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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tall Mom's thoughts on Hood to Coast Legs 9, 21 and 33

Hood to Coast 2011 with team Nuun was one of the best experiences of my Running Career. I can hardly find the words to describe the extreme highs and pukey lows, and how as a team we managed to laugh our way through all of it. This week will be dedicated to Hood to Coast, so bare with me. This first post is my personal experience with legs 9, 21 and 33.

Leg 9:
7.04 miles
Ranked Moderate
Time- 55:23
7:52 Average pace

Our team started at around 12:30PM, being the 9th runner there is a lot of WAITING. We spent hours in a parking lot in the HOT sun passing out Nuun samples, branding folks with nuun tattoos, and meeting some pretty crazy folks. By the time my leg started, just before 7pm I was already pretty DRAINED. I did get the KING to think about putting Nuun in his burger joints ;)Funny this leg is in Boring, Oregon which sorta describes the run. You will start on the side of a semi-busy road for about a mile, then turn onto Springwater trail which starts as gravel for about 2 miles and eventually merges to a paved trail. The Bummer about being on the trail is there is no van access, which means that for 7 miles you will be SOLO.

I passed 6 people, or as we call them in HTC "roadkills", including a guy with his name "Bob" in reflective tape on his back. My legs felt really heavy, I could have sworn that the trail was slightly uphill, but from the map it says it is downhill…I am still confused about that. My shoes would not grip the gravel, so I found myself running in the weeds to get any traction. At one point a Rooster crossed my path, this lead me to think up several "Why did the Chickecn cross the road?" jokes in my head. I could feel myself getting SLOWER and SLOWER.. But I knew I could hold it together. There were tiny water stops and families with squirt guns, I highly recommend carrying water through this section it was HOT this year and I needed every drip of my handheld.

I was pumped to see Melody 100 yards away, I kicked it hoping I would not do my T-Rex Arms and mouth wide open (T told me that I did just that, OOPS). I SPRINTED to the handoff. I had asked Megan HERE to bring me water and take some pictures, she did, THANKS MEGAN!! The team from Nuun Platuun was there and were AMAZING, their Coach Casey told me that I rocked it, although he had no idea what my time was those simple words made me feel really good, Thanks Casey!!
Happy to be done with leg #1, and off to the next handoff. I realized that my Nuun Tattoo was MELTING off my sweaty arm..
Looking TOUGH.. I had no idea what was ahead of me at this point...

*****Between my legs in the Portland area I was starting to feel VERY ILL. I tried and tried to throw up knowing it would help me feel better, with no luck. We went to a Safeway where I bought a Bagel and Sprite which took me forever to eat. My stellar teammate Melody HERE also offered me her Tums, by the time we made it to our sleeping area I was feeling a bit more human, but from then on stayed toward the front of the van. We were able to sleep under the stars for about 2 1/2 hours, which was fantastic.. I did not want to get up. I wanted to take lots of pictures, but picking up the camera made me want to puke.. UGH!!.

Leg 21:
5.00 miles
Ranked Moderate
Time- 39:19
7:51 Average Pace

This leg may haunt me for a while. I started running about 4:30AM, complete pitch black darkness. The entire 5 miles is on a gravel road in the mountains. I could not get my Garmin to find a signal. Running alone, in the dark, with dust so thick it was hard to breathe or see…WOW was that tough. I brought a bandanna to cover my mouth, but I only wore it for a short time because I was feeling claustrophobic. I passed about 8 people on this leg, it was a welcome site to come across other runners. I pushed the pace as hard as I could, I wanted to be DONE, my van drove past and asked how I was "My stomach is cramping bad, but I will make it," I replied. I didn't know if the cramps were from pushing my body or what, but it HURT..

I meant to change my shoes before this leg, instead I ruined my brand new pair of Brooks :( I loved my head lamp and knuckle lights HERE. On this leg it was nice to see cars because it lit up the path, but once they zoomed past the dust was thick. My eyes were irritated, I started to see black fuzz on the corners of my eyes almost as if I would pass out. Just then I hit a huge hole, thankfully I did not trip, instead jammed my whole body. From then on I kept a close eye on the road. BLESSING when the Nuun Platuun van passed and cheered for me, again the CFO Casey was GREAT throughout the race his positive words kept me going!! I could feel the LOVE from T HERE and Jess HERE, what a treat to have so many friends on all of the teams, I think I was at an advantage having met many ladies prior to HTC because it was difficult to have time to get to know people along the race, unless they were in our Van.

I would not recommend this set of legs to people who are sensitive to dust, not used to running in gravel or are fearful of the dark. I made it through, but I would not want to do this set of legs again, it is NOT FUN in my book :)

Leg 33:
7.76 miles
Ranked Hard
Time- 1:06:51
8:37 Average Pace

I was pretty intimidated by the length of this leg and being marked as Hard with "Rolling Hills." I knew it would be tough, with lack of sleep and food, hours in the van and over 12 miles on my legs. My Goal for this leg was to ENJOY IT!! I did not have a pace goal in mind, although I would have loved to keep the sub 8:00 streak going. This leg started just before 1:00PM on an 80' day with a strange strong headwind. The route was BEAUTIFUL! I loved the scenery, words cannot express. At one point along the way there was a yard with a fence made of old bicycles, the bikes baskets had colorful plants growing, just past the adorable bike fence was a dog playing in the yard, the owner would blow bubbles, the dog would jump to pop them. This made me SMILE.
My driver asked if I would need help along the way, I had my handheld so I thought I would be OK, they stopped around mile 2 and took some photos, but I did not see them again, with the traffic all morning we never knew how long it would take to get to the next transition. Special thanks to Carrie HERE for the action shots!! ADVICE, have your van stop for you 2-3 times along this leg for support, water, etc. Many other teams stopped multiple times along the route and traffic was fine. My handheld was DRY half way through, thankfully I found a Brownie troop selling water to raise money, I told them I had no money but they were happy to help me.. Filled my bottle and squirted be with a Bazooka Super Soaker Water gun. Just what I needed to be REFRESHED. I WILL find a way to get them some $$ to make up for this amazing support..

There was a guy in front of my for the first 3 miles, we had gone back and forth passing each other, he passed me during this quick stop. I hunted him down and passed him, never saw him again. I think I was messing with his walk/run plan and he seemed relieved when I passed. There was a "man" in a green tutu with a very unique prance, he passed me on Leg 9 and 33, internal chuckle and dimples shining, he was FANTASTIC. I could feel my quads and calves were about to cramp, so I slowed to avoid major issues. I did not want to let my team down, but I know my body and I was approaching FAILURE.

I CLIMBED a HILL the last half mile then slight downhill to the Finish. I was SOOOOO Happy to see Melody and to be done running. I truly truly enjoyed the last leg, it was PERFECT but my body was going to CRAMP and I had no time to stretch or run, Melody's leg was just 3 miles and she is FAST.. When I got in the car Jen, our Nuun runner, plopped 2 Strawberry Lemonade tabs in my bottle and told me to chug it.. I believe that this saved me from cramping. Thanks Nuun!!! The Mel's we ended up matching in Pink for a few legs because my Blue Team Sparkle Skirt was lost in the van. I had "known" Mel the longest in the virtual world, and what a TREAT to become friends and watch her SHINE throughout the race.

Special Thanks to my AWESOME team for their support, taking pictures and keeping the spirit light. Kelly HERE got some great pictures and taught me so much, I will talk more about the TEAM aspect of Hood to Coast in my next few posts.. for Now I need a little more of this...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Shoes, Airplane and the rest is HISTORY

I have been waiting for a LONG TIME to tell my story about how the Nuun Blogger Team came to be..

December 2010 I was on a plane to Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon to run with my good buddy Amanda HERE. I was not trained for the race, but my Father had just passed away unexpectedly and I NEEDED something to look forward to. The fit looking man next to me on the Southwest Flight was wearing bright shoes, I figured he was a Runner so I struck up a conversation. He was drinking from a Nuun HERE Bottle (at the time I pronounced it "none" oops) we started talking and I found out he was recently hired as the Marketing Director for Nuun.. CRAZY!! I told him about Tall Mom and gave him one of my homemade Blog cards.

Nuun was nice enough to host a Giveaway and let me review product when Tall Mom was just starting out, so I was already in love with the company. I had been using the product for a while and it was neat to hear about how the product was getting a face-lift and re-launch soon. I felt like I had insider knowledge. Hood to Coast the Movie had just come out, so I asked Mason if he had seen the film or run the race....

He said that Nuun was thinking of sponsoring a team.... When he said that I IMMEDIATLY thought that it would be GREAT to have an all female Blogger team, so I shared my thought. To have Bloggers from across the USA and other countries come together for the Relay and to spread the Nuun brand across the Blogs. It would be VIRAL..

We parted ways, and I told him to keep me posted if it ever came to be.....

The Rest is History...

I feel TRULY HONORED to have played a small role in sparking the flame that lead to such a life changing weekend. I HOPE that Nuun will continue to keep Bloggy Ladies in their plans, and if there is a future Nuun Hood to Coast team I will be reminding Mason of that conversation :) Because I will run Hood to Coast EVERY YEAR if given the chance :)

  • WHAT DID WE LEARN FROM THIS?? You never know what might happen when you talk to someone on an airplane.. :)
  • I am working on multiple recaps...look for those soon.. I am OFF to meet Little Stud #1's Kindergarten Teacher..

Monday, August 29, 2011

Hood to Coast 2011 Coming Soon

I ran legs 9, 21 and 33 of Hood to Coast Relay with team Nuun (After-Nuun Delight). It was an amaming and epic journey with majors highs and a few lows. I am working on gathering my thoughts and a few more photos....a few lovely Bloggers are still in town and Muscle Man and I will be helping Tall Grandma with a project so look for the full details later this week.

I can saw I would do this race again with Team Nuun in a second. It was FANTASTIC!! Now my legs of the race...those are another story....full details soon.

I truly appreciate the outpouring of support leading up to this. I wish I could have updated throughout but there was no signal for most of the race.. It is nice to be clean and out of a van and not in traffic..

  • How was your weekend??

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


My First Marathon seems like so long ago.. I am EXCITED for my FIRST RELAY!!

I have loads of packing and picture taking to do.. Look for the madness details tomorrow.

I can barely think I am soooo excited!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

When you DO

There are days when you DO
and days when you don't....
You will NEVER regret when you DO!!
**My favorite photos taken during and after a TOUGH workout in 2009..

Get out there and


Hood to Coast Madness

My brain is in FULL Hood to Coast mode.. I have packed and re-packed.. Do you all like posts about piles and what I will be wearing?? If so you are in for a DOOZEY.. We have some AMAZING sponsors with freebies and goodies, our van decor is going to ROCK, it is going to be EPIC..

I posted the Bios of the FULL Nuun team HERE. But I wanted to break it down and tell you a little more about my Van..The lovely lady below designed our SUPER logo!!! She has some major talent.
Carrie HERE is a Mom of 4 is CRAFTY and creative. A true superhero, Carrie and her friends started Team Sparkle HERE
Melody HERE and I have been virtual friends for ages, I am very excited to meet her in person. She is super speedy and has an infectious smile. GO check out her Blog post HERE to enter a Nuun Giveaway!!
Kelly HERE is also on the Team Sparkle, I love her fashion posts, if you need ideas for an upcoming Disney race you must click HERE.
Meghan HERE is spunky and fun, her smile and spirit are infectious. She will be taking the AfterNUUN Delight team across the Finish Line!! Lucky lady.

Some people like to (stalk) keep up-to-date on what is going on, if you want to keep tabs on me and all my lovely Bloggers pals we have a few Social Media ways to do so.

#1- "Like" the Nuun Facebook Page HERE, our Sponsors deserve top billing.

#2- "Like" Bloggers spreading the Nuun Love on Facebook HERE

#3- "Like" Tall Mom on Facebook HERE

#4- Follow AfterNUUN Delite on Twitter (@AfterNUUNDelite) HERE

#5- Follow Nuun Platuun on Twitter (@NuunPlatuun) HERE

  • If you love nuun or have been meaning to try it use the code: afternuundelight to receive 25% off your online order. Spend $50 and get free shipping, too.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Part of a TEAM

My LIFE from 6th grade to 17th grade (I red-shirted my senior year and started my Masters) was TEAM sports. Being part of a TEAM is a special and unique animal. There are amazing highs, when things gel and are going well, nothing beats the feeling of happiness and camaraderie. I am BLESSED to have a TEAM of lady Runner friends...I am EXCITED to be a part of a new TEAM this weekend... My Hood to Coast Nuun Team HERE is chalked full of amazing Female Bloggers.

Here is some Sound advice from the Hood to Coast Bulletin Board HERE:

Be an active participant when you aren't running. Drive if asked to, (unless you don't know the driving route), keep the clipboard, volunteer to walk with the next runner to the exchange and take their warm-up clothes back to the van. Talk to other runners at exchanges and ask how they are doing. If you see someone running particularly well, roll down the window of the van and tell them so. If you see someone in trouble stop and offer to help (if you safely can) or get they bib number so you can report the problem when you get to the next exchange. The more involved you are the more enjoyable the race is. Trust me, I have run with people who only ran and slept (needless to say we never invited them back again.)

This weekend we went to visit my in-laws. Poor Little Stud #1 was not feeling well and lost his tummy on our hike :( We were in the car a lot and pretty busy. When we got home on Sunday I was WIPED... So I decided to watch Hood to Coast the Movie to Inspire my tired-self to go out the door. I set out around 7:15PM, and Muscle Man warned me it would get dark around 8pm.. I went solo on the trail, which I generally do not do..

I have not felt great about my HTC training, barely making weekly mileage over what I will be running in my 3 legs this weekend. I know I will finish the miles, but with speed? A bit concerned about that.

I set out SPEEDY with a 7:40 pace, WOW where did that come from?? I knew that was a little fast so I held back..

Some thoughts:

7:53 pace- this would get me a Half Marathon PR, cant believe my first half is still my fastest..

8:18 pace- I still cannot believe I ran an entire Marathon at this pace, wowzers..

Lots of bikers no runners.

I hate bugs.

It would be hard to talk and bike fast.

It is getting dark and spooky.. UGH!!

I sped up the last few miles because I was honestly pretty creaped out. I just wanted to get back to my car. When I realized I could end up with sub 8:00 pace I was INSPIRED. Focused on my turnover, legs, legs legs...

Last mile 7:47!! Overall pace 7:56 and I made it back to my car safely.. So EXCITED to run Hood to Coast, regardless of pace I will have a blast..

  • I am a part of a TEAM. No matter my pace, I will be an active participant and ENJOY this special time...

  • Tell me about a time you were a part of a TEAM.

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Different Finish Line

I am not feeling great today. Did not sleep well and am letting little things bother me. I had an idea of what I wanted to post today, then changed my mind. Sometimes when I have writers block I look back on what I was up to a Year ago today...

Maybe this is why I am feeling OFF.. On this day last year Tall Army Grandpa passed away after a 3 year battle with cancer. Thank you to everyone who posted condolences on the post HERE. I had never seen Muscle Man cry, but when his Dad passed away he did not have to be strong. This weekend we will go to visit my In-laws and spend time with Muscle Man's 3 brothers, I am hoping we can find time to think about Tall Army Grandpa. It is never easy to lose someone close to you, still stings a year later..

8/16 marked 10 months since my Father Passed away unexpectedly from a Heart Condition. The last time I felt his presence was during and after the Boston Marathon, read my Race Report HERE.
I cant express how hard the past 10 months have been. I think about my Dad every day. My Mom is so strong and continues on despite being heart broken. Last night we had a GREAT family dinner, with tasty food and laughter, Dad would be proud that we have continued strong as a family..
Guess where the photo above was taken??

Seaside, Oregon

Guess where the Finish Line for Hood to Coast is??

Seaside, Oregon

I know that my Dad will be with me at Hood to Coast and every Finish Line from today until my Final Finish Line.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


There are days when something strikes you and really touches your heart. Yesterday was one of those days. I set out for my last TRIPLE before Hood to Coast. Today I was planning to write a recap of my 3 runs.. .Instead I want to talk about TRANSFORMATION.

Do you know my friend Kerrie at Mom vs. Marathon HERE? If not, you should. This lady is making GREAT strides with limitless potential and a new found confidence. I clicked around Tall Mom looking for the post about our first run together....I couldn't find it..

What I remember is that Kerrie was AFRAID.. Afraid to run with me, afraid to test her own limits, she was happy and wonderful to be around, but running was not YET her "thing." She has worked through injuries, focused on weight loss and strength gain, and smiled through her FIRST MARATHON.. and guess what??
This lady has had a total TRANSFORMATION.. I drove to Kerrie's Office yesterday to Coach her through a TOUGH Speedwork session. As her Coach I knew that this Tempo Run would be a little daunting. With sub 8:00 pace as the goal for 3 miles, I wanted to make her SWEAT and work HARD to keep her pace. I offered to meet her, and at first she turned me down. I was HAPPY when I got the AM text that she wanted to meet up. SCORE.. Her Recap is funny!! She called my legs "joyful" which is pretty true...I felt GREAT!!

I am NEW to coaching people at Running, I felt like I was talking the whole time. The first repeat was GREAT! Second repeat I could tell Kerrie was pushing it to the extreme, her breathing was a little labored, but this was meant to be a challenge. The last repeat was a crazy weave down, up, on uneven pavement, over the weirdo sidewalk..I had a tough time keeping our pace solid as I lead us we finished right where she needed to be. This Tempo run was PERFECT!! There was no sign of the Kerrie I first met, this is a new person, a complete TRANSFORMATION. I can't wait to see the places she will go. I am guessing we will be racing for 5K AG placing in local races :)

I also have a TRANSFORMATION at home!! Muscle Man has always been supportive of my Running. We have raced together and gone on countless Family Runs... he came along to be with me but never seemed fully engaged. But yesterday it HIT ME.. He is a Runner, he wants to Run!!! No longer is he running just to be with me and make me happy. We got up to 10 miles together, him pushing the Little Studs, he raced a 10K and then suffered an injury. This knee injury has made him upset because he WANTS TO RUN!!I look forward to Running with my Husband! I am trying to plan what 2012 will look like for my Running.. I go back and forth... To race? To challenge myself? To push my goals aside and BE with my Husband and boys??

These and other TRANSFORMATIONS have changed me too. I am a coach!! I am part of a Runner Couple!! And I am EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whats in your HEAD??

I met my Little buddy Janna for RUN #1 of my last Triple Training Runs before Hood to Coast. Janna works for Fleet Feet Bonney Lake HERE. I LOVE Fleet Feet!! The Fleet Feet Marathon training program prepared me to qualify for the Boston Marathon and I made lifetime friends in the process...

Janna and I after Boston Marathon 2011

Janna is working on Programs for Fleet Feet and knows that I want to develop a Program on Mental Toughness and Motivation. I am excited about the idea to talking to runners on this topic.

Why is Tall Mom a good presenter on this topic?

1. Athletics has NEVER come easy to me. Although it may seem effortless at times, that is far from the truth. I have had to work hard and stay very focused in order to reach my Goals. Having the struggle helps me to identify with others. Empathy is crucial.

2. I have a bag of TRICKS. Having played high level sports for a number of years, including Division 1 College Basketball, I have many many Mental/Motivational tricks. Every person is different but I would love to share my tricks with others to see if they help.

3. My first passion is speaking, as a Communications Major I LOVE to present to an engaged audience. This would give me a chance to dust off my presenting skills.

  • I know that Tall Mom Readers want more information on this topic. Below are the related questions from the ActiveBands Giveaway:
Lisa J said...
A topic I would LOVE to see you touch on has to do with mentality. So many of us put countless hours of our time training for races / competitions. We work on our endurance, our speed, and our strength- yet one aspect that is huge in a race is our mental toughness. When you're hurting, miserable, or just plain old tired during a race, its our mind that determines if we decide to push through or succumb. What do you recommend for starting to train our mindset to become just as tough?

Colleen said...
I would love to hear a post about what motivates you. I mean, is it another person, your family, your health, being cute in a skirt, to eat? If you could write an "I run for..." what would it include?

meg said...
I would love to see a post that talks about how you motivate yourself during tempo/speed runs that are longer distances and what advice you have for beginning runners attempting their first speed workouts - what to expect, how to prepare, how to learn to enjoy (and not dread) these tough workouts, etc.

Sabrina said...
As for a future post, I'd love to read something about how win the mental game when you're trying to PR. There are a lot of training programs out there to get your body ready and in running form, but I haven't been able to get past the mental game on race day. I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Penny said...
I have been struggling with motivation. Would love to know how you stay motivated. Motivational tips any thing would help. I feel I have a love, hate relationship with running and right now I not loving it.

  • Thank you!! This is all WONDERFUL Content. As I shape my presentation I will be sure to keep these specific questions in mind. When I have the information ready I will post pieces of it here, and touch on the questions above, for anyone interested :)


What would you be most interested in learning about on the Topics of..

Mental Toughness
Goal Setting

***Pretty Please post your questions, thoughts, and things you struggle with and could use some advice about. All input will truly help me as I shape my class.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Home Course Advantage?

Yesterday I was BLAH in the middle of the day, not wanting to run, so Muscle Man said we could run after I got home. SCORE.. While waiting for the boys to use the Honey Buckets (they love them!! EWWW) I saw a sign for a 5K and 10K race starting from the Trail head where we do our family runs. Hmmmm... This got me to thinking..

When I played Basketball there was such a thing as "Home Court Advantage." The premise is when you play at home you have the fans, the hoops you are used to, referees on your side (maybe) and the comfort of your own court.

Does this carry over to Running/Racing??

Is there Home Course Advantage?

As we ran I thought about it.. Sometimes knowing what is ahead can play with your mind....knowing every turn and how LONG it takes to get there could prove to be a Mental DRAIN..

BUT... I know this path. I know where the turnaround for the 5K is. I know that it is slightly downhill on the way out and can be challenging on the way back. I know the sections that smell like cow, where the bugs like to gather, and the spot where water gathers and it can be slippery on an icey morning. I know the exact point that the pavement levels out with .5 to the Finish Line. I know the twists, turns and landmarks.

Is this an advantage?

Could be. I am pretty excited to find out. The race is on September 24th, I think Muscle Man and I will register.

  • Have you ever Raced on your "Home Course"?
  • How did it go??

****FYI I will be hosting a nuun Giveaway later today on my Tall Mom Facebook Page HERE.. So be sure to go "Like" my page so you don't miss out.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Weekend without Running

We have been meaning to take the Little Studs on a Family Hike since last year when we visited Little Si in North Bend, WA. It is about 5 miles round trip, not overly technical, with gradual inclines, we tested it first to make sure that the boys would make it.

We packed lots of snacks, water, extra clothes and the child carrier backpack (yes our son is huge but he stills fits). The boys both have little colds so it really could have gone either way with their energy level. We knew we would stop a lot to let the faster folks pass us..
First stop, the viewpoint. Little Stud #1 was concerned because there was trash on the side of the trail, and I had read him the RULES of the trail before we set out, it looked like dog poop so I opted not to pick it up.
This is my Going up pose, I guess?? I am sort of a cheese ball if you haven't figured that out.. and guess what??
The next generation is a poser cheese ball too :)

Our Little Guy made it a good 2 miles before we stopped for a snack and loaded him up. The last part of the trail is not too safe. I was DRIPPING in sweat, poor Muscle Man was doing all the work with the extra 45++ pounds.
Fishy Crackers, Beef Jerky and water were our first snack stop as we watched the climbers go up the cliff. I could not believe how HARD it was to hike, I have the utmost respect for trail runners, TOUGH!! I was so happy to get the the top....only to find a TON OF PEOPLE and nowhere to sit :( We wandered around and went back down a little to have our lunch.
My hair was a little buzzed from a french braid the day before. We GULPED down water and enjoyed the amazing view.
I truly love living in the Evergreen State. What a BEAUTIFUL landscape. LS#1 is not afraid of heights and was getting a little too close to the edge for our liking..
This is his new pose... Not sure where he got it?? But it means "I Love You" in Sign Language.. so that is pretty cool :)
I wanted to take a photo that looked like he was climbing...sorta failed but it was funny to see him act..
And our buddy is getting GOOD at taking pictures :) We rested a bit more while the kids played at the top..
Then it was time to head back down. Thankfully going down was a bit easier although my toes were very SORE from slamming on the way down.
Little Stud #2 rode on Daddy the whole way down and even fell asleep at one point. Our big boy started to get tired so I held his hand and made up games to keep him going. I don't think that we will do this again next year, but maybe in a couple years. All in all it was a FUN family day on Saturday..


  • People do not plan well enough, I saw people with no water, food and horrible footwear.
  • Parent should do a test run before taking VERY SMALL kids on this hike.
  • Women solo in the woods makes me NERVOUS.
  • Saturdays are BUSY at Little Si, go early

Sunday was supposed to be Long Run day... but we had some family projects we have been meaning to take care of. Trash around the sides of the house and redecorating the entry way to make it more homey. We will be visiting family next weekend and I have HTC the following weekend so this was our chance..

We worked ALL DAY moving furniture, here, no there, oooh there!! I am soooo proud of what we did. I truly love the transformation. We used furniture from around our house and only had to buy a couple new pieces for a total transformation.

I may have been able to fit in a run...but it felt soooo good to just relax in my clean and cozy home with Muscle Man. So I did not run... GASP!!!

  • This weekend I went off my usual path, and spent the time with my family and on things I keep putting off. Although I don't like to skip runs, and there is some guilt, I could not be happier with the way the weekend turned out :)

Off the Path

This weekend I went off the path of my usual long run.... And I feel AMAZING!! More details soon.. for now tell me about your weekend..

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What makes a Real Runner?

Is this Blog still on?? Just curious.. I have been feeling the crickets lately, possibly because I am the WORST at commenting in reply... I was looking through the Questions on my Activebands Giveaway.. Loads of questions about Nutrition and Mental Toughness, so look for posts on those topics soon... What caught my eye today was...
Janna said...

My question is answered by your opinion of what makes a real runner?! Someone who can run 5 miles without stopping? Someone who runs daily? Or who has run for years? Or is a real runner someone who loves the sport? I struggle calling myself a runner because I just started six months ago and have been doing the 5:1 ratio. Although I have run a few 5k's and 2 half marathons. My friend and I joke that you aren't a real runner until you have lost a toenail!

Meriam Webster Definition of "Runner" are actually pretty funny..

Definition of RUNNER

1 a : one that runs : racer
: base runner

: ballcarrier

2 a : messenger
: one that smuggles or distributes illicit or contraband goods (as drugs, liquor, or guns)

3: any of several large vigorous carangid fishes

4 a : either of the longitudinal pieces on which a sled or sleigh slides
: the part of a skate that slides on the ice : blade

: the support of a drawer or a sliding door

5 a : an elongated horizontal stem arising from the base of a pla nt; especially : stolon 1a
b : a plant (as a strawberry) that forms or spreads by means of runners
c : a twining vine (as a scarlet runner bean)

6 a : a long narrow carpet for a hall or staircase
: a narrow decorative cloth cover for a table or dresser top

7: an adjustable backstay running from mast to rail on a sail boa t or ship

8: a running shot in basketball

The Definition that fits is ONE THAT RUNS.

You are a Runner if you RUN...

Does not say if you run Fast.

Does not say if you run for x amount of miles.

Does not say if you have been running for x amount of years.

Does not say if you run x amount of days per week.

You are a Runner if you RUN!!!

I struggled with feeling like I didn't belong with the other "Runners" when I first started running. I had to stop a lot, Running the entire time during my first 5K was TOUGH.. But never did I question that I was a "Runner" I was out there pounding the pavement.
Today I am blessed to have a little speed, some motivation and time to get in some decent miles. I am the same "Runner" I was in 2008, I just Run Different. Having to walk during a race does not change the fact that you are a Runner. I did the 5:1 ratio with my Big Sister during See Jane Run Half Marathon... I have never been in that Pace group during a Race.
And you know what I saw?? RUNNERS!!! We were all out there putting once foot in front of the other moving toward the same Finish line. We all have struggles and triumphs. We come in all shapes, sizes and paces. We bounce, we get aches and pains...maybe we lose toenails, maybe we don't, but we are Runners. I love this Magnet so much I have it on my fridge..

I repeat... YOU ARE A RUNNER IF YOU RUN!! That is my opinion and I am sticking to it..

  • When did you realize that you were a Runner?