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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dreams, Races & Race Dreams

While playing Basketball in High School and College I would have a reoccurring dream where the coach would call me to go in the game and I would not have my hair in a ponytail or my shoes tied. It was an ANXIETY dream, I always woke up feeling like I was unprepared. New dreams have taken over now that I am a Runner. I have shared these with friends, and I think they are funny..
My Dream before Boston Marathon:

It started out that me, a guy I work with who was a runner and a girl I went to junior high and high school with, were headed to packet pickup. Once we got to the very large conference center I realized that I forgot my bag with all my race gear in it, including shoes. I asked my travel companions if they would go back and get my stuff, but they said that I had time and we could all go. They were very mad that I forgot my stuff, like I didn't feel bad enough. I was worried about having enough time to wait in the race bib line and to make my bus in time. Plus I had no idea where we were going. ANXIETY

Somehow I convinced my friends to get my gear for me and waited in line. Once I got to the front of the line they said my bib was at the bus loading zone, which was where?? I was wearing crocs and did not have my hair done

I was walking down the hall and the girl in the dream turned to Jill HERE, I instantly felt better when she handed me my bag. Suddenly we were in my Jeep driving to find the proper place to get my bib. It was a rural area with dirt roads. We parked and there were 4 people and a volunteer. I waited and waited and the volunteer said I was in the wrong place. So we drove back to the conference center.

Somehow it became a weird concert hall surrounded by grass, I climbed up the hill and there were yellow buses... Bus they were taking off full and I couldn't fit. So Jill and I wandered around to find more buses. I wanted to change into my race gear but my arms wouldn't work, so I carried my bag, but realized that I would not have time to check it and would lose everything that I had in it.

Our last companion, who was now a guy on our high school reunion committee, showed up in a banana hammock speedo, WEIRD!! I gave him an awkward hug and boarded the "party bus" which was filled with middle aged, slightly overweight men, in cargo shorts, with long hair and unshaven faces, they were huge and jumping up and down with beers in hand. I slid into the one open seat and we drove off. The drunkard driver speeding past fit looking runners trying to get on the bus, the runners were screaming and chasing us, I felt so badly. I realized that Jill had no idea where to go in Boston but knew she would find me at the Finish.

Still in my crocs with my hair down, but headed toward the start, I woke up..

My Dream Last Night:

I was at a local 5K ready to run FAST. When the gun went off I realized that there were no course markings and that people were running all which ways around the track, bleachers and into the building of a junior high school. I kept running with no idea where to go. I realized taht somehow the back of the pack were taking a short loop and I was having to dodge kids and a 16:00 min mile pace sign. I went into the school and ran up down and around the building.

Finally making it out into an obstacle course with orange arrows that made no sense. Junior High aged kids were frantically zooming around. I felt like I was leading the pack with 2.65 miles done, but I had no idea where to run. I was ahead....but woke up before the Finish Line.

  • Have you ever had funny/weird/anxiety Race Dreams? Leave a comment.
Speaking of Racing, below is my updated schedule. I would like to find a Half Marathon in August and September but I am not sure I can fit it in.

My Race Schedule:
Click the race name for more information

Black Diamond Miner's Day 5K- 7/9
See Jane Run Seattle Half Marathon- 7/17
Lise & Faith Memorial Run 5K/10K- 8/20
Hood to Coast Relay with Nuun Team- 8/26-8/27
Athleta Iron Girl 5K/10K- 9/11

  • Will you be at any of these races? If so, please leave me a comment.

  • Are you a WA Runner and Blogger? Please leave me a comment.


Marathon Lar said...

Oh my gosh I feel so much better knowing I'm not the only one that has crazy dreams about running...my friends all think I'm a bit wacko when I describe pre-race jitter dreams. Before the RnR Seattle race I had a dream where my friend picked me up for the race and I feel asleep while he was driving me to the start line. He ended up going north of Marysville to some other race before I woke up and then he just left me there. I was SOO upset and trying to get to the RnR start in time. Luckily, I woke up and there were still plenty of hours to get to the race on time!

Michelle said...

You could come over to Walla Walla in October and do the half or full! It's a great destination!
Dreams??? Of COURSE and I feel SO out of control in them! They make me crazy. :)

Unknown said...

I'm a WA runner/blogger in Pullman. There is a half/full October 9 in Spokane and a half in Lewiston, ID on Oct 15 if you're interested. Don't know of any halves on this side of the state in September but I will be in Ohio running my first half then!! :)

Kat said...

I'm in Redmond and can't believe we still haven't met up for a race...I'm planning on doing a 10K on August 20 for Seattle Children's. The Covey Run. Haven't done that distance in a while...let me know if you are interested! I'd love to meet you in person! I met Zoe during the Rock n Roll!

Katie said...

I love you blog and am inspired by your journey. I am a new runner in Chehalis,WA and have my 1st half on July 24 in Camas, my 2nd Half on August 6 at the Tacoma Narrows Half, 3rd Half at the You Go Girl and then I am gonna plod my way through the Portland Marathon in October. My motto is Trial by Fire :o) GIRL POWER

Marlene said...

I never remember my dreams so vividly! Wow.

Love the race-sched - fun things coming up!

Lindsay said...

None of those races are on my list, but I am a WA blogger/runner living in Seattle. :)

Would love to meet up, run, or see you at a race one of these days...

Even though I'm a runner, my anxiety dreams are always about a high school math class.....

Danielle C. said...

You could do the Labor Day Half! Thought it looks like you did it last year when it was still the Super Jock and Jill half...


Carla said...

Vivid, bizarre dreams here too!

Wait, you're not doing You Go Girl? I'm doing it, but have to add an extra 7 somehow since it's 3 weeks before Portland. There's also the Tacoma Narrows half in August. I'm not doing that one, but it sure looks fun!

Maybe I'll see you on the trail one of these Saturdays now that the FF full training is underway again.

Unknown said...

I will be at:
07/17 - See Jane Run Women's 5K
8/21– Lake Union 10K
09/11 - Iron Girl 10K
9/25 - Bellingham Bay 5K
10/2 - Salmon Days 10K
11/27 - Amica Seattle Half

That is all I have scheduled out.

I am a WA bloger also.

katie shrum said...

And my pre-RnR Seattle Half dream was that while we had company at our house, I got into an argument with my hubsy about why he didn't let me know he was going to burn the garden shed...not that I was upset he burned it, just that he didn't tell me! In the dream, I was mortified we had company over...I felt exhausted before I even got out of bed! but the race went well :)
oh, and I run in Western WA, but don't blog-I do, however, read and love your blog!
and my next half is Girlfriends Half in Vancouver in October...really wish I could join you for See Jane Run-but I am doing the Lakefair 8k in Olympia ;)
Good Running to you!

Alanna said...

I've definitely had the running around not knowing where I'm going dreams! They always feature people from run club or work (which freaks me out a little...). Funny thing is that they aren't race related, just everyday dreams. Sometimes I can attribute them to pre-bed food - chocolate ice cream oddly gives me the weirdeest dreams.

See you at HTC, teammate!

Rhubarb said...

I'll be at See Jane Run! I just entered, so I'm definitely just doing it for fun, but it sounds like a cool race. Maybe I'll see you there!

Erica said...

I totally have anxiety dreams any time something I am responsible for that I could forget something for....like today was my 5 year old's friend birthday party with 15 5 year olds...I dreampt of all sorts of weird hello kitty (theme) crap last night

Sabrina said...

I'm not running the See Jane Run (it's my hubby's birthday and he wants to spend it together - sweet!), but I am going to get up bright and early to volunteer at the race first. I still want to come out and support all the other awesome local runners! Hopefully I'll see you there!

H Love said...

wow...running on the brain!
Great race line up!!

Anonymous said...

Yes! Local runner and newbie blogger!

I'm planning on the Iron girl and black diamond half marathon on 9/25 then MCM on 10/30! woot!

I do not have crazy weird dreams though!

Chelsea said...

I have dreams about YOU lol.

That 5k in Sept looks interesting. Will be emailing you after See jane to figure out my fall plan.... i.e. DEAR CHELS DONT SIT ON YOUR BUTT KTHX.

Unknown said...

Pre-race dreams are the worst - as if we're not anxious enough. Looking back, though, they always make me laugh - but looking way, way back.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You remeber so many details of your race dreams...I have yet to have one! Still have softball dreams though!

That 9/11 10k looks intriguing! Maybe I need to visit you that weekend?

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Ahh!! Now THAT is a bad dream!!! =)

I'm a WA runner/blogger!! Oh wait, nope. Dang. Miss you all!!!!!!

TriGirl said...

Oh, my running buddy and I were talking about doing the Athleta 10k! It's right by her place! Hmm, perhaps we should sign up :D

I have to tell myself to not dream about whatever upcoming event I have otherwise I'll have anxiety dreams for weeks!

See Jane Run said...

We can't wait to run with you next weekend in Seattle at the See Jane Run Women's Half Marathon! Gonna be a rockin' good time :)

Lynette said...

You do realize that you HAVE TO come clean on who the people in the pre Boston dream are since I know them...:D Love ya Mel!

Anonymous said...

I will be at SJR and I am thinking about Iron Girl 10K in September! I am debating between You Go Girl and Iron Girl 10K, but I'm leaning toward IG because we get race bling! Woot!