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Thursday, June 9, 2011

KICK it up Workout

Sorry I have been MIA, this week has ZAPPED me at my Big Girl Job and I dont want anything to do with a computer when I finally get home... Yesterday I was so tired but Muscle Man and I had plans to lift and workout, BLESS HIM!!


Muscle Man has all sorts of great toning exercises. I used him as my trainer and worked several muscles, full body workout for sure. As a former college athlete I am no stranger to lifting weights, but wow did I forget how much I love it. Feeling the muscles work, pushing to failure, watching the FLEX, it was GREAT!!

Treadmill Sprints:

I was itching to run so Muscle Man thought up a fun workout. 400 meter sprints on the treadmill, start slow, get faster each lap and we would trade off for rest between.

400 x 7mph- shaking the legs out after lifting

400 x 8mph- warming up

400 x 9mph- starting to get the heartrate going

400 x 10mph- more focussed form

400 x 11mph- Muscle Man coached me through this one, it was tough!!

400 x 12mph- DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!! I don't know why I though I could run a 5:00minute mile pace 400, I set out with the best intentions and made it 3/4 through when I felt my hamstring start to tighten, I bailed out to avoid injury. That was FAST!!

I wanted to finish with atleast 2 miles so I hopped on for a slow half mile barefoot in my socks, it felt good to test my form and feel my feet working.

We decided that we will keep doing this workout or a version of this on the track and see how much faster we can get over the Summer Months.

I urge you to try something like this, with rest between reps. It is a GREAT way to test your speed and kick it up a gear. For safety, if you are doing this on a treadmill, make sure you are not solo or that you have a buddy nearby to hit STOP. If you are just getting started then progress in smaller increments than what we did, 7mph to 7.2mph or 7.5mph and so on.

OK off to bed, today was a little rest and recoup day.. back at it tomorrow.

  • What workout do you think helps increase your speed? Please share in a comment.


Cynthia said...

Great job! Those are some speedy 400's!

I did 400m repeats on the mill today too with increasing speed! I was a bit shower ending with a 6:56 min pace. It was awesome! I think next time I'll add some weight training. Maybe I'll make it a circuit workout!

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Sounds like a great workout, now I just need a treadmill :)

Unknown said...

Speed workouts have definitely made me faster. I usually do them on the Mill so I can keep my pace. I'm doing RLRF and the paces it has for me are definitely faster than what I would have picked, but it's a good thing!!

Unknown said...

Wow, what work out!

The Jesse said...

sounds like a great workout. i've been doing fartleks a lot lately on my runs and will prob start doing formal track work with my running group later in the summer when we start training for a fall half marathon {and full marathon, too!}

have a great day :)

Unknown said...

The only speed workouts I've done are 400 repeats at a 7:25 pace. For me, that's fast. I noticed the payoff of these workouts after only 3-4 workouts! I need to be more diligent about doing them though.

I'll never go 12mph, though!

Marlene said...

I love interval speed workouts! I did some 400s on the track earlier this week and they didn't go well, but I know I got a good workout from it.

Awesome job!!!

H Love said...

a speed work out from my COACH!! miss you!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love that you two can push each other! those are the best dates! No hammie injuries tho!!!

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

workout buddies are so fun! great workout and keep motivating eachother! ;)