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Friday, April 29, 2011

High Five Friday

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!! Thanks to everyone who entered the Reader Thank You Giveaway HERE, 272 entries the first day :) Remember you have until May 16th to enter.

I had a GREAT run with Kerrie at Mom vs. Marathon HERE. It was so windy my eyes were watering nearly the whole run. I am in between races right now....sorta wanting to take a break and also longing to be back with a training plan. I was going to run with Bloggy buddy Meredith HERE since I will be in Vancouver, WA this weekend, but with my cold and just being TIRED I think I will rest one more week and get back to it next weekend. Sorry Meredith, I know we will meet soon :) So funny, when I dont have a long run I feel GUILTY!! Do you all experience that??

Thoughts about Training plans...
My desire to hunt down a Half PR is intense....I am drafting a plan to help me crush my PR soon. I am also working on a PR Training plan for Kerrie for a sub 2 hour... I will spend a lot of time creating her plan because I am guessing a Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon will be a common goal Coaching Female Runners. There are so many great free training plans online. The trick is to take a plan and fit it around your lifestyle and goals. Personally I need REST, I build my plans to run 4 days a week, and will run a 5th day when I can. I want a plan that is challenging but that I know I will stick with.

My First Half Marathon I used the "Rookie" plan. It was super simple, gave the total miles per day to run, no paces, no tempo runs, etc.. SIMPLE!! This was what I needed to get used to following a training plan. As I have grown so have my training plans. I am not a fan or short intervals and the science behind Vo2 max etc escapes me. But I know what I need to do to push my body to the next level and to get to the Finish Line injury Free.

If you are new to running it may be best to chose a Beginner Plan that gives time goals vs. miles, for example run for 10 minutes, walk for 5 minutes, etc. If you don't own a Garmin you can drive the route and get a guess at the mileage or run on a Track, but without a Garmin running for time instead of distance may be a good fit. Whether is is a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon and BEYOND.. The first step is to REGISTER and then find a plan that will work for you!! Print it out, get your favorite color pen to mark off the days and RUN/JOG/WALK. This is the time to get going.....come on you know you want to join in the madness...

High Five Racing and Events:
Steph- Nashville and Flying Pig Marathons
I Run Like a Girl- (First) Potomac River Run Marathon
Janice- Nashville Marathon
Katie A.- Eugene Marathon
Laurie-Eugene Marathon
Beth-Eugene Marathon
Amy-Eugene Marathon
Alanna- Vancouver, BC Marathon
Amy- Vancouver, BC Marathon
Elizabeth- Big Sur Marathon
Aron- Big Sur Marathon
Amanda- OKC Half Marathon
Jess and Friends- OKC Marathon Relay
Kim- Eugene Half Marathon
**Thanks Kim for the Eugene list, go get that PR!!!
Ronda- Eugene Half Marathon
Jenna Renae- Eugene Half Marathon
Michelle- Eugene Half Marathon
Julie- Eugene Half Marathon
Stacie & Hubby- Eugene Half Marathon
Candice- Half Marathon
Holly- (First) Park to Park Half Marathon
Marlene- Sporting Life 10K
T & Dizzle- Dizzle's First 5K
T- Muddy Buddy Richmond
G- Muddy Buddy Richmond

High Five Birthdays this week:

High Five Giveaways:
Tall Mom- Reader Thank You Giveaway Ends 5/16
Mom Vs. Marathon
- Run Love Socks Ends 5/7
50 Half Marathons- 50K Giveaway Ends 5/5
The Pace of Me- Mile Markers Ends 5/2

I know I am missing people.. If you want a HIGH FIVE leave a comment with your Event, Giveaway, etc... you may end up with a HIGH FIVE or 2 or 3.



Marlene said...

First! :)

Marlene said...


I'm sure you will come up with some FANTASTIC half marathon plans for both Kerrie and yourself. I am no expert but have had the most success with half marathon PR when I have focused on tempo runs at HM pace, from 4-6 miles.

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

Katherine said...

Have you tried Gmaps Pedometer for tracking run distance? It's a Google tool that uses their maps, and I use it to validate everything that Nike+ on my iPod tells me. The best part is that it can automatically go around corners and curves, just the way a runner would run on the street. So cool. Hope it's a useful tool that you can enjoy as much as I have!

{will run for margaritas} said...

TGIF! Love the giveaways - thanks for hosting/posting about them! :-)

I have my 1st marathon this weekend!!! So excited and nervous! Potomac River Run marathon, May 1, Carderock, MD

Kerrie said...

I am excited and NERVOUS for my plan!

Thanks for posting my giveaway. Need to head over and enter yours!

christa said...

Sunday May 1, I am running in the
Middlebury Maple Half Marathon.
It's my 2nd one!!

Lisa J said...

I LOVE the whole concept of High Five Friday!!!
Running my first Sat then Sun combo 1/2 mary's next weekend and its motivating to see so many others doing the same, so I know it is possible!

Tricia said...

Kerrie TOTALLY has a sub 2 in her :)

have a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Headed to Eugene for the full! Hoping for a BQ! :)

The BookWorm Lady said...

I am sure the training plans you come up with will help you both get a PR. I am using the rookie plan this year for my half and full marathon. It is working well for me and I like it.

Janice {Run Far} said...

High Five... thanks for putting me on the list.

run with Jill said...

High Five Mel... I'm also working on a 1/2 marathon PR. Heading to the track for some speed work tomorrow!
Happy Weekend.

Kristi said...

I would love to know what you come up with for a sub 2 hour half plan. I ran my first half a month ago in 2:08:50 (with no speed training). I'm running Rock n Roll St. Louis (October) and Vegas (December) and totally going for sub 2 in those.

In the meantime I'm going for a 5k PR at Thrill of the Grill tomorrow. :)


I love your blog. It's motivational, encouraging, entertaining, and just plain awesome.

Zenaida Arroyo said...

I'm with Kristi and would love to know your sub 2 hour half plan. :-)

Becky said...

I'm running my very first half marathon this weekend! Thanksgiving Point Half Marathon in Lehi, UT. Hopefully it stops snowing so I can enjoy it! :)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

I have a fundraising contest going on: http://www.babyweightmyfatass.com/2011/04/team-avery-dont-stop-believing.html

and next Saturday May 7th I am doing the Wisconsin Half Marathon in Kenosha! My first real race since injury!

XLMIC said...

Happy Friday to YOU! :)

This High Five Friday is such an awesome idea!

I'd love a High Five next Friday when I turn 29 for the 29th time... I've been thinking of taking that next step and finally turning 30 :P

Kate Geisen said...

I've got my first marathon on 5/1 (thanks for stopping by to comment, btw! :D) and I'm giving away Marshall Ulrich's Running on Empty. http://kate-my-mind.blogspot.com/2011/04/running-on-empty-review-and-giveaway.html

Mark said...

wow.. that giveaway thing you are doing deserves an extra high five... looks like some pretty sweet loot. Happy... well... Saturday morning technically!

Eryn said...

I'm heading to Eugene this weekend too! I'm hoping for a PR in the half.

gba_gf said...

Thanks Mel! Muddy Buddy is my "reward" after a weekend of hard work!... I wish you were here racing with me & T! I would want to be your buddy, but you know we'd have a hard time... the bike seat... would be hard to adjust to a mutually agreed upon height... :) Have a great weekend friend!

ozone3 said...

I'm (supposed to be) running the Heels & Hills HM. All women event with male pacers (usually wearing tutu;s and sports bras). Hopefully we don't get rained out (possible thunderstorms).

Beth said...

Thanks for the high five! I just flew in to Oregon for the Eugene Marathon and I'm LOVING it so far. May not leave :)

amy said...

Thanks for the marathon high-five! Very excited to be in Eugene!

Beth said...

Thanks for the high five! I just flew in to Oregon for the Eugene Marathon and I'm LOVING it so far. May not leave :)

Karen C. said...

HI! Just got a PR for the half marathon. Ran the Ocean City MD half marathon in 2:05:19. Next goal is to break 2 hours so I would love to hear about your training plan!!

Brandi said...

Hi Tall Mom!

I'm a relatively new follower. I think I was #998 (SO close to being the big #1000)!! I am running my 4th marathon next weekend (5/7 Wisconsin Marathon). It's nice to find a 'community' of other running Mamas out there! I'm feeling EXTRA inspired (both for running and to catch up on my blog and start blogging more regularly)!

Anyway, Thanks AGAIN for what you do! I'm excited to keep reading all of your future posts!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the high five, I missed this post on Friday! Darn big girl job and inventory...

Unknown said...

Thanks for the birthday love! You're so on it with your High Five posts! I appreciate ya!

Winks & Smiles,

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