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Sunday, May 15, 2011

maman de hauteur sur la course

maman de hauteur sur la course

French for Tall Mom on the Run

**According to Google Translator.. I apologize if that is not true :)

I tried to upload photos but the Internet connection here is spotty. So will have to wait for another day. I am having an amazing time in France, the views of the Mediterranean Sea are phenomenal!! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity.

There is an 8K running path along the Med I want to try in the morning before we head to our next destination. I hope I have the energy to get out of bed and do it!!

Will have more to report later.. For now I would like to say congrats to Harmony on her sub 4 Marathon 17 minute PR, to Amanda to finishing a 70.3, to Marlene for her PR and BQ and to Jess for toughing out a hot race for a PR.

Not sure when I will log on again, keep on RUNNING!!


Unknown said...

happy to hear you are having fun! can't wait to see all the pictures. <3

Caroline said...

I am French Canadian
Tall mom on the run:

Grande maman qui court

Amy said...

Bon voyage!

Richelle said...

Glad you're having a great time in France! I'm so jealous of you right now... :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Enjoy your trip. I'll look forward to all your photos and stories when you return!

Kerrie said...

Hope you got to run! Sounds amazing!

Marlene said...

Merci beaucoup! :)