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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is the BEST that Could Happen?

30 Comments on the "What is the WORST that Could Happen?" post yesterday... Wow some of those stories just about made me want to lose my Dinner. Tough days are bound to happen and to some of you more than once.. OUCH!! I HOPE that we can get more comments for this post.. Thanks to Harmony HERE for reminding me that we need POSITIVE :)Yes Folks I am giving you the Golden Ticket to the BEST DAY EVER..OK not really, I truly wish I had the power to hand those out. What I can tell you is that on several occasions I have found Zen on the Run. Connecting with the pavement....fully aware of the beauty in nature, from birds chirping to cotton floating from the sky. There is no noise, no distractions, no Garmin staring, miles fly by effortlessly, you return relaxed and rejuvenated :)

Funny how the words I use to describe the BEST feelings start with Z..

Tall Mom (CHEESY) definitions:

  • Zen- The feeling when your body and mind are in a happy place, you cannot feel any pain and your surroundings create a cozy pillow of peace and tranquility.
  • Zone- An altered state of being, nearly autopilot, where self-doubt and fear are not present, you can do no wrong, every thing is right, you perform to the top of your ability.

Having been an athlete most of my life I have been in THE ZONE many times.. I scored 40 points once in High School, that was a GOOD DAY!! The Zone- What a place to be!! If only I could bottle it up and sell it I would be a rich Tall Mom. The Zone is much harder to find than Zen...and you never know when it may hit you.

I was BLESSED to find The Zone at the Eugene Marathon last year (Report HERE). It was my "A" Race for the year, second Marathon and I was poised to qualify for Boston. Everything went right that day, I felt amazing, full of energy, no doubts or worry, Muscle Man was there to cheer me on and I Finished strong.What a great feeling!! I know that many many of you have had those days..

This is the interactive part...

I want to know

What is the BEST that has happened to you in a Race or on the Run? Your Zen or Zone Moments.. Bike and swim stories are welcome from the Triathlete crowd..

Share your Stories... Leave a Comment


A Prelude To... said...

I totally just had my best race ever this weekend at the Eugene Half. I can't remember ever having a race that went so well, where I felt so good and strong and in the zone. Hooray for GREAT days...and Hooray for all those not so great runs over the years that made this one that much more special :D

Michelle said...

Zen & Zone were definitely on my shoulders this weekend at the Eugene marathon! I BQ'ed and PR'ed by 13 mintues!!! See race report because it was a BLAST!!!!
Thanks Mel for all of the encouragement along the way. You are definitely one of those people who were on my mind during the race. When you read about my dad, know that I also thought of your dad too and how he gave you a gentle breeze in Boston! I think he showed up in Eugene too! You TALL people are good for us SHORT people! :)

Marlene said...

Will be stalking these comments for inspiration. I hope I can find my zone and have one of those days that (running) dreams are made of next weekend!!

Anonymous said...

this is probably neither zen nor zone but i will never forget taking a beer during boston this year. definitely a great moment.

as fast as zone....WR was pretty good to me. everything just came together. right place. right time.

Rene' said...

My first half marathon, Worcester Half Marathon. I had no expectations and all of sudden it was like my body knew just what to do. I ended up with a 1:52. (my goal was 2 hours). I just ran my own race and went with the moment.

Amanda said...

My best races and runs tend to happen when I connect with other people. At the San Fran Marathon- while running the 2nd half marathon, I met this amazingly tall walker who talked with me for a good few miles. He made the time go by and had great tips for training. I ended up running 9.5 miles straight, the most I ever had ran consecutively at that time and I felt so good about myself.
When I started my running ministry, runningforhim.com, and connected with people on a more spiritual level my running became even more of a blessing.

Kate Geisen said...

I've had zone moments where I'm just running and not even thinking about it. This is neither zen nor zone, but one of my best memories from this past year is competing in a 9 hr adventure race the day after my first 21- mile run. I was just thrilled that my legs would work! :)

Running a sub-2:00 first HM was a thrilling experience for me, too.

And any time I'm running trails makes me happy. :)

Alanna said...

I showed up late for a group run about a month ago. The clinic leader (who was trying to BQ on Sunday) waited around for me and we went out after everyone else. I knew something was up with my speed. Usually I'll be huffing and puffing while he looks like he's walking... But we were carrying on a conversation and I didn't think much of it. Eventually we actually caught up with the group (how'd that happen?). Then I figured out that I'd been running about 30s/km faster than I even thought possible. So my steady was really a tempo, but it gave me so much confidence!

Amy said...

One of my favourite runs lately was a trail run with my group. We were weaving around on trails for over 30 minutes, but it felt like 5. That same run, I ran to and from the group meeting point and home, for a 10 mile Monday and felt great!

~K~ said...

Fortunately I had nothing to say to yesterday's post, and I don't know if i'm zenning or zoning when i run but i have some pretty great ones. My favorite race was last month at the Tom King 5k in Nashville, TN. The weather was beautiful, the course was flat, I finished in my fastest time at that date (23:27 - i've broken that PR at races twice since then!)...and in a big ol' city like Nashville (not where i live) I was FIRST place in my age group! That was super exciting for me! (i must add though that the big time runners were all at the half marathon that day...or maybe i wouldn't have placed so high! But i don't care - i'll take it! ;-)

track coach and adorable wife said...

I don't have a lot of experiences to pull from but in my first sprint tri, I shocked myself by being very relaxed and zen. I lived in the moment of the race, not worrying about time or others, or how I was screwing up. I left that race happy and feeling accomplished. Plus I did better than I thought I could!

Kerrie said...

I was in the zen zone on my first 18-miler in 2010. I don't even remember some of the miles!

amy said...

I love your definitions. Spot on. And, Eugene this year was my race - there must be something in the air there!

Meredith said...

Funny, my worst and my best happened in the same race! What could have stayed the worst turned into the best yet! here's a link to it...


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I'm too much of a NOOB for this, but I feel like ZEN/ZONE is upcomin with this marathon on 5/14! :)

I was having nightmares of Portland while reading Amanda'sOKC half report!!

I don't want to run in my wet tempo (diaper) shorts again!

Rebecca said...

Wish I hadn't missed yesterdays post, my first race was the worst EVER. But I have had the best moment in running. I realized I was FREE. I have been holding in a secret since I was 20. Not a secret to my husband, but the rest of my family. Years ago I was in an abusive relationship, and there was a baby who suffered from that. I lost my first daughter at 32 weeks. I have carried guilt with me for years. My last long training run I was in pain (tooth ache) and almost quit super early. Then I remembered the footprints I have of my little girl. I put them in front of me, and I promised to finish every painful mile I ever attempt to run, because she never can.
I felt so free from my old abuser, and a surge of energy went through me. I HAVE to do this, I CAN do this- for those precious feet that never got to touch this earth.

I will be wearing her feet prints at my first marathon this Saturday! I know she'll be running with me.

Carrie said...

My first half (the one I peed my pants, see previous post under "worst moments"), I finished ten minutes faster than I thought I would, AND I crushed my 10-mile PR by 17 minutes!

Greatest feeling EVER! :-)

Richelle said...

My best race ever was last year's Women Run the Cities 10-Miler. I was going at a comfortably hard pace and felt great the entire time. The sun was shining and the fall colors were starting... just beautiful. I set an astonishing PR, too!

Unknown said...

I would say my best race thus far was the Tacoma City Marathon this year. Did not feel ready yet recieved a PR by 10 minutes, afterward I felt amazing. Yay for good races! Can't wait to do another one now. ;)

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

hmm... possibly a new mantra for me?? "zen, zone, Zaneta!!" lol ;)

Mark said...

My zone moment was last year at the Twin Cities 10 mile. I am not your average runner. Not by a long shot. I am 6'4'' and in the neighborhood of 240 (down from the neighborhood of 300 thanks to running) depending on what I ate or how long of a run I just went on. Generally needing to walk water stops or in general once my legs tire of my hauling my hulking frame. BUT on that beautiful day along one of the most stunning urban courses in the Midwest. I managed the complete 10 miles in 1:45:15. Not blazing fast but a respectable rumble (10:32/mile). The best part was my fiance waiting at the finish to congratulate me though. One of the highest points of my short but enjoyable running experience (only about a year and a half to date.)

Rhubarb said...

Mine was the Race for the Roses half, where my friend and I pushed ourselves and got a time I hadn't even imagined. I cut 25 minutes from my last pr (ok, it was a pretty slow pr, but still). We played games at the end, by trying to catch up with people, and we had fun even though we were exhausted. When I saw our final time, it was amazing. Hoping the next one is just as good!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I used to be in the zone back in middle and high school when my US League swim team would have dual meets. For those types of meets, there are about 50 different races and I'd be signed up for maybe 8 of them. Every time I finished one, I'd have to get back in line for the next. It's followed me to this day that when my mind is able to focus elsewhere and let my body just "do," I perform my best. I would hit PR's on EVERY single event.

My best running day was my first 5K. I knew I wasn't going to place or anything - the competition looked steep - but I figured I could pull off a 21:00, maybe lower. I knew the course (uphill for 2.0 miles, down hill for 0.5 and flat to the finish. I set into my own pace at the start while people flew past. During the second half a mile I held my own and even started passing some people. One guy up ahead pulled away and I vowed to keep him in my sights. I passed him just at the 2.0 mile mark to take second. Mile three zoomed past with the down hills at 5:54 and I placed 2nd overall. I felt like an elite that day!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

OKC 2010 was 26.2 miles of Zen. I never wanted it to end!!

And another moment-Mercer Island and YOU! Will never forget that! I ran that race with my grandpa who had passed away form colon cancer. I felt truly inspired during that race.

Oh yeah and I found a puppy on a training run once. That was kind of cool. I called an animal shelter to come and save it.

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