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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Run Happy into TAPER Madness

On Saturday Tink HERE and I met up EARLY so that I could get in 23 miles and still make it to the Beach. It was chilly, my poor little friend had freezing hands the whole run. I felt pretty good, the chilly air was refreshing. The Cherry Blossom trees are in bloom along the trail, AMAZING!!! White, pink and yellow flower pedals speckled along the concrete path. I packed some different fuel options including Dove chocolates and I wore my Nathan Speed4 Fuel Belt HERE. The first half of the run always goes by fast, I don't remember much besides a little sign that read "Mini Donkey for Sale", the Team in Training people all smiles and a family of bikers who kept stopping every Half mile or so, we played Leap Frog with them. We hit the turn and kept on cruising.
  • Half Marathon time= 1:56:22
On the way back there was a lady pulling a weird cart getting in the way of the runners and bikers on the trail, not sure what she was up to?? A few weeks ago I had met a fun Team in Training gal (I am BAD with names) so we waved and she said "I Follow your Blog," so cute!! Leave me a Comment so I can post your Team in Training page :) By mile 17 I was getting pretty tired and the rain/wind picked up, I put my gloves back on and turned up my Ipod. Tink and I were Quiet the rest of the run, both using all our energy to keep moving.

The last stretch to the Meeker trail head is BORING...I JUST WANTED TO BE DONE... Finally we saw the cars and sprinted to the Finish..

23 Miles Time- 3:23 Pace- 8:48

This run gave me confidence that I can get a sub 4 Hour Marathon in Boston, but also worried me because I have not trained for HILLS. Oh well too late for that now. Last LONG LONG run of training DONE!!
We asked a fellow Runner to take our picture... She was AMAZED that we had just run 23 miles, made me feel good. I thought it would be fun to try Amanda's Signature Pose HERE...I didn't realize she started the pose on one of our training runs...total claim to FAME for me :) Pose Fail, oh well I tried. I am leaning on the post, just trying to stay upright, I was TIRED!!
We tried a self portrait, hmmmm who is the frame HOG here?? RUN HAPPY Folks!! Love my Brooks hat. My Sister posted a few more Beach Photos, I love love this one..
My run yesterday was CRAPTASTIC, first runs of Taper always are for me... BOOOO!! Check it out HERE and while you are there look at my Daily mission photos "Worst Race Photos" they are CLASSIC!!

  • GUESS WHAT??? My Boston Race Outfit is coming together!!
Look at what came in the mail...

Runner Girl Visor from Gone for a Run HERE. Muscle Man always draws stick figures for me, so this Visor is for my cute hubby :)

Red Dot Athletic Skirt from Running Skirts HERE

Special Thanks to Cindy at Running Skirts for getting this skirt to me FAST :)

  • I have a DATE Tomorrow to go see the Movie My Run HERE with Chelsea, Jill, Jamie and Kerrie and MORE.. We plan to meet for Dinner beforehand, fun fun Running buddy date night!! Are you going??

  • I asked on Facebook but I will also ask here. Do you have any advice for me on Running the Boston Marathon? Or will you be there to Cheer? Let me know :)

  • Meeting Kerrie HERE for a soggy run today, that should help with the Taper Madness.

  • Have you entered my 3 Giveaways?? Nuun, Sony and RazzyRoo?? If not go do it HERE WINNERS will be announced tomorrow 3/31.


Denise said...

advice for boston...HAVE FUN!


I am so excited for you to run Boston! Seriously wish I could be there. And I also wish I didn't live 3000 miles away and could jump in on movie night. You guys are going to have a blast! Give everyone hugs from me!

Tiffany said...

LOVE that skirt- it is so perfect! I totally forgot about that movie so thanks for the reminder!!

Little Miss Runshine said...

I have that Run Happy baseball hat! Love it!!! :)

Velma said...

Way to rock the miles, and I love the green socks :)

BTW, I mentioned you on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Boston advice: I agree with Denise's advice!!!

I think that's the most important thing. Love the run. Love YOUR run. Let it wash all over you like a sunshiney day and soak it up!!!!

Relax. Let whatever is going to happen, happen. Just enjoy every minute you're out there running.

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

You make 23 miles look good! I am (almost) looking forward to my early spring racing to be over so I can just get out and run with the LBM for fun and not worrying that he is making me stop every 1/4 mile!

Sub4 in Boston is a given. Just take it one hill at a time.

The commute might make me late for the movie so don't wait for me. ;-) but wish I could be there! My next movie is 127 Hours. I can't wait! I love real life success/survival stories!

Love the hat with the stick figure runner!

Fifty K said...

amazing run! Good luck in Boston!

April said...

Awesome run...you are so fast!! Love the Boston outfit too!
Thanks for the info on the movie, It's showing at a theater close to me, might grab a few of my running girls and check it out!

Kittee said...

I have that same skirt and love it....

I am seeing the movie with my running buddy tomrw. And super excited about it.

Also, please no laughing at my question, What is Taper? I hear it all the time.

Bethany + Ryan said...

outfit looks good! can't wait to meet you! :-) did you email your flight info to my gmail account?? i never got it. bethanyrcouto@gmail.com

Marlene said...

Can't wait to see the final outfit. You are going to Boston soooo soon! OMG so excited for you!

Very strong long run! Don't let the taper crazies get you. You've got this!!!

Run with Jess said...

Congrats on a great last long run... there something about that last long run being a confidence booster. Relax and trust the taper... you got this!!
I'm totally going to the movie! Can't wait!

Michelle said...

Great last long run! I am wishing you all the best for Boston - I live south of the city and am hoping to make it in on Marathon Monday. Either in person or in spirit I'll be cheering you on!

Being Robinson said...

so excited for you to go and run boston. i hope you're soaking it all in! LOVING the outfit choices so far.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I've never run a full marathon and for the entire four years I lived in Boston, I only ever watched the last two to three miles of the race. But those last few miles are PACKED with spectators! I'm sure it'd be tough NOT to get an adrenaline rush from them.

When you run by the Citgo sign past Fenway, say "hi" for me. I miss having that thing shine through my bedroom window at night.

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