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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I LOVE Being Married

Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary!! We were married back when there was no Digital Photography so my apologies for the grainy photo.

How often do you hear people say "I Love being Married!"?? Not often right, well let me tell you I LOVE LOVE LOVE Being Married. It was Love at First Sight with Muscle Man and we have been Best Friends since minute 1. Life together is easy, fun and full of joy. There are so many reasons that I Love Being Married to my husband so I thought I would list a few....these are for him, so feel free to fast forward if you are solely looking for Running content :)

  1. We can be dorks together
  2. He supports my Running and loves to Run with me
  3. He is an amazing Father- Patient, Playful and Proud
  4. A night at home can be romantic, because he makes it that way
  5. He washes my Car just because
  6. He always tells me I am beautiful, even when I was 50 pounds heavier I felt loved and adored.
  7. He takes care of himself and has confidence
  8. We like a lot of the same things, and tolerate our difference ;)
  9. I never have to drive on car trips together, mow the lawn or take out the garbage
  10. He is a great cook and has dinner on the table when I get home from work
  11. He has embraced the role of Stay-at-home Dad so we can raise our boys our way
  12. My Race bibs and medals are framed on the wall, his idea and gift to me, always a fun SURPRISE. This shows me how proud he is of my running.
  13. We don't fight and always give each other a kiss before bed and when I leave in the morning
  14. We have been through so much loss together and are able to CRY and to support each other through the lows that life can toss our way.
  15. He laughs at my jokes, even when they are not funny.
  16. He is a WIZARD with a map and directions, super useful for race spectating
  17. When I am in a bad mood and grumpy he will not let me stay there, he has TRICKS to pull me out of any funk.
  18. We cuddle
  19. The sparks are still flying after nearly 10 years together and 8 years of Marriage
  20. He is not intimidated by household projects, he is self taught in tiling, swing-set and fence building, and re-doing wood flooring, among other things.
  21. He changes the station when he takes my car to fill it with gas, it is always on ROCK or OLDIES, makes me smile every time.
  22. We met on Match.com, he wrote to me before he saw a photo.
  23. We LAUGH together and try not to take things too seriously.
  24. Together we have built a trust, friendship and respect that is the foundation of our life and marriage.
  25. He is AWESOME and I could not think of another person who is a better Match for me and my heart.

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fancy nancy said...

Happy anniversary!!! I love this post! Beautiful pic!!!

jen said...

Happy anniversary!!! You guys are so perfect together. Congratulations.

Laurie said...

Happy Anniversary! 8 is great!!

Bethany + Ryan said...

Happy anniversary!! We all love Muscle Man too!!! based on your posts, we all know he is quite the catch!!! Enjoy your anniversary! (and Muscle Man!)

Katie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great post.

Marlene said...

Very very sweet post. :) You are an awesome couple. Happy Anniversary!

Sam's Minions (aka parents- Angie and Brian) said...

Happy anniversary!!

Nike Athena said...

Happy anniversary! It's so refreshing to hear that other people love being married. =)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

This is such a great tribute to your marriage and the love you have for Muscle Man ;-)!

You have a real blessing!

Kerrie said...

Awwww. Happy anniversary!

(so not) SuperRunnerMom said...

Happy anniversary! This is so sweet. I made my husband (also a stay-at-home dad)a list like this for Valentine's Day. Yours is much sweeter, though. You sound like a great couple.

Anonymous said...

Awesome post. Congrats!!!

teacherwoman said...

Happy Anniversary!

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

happy anniversary! :)

Mary Nevin said...

Happy Anniversary!! Thank you so much for posting that beautiful list!! Definitely inspires me to make sure I have gratitude every day for the love in my life!!

RunningFromCancer said...

Congratulations and here's to many many more happy years together!

Jamie said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the post. Too cute. :)

5 Miles Past Empty said...

HAppy Anniversary!! I love all those things about Muscle Man too!! =) You two certainly are a great pair, a complementing couple! Here's to many, many more years of tradition!!!! Cheers!!!

Catey said...

Happy Anniversary!
(August is a great month for that!)
Congrats on 8 years-you guys are so cute!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE seeing a successful marriage. You guys are a beautiful couple. I hope you have a fabulous celebration! Happy anniversary!

P.S. Thanks for the headband win! :) :)

Elizabeth said...

This is so sweet! I love it! Happy anniversary!! I hope you had a great time celebrating! And thank you for the headband!

Anonymous said...

Hey August 2nd is my anniversary too! We just celebrated nine years!

No said...

Happy happy Anniversary, that is so sweet :)

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Happy Anniversary! Yay for early August anniversaries!!!!!!!