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Monday, May 9, 2011

RAIN Rain rain

Friday night I came home to Little Stud #2 screaming "It's Mommy!!" The Little Studs had each made me a card, Muscle Man had beautiful flowers and framed my Boston bib, medal and a photo. Happy and Spoiled Mommy!! It is so nice to have such a thoughtful partner, he always takes the time to make me feel really special..

To sum up my weekend in Running


and showered

and sprinkled

and poured

and drizzled

and dripped

and was just plain WET!!

But I didn't let the weather get my down...as my Brooks hat says I "Run Happy". And it is always nice to have friends to enjoy the journey with.. Fleet Feet Group shot pre-run.. Laura and Phil (on the right) were out for a long run, we all started together then spread out.. Janna (aka Lioness), Carol-Ann (aka Tink) and I kept together, yes I am much much taller than my "pocket running buddies." I realized that I made up both of their nicknames...need a nickname?? Call Tall Mom :)

I was low energy again, but kept the pace with my little buddies. Until my right arch cramped, OUCH!!! Thankfully after about a mile the cramp released and I was back to pace. We dropped Janna so she could go to work and headed on to finish 10 miles..

Tink HERE has been my buddy for the most miles by far this year, she ran Tacoma City Marathon last weekend and did AMAZING!! I was worried that 10 miles would be tough for her but she rocked it out.. I am trying to stay in Half Marathon shape for Rock N Roll Seattle, so 10 miles was a good distance..

Mother's Day morning it rained AGAIN, I met Amy and her friend Christie for 7 miles on the trail. We had never run with Christie, she was super nice!! The pace was much slower than I was used to. It is strange to change pace by 2++ minutes my stride was very different. Today I am am very sore and I think it is because I was using different muscles. Always nice to run with new people!! I missed Amy so catching up was GREAT!! It is time to start planning out the Rock N Roll Half Marathon outfits!!

After the soggy run I got cleaned up and met my Tall Family for Brunch which was AMAZING, warm scones and mimosas... Then Hubby brought the boys and we all went Bowling, I am horrible at Bowling but I always have such FUN!! Great Mothers Day!!

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  • How was your weekend??


Tricia said...

great job on the soggy weekend miles!

gba_gf said...

Well, my weekend was pretty great. And, um, it didn't rain.

Thanks for your comment today - Obviously, the person who made the "comment" that inspired the post is not someone I can 'un-friend' because we're, uh, involved emotionally... ahem. Thanks for havin' my back! I appreciate you.

Marlene said...

Your friends look so tiny. :)

Sounds like a GREAT weekend despite the rain! That smile will brighten up any day. Nice job on the runs!

Kate Geisen said...

Boo for all the rain...yea for making the best of it and getting out there!

We had beautiful weather, and I was able to convince my husband and youngest son to go hiking with me. It wasn't a run or a bike ride, which is what I really wanted to do, but I also really wanted to spend some active time together. Mission accomplished.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

My weekend was as awesome as it could have been with my mom living so far away. I got to hang out a friend's mom instead. And we played Mario Kart, which is always fun.

Meredith said...

My weekend started with a soggy 16, but what I love about running in the rain is that once you're wet, you're wet. I was soaked when I got home, but it made the hot shower feel so much better. Glad you had a good weekend and great Mother's Day!

{will run for margaritas} said...

love the little studs and your husband - so cute and thoughtful! Glad you had a great weekend (even though it rained)

Heather Cacak said...

We live in Vancouver, WA....and I'm so flippin' sick of the RAIN! I'm ready for the sun to come out and stay for a while. :)

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

running in the rain makes me feel like a kid... kind of breaking all the rules i guess? or at least going against my better judgement. ;)

Unknown said...

I always wonder what a 8:30 mile would feel like on my long legs. Im sure it would feel better than at 12 min mile. Im in the middle with a 10:30 now and HOPE I can stretch out soon!

Kerrie said...

I hate to complain, but I am so SICK of the rain. I think we will have sun tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day!

Unknown said...

Ah. I cannot wait for better weather, I am such a summer girl. However, I do have to thank you for all the long runs we went on together, I don't think I would have survived them alone in that rain. Ick!
(P.S. Although I am miniture sized, I just blame it on you being rediculously tall why I look so small. haha.)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Pocket pets! Love the running buddies...you just add water (rain) to tink and janna and they grow into lil runners! :)

Sorry you were soggy all weekend ahh the PNW! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MEL!!

Hope you have a fantastic week!!!

christa said...

My weekend was great. No rain here in VT, We've been getting so much this last month, there is flooding everywhere. I ran a 5K with lots of friends, some who I don't usually get to run with, and decided to do another half marathon in July.

Anonymous said...

I have way too many pocket-sized running buddies (love that term)... if we lived closer, perhaps I would no longer look like a giant in every single race photo. :-)

Way to Run Happy in the rain!

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