Basketball Player for Gonzaga University. I managed to keep my head in the books and earned a Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications and Public Relations, and a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership. Married the Love of my Life in August 2003, birthed 2 amazing Boys November 2005 and January 2008. Certified RRCA Running Coach, Qualified for Boston Marathon in 2009 with a time of 3:37, often win SMALL SMALL local races :) Currently running for fun and to help my friends and family members meet their Running Goals.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: After watching Hood to Coast the Movie last year I have wanted to run a Relay. I love meeting new people, hearing their stories and bonding through Running. Some of the ladies I consider my dearest friends I have met through Blogging. This team will merge the miles from West Coast to the East and give us all the experience of a LIFETIME!! The fact that I get to run this amazing relay with like-minded women from all over the USA (and 1 Canadian), to not have to plan everything and to promote Nuun, a product I believe in, feels like a DREAM COME TRUE!!

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


MELODY- 10 (22, 34):

Where do you live? Arlington, VA

Blog Address: www.willrunformargaritas.com

Bio: Melody lives in Arlington, VA with her husband, 6 pairs of running shoes and 3 bikes. Melody is the writer behind {I RUN LIKE A GIRL} – a running lover and fitness fanatic with a margarita problem. Melody went to college on a track & field scholarship, where she ran the 400m hurdles and 400m. With college track behind her, Melody now focuses on road races, distance running and triathlons. If her wallet (and husband) allowed, she would race every weekend. Melody is a running lover, Brooks Inspire Daily & Bluestreak athlete, bootcamp instructor, Girls on the Run volunteer, avid blogger and soon-to-be USATF Level 1 Coach and RRCA certified.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: Running track in college, at the Division 1 level & on a track scholarship (400m hurdles and 400m); Qualifying for the Boston Marathon on my 1st attempt; marrying an amazing, Christian man that supports my {obsessive} love for running

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: Too many to list. I'm seriously so excited to run Hood to Coast and meet amazing women/bloggers that I follow and love.

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


KELLY- 11 (23, 35):

Where do you live?: Orange County, CA

Blog: www.according-to-kelly.com

Bio: cherry coke abstaining, crushed ice loving, world-traveling, bike riding,apron wearing, snowboarding, fabric obsessed, marathon training, sparkle skirtwearing, surprisingly shy triathlete, REAL orange county housewife & mama of 3, with ADD crafting tendencies & an MBA degree. mastermind behind Just Spotted, THE premiere family & kid oriented guide to living, visiting & dreaming about orange county.

Notable accomplishments: mom of 3 that manages to stay fairly sane thanks to running, biking & swimming workouts that are definitely cheaper than therapy. (i'm terrible at accomplishments. my biggest accomplishment is simply surviving & finishing a race. do you really want "podium finishes?")

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: 4 days, 3 nights with 24 ladies who understand both my running & blogging addictions? what's not to be excited about?

HTC Nuun Application:

i wanna am running the hood to coast relay

MEGAN- 12 (24, 36):

Where do you live? Metro Detroit, Michigan

Blog Address: Watch MeGo Run: http://justrunmego.blogspot.com

Bio: A full time nanny who has had an on again off again relationship with running through the years. After a job change, with more time, decided to get serious about it. Signed up for a 5k, then a 10k. Suddenly, I was hooked. I've done a slew of 5ks, 10ks, a 10 miler, and a few other distances. First official half marathon will be in October. I've even hooked my boyfriend and my family to get in on the madness of many of the shorter distances with me!

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: Has received a 3rd in AG in a 5k and a 2nd and a 3rd in AG in 10ks.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: It's a once in a lifetime opportunity that I know will be something I will never forgot. I'm so excited to run with this team as I've already been a follower of some of the blogs and now have even more to follow and be inspired by! All of these women are amazing and I know it will be a happy time that will leave a smile on my face the entire time!VAN # 3
TRICIA- 1 (13, 25):

Where do you live? Austin,Texas

Blog Address: http://www.enduranceisntonlyphysical.com

Bio: Stay at home mother to a toddler boy, married to the Army. I started running to challenge myself. I was in the middle of my weight loss journey, and used running as a way to push myself. I lost 125 pounds and found a passion for running. I am currently training for my second Marathon.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: I'm super excited about being on Team Nuun for several reasons. First off, I love this blogging community. Throughout my journey to get healthy, and now into my running adventures, I've found an amazing support network through blogging. I value the friendships I've made online and I look forward to running as a team with others who share a passion for this online community. Secondly, Hood to Coast has been on my running bucket list. Its something I looked at as a "horizon dream", the fact that I get to accomplish that dream next month is thrilling. And lastly, I happy that I'm running on a team representing a product I already love and can stand behind.

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


ALYSSA- 2 (14, 26):

Where do you live? San Francisco, CA

Blog Address: http://diaryofanaveragerunner.blogspot.com

Bio : A self-described distance runner, Alyssa gave up smoking and took up running in 2008, immediately finding her solace in the sport. She started running as a way to clear out her lungs and her mind, but ended up falling in love with the energy she found at races. She began with the half marathon and worked her way “backward” to 5ks and 10ks. She then moved on to the marathon and is eyeballing an ultrarun down the road. Her race agenda is always packed, she constantly pushes her limits to achieve new goals, and she always does so with a smile on her face.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: My life has become amazing once I started believing in myself and putting my mind and spirit into my dreams. This runs the gamut in every aspect of life: from overcoming addictions; moving across the country on my own; and becoming better, stronger, and faster in my own body every single day.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: I am really excited to not only have the chance to run this historic race, but I am excited to team up with so many wonderful, talented, and inspiring female bloggers -- some of whom I've admired for years!

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application: (I had turned in a PDF photo book, but here's a link to a preview: http://diaryofanaveragerunner.blogspot.com/2011/06/nuuns-hood-to-coast-relay-team.html)

CAITLIN- NUUN- 3 (15, 27):

Where do you live? Seattle, WA grew up in Lynnwood, WA

Bio: I’ve been a soccer player my whole life… I played division 1 at Washington State, but running isn’t new to me. I grew up around the track and at road races with my mom running competitively and my dad coaching runners. I ran track in middle and high school and was recruited to run track in college. I opted for soccer and played for the Cougs. I got my bachelor’s degree in Communication from WSU and am now working full-time for NUUN on the event marketing team!

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: Competed in the Washington State track meet in the 300m hurdles and 4x400m relay each year of high school, with my highest finish being 2nd in state in the hurdles and 3rd in state with my relay team. At Washington State, started all but one game the year our soccer team made it to the NCAA tournament for the first time in 7 years. Graduated from WSU with honors, and was on the president’s honor roll each semester of my four years. Have run 2 half marathons and a 15k for “fun” and somehow managed to do both half marathons under two hours without much training, and finished 2nd overall woman in the 15k.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: I am excited to meet the other members of my team. After seeing their applications and reading their blogs they all seem like fun-loving, awesome ladies. While the event itself will be challenging, I’m looking forward to lots of laughs and shenanigans every mile from Mt. Hood to the Oregon Coast.KERRIE- 4 (16, 28):

Where do you live? Seattle, WA

Blog Address: http://momvsmarathon.blogspot.com

Bio: I used to be a runner…in high school. I ran cross country, played soccer and was on two swim teams. But then I went to college. Sure, I ran occasionally if I partied too hard during the week. But it wasn’t the same. Then I graduated into the “real” world, and I sat at work, and sat and sat and sat and sat. I gained a lot of weight and didn’t do anything about it. When I got engaged, I was motivated to lose weight and running was part of that. I ran about two miles a few times a week for months. Combined with Weight Watchers, I lost enough weight that I felt good in my wedding dress. Then we went on our honeymoon and came home, and I didn’t exercise again. And I ate poorly. I gained all the weight back over time. But it didn’t last long because I joined Weight Watchers again. I lost 50 pounds by eating better and walking a little on my lunch breaks.

Then I got pregnant. After my son (now 3) was born, I sat. I’m a writer, so sitting is part of the job. And I sat and sat and sat and sat. And I was up over 200 pounds. A bulging disc caused sciatica and I was in pain 24x7! I felt I couldn’t exercise, but a cortisone shot finally gave me enough relief and I started walking while pushing my now-one-year-old son in his red plastic car. I’d already started losing a little weight by eating better. One day, I tried to run a few steps, and I felt okay! The next day (July 18, 2009), I dug a pair of dirty old sneakers out of my closet and dusted off the jogging stroller. I went for my first run – a 20 minute run/walk – and I started the blog Mom vs. Marathon to help keep me motivated, and to record my progress since my ultimate goal was to someday, someday, run a full marathon! My first half was a few months later in November, and I just ran my first full in June (after being delayed a year by a shin fracture).

I’ve lost about 50 pounds since then and developed muscle and confidence. Running has become an important part of my life. I have made friends and memories. My son knows his mom is a runner, and my husband – who may not always like when I’m gone for hours on a long training run – understands I need to run. Running has changed my life for the better. Never again will I say, “I used to be a runner.” I’ll be a runner for life.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: I just ran my first marathon in June and it was fantastic! It took me two years (because of a shin fracture), but I did it!

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: Running, for me, is an adventure, and Hood to Coast epitomizes running adventures! Plus, I cannot wait to meet and run with all of these inspiring women bloggers!

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


MARGOT- 5 (17, 29):

Where do you live? Orange County, CA!

Blog Address: http://thefasterbunny.blogspot.com/

Bio: A Limerick!

Unlike Tall mom on the run I'm a shorty

three marathons done make me quite sporty
from the East Coast for sure
I'm now a Cali girl
After Hood to Coast, I'm drinkin' a forty

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.:
*Running: Run three marathons, BQ-er and NYC qualifier. I am incredibly good at never getting injured! Haven't been injured since age 16.
I've got a couple tech-y sounding degrees that I'm proud of (Engineering and MBA). The lack of any English classes probably explains the awful grammar in my blog. I make some mean pancakes for breakfast and a great key lime pie. I'm learning to bike so that one day I can do a triathlon.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: I love all things crazy and that push you to the limit. Hood to Coast is just that. And to be on a team with a ton of extremely nice and inspiring women is priceless.LISA- 6 (18, 30):

Where do you live? Orange County, CA

Blog Address: http://lisasepiphany.blogspot.com/

Bio: Lisa is a married mother of two wonderful children (ages 7 and 5). She took up running 3 1/2 years ago, at age forty. While training for her first marathon, she discovered her love of running and fitness. Since 2008, she has run five marathons, 16+ half marathons, six mud runs and oodles of other races. She is a RRCA certified running coach as well as trained in pre- and post-natal fitness, teaching Stroller Strides and Body Back bootcamp classes. Running is her escape, her fun and her “me” time. She builds friendships around running, but also finds her “happy place” during solo runs. She loves spending time with her family, especially outdoors. Hiking and biking are key activities that everyone in the family loves. Her son is following in her footsteps and recently ran his first 5K.

In a previous life, Lisa was a casino executive (for 18 years!). She worked long hours in a tough, people-focused industry which really gave her a thick skin. There isn’t much Lisa hasn’t seen or heard and a bunch of women in a van during Hood to Coast will be tame compared to some of the high rollers in the casinos. Having been a stay-at-home mom for the past several years, she is looking forward to the camaraderie and adult interaction.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: Lisa was chosen to represent Jamba Juice last summer as one of 100 athletes throughout the country for Team Jamba (through Active Ambassadors) (http://lisasepiphany.blogspot.com/2010/06/im-sponsored-athlete.html ). Lisa went on to be selected as one of three Jamba Juice “Ambassadors of Wow.” I still represent Jamba Juice as an Ambassador of Wow. This past spring, she was hired by Active.com to be a Fitness Advisor for Disneyland employees. As a Fitness Advisor, she helped Disney employees train for a Couch to 5K program.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: Hood to Coast has been a dream of Lisa’s for many years, having grown up in Oregon. Her father ran it a few times in the 80’s and even before Lisa was a runner, she thought that HTC would be very cool. The course goes through her old stomping grounds of Mt. Hood, Sandy, Gresham, downtown Portland and the Oregon Coast. While it doesn’t look like she’ll have time to spend a lot of time visiting, she is hopeful that family and friends can cheer on her team along the course. She can’t wait for the party in Seaside as she has several friends running HTC who she hasn’t seen in years. She is thrilled and honored to have been chosen by NUUN to run on their team.

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


VAN #4

JESS- 7 (19, 31):

Where do you live? Pullman, WA (originally from Omaha, NE)

Blog Address: www.blondeponytail.com

Bio: I graduated from Stanford University where I played softball for the Cardinal and took a 3rd at the Women's College World Series. I went onto to coach college softball at Creighton University in Omaha, NE while obtaining my master's in college counseling. That led me to my husband who was coaching baseball at the time. His career means relocating, so I transitioned into higher education. Throughout it all, running has remained a go to exercise for me, but only recently has it become my passion.

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: My first race was the Portland Marathon in 2010 (invited by fellow nuun-mate Harmony) which ignited my running journey. Since then, I have run 2 half marathons and 1 additional full marathon.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: Nuun is a product I BELIEVE in and know works, so I am honored to represent them for the H2C Relay. Plus, I grew up playing team sports and the chance to run with others for a greater cause motivates me! Hoo-rah!

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:

http://www.blondeponytail.com/2011/06/would-you-be-my-teammate-team-nuun.htmlKIM- NUUN- 8 (20, 32):

Where do you Live? Kenmore, WA (Seattle suburb)

Bio: Became a runner while applying for the FBI - Prior to that the answer if I was a runner was " When Hell freezes over" to which I was told - "it is snowing in hell - get started" - I did and have not stopped:)

Notable accomplishment in Running: While at Brooks sports doing event marketing - was told I could not work an expo - Standing on my feel all day, cement etc - and run a marathon (I was a consistent 3:54-3:56 marathoner), went into the bathroom and cried for 10 minutes as I had trained, had my DREAM job! and then to be told I would bonk! Well, knew I would finish, so did not wear my watch - did not look at any mile marker clocks and was SHOCKED when I crOssed the finish line in 3:37!! My best half to date - 1:34 in Austin, best marathon 3:24 in Chicago (3rd in my age group) BEST accomplishment in life - My twin boys! Reece and Cole

Why excited to run Hood to Coast: As a runner I run for me and compete against myself, but running is so much more than that - Hood to Coast allows me the chance to be a part of a TEAM! I LOVE it! Love pushing myself harder!! Cheering each other on, supporting each other through good legs and bad:) :)it IS all about the journey :) :)

SUSAN- 9 (21, 33):

Where do you live? New York, NY

Blog Address: Nurse on the Run - www.susanruns.com

Bio: As you can tell by my blog name, I'm a nurse who loves to run! I currently work in NYC on a burn unit, which has amazing challenges and I see things on a regular basis that people can't even dream up. (All nurses should write a book!) I often work night shift, which can make fitting in running challenging, but running has been my love since I was 12 years old (crazy!), so it helps to get me through tough days and serves as my social life as well. I mainly stick to running marathons, and I have the Twin Cities Marathon and the NYC Marathon on my list for this fall! When I'm not running or play nurse, I love to blog (of course!), eat all the delicious food this fabulous city has to offer (when I'm not cooking!), and travel (currently taking suggestions as well!).

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: Being picked by nuun to run HTC!! Otherwise, I've qualified for and ran the Boston Marathon, which was an amazing experience! Outside of running, one of the best experiences of my life was traveling to Costa Rica to attend surf camp...and for those of you who have never surfed, riding the waves is AMAZING and I recommend it to everyone. (Take me with you!) Also, I actually managed to clean my floor yesterday, and in my life that is a HUGE accomplishment. Just saying.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: I am so excited to meet all these bloggers from across the country and run one of the most famous relays! All the hype leading up to it thus far has been amazing, and I can't wait to see it all in action...and to meet everyone!

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application:


HARMONY- 10 (22, 34):

Where do you Live: Live in Eastern Washington home of the Washington State Cougars!

Blog Address: http://www.harmlove.blogspot.com

Bio: Mother of three who loves a challenge! Been running since 2009, but more seriously in the last year. Love spending time with friends, family, eating, and hanging in the SUN (preferably by the Gulf of Mexico)!

Notable Accomplishments: I am not one to "toot my own horn", not attractive. I would say my accomplishment would be lacing my shoes!!

Why Are you excited to be on Team Nuun?: I am soooo excited for HTC. I am looking forward to getting to now all the fabulous NUUN runners and having a blast!! I really didn't think I had a shot of being selected! The route, the experience, the challenge, the FOOD, the friends....can't wait!!

TONIA- 11 (23, 35):

Where do you live?: Glen Allen, VA

Blog Address: http://racingwithbabes.blogspot.com

Bio: Here's the short version: Mom. Runner. Wife. Triathlete. Friend. Pescatarian. Coach. Not necessarily in that order. ***And the not so short version: As a former Division I Track and Field athlete, I have always had an athletic side, but it wasn't until my second child was born that running became my passion. I began running in 2007 after I vowed to run a 10K by the end of the year. I finished that 10K and have never looked back. Since then, I’ve run 4 marathons, 10 half marathons and a slew of shorter races. Right now, I am training for the NYC Marathon with Team Grassroot Soccer.
Although, I am primarily a stay-at-home mom, I have been active in the fitness industry for five years and is am a certified running coach with the Road Runners Club of America. In 2010, I established, TMB Endurance Training, a coaching endeavor focused primarily on distance runners. I am also certified as a fitness instructor with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, where much of my focus has been spent in the areas of Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness.
On a personal level, I am mother to three beautiful daughters, Dizzle, Doodle, and Dilly, wife of 7 years to J and author of the blog, Racing With Babes.

Notable accomplishments: 3 kids. 4 marathons. An Ivy League degree. An a appearance in the August 2011 Runner's World magazine.

Why I am so excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast: Well, isn't it obvious? Hood to Coast is "the Mother of All Relays" and running it with Team Nuun is a once in a lifetime experience. Who wouldn't be excited? Seriously, though, I am so honored to be included in this group of amazing blogging women from all over the country. I am looking forward to being challenged and forming new friendships and bonds. I know this is bound to be an experience I will never forget.

XLMIC- 12 (24, 36):

Where do you live? Northern California

Blog Address: Taking It On

Bio: I am a 48-year old mother of 4 little kids and stepmom to six grown kids. My life is never dull! A California native, I spent 12 years on the East Coast... 4 years of college followed by 8 years of competitive rowing. After silver-medaling in the 1991 PanAm Games in Havana, Cuba, I went back to graduate school for two years before returning to California. I had a tough time finding a place to row in my new home, so (needing a new challenge) I decided to run a marathon, yet again taking something on with all of my energy and intention :) Following my marathoning adventures, I settled down and married a man with six children. He and I had four more kids together. Injury put me out of athletics completely for 8 years. I was finally able to return to running in September of 2010... 5 minutes at a time :)

Notable accomplishment(s) in running, life, etc.: My running accomplishments are rather pedestrian (hahaha!)... I can claim two sub-4 hour marathons and a 21:20 5K. My rowing accomplishments are a little more impressive... multiple times a national champion as a rower, coxswain and coach; two-time winner at the prestigious Canadian Henley Regatta; winner at the Head of the Charles Regatta twice; winner of the PanAmerican Team trials earning a spot on the team headed to Havana, Cuba; and silver-medalist at those 1991 PanAm Games. But it is the sum of putting myself through college (Cornell University) and graduate school (University of Pennsylvania), supporting myself through my rowing career (financially and otherwise), surviving 6 teenagerhoods so far, enduring several significant losses, and still being able to stand here smiling that is, in my estimation, my greatest life accomplishment.

Why are you excited to be on Team Nuun for Hood to Coast?: While I love running and enjoy training alone, I miss very much the camaraderie of being a part of a team. Being on this team made possible by Nuun of dedicated, creative, and FUN women is a dream come true :)

Link to your creative HTC Nuun Team Application: Nun? Noon? NUUN!

  • There you have it!! It will be EPIC to read each Race Report and Feel the Relay through each individual on the teams.

  • I bet this post made you THIRSTY!!!

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Lisa said...

I am SO excited for this adventure!! What a FANTASTIC group of women. 22 more days until I get to meet you all!

Tricia said...

thanks for putting this together. :)

Kerrie said...

Thanks so much, Mel. CAN'T WAIT!

Canuck Mom said...

How cool is all of this!! Good Luck ladies!! If you need a NC mom to run with you next year think of me.:) What an incredible experience you will all have.

Elizabeth said...

What an awesome looking group of ladies! I can't wait to hear about the relay and your experience! I ran past a woman this morning with ragnar relay shirt. I immediately thought of you and hood to coast! :)

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Zoƫ said...

I'm SOOOOOO EXCITED for you ladies!!! :)

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Thanks for doing this Mel!!!! :)

Barbara said...

I'll be at HTC on Team LIVESTRONG and also running leg 9....so say hello to me if you see a LIVESTRONG runner while you are on the course. (although I suspect you'll be way ahead of me).

Love your blog by the way!


Margot (fasterbunnyblog) said...

I think I just realized how freaking talented everyone on this team is! So excited!! And thanks for putting this together, girl!

Lisa said...

what an amazing group of runners! Good luck to everyone!