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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Packing for Hood to Coast

This Tall Mom is getting EXCITED for Hood to Coast Relay... With less than a Month until this Epic Relay With Team Nuun HERE I am already mentally packing.. Below are a few things on my list.

Of course our van will be stocked with loads of this Electrolyte replacement goodness. Have you tried the new flavors??? So TASTY!!

For Safety and Piece of mind, don't set foot on the race rouse without a Road ID. The Road ID Slim is a low cost option with loads of different colors and a range of sizes from Adult to kiddos.
These small towels are soft, have fun sayings and will feel great after each SWEATY leg of the relay.
My TOP priority is comfort....but....if I can look adorable and be comfortable?? WIN WIN!!
I have not tried this headband yet, I am saving it for my night leg. I HOPE that it does GLOW and that my team can spot me in the DARK...
The legs are going to take a BEATING on 3 legs over 24 hours... so I plan to work my Pink, Green and Black Recovery Socks into my wardrobe for some much needed support. If you have wanted to try Compression Socks check these out for $35 these socks are TOPS on my list.

The Watermelon are my FAVORITE right now!! I like to have a little something while I run and I have found that these bad boys give me that little KICK when energy is low.MISSION LONG-LASTING ANTI-CHAFE HERE
Like Bodyglide but seems to last LONGER.. I don't leave home for a running event without this!! Slather on Feet, thighs, underarms, and other delicate places.SCAPE SUNSCREEN HERE
This is the BEST Sunblock I have ever tried for running. With no odor, it goes on smooth and you won't notice you have it on. I love love this stuff. Who knows how sunny it will be in Oregon, but I plan to be PREPARED!!ACTIVE WRAP HERE
I love love my knee wrap.. I am not sure how I will keep it cold, but I am hoping I can find a way because icing my knee will prove to be IMPORTANT for my success.THE STICK HERE
First off the Stick can lead to some pretty funny conversations about length and firmness ;) Rolling out the tight spots in the van may be KEY to keeping my Tall Legs fresh and rolling..
Tall Mom has STINKY FEET!!! I mean gross, so to keep my teammates from having to suffer I will pack my Stuffits. They may look a little silly but I swear by these things. Dual-wick fabric combined with natural cedar inserts quickly and effectively protect shoes from moisture and odor. These lovely pink buddies will keep my shoes dry and smell free.
I will need to change my gear after each leg for comfort and odor control. My Buddy Jill gave me the tip to bring Ziploc bags, put sticky gear in, zip up, label with a sharpie and do not open until you are in front of your Washing Machine. Think I will buy these for the team :)
The List goes on and on...

Extra Socks
Brooks Shoes
Small blanket and pillow
Bug spray?
Body Wipes
Makeup-you DO NOT want to see me without it!!
Computer?? NAH!!
Clothes x 3
Food X 100
Water X 1,000
Good Attitude X 1,000,000

How are we going to fit it all in the Van??? Hmmmmmm....

  • Have you ever run a Team Relay? If so, please link in your race report or share some tips.

  • What should I make sure I pack??


Lisa said...

ooh...just bookmarked this post for packing! Nice list! Don't forget some sort of slides or sandals to wear between legs.

And you are seriously going to wear makeup?? oh man...I hope everyone isn't wearing makeup.

I'm getting excited!!

Being Robinson said...

ooooo fun you're doing hood to coast, so jealous! i really want to do that someday. good luck with packing, i've only done one team relay but it was just a 44 mile race, so i'm not much help there!

Marathon Lar said...

Your idea for the reflective headband is a great one. Because at night every single runner looks the same. I would recommend buying some glowstick bracelets too, we got ours at Fred Meyer for a buck each. Otherwise, you'll find your team yelling "Mel is that you?" over and over again at night.

Make sure you have at least ONE non running comfy outfit including flip flops for showers! I'm working on part 1 of my Ragnar recap right now!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Looks like earlier commenters mentions the flipflops for resting those toes otherwise you've got it all.

I soft cooler bag (so it can be squeezed into a tighter space) with frozen water bottles in it should keep your knee pads cold plus as the ice melts you'll have some cold water to drink.

Lisa J said...

my race report won't be that informative so i'll just give you a list.

-Glow bracelets you can snap on to your night vest- some people even got glow snap bracelets or glow body stickers.

-granola bars are a must

-most people naturally bring bananas- they WILL bruise and go bad if you don't bring a protective contain- i suggest a large tupperware of some sort.

-plenty of deodorant
-comfty flip flops while not running
-band aids
-icy hot / something of that form
-ibprofen / pain reliever of choice
-flash light
-sleeping bag or blanket
-ear plugs for sleeping
-money if you're wanting to stop for food while you're van is off.
-plenty of cameras
-awesome UPBEAT tunes for the vans
-window paint markers to decorate vans
-towels for sweat
-first aid kid

i'm sure there is more but thats what I got for now

Laura Erin said...

Hey Tall Mom - I'm glad you posted the link for Recovery Socks. I have been looking for some that arent crazy expensive and these seem like a good deal. Question - do you wear them when you run or after?

X-Country2 said...

Here's my race report from my relay:

Although, it was only 12 hours, so I didn't have to deal with middle of the nigth or sleeping like you.

I will say, I didn't need nearly as much "entertainment" as I thought I would. I packed too many books/magazines/etc. Bring a pack of baby wipes to wipe down and freshen up.

Also, bring a cozy sweatshirt/jacket. That was essential for when I was exhausted and needed to nap.

Good luck!

juanitagf said...

Lisa has a good list there! Zip Locks a HUGE must! The stick is the BEST! I took my Tiger Tail last year for H2C and The whole van used it. If you have eye shades, take them. You might be better able to catch 40 winks at odd times. However, sleep is overrated...

Nike Athena said...

You're really prepared! The one thing I didn't have for Hood to Coast last year that I really could have used was PeptoBismal! I got really nauseous during our downtime kinda out of nowhere. Fortunately we rested at a friend's house so she hooked me up.

Coordinate with your team - you don't need 6 bottles of Ibuprofen or sunscreen rolling around in a van. This year we put together a first aid kit for each van. You will need sunscreen - some of those legs are really exposed.

What I found really helpful was putting my clothes in Ziplocs to begin with and labeling what leg they were for. Then, after the leg I just threw them back in the same bag.

Have a blast!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Make-up?????????????/ LOL

Emily said...

ahhh SO EXCITING! And I totally want the sweaty is sexy towel!!

Run with Jess said...

So so exciting!!!! Glow bracelets/anklets for the night run would be fun...
Now I wanna know what COLOR sparkle skirt are you wearing?
I totally need those Shoe Stuff it things!! Gonna have to google that... or maybe you'll do a giveaway soon?!?! LOL.

Stephanie said...

I have never heard of these stuff it feets! They could be the answer to my prayers! Tell me more please!

kimert said...

I had to LOL at makeup! Love it.
Great list of things to pack. I am now totally in love with Nuun (addicted actually) because I won some on a blog. I am going to be ordering the new flavors especially the lemonade (pink or whatever it is.. yumo!). Have a blast!

Elizabeth said...

I've never run a relay before. Sounds like fun! I love that towel (I won the sweat award once at a running get together. Ew. Lol!). Great list- lol at the make-up! I'm so excited for you!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

How are we going to fit it all in?! Camera--lots of POSED pics of course!!

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

I've run 2 Ragnars and have another one on the book for January. They're totally addicting! I'd love to do ALL of them. I'm excited for you girls.

Lisa J's list is a good one. One thing I saw missing was an eye mask. You may have to force yourself to sleep in the middle of the day and if light is a problem, you'll need a mask. You have a blanket listed but I suggested a sleeping bag because then you can sleep outside if need be.

I also suggest an extra pair of shoes. It may rain or be muddy or who knows what, and if your shoes get trashed, you're screwed!

Car charger for your phone. I brought an outlet adapter for the car...those things that turn a car charger into an actual outlet. We used it. Refillable water bottles because there will be hydration stations.

I'm not sure if Nuun is providing the safety equipment for your van, but in addition to the headlamp, you'll also need a reflective vest with LED lights for night.

Extra batteries for your headlamp and the LED vest.

I have a whole food packing list too.

roll of paper towels
roll of TP. Seriously.

Couple tips that worked really well to organize the vans: use large clear tubs (not the giant ones). We kept all our vests/lamps in one and all the other common stuff in another (advil, benadryl, hand sanitizer, etc.). Also, bring small plastic grocery bags to keep the garbage in, and then ditch them at the major exchanges. It cut down on funk and clutter. :)

This is already too long. lol.

Tiffany said...

After running the Ragnar last weekend one thing that sticks out was a couple of teams that brought small "boombox" type music players-really got me moving as I ran past them and it seemed to be a fun way to pass the time as they waited for their teammate to run by. A few even had a theme song and a small dance routine. FUN! Otherwise, looks like most other things are covered here! You girls are going to have a blast!

April said...

so excited for you! What a fun race!Good luck, have fun and take a ton of pics!!

Angela Knotts said...

I've never written any race reports for them, but I did run the Napa-to-Santa Cruz Relay twice, which was awesome. It sounds like folks already have most stuff covered, but here are a few things --

* The hardest part was not the distance, or racing 3 times in 36 hours; it was doing it on little / poor quality sleep. As hard as it is, it's best if you can go right to sleep as soon as possible after your leg is over. I didn't sleep enough during my first Relay and was UNhappy by the end. The second was much better.

* Our team brought a cow bell, but that's of course optional. :)

* Think about planning a hot meal stop between your van's 2nd & 3rd set of legs -- by this time in both my relay experiences, we were all super sick of bagels & bananas & granola & just wanted a big greasy traditional breakfast.

* ABSOLUTELY a comfy change of clothes / flip flops!

* ABSOLUTELY toilet paper. During our first relay some of the port-a-potties towards the end of the race ran out and we had to beg TP from other vans. Not cool. The second year we brought a ton and paid it forward.

I think everything else I'd say has already been mentioned. Have a great time - I'm sure you will love it! :)

Suzy said...

You are going to have so muhc FUN!!! You have most of the basis covered, so don't fret. Baby wipes (or body wipes as you have on your list) are a life saver! I stepped into a Ragnar Relay spot at the last minute for someone and I can't wait to do it again. Here's my report: http://runningonmytime.blogspot.com/2010/05/ragnar-relay-was-blast.html

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Your list looks GREAT!!! I did Rainier to Ruston twice and Mt. Si twice, both before my blogging days. i can't believe I never got us together to do it again! Those were some FUN times!
I would make sure you have a GPS or phone with GPS and CAR CHARGERS for your phones. Also trash bags for wrappers and what ever else will need trashed. Maybe bandaids and mole skin just in case? And make some sort of plan for REAL food. You can only have so much gel and gu and bagel and banana in one day. I don't think your a flip flop person, but that was a must for me and my UGGs! =) You'll be just fine! Between you and your team mates you will be covered!!!!

Zenaida Arroyo said...

So excited for you!!! I cannot wait to hear about it. No, I have not done a relay race but it is on my to do list for next year.

Marlene said...

It sounds like you are more than prepared! I can't wait to hear all about this epic adventure!

Unknown said...

Great list. A word of caution about the Ziplock, though: the odour can't escape if it is sealed. I use cloth bags at work and throw in a bounce sheet or bar of men's soap to keep things from smelling.

Ann ~ Sporty Girl Jewelry said...

So excited for your run! Someday I will do Hood to Coast - it's definitely a goal for me.

I love that you have make-up on your list. I, too, always race in make-up. Can't imagine how much worse the race photos would be if I didn't!

H Love said...

so exciting! you are so organized! I too am going to do the zip lock baggies! Can't wait to see you!

Chris and Mandy said...

I'm a freak when it comes to organization. Our van became cluttered FAST and I had a hard time sitting in the mess. Next time, I'd maybe have a clear plastic tote for each team member, as well as a communal tote for things that can be shared (snacks, safety gear, whatever).

Also, the fun "extras" like noisemakers, pom-poms, etc were fun for the first couple of legs and then we tossed them aside. If you take anything, keep it minimal. Tiffany is right.. a boombox would have been awesome to have.

As cheesy as this sounds, the most valuable thing our team had was a FB page. I initially created one so our friends and family could keep tabs on us. One person from each van kept it updated with pictures, where we were, etc. I didn't realize how great it worked for keeping in contact with the other van! With all that's going on, sometimes it would slip my mind to call or text our other team. But they were watching the FB page and knew when it was time to head to the next exchange. PLUS, the page's time stamps are coming in handy for writing my blog posts :)

Not sure what kind of cell/internet coverage you'll have down there. We only had coverage issues a couple of times at Ragnar.

Magazines etc.. no time for those.

Sorry for the long comment!

Melissa Bitton said...

You're going to LOVE Hood to Coast. It is SO much fun. Your list looks great, though honestly, it's amazing how quickly the adventure goes and how we really got by without needing all the stuff we packed.

Must haves: extra clothes, pain med, water (and a few well-needed diet cokes), food (plenty of REAL food), camera, good music, a pillow (though sleep just doesn't really happen), GOOD DIRECTIONS for the van driver. Walkie talkies? Cell phone coverage isn't great and when we needed to exchange, we had to hope for the best because we couldn't get ahold of our other van. Money. We stopped for pizza at the end of our first group of legs. It was good to get out of the van and stretch.

Good Attitude= SUPER IMPORTANT. Be good to each other and keep it fun! Being in a van with stinky, sleep-deprived women can turn ugly. :)

Share, share, share. Create a list together and pack one kit with stuff everyone will use.

Chris and Mandy said...

Thought of one more thing... matching glow necklaces or bracelets (anything to set you apart from the crowd when it's dark) are great to have. At night, everyone looks the same and it's hard to spot your runner on the course.

Chris and Mandy said...

Guess I should have read the previous comments.. I'm about the 18th person to suggest glow sticks. Oh well :) At least you know they'll come in handy since so many people recommended them!

Active Headbands said...

When I ran the Ragnar Las Vegas last Oct the one thing I wish we would have thought of was those wisp disposable toothbrush things. It would have been nice to freshen the breath a little without having to pull out the toothbrush and paste and find a bathroom with water to brush. Anyways good luck and have fun.