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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tall Mom on Slowing Down

I have to admit this time last year I was a FREAK about Pace. Well maybe FREAK is the wrong word, but I was overly fixated on my Goal pace of 8:23 to qualify for Boston. Every run was planned and executed to get to that Goal. And I race day I looked like this..Relaxed, determined, alone, fast, in the zone, quiet, stern, robot-like, and at the end of the race I DID IT!! I was proud, elated, on cloud Nine. What a dream to be able to train so hard for so long and realize that Goal that I was set out to accomplish... After Eugene last May I was TIRED!! The calm after the excitement set in and a light bulb went off...

TALL MOM...this is the Running Gods

What?? Really?? Not every race has to be a PR? I can run for FUN.. I can enjoy the scenery.. I can run to raise money for a good cause and PLAY on the Marathon course... I can Pace my friends to amazing PR's and look pretty darn cute while doing it.. I can enjoy the company of a friend from out of town, instead of leaving her to pursue my own PR.. Really??

Once I let this settle in the Summer was AMAZING!! All the pressure I put on myself to perform for a PR was gone and I had FUN!! Want Proof??

I promise I don't always wear this pink skirt... Although I do LOVE it!!
  • The Message: Reaching for a Goal and your potential is a great feeling, but taking a break from the PACE can be just what you need to ENJOY the journey.
Training this year had been different, more relaxed and much less pressure. I am not staring at my Garmin, I will run with my buddies at whatever pace they want. I am having fun and I don't have anything to prove. What is my Goal for Boston??? Will just have to see on race day. All I can hope for is to have a HUGE SMILE on my face because I am enjoying the journey.

Before I go I need to leave a few HIGH FIVES...


TMB- National Marathon
Dorothy- National Marathon
Jen- National Half MArathon
MCM Mama- National Half Marathon
I'm sure there are more... leave a Comment :)

From Zoe HERE... WOW Thanks Zoe!!

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Jill said...

Love this post and it's so true. I'm now addicted to running with friends and my solo runs are far and few between...in fact it's not as fun to run solo anymore. Amazing how much more fun it can be when you have a crew of friends running with you. Cheers to running with friends and to helping people set their PR's. It's the best being a part of people dreams and goals.

Anna Walker said...

Aw I definitely love the picture of you determined though! running for fun and just being involved in the music and everything is pretty good too! :)


MCM Mama said...

I'm all about running for fun right now. I doubt I'll get a single PR this year and I'm ok with that.

Thanks for the high five!

Kayla said...

Great post Mel!! Its always good to slow down and just enjoy the experience. :)

kimert said...

Great post!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I ran a 52 mile ultra over the weekend. That totally deserves a high 5!

Marlene said...

Count me in for a race this weekend: Around the Bay 30K!

We had SOOO much fun at RnR, didn't we??

Running for fun with friends is the BEST.

But I can't wait to have my own moment where I know all of the hard work has paid off...

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

Mel, I've been trying to put the same sentiments into words over the last few days. THANK YOU. I totally agree and I'm with you on this one.

Content. :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love this Mel! And, it makes me want to run with you so badly!! I can see how easy it is to get caughtup in the pace--part of it for me, is testing my limits, but I don't want to be obsessed either!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Nice reminder!

I does take some work to get over the need to attempt a PR at each race but when you do accept it, boy the running becomes so much MORE than just putting one foot in front of the other! ;-)

Anonymous said...

i love this tall mom! i'm facing the real possibility that my next race won't be a pr attempt and i'm focusing on having FUN. you definitely just showed me that it's possible.

Kerrie said...

I heart running and the people it has helped me meet. I heart this post.

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Great job MEL!!! I love your approach to Boston! THat approach works well for me, the feel and do on race day approach!!!

Hubs is doing the Bataan Death March Marathon on Sunday---I hope he makes it! =)

Party of Eleven said...

Hi Mel ~ I have to mention my very good friend Katie (http://blessedwithfullhands.blogspot.com/) who has been training for the National Marathon (her first!). She was doing great and was all settled in for race day but her grandfather passed away and the funeral is going to be tomorrow. She writes about the difficulties in her last two posts. Just wanted to mention this because it was supposed to be her day tomorrow, too :)

Cynthia said...

Great post!
Pace is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. I'm able to push the pace on my runs and have found this speed I didn't know I had in my little legs. But at the same time I am trying not to obsess over it. But every time I go out I want to push it just a little more to see how fast I can go that day. I don't want to only think about pace I want to be able to enjoy my runs.
Still trying to find my medium I guess.

Laura said...

I'm with Marlene on the Around the Bay 30km race.
Our coach is always saying that not every race is an A one...you have to pick your battles...
Fun is a kind of battle...

Irene said...

It's a great reminder to enjoy the ride. I can very much relate to this post!

ozone3 said...

Count me in for a race this weekend: Dallas RnR Half Marathon!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the advice. Since I'm doing my first half, my only goal is to finish, but now I think I'll do a few more before I worry about time goals.

Becca said...

I ran the National Half this morning too, we should have had a Tall Mom meetup tent so we could say hi to each other! It was a great race, could have had a few more mile markers and timers, but the weather was great!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

The running gods haven't spoken to me yet to tell me a PR isn't everything. Maybe if I BQ, they will break their vow of silence. I still find a little time to enjoy running though.


Wow. Those are some sexy ladies. That is all.

fancy nancy said...

Thank you so much for this! I need to remind myself at times to enjoy the run...it's a gift!

Zoƫ said...

Running for fun is totally the way to be. :) You get to run BOSTON...how freaking cool is that?!?! :)
So excited for you!!