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Friday, June 17, 2011

7 more Tomorrows

Last night as I was putting the Little Studs to bed #1 asked me when it is going to be Summer, the weather here has been pretty cloudy and yucky. I said "soon" and he replied "In 10 more tomorrows?" So cute, it melted my heart!!! I love how Marlene HERE and others talk are the number of "Sleeps" left until a big Event.

The last 2 years I have been ANXIOUS for Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon. Next weekend with be my Marathon Anniversary, Rock N Roll Seattle in 2009. It did not go at all how I expected, in fact it was pretty WET and Bleak, if you care to read about it go HERE. I am HONEST and tell it all, the good, bad and soggy. I FINISHED and became a Marathoner.

In 2010 I was a bit more relaxed but running 26.2 does not make me calm. I ran for Marathon for a Cure which was a GREAT experience!! We made it an event with Bloggers from all over. Bloggy Carb-night was a huge success!! Made lots of new Bloggy Buddies!! I table hopped, and I think drank out of 4 different water glasses. Next Friday night will be the Second Annual Event and I am SO EXCITED!!The Lovely Jill here has the most kick-a$$ mini van, we all met up for Carpool to the start, in our toss-away cuteness..
We also planned a Pre-Race Photo, this was super fun for those who were not able to make the dinner. Including the LOVELY Team in Training ladies. Meeting before the race helped us "know" people along the course, which is always FUN!!
Marlene and I had a BLAST considering we both felt like crap and had to stop multiple times for Honey Bucket Inspections :) Race Report HERE . My good Buddy Lynette was there to snap a few great pictures!!
We FINISHED and relaxed with Friends including Jill who had run her First Marathon and Steph HERE in town for 50 State WA style!! This year Kerrie HERE, Zoe HERE and Alma HERE will be tackling their FIRST MARATHON!! I will do the Half with Loads of buddies, then chill and run out to find our 26.2 pals. It is going to be a BLAST!!


  • Friday Night Carbo-load Dinner: Please email me for details, all are welcome. If you did not get the Evite and would like to come let me know ASAP (tallmomontherun @ hotmail).

  • Start Line: I will be in Corral 7. However a bunch of Bloggies will be meeting around Corral #6 30 minutes prior to the race start to get a photo op. If the race is set up the same way as last year Corral #6 should be close enough to get the start line in the background.

  • Finish Line: The finish area is always a zoo. The Family Reunion areas are coded by letters. Although I do not plan to stay there too long, we can try for Family Reunion B, B for Blogger.

7 more Tomorrows to the next big FUN in Tall Mom land. What do you have coming up that you are excited about??


Danielle C. said...

Awesome sauce, I will be in corral 5 if anyone else is in corral 5 would love to chat pre-race! Hit me up @danielleruns on Twitter.

Question for you, I am running the half but a friend of mine is running the full. Can I get up onto the viaduct (eek) as a spectator to cheer him on after I'm done? Curious if there were spectators up there last year.

Unknown said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Unknown said...

I'm so excited for all of you. I'll be stalking the finish line like I did last year (on line, of course!)

Scott and I will be up doing the Dirty Dash with Stacie on 7/9. Are you going to be there? Thanks to your blog, Stacie won the team entry and now, I'm on team "Out for Mud" with her!

Cynthia said...

I can't wait to meet everyone at the RnR dinner!!

I am running the See Jane Run Boise half this Saturday! I'm super excited and hoping for a sub 2 hour half!
And of course extremly excited for Seattle RnR marathon!

Blonde Mom Runs said...

I am getting so excited to see everyone! Even though my training has not gone as planned, I am just going to enjoy being there!

gba_gf said...
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Marlene said...

SMILING EAR TO EAR as I remember our awesome weekend last year. Also giggled out loud at our honey bucket "inspections". We had a blast. MISS YOUUUU!

And "tomorrows" - I like that!!

gba_gf said...

Dear Mel,

About two years ago I found your blog. It turns out it was one of the most pivotal events in my running life. True. Story.

Because I found your blog, read your ~soggy~ race report and took your ~experiences~ to heart, I made EXCELLENT race choices when I ran my first marathon. AND Because I made those choices - starting with choosing the BEST TRAINING PARTNER EVER - I had a great race that day and finished happy. I knew I would race a marathon again.

And I did. And I STILL LOVE IT. And part of that is because of you.

I'm so proud of you.
take care,

(whew, change of thought created HUGE typo on that first post ~ sorry about that!)

Anonymous said...

im so jealous you're running rnr seattle!

H Love said...

please email the evite or invite with details. can't wait to see everyone and give my tall coach a big hug!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I'm excited for you!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

It's times like these when I wish I wasn't a East-coastie. Or had a bigger pocketbook to pay to join in the West Coastie fun!!

Tricia said...

super excited for you!

Rhubarb said...

I just ordered a limo for me and 7 friends, so we don't have to take the shuttle. Looking forward to arriving in style! Wish I could meet up with you guys, but I have a wedding the night before (Oh goodie, a wedding with no drinking for me!) I'm only doing the half, but reading your entry still made me feel a little nervous!

XLMIC said...

Have fun :)

Lisa said...

It'll be a great day!! Good luck and have fun!

Average Woman Runner said...

Thanks for the shout-out MEL! I'm really grateful you and the ladies are organizing a gathering. It will be so reassuring to be surrounded by "experienced women" (ahem!) the night before the race. I'm nervous & excited.

Amy said...

Looks like fun! Maybe I'll make it for next year!

Zoë said...

EEK!!! It's coming UP! SOOOO EXCITED and nervous and the like! But it's going to be a blast again. :)
You rock, Mel!

Nicole Orriëns said...

Unfortunately I've got a dentist appointment coming up, tomorrow morning at 8.30. I'm not so much excited as petrified.

Dentists scare me. They make me feel like running really fast.


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Lots of bloggy love to be had next weekend! Can't wait to meet everyone and experience my first RnR event!

See you in 4 sleeps!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope you and the others will do Seattle again next year... I was jealous of the gathering last year... couldn't make it this year, but I'm 99% sure that I'm commiting to it for next year.