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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I am home SICK today...ugh!!

Finally have 2 minutes to think about our outfits for the See Jane Run Half this weekend.


I think it would be FUN to have Tank tops with an image or words for the event.


-Running with my big Sister

-Her First Half Marathon

-It is the "See Jane Run" and her name is Jayne

-We are both TALL

-Strong Sisters

-I have no logo :(

  • Please leave a comment if you have any wording or design ideas, clipart, etc.. I visited a local print shop and will be able to get the tanks printed easily.. HELP!!

OK back to relaxing..



Marathon Lar said...

How about "See Jayne (ME!) run her first marathon". Then maybe your's can say "See Jayne run her first marathon" with an arrow pointing to your sister...of course you would have to stay on the same side as her to make this effective :).

So jealous you are running See Jane! Looking forward to the race recap.

Becca said...

I bought a shirt at the Pittsburgh marathon that I really liked. It's not very specific to your situation, but I wanted to share.


Lynette said...

I think you should play off the logo... So inside a heart instead of the circle say:


And then lined up next to it, like the logo:

Her First
With "Tall Mom" by her side

An omage if you will. ;)

Marlene said...

I am soooo not creative!!!

Get well soon. {hugs}

Anonymous said...

I know you all her your little big sister...maybe on you're shirt is could say "Big Little Sister Running" and hers could say "Little Big Sister Running"

5 Miles Past Empty said...

hmm....I've got nothing. I have no creativity lately. All my brain power is zapped. You always seem to pull things off though!!! I'm sure you will come up with something totally amazing!!!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Hmm how about

You Are Seeing Ja(y)ne Run

Running with Ja(y)ne

Seeing Ja(y)ne Run

Running Librarian said...

What about something like the mastercard commercials...

fee for half marathon -
times I got on my sisters nerves growing up = unlimited
Running with my big sister as she completes her first half...priceless

or something along those lines

Chris @ Heavy Steps said...

Do a quote from White Christmas. "Sisters Sisters There were never such devoted sisters"

Marissa said...

I like all of the other ideas...super creative! I've got nothing :(

Maybe, "Tall Sisters Running"

or See Ja(y)ne? That's my sister!

LOL, told ya I wasn't creative!!!

Lisa said...

As much as I wish I was, I am not at all creative when it comes to this type of thing. I'm sorry you're not feeling well, hope you're much better in a few days! Can't wait to meet you and Jayne on Saturday! (holy crap! I can't believe that's in just 3 days!!)

Tortuga_Runner said...

Jayne's 13.1 & I Jayne

My first time (13.1) & Jayne's first time, not mine (13.1)

Sarah J. said...

Go, Jayne, Go!

Anonymous said...

How about "Tall Sisters On the Run!"

Cinthia said...

My brain is too friend to come up with creative sayings but just wanted to say that my sister and I both ran our first half-marathon together last summer and it was so special. I swear, I bawled when I saw her cross the finish line.
Racing with a sister is awesome!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I agree with Amanda--You always come up with something!!

Miles of smiles with my sister... Too cheesy?

Ah, get better soon!

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