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Thursday, June 2, 2011

aMAYzing month

May was in a word aMAYzing in Tall Mom Land!! Maybe not in the running department, I only ran 75 miles, but overall I had the best month.


-Visit to Vancouver to celebrate Grandma Meme's Birthday, we went Fishing in the most beautiful trout lake farm.

-Mothers Day Brunch and Bowling with my family

-Fun Lunch time runs with Kerrie HERE

-Coaching Harmony HERE for her 2nd Marathon

-Big Girl Job trip to EUROPE!!

-Spokane for a Wedding and mini Vacation

And to end it I FINALLY got to run with my Texting Buddy Jess HERE. Looking at my schedule of events I realized we could get in a good 10 mile run the morning of the wedding last Sunday. I texted Jess and she agreed to make the trek from Pullman, LOVE HER!! Jess and I are kindred spirits both former college athletes who had stumbled into running. I could not wait to pick her brain and RUN..

We ended up matchy matchy, cute right?? A Passer by offered to take our picture, gotta love nice people on the street at 7:30AM..
We had to do a self-portrait too. It was a lovely morning in the 50's with sun and lots of shade. Spokane is my home away from home so I played mini tour guide, although Jess had just run all of the Centennial trail in the Windermere Marathon a few weeks ago. The trail is beautiful this time of year with Marmuts, trees in bloom and high water on the river.
Jess snapped my photo as we passed my Alma Mater Gonzaga, I told her about pre-season conditioning. Funny the patch of grass I was TORTURED on is now dorms, CHANGES!! I remember when we would do Mile and 3 mile tests I would always come in 3rd or 4th after the little point guards, guess I had some speed then too.

We turned on the River path to discover the high waters covered the main path, WOW that river is high. The bike path was a safe alternative, Muscle Man and I lived down this road so I was used to seeing the water cover the road. What I was not used to was the Goose POOP, EVERYWHERE!! There were Geese and Goslings in the river so cute, one mother Goose hissed at us like a snake, I nearly pushed Jess into on-coming traffic because it spooked me, sorry Jess!!

Time passed quickly with amazing back and forth conversation, remember this was our first time to really TALK.. We made it half way and posed for Amanda HERE signature pose.
I cant seem to get the sideways tongue, Jess did pretty good, so funny!! I will have Amanda give me lessons when she is in town this moth for Rock N Roll Seattle (I am EXCITED!!)

I told Jess about my aversion to Nike Tempo Shorts "My thighs play hungry hungry hippo and eat Tempo Shorts," lucky Jess does not have the issue and chuckled at my description. My legs started to feel a little heavy when we reached the slight uphill back to Gonzaga but I pushed through, didn't want Jess to see me struggle. What a GREAT run!! I really need to get back on track for my Half Marathon on June 25th.

We ended and I was SAD, wished I had more time to run or just hang with Jess. I HOPE to see her again very soon!! We make great running buddies, she is smart, funny, and a wonderful Runner.. Before we parted we had to pose with the Spokane Runner Statues.
Nice form Jess!! Looking STRONG!!
I was having balance issues, but was finally able to pull off my pose..

Jess came back to our room to meet Muscle Man and the Little studs and she gave me her Peanut Butter protein bars, YUMMERS!!! Little Stud #2 loved her and was sad when she left. Thanks Again Jess for a great 10 miles!!

  • May was aMAYzing for me! How was it for you??


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

What a great month you had. Running isn't everything (although we often act like it is!). You had such a well rounded month. Love it!

Anonymous said...

May was great for me too!

I ran a marathon and PR'd.
I ran 173 miles.
I turned 27.
I went to Canada to visit my family.

Here's to June :) Have a great month!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Aw, this post made me smile so BIG!!! I can't wait to run with you again and sooooo wish it could be a regular thing-I know we would push each other and time would fly!

LOVED meeting your family. You and muscle man make ADORABLE kiddos!!

Hope to see you in June! ;)

Amanda@runninghood said...

Awesome month of May Mel! And lucky you to have gone on a run with Jess! She's such a an awesome gal. I've only exchanged a few "texts" with her but hopefully I'll be able to meet her at the Girlfriends half in October! :) Great pics!

Marlene said...

aMAYzing... that is so "Mel" and I love it. WHAT a month! Your head must be spinning. Lots of fun, though. :)

I sooo wish I was coming for RnR!!!

Whoops, sorry about all that poop. I will have to talk to my geese. They are misrepresenting our country! hehehe

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

Looks and sounds like you and Jess had a great run! I cant wait until I am able to hook up with a blogger friend for a run too. I have met so many great running bloggers what a great community!

H Love said...

you are one blessed mama!

Kittee said...

What a great May you had...

I did nothing in May... But I am back and will Rock June..

Kait said...

One tall Mama to another, I need your help!!! I'm just starting out on the consistent running journey with an almost one year old. What kind of jogging stroller do you have? I started with an old hand me down, but just sold it because it was AWFUL to run with. Any suggestions?

ldmclaugh said...

May was great too! My teaching school year ended, my twins turned two, I ran my first 5K of the season (Race for the Cure), BUT the rest of the summer will be even better hopefully. My first triathlon is on Saturday and I'm about as nervous as I've ever been, but I'm going with the mantra of, "Shut up and do it!" :)

Kerrie said...

Love that you guys got to run together!

christa said...

My May was pretty aMayzing too. I ran a half PRed by 15 minutes (it was only my 2nd one), ran 3 5ks, one being Girls on the Run with my god daughter Kira who is a FAST runner, and then 11 miles in VCM relay when I was only planning on 6 and loved it!!! Now if I'd only find a full time job, maybe in june!

Janice {Run Far} said...

I had a really low mileage month of May, but considering I was in taper or recovery for mearly 6 weeks, it's to be expected. Looks like you had a fabulous month.

track coach and adorable wife said...

Glad you got to have such an awesome time with Jess and visit your old stomping ground! I have many pics with those runners as well, most from Hoopfest. I love me some Spokane!