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Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Race age 31

I realized on Friday that I have only raced once this year....a Little Marathon in Boston ;) I turn 32 tomorrow so I wanted to RACE one more time before I change years, call it an early birthday gift. I did not have high expectations for my performance, I have not done much speed work and Hubby and I did 7 hours of Yard work the day before. (Note: I love yard work and Tall Grandmas Yard looks AMAZING!!) We registered at 4PM for a 10K on Alki the next day!!

By "we" I mean Muscle Man and Tall Sister, it would be their first 10K!! When we arrived I found out that it was a double out and back to get to the 10K.. I DO NOT LIKE DOUBLE OUT AND BACK COURSES!!! I would much rather have an out and back and actually cover some distance instead of repeating the same area.. I nearly switched to the 5K but knew I needed a longish run to stay in shape for Rock N Roll Half, and I was excited for MM and TS to get a new race distance PR.


Do we look alike?

Rare Sunny day makes for a funky squint self photo
He didn't tell me his knee was hurting :(

The start line everyone hung back, two speedy looking gals were toward the timing mat but they said they were running the 5K. Hmmm who is running the 10K? I left MM and TS and we all set out..

First mile, as always, I went out way too fast...ugh, slow down!! Second mile much better, my hips and quads were sore from yard work, I tried to push out the pain as I say Muscle Man. The nice part about the course was getting to see my husband and sister several times. There were 3 men in front of me, but no women!! This was my race to lose. To the 5K turn around and I was HOT!! I sprayed water on my head from my hand-held, there was only 1 water stop so I carried water, thankfully I did :)

Back out and my sub 8:00 legs were not working, I struggled for a quick turnover and hoped I could keep moving. A couple areas smelled fishy, YUCK!! At the turnaround 1.5 miles to go, I noticed the next female was about 200-400yard behind me, a good lead but I was fading FAST. I saw Muscle Man for the last time, his red sweaty face was a welcomed site. Next up Tall Sister, she had found a friend and was jogging along with a smile. I said "I am going to win this!!"

The volunteers are the turn were GREAT, cheering and happy. I crossed the line..

49:10- (PR is 45:54 in 2009)
7:56 pace- not a PR but what I expected for my fitness level
1st Place Female
4th Place Overall

I was tired taking my chip anklet off. I stood around for a bit and got a drink then jogged out to get Muscle Man, VERY VERY stiff legs!! He looked great coming down the straightaway but said his knee had been in pain the whole run :( I wanted a picture with him so I crossed the Finish Line again... Muscle Man 1:00:39, 9:57 Pace, first 10K!! Got him a water then started to walk out for Tall Sister. She was still with the friend she had made on the course but was having an asthma type attack. I tried to calm her down with about 100 yards to go. She looked strong and said "I am going to Finish!" We all crossed the Finish together. Tall Sister 1:07:36, 10:54 pace, First 10K!! We got waters and went to sit down. Just then the Race Director came to talk to me and asked how many times I had crossed the line... I had taken my timing ship off so I didn't think it was a big deal but I guess it was bad form to cross the line multiple times....MY BAD I just wanted the photo op :( We hung for a bit, I went to grab my medal and we headed back to the car..

Note the sweet medal and my Activeband HERE what a treat to be there for my Sister and her first 10K, so glad she has caught the running bug!!
Needing to drop the weight to get back into RACING shape :)
Love the pride, yes we are both posers :)
Poor Muscle Man was in pain all night :(
Funny, last minute race and I WON!! Note, if we would have run the 5K I would have probably taken 3rd, so I am GLAD I did not the let the course intimidate me. LOVE LOVE SMALL RACES!!

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H Love said...

Such a great recap! hope muscle man is healing and feeling better. BIG win...I would take some sub-8 miles right about now! Great job...on to the big 32!

Alanna said...

Congrats Mel! That's so awesome! And who cares if you kept crossing the line? You only get to hit race distance milestones once and I'm sure MM and TS loved having you in their pics. :)

Yeah, I worked this weekend, so it was meh, but it pays for Warrior Dash in August. Colin got in a nice sunny 18km/11mi run though.

Marlene said...

SHOOT I have not gotten a card in the mail for you yet and Canada Post is on STRIKE (boo!) - sorry that it's going to be late but know that I am thinking of you and you WILL get a card, better late than never. :)

So glad you were able to squeeze in a race - even better with your sister & hubby! You all look great. CONGRATS on first place female - so cool and a great Bday present to yourself. :)

Sarah K said...

Congrats on your first place finish!
This weekend, I channeled my inner TallMom and carried my Nathan during my first postpartum 5k :-D

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great weekend Mel, and to pull out a run like that is awesome!! I'm sorry D is hurt--he'll bounce back fast I hope!!! And what I fun way to bond with your sis!

Adorable pics and a huge congrats to a 1st place finish!!

Amy said...

Congratulations! Way to go on your first place finish!

Happy early birthday!


Way to go! One day I will win a race. I just need to make sure that everyone else gets DQ'd for something ;)

So cool that you got to take part in MM and TS's first 10K! Love it!

Unknown said...

Congrats on your 1st place finish ( and to tour hubby and sister on their first 10Ks)!! I love small races too. I ran a smallish 5K this weekend and took 2nd in my age group. I don't age group place very often so it was pretty exciting for me :)

Congrats again.

Zenaida Arroyo said...

That is so awesome! Congrats!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats on the big win! I love small races too, you never know who else will (or won't) show up.

Happy Birthday tomorrow!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Cograts Mel! And what a great last race to end your 31 and on to 32 years! :)

Unknown said...

Great run - I did the Shore Run this weekend - the weather was perfect for a run on Sunday.

Erika said...

Happy birthday tomorrow! Great race recap and way to totally own that 10K!

Lisa said...

Congrats on your WIN! Wow! I could never imagine winning a race. They don't have too many small ones down here. Small or not, 49 min 10K is pretty darn awesome for not being in "racing shape."

Way to go!

Unknown said...

I helped with the finish line of the Garden of the Gods, CO 10 mile this weekend. If you cross the finish line, chip or not, the back up system counts you. They just have to keep track or everyone after you will get the wrong time:(
But I have felxible morals and I would take the photo any day!
FYI, You don't need to drop the pounds. You look strong! Tall girls need to intimidate!!

fancy nancy said...

What a great way to finish off your 31st year! Way to go!!!