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Thursday, June 30, 2011

What have you done today

To make you feel PROUD? Anyone else get chills when you hear the Biggest Loser theme song?? I do. Lets talk a little about this thing called PRIDE and the act of being PROUD.

Little Stud #1 age 5 1/2 watching "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" when the main character does something he puffs up a bit, our son says "Oh that is good he is proud of himself." Hmmmm I never taught him what the word PROUD means?? While playing badminton (his new obsession) he got a great hit and said "Mommy are you proud of me?" WOW! How amazing is it that a 5 year old gets it?

By definition...

(proud) adj. proud·er, proud·est
Feeling pleasurable satisfaction over an act, possession, quality, or relationship by which one measures one's stature or self-worth: proud of one's child; proud to serve one's country.

.......Not really sure that the definition hits it. Lets move past that and on to examples. I know this is kinda "No duh Tall Mom" but bear with me....

Example #1 Proud Short Term- Today inspired by my Nuun Hood to Coast Teammate Tricia HERE I have the Goal to run a Triple, before work, at lunch and after work. The alarm went off at 5:33 and I wanted to flip over and go back to bed...soooo badly!!! So I sat there for about a minute then got up. I knew how I would feel if I didn't do it, I don't like that feeling.. so I laced up and headed out. 3.1 miles at 5:45AM in the drizzly rain. Leg #1 of my Triple day done!! I felt PROUD!! Running gives me that feeling of satisfaction, in my adult life Running is a great source of PRIDE that is hard to match.

Example #2 Proud of Another- Standing at the Finish Line of the Rock N Roll Marathon in anticipation of Kerrie HERE and Zoe HERE who would soon cross the Finish Line for their first Marathon. I was so PROUD to see them smiles sparkling when they accomplished their goal. I get that same feeling when my kids reach milestones, learning to walk, talk, play sports, etc..

Example #3 Proud Long Term- Goals, we all have them and are taking great strides to reach them. There are short term accomplishments that make us PROUD along the way but there is nothing quite like reaching a Goal you have been working toward for a long time. First 5k, 10K, Half, Full and BEYOND...anyone who has reached a goal knows that feeling of PRIDE. The journey to get there is tough and long, making the victory all the more sweet!!
It is not boastful to be PROUD of yourself. I find ways daily to be PROUD.

Tall Mom is Proud when she...

-Completes a large load of laundry
-Does the dishes
-Teaches the Little Studs something new
-Lifts weights with Muscle Man
-Help my friends with whatever
-Attempts to cook a meal
-Finishes an event at work
-Help Tall Grandma with yard work
-Get my run in
-Don't sweat the small stuff
-Eat Healthy
-etc, etc...

My general rule is to FOCUS ON WHAT I DID DO!! and by thinking this way I am able to find self PRIDE daily. Wherever you are in life you can find something to be PROUD about daily, you just need to look for it. And when you find it, a self high-five is totally OK and encouraged!!
  • What have you done today to make you feel proud? Leave a comment..

  • FYI... Tall Mom is going to be getting a face lift, so bear with me if things look al ittle wonky in the days to come.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Weekend ROCKED- Rock N Roll Seattle 2011

Settle in this is going to be a LONG one. There are sooooo many photos floating around, I will have to post more later. Special thanks to Amy, Chelsea and Jess for capturing the fun of the weekend..


We met Jill and Diana to carpool up to Seattle for the Expo. I LOVE Expos!! I really need to plan better so I have more time to just wonder around. I felt pretty rushed the whole time and like I did not get to see too much.


-Meeting Cheryl at Razzyroo, she has soooo many awesome pieces.
-Posing for a potty-inspired photo and WINNING the hourly photo prize through Brooks.
-Picking up 4 VIP Porta Potty Passe with Brooks HERE
-Watching Kerrie HERE pick up her bib
-Spending time with Stacie HERE
-Meeting Julie HERE
-Buying Sof Sole socks 3 pairs for $5
-Giving Chelsea HERE her ceremonial Tall Mom Half Marathon magnet, she did the miles so in my book she earned it!! See Jane Run will make it race clock official.
After the expo we headed to lunch at the Edgewater Hotel at Chelsea's idea! Props to Chelsea this was amazing, I did a little work for my Big Girl job, then settled for a nice lunch.
The AMAZING folks at Onlineshoes HERE offered to sponsor our Bloggy Meet-up Swag Bags!! SCORE!!! Onlines shoes is GREAT, FREE Shipping, FREE Exchanges and 365 day return, go shop there!! We went to the loading dock to get the bags.
Onlines Shoes made our Bloggy swag legit!!
Jess and I got home and had a few minutes to refresh then we were back in the car. The traffic was GROSS!! Friday city traffic with 26,000 folks makes a BIG DIFFERENCE. I was stressing about being late, but there was nothing I could do. Jess got to hear me freak, I called Kerrie who was a bit ahead, that made me feel better. Jess was not feeling well, read the DETAILS HERE.. After a quick pit stop we were fashionable late.

I was not 100% pleased with the space as one LONG table makes it tough to move around and talk, as an Event Planner I am HARD on myself for the little things.. But it was free for a large group, so we made it work. While setting up I saw Amanda and had to pause, a lot has happened the last few months and I needed a HUG from my good friend...She gives great hugs, we were both tearing up...LOVE HER!!

I made a few Welcome remarks then we went around the room with introductions. I love love love meeting new people and spending time with my buddies. We had a GREAT group!! 33++ folks including a few spouses, race crew and kiddos.

Alma- http://averagewomanrunner.blogspot.com/
Amanda- http://5mls2mt.blogspot.com
Amy- http://www.dailymile.com/people/AmyB48
Amy S.- http://www.dailymile.com/people/Astrick
Chelsea- http://ballardbitter.blogspot.com/
Christine- http://www.dailymile.com/people/ChristineM10
Cynthia- http://rundreamlaugh.blogspot.com/
Harmony- http://harmlove.blogspot.com/
Jess- http://www.blondeponytail.com/
Jesse + Tressa- http://trackcoach-tressaabe11.blogspot.com/
Jill- http://running2sanity.blogspot.com
Jill- http://www.runwithjill.com/
Kasey - http://blondemomruns.blogspot.com/
Kerrie - http://momvsmarathon.blogspot.com/
Lauren - http://marathonlar.blogspot.com/
Megan - http://www.mymarathondiaries.com/
Stacie- http://stacie615.blogspot.com/
Stacie - http://skippinginseattle.wordpress.com
Tiffany- http://www.musingsofarunnergirl.blogspot.com/
Zoe - http://www.runzoerun.com

Kerrie made her famous name tags, Alma added some fun things to the gift bags, Amy contributed Avon products from her Mom, and Zoe pulled out some MAJOR CREATIVITY!! Trading cards!!! They were awesome and the intent was to get people to go around and chat, it worked, photos of the trading cards soon. All in all it was a great night!! Clearly Megan had fun :)

Special thanks to our Sponsors!!

  • http://www.onlineshoes.com/ - AMAZING Gift Bags with a Puma Water Bottle, Clarks Travel Mug and T-shirts.
  • http://www.nuun.com/ - Sample tablets
  • http://guenergy.com/ - Samples
  • Scape Suncreen HERE sent some samples that were in my mailbox the next day :( If you NEED Sports Sunscreen check it out, this stuff works, I battle tested it on a Marathon in 85 and did not get itchy or burnt.

We ended at about 8:30PM and set out. I realized that there was a card in my purse…hmmmm… I opened it and it was from Chelsea thanking me for being her coach with an amazing gift card for relaxation. Her words and sentiment made me CRY! So I called her, she and Jill were being silly in the parking lot so I hopped out to give her a thank you hug.. This is what happened..

Jill with the photobomb, or did we photobomb her?? Hmmmm...


The moment I found out that Amanda HERE was coming to run Rock N Roll Seattle I knew that my only goal for the race was to be her lead/shadow for 13.1. I have found in my short racing "career" that I enjoy the races I have run WITH my friends a million times more than racing for PR Glory. Yes I can go fast, but what is the point when I cross the Finish Line alone?? Then have to wait for others. I didn't care about the pace or Finish time, I wanted to enjoy with my dear long lost friend. We all met up to carpool, Amy had her camera and snapped our picture.

Kasey HERE came back for the race too!! It was fun to be with Kerrie and Zoe before their first race and I LOVED meeting Christine.
My Mom gave me a bag full of toss-aways, not sure if this was my Brother's or Dad's but it was a XXXL and was totally cozy!! Thanks Mom!! I love the Brooks HERE VIP Potties.. so easy to Run Happy when you don't have to hit the stinky Honey Buckets.
Jess moved up a few corrals and I moved back, the 3 Chicas together in Corral #7. We planned a Pre-race Bloggy photo, last year Corral #6 was a great spot….well they moved the Corrals.. UGH!! I felt so bad #21 was now where #6 was and all my Bloggy buddies had to fight a crowd to get to 6.. FAIL!! We were a little behind the 6:30 schedule, sorry to anyone who missed the photo!! I was surprised to see how many folks still made the effort.. Thank you!! LOVED IT!! I got to meet Clint from Daily Mile and EMZ was there on her way to her super-speedy Corral. Coach HERE, Alma HERE and Shelby HERE added to the fun. We settled in to the back of #6, oops and off we went.
Amy and Chelsea would be on the course cheering and taking photos, thanks ladies!! I loved having people out there to cheer us on.


-A Goat Couple sitting in Lawn Chairs with coffee Mugs, so funny, they were in character and even made "Baaaa" noises.

-Flags and photos of fallen heroes made us all tear up.

-Sign which read "That is not sweat it is your fat cells crying."

-Awesome cheerleader groups

-An Alaska Airplane which made me think of the Little Studs

-Spotting Chelsea and her crew with big smiles.

-Getting fun action shots!

-Seeing Amy and saying "Is that Amy" over and over, looking like a dope

-Feeling strong and taking in the sites, smells and excitement.

-Keeping a Vibram HERE count, I saw 6 pairs.

-People introducing themselves along the course.

-Not taking the right turn toward the I-90 bridge for the Full Course

-Not taking the right turn to Aurora for the Full Course

-All the Determination people cheering for Amanda and her amazing fund raising efforts for Cancer.

-Taking a picture of Amanda sig pose mid race.

-Taking a picture of the Blonde Ponytail bouncing in front of me.
-Not Running the Full Marathon :)

-Seeing the Finish Line and sprinting with my friends.


-The Tunnel was HOT, I felt like my sweat gland were expanding and I could hardly breathe. It was loud and creepy.

-Amanda and I were not wonderful on the hills, we tried to keep up with Jess.

-Nearly puking just after the finish line for no reason??


Having only run the Full Marathon in past years I did not know the excitement and CROWDS that are there for the Half Runners. It was busy!! We Finished and found Amy, she had her awesome camera out and snapped a few photos, LOVE HER!! Then Jill HERE came and had a new PR, sub 2:00!!! Thumbs up to that.. We also saw the Speedy Jill HERE who had an impressive 1:35 finish. We grouped together for the photog and grabbed snacks. The plan was to set up camp at Family Reunion area B and we did. WE set out space blankets and made ourselves at home. Chelsea brought Oranges slices, bananas and my favorite, M&M's, love her!! We took pictures and bloggers and readers came by to say Hello. It was AWESOME. The down-side was poor Alma has a mid-0race injury and was not able to Finish, I was so SAD to see her face and dissappointment. She hid is well but I knew she was dying inside.
I was having so much fun relaxing, posing for photos and just being with my buddies. With my Tall Amy, she has an injury but I am praying she will run again soon!!We had a MISSION to see our girls FINISH the Marathon! T HERE was sending us updates on Zoe and Kerrie. When we thought they were about 25 minutes out we made way to the Finish Area. SLOWLY moving to get Chelsea a good spot with her camera. Coach passed to his first Marathon Finish, Congrats to Coach and his adorable wife as they are expecting or had a baby girl. We cheered and waited for our girls. The Half Walkers confused me a bit, I am still a little baffled by those who took their shoes off and carried them, very WEIRD!! We waited, stared, cheered...

Then there they were!! I rang Kerrie's Cowbell and we SCREAMED!! I started to tear up knowing the feeling of pride and accomplishment for my good friends. They ran every step of the 26.2++ together. We ran down to catch them and take a few more pictures. My heart was racing. Zoe looked so beautiful with her freckles shining. Kerrie was cool calm and collected, almost less tired than our lunch runs, which was pretty amazing!! More group pictures (WILL POST HERE SOON), family pictures then Zoe's family had to leave. I made it my mission to take care of Zoe because I know how nice it is to have someone take care of you after a race. We went to get her drop bag and she got asked about her Garmin, changed into Recovery Socks and Crocs and she ate some food. We hung around for a bit then headed out to Chelsea's car, As we walked I heard "Mel!!" Kerrie, who had just run a Marathon was sprinting after me because I had her keys.. FRIEND FAIL!! It was All over and the day was PERFECT… well not quite.

SLUMBER PARTY! To be continued...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Getting caught up

There are so many many many fun things to share about this weekend..

Seeing good friends

Meeting new friends

Watching people accomplish BIG Goals


Posing for Friends along the course


I did not take many photos myself so I plan to collect (steal) the images and put together multiple posts..

In the mean time I would like to thank the following Vendors for their support this weekend:

http://www.onlineshoes.com/ - Gift Bags

http://www.nuun.com/ - Sample tablets

http://guenergy.com/ - Samples

http://www.brooksrunning.com/ - VIP Potty Passes


Winner of the See Jane Run Seattle entry is:

Megan @

Megan, please email me and I will get you the info on your FREE entry. If you did not WIN please go HERE and REGISTER!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rock N Roll Baby!!!

This weekend has been CRAZY FUN!! I have so much to write about and ZERO Energy to do it.. I am happy to report that my 6th Half Marathon was AMAZING!! I really love the Half Distance and look forward to doing a few more in the months to come.. Hmmm 10 by the end of 2011?? that might be cool...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 Things Thursday

1. Today is my last day of Work before the PARTY of a weekend begins.. Expo, Lunch, Blogger Meet-up, Rock N Roll Half, watching buddies Finish the Rock N Roll Full Marathon, Slumber Party, etc... It is going to be Epic.. Who is Running Rock N Roll Seattle this weekend? Keep an eye out for Tall Mom and buddies and PLEASE SAY HI!!!

2. I am HONORED to have been selected for the Nuun HERE Hood to Coast Relay team!!! It is like getting a bundle of new Bloggy buddies!! I will be featuring the ladies soon, so keep an eye out for that. I have never run in a relay but I did see Hood to Coast the Movie last year, so I sorta know what I am in for :)


****I have been cleaning the carpets, washing the sheets, cleaning the house, oraganizing all in anticipation of our first house guest arriving tonight, Blonde Ponytail Jess HERE will be here tonight and I CANT WAIT!!!

I have announced WINNERS for recent Giveaways with no replies :( As a General Rule I don't hunt people don't to let them know they won. SOOOOOO.. With that the New Winners Are:

WINNER of the Reader Thank you Giveaway HERE is a longtime Tall Mom Bloggy Pack member and bloggy buddy Suzy @ Running on my Time, Suzy please email me and I will get you in touch with Outside PR to claim your prize.

WINNER of the Planet Gear Sigg Bottles HERE is Jen at Runner Maybe, Jen please email me and I will get you your bottles.

Off I go.. Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post 800, Pictures and Sunday Run

This is my 800th Post. HOLY WOW!! Who knew I would have so much to say? WELCOME new BLOGGY PACK members, you have reading for days to get caught up ;)

The Race director for the Fitness for Vitality 10K posted some GREAT photos!! I was lucky enough to be in a few..

Before the race with my ActiveBand HERE and Brooks HERE EZT. I think I was laughing because I was going to ditch the double out and back course and switch to the 5K
Can you spot me??? CHEESE BALL!!! Before the race, the girls in front of me are FAST!!! They took first and second in the 5K, I would have taken 3rd in the 5K.
Instead I took 1st in the 10K!!!
I ran back and Crossed the Finish Line with Muscle Man (bad race etiquette, I am very sorry). WE looked at the Race results, Muscle Man would have placed 3rd in the 5K, guess the faster men ran the 10K.
We all went back to get Tall Sister. She did AMAZING and ran the entire way.
After the race I spotted the photographer taking candid photos, I DON'T DO CANDIDS!! So I posed and got this fun photo :)


I have not told you about my run on SUNDAY..

Muscle Man took Little Stud #1 to a movie..for Father's Day.

Tall Sister, Tall Nephew (10 years old) and Little Stud #1 and I set out for an 8 miles run. We went to the trail, I pushed the stroller, Nephew rode his bike and Tall Sister was a bit intimidated by her new distance PR. I told her to relax, we could walk when needed and just enjoy the run.

It went like this...
  • Lots of cows and calfs in the pasture.. sooo CUTE!!!
  • Watermelon Gu Chomps, YUMMERS, at about mile 3 as we let the Little one out to walk.
  • Tall Nephew left us and got hit with stinging nettles
  • A couple water stops and snack stops for the Little Stud
  • Lots of Bikers!! Gave me anxiety with my Nephew all over the trail
  • "Mommy can I walk" in a cute little voice, "No buddy so sorry."
  • LS #2 fell asleep with 2 miles to go
8 miles Done!! About 11:30 pace, while running. That works!! My new distance PR with the Jogger. I am super proud of my sister. This Sunday we will set out with no kiddos for 10 miles to get ready for See Jane Run Seattle HERE, Tall Sister's First Half Marathon!! I will be there with her every step, it is going to be AMAZING!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

See Jane Run Seattle Giveaway

I am HONORED to be the Blog Ambassador for See Jane Run Seattle..
I have been passing out fliers for the race, wearing my See Jane Run shirt, and recruiting my female friends near and far... One of my AWESOME duties is to host a GIVEAWAY!!!


Location: Seattle, WA
Start Area: Gas Works Park
Distance: 13.1 miles/5K/1 Mile Kids Run
Date: Sunday, July 17, 2011
Time: 8:00 a.m.


FREE Entry to the Seattle all Women's Half or 5K


Please leave One Comment per entry.

REQUIRED: Like See Jane Run on Facebook HERE leave a comment to let me know you hit LIKE.


1. Visit the See Jane Run Website HERE and click around, shop, etc.. leave a comment and let me know what you think about the website.

2. What would you like to see at an all Female Race? Leave a comment with ideas for the Race Director.

3. Which Race do you want entry to the Half Marathon or 5K? Leave a comment.

Giveaway Ends on Monday 6/27 at 6AM PST and winner will be announced that morning.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Running in the Rain...

It was 6:33 AM on Saturday morning my alarm was set to go off in 2 minutes, I always wake up before my alarm. I could hear the rain beating down on my roof...GOOD TIMES!! I texted Zoe to make sure she was still on for our run, she replied "Sure, why not. I'm Up :)" Gotta LOVE true Washington Runners, no rain outs.

As I approached our usual spot to park there was a DETOUR, there was a car show and they planned to use the parking lot, pretty sure the car owners did not want to get their babies wet because that parking lot did not get used.

I have not seen Zoe HERE since before Boston, so this was a TREAT! And Running with her for her last LONG run before her FIRST Marathon...even better!! The rain poured so I brought my Boston jacket, which I peeled off before mile 1 and had tied around my waist the entire run...UGH!! It was muggy but nice to have the cool rain. BONUS no bikers on the trail, Don't get me wrong I love bikers but this trail is like the Audubon sometimes it is scary.

The miles past quickly as we caught up on everything and talked about the upcoming Marathon. I had forgotten my Running bag at work so I did not have a Garmin, we relied on Zoe's Garmin.
WE reached the mid-way point and stopped to stretch, 3 runner came up and turned the lady said "How far is this?" her partner and I both said "5 miles." Where we stopped was near the little trail that leads to the road with the HILL. I asked Zoe, jokingly, if she wanted to take the hills. To my DISMAY she did!!

We toughed through the HILL to see the most beautiful Jungle like area, so green and vibrant, it was awesome. No one water skiing on the little lake and no puppies in the yard nearby. Zoe was strong and we were keeping a good pace. There was a Team in Training water stop and they cheered us on, THANKS!!

We hit the end and I treated my buddy to a chocolate milk at the nearby Bakery. She was freezing so we headed back to our cars. A lady had lost her key on the trail so I let her borrow my phone, ugh it was so wet and cold, I offered to drive her somewhere but she decided to go back to her teammates. Gave Zoe a Hug.. Took a picture

And DONE... 10.02 miles 1:38:23

Friday, June 17, 2011

7 more Tomorrows

Last night as I was putting the Little Studs to bed #1 asked me when it is going to be Summer, the weather here has been pretty cloudy and yucky. I said "soon" and he replied "In 10 more tomorrows?" So cute, it melted my heart!!! I love how Marlene HERE and others talk are the number of "Sleeps" left until a big Event.

The last 2 years I have been ANXIOUS for Rock N Roll Seattle Marathon. Next weekend with be my Marathon Anniversary, Rock N Roll Seattle in 2009. It did not go at all how I expected, in fact it was pretty WET and Bleak, if you care to read about it go HERE. I am HONEST and tell it all, the good, bad and soggy. I FINISHED and became a Marathoner.

In 2010 I was a bit more relaxed but running 26.2 does not make me calm. I ran for Marathon for a Cure which was a GREAT experience!! We made it an event with Bloggers from all over. Bloggy Carb-night was a huge success!! Made lots of new Bloggy Buddies!! I table hopped, and I think drank out of 4 different water glasses. Next Friday night will be the Second Annual Event and I am SO EXCITED!!The Lovely Jill here has the most kick-a$$ mini van, we all met up for Carpool to the start, in our toss-away cuteness..
We also planned a Pre-Race Photo, this was super fun for those who were not able to make the dinner. Including the LOVELY Team in Training ladies. Meeting before the race helped us "know" people along the course, which is always FUN!!
Marlene and I had a BLAST considering we both felt like crap and had to stop multiple times for Honey Bucket Inspections :) Race Report HERE . My good Buddy Lynette was there to snap a few great pictures!!
We FINISHED and relaxed with Friends including Jill who had run her First Marathon and Steph HERE in town for 50 State WA style!! This year Kerrie HERE, Zoe HERE and Alma HERE will be tackling their FIRST MARATHON!! I will do the Half with Loads of buddies, then chill and run out to find our 26.2 pals. It is going to be a BLAST!!


  • Friday Night Carbo-load Dinner: Please email me for details, all are welcome. If you did not get the Evite and would like to come let me know ASAP (tallmomontherun @ hotmail).

  • Start Line: I will be in Corral 7. However a bunch of Bloggies will be meeting around Corral #6 30 minutes prior to the race start to get a photo op. If the race is set up the same way as last year Corral #6 should be close enough to get the start line in the background.

  • Finish Line: The finish area is always a zoo. The Family Reunion areas are coded by letters. Although I do not plan to stay there too long, we can try for Family Reunion B, B for Blogger.

7 more Tomorrows to the next big FUN in Tall Mom land. What do you have coming up that you are excited about??