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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Makes me SMILE

Last night was WONDERFUL!!! Went to visit KT and play Auntie to her 2 month old Twins.. Love love these babies, they made me feel like an old pro by cuddling and quietly dozzing off in my arms. Wow does KT have her hands FULL she is doing AMAZING! I try to pass on Mom tips when I can but having Twins is out of my league. I posed for a quick photo-op holding both babies. Just one infant was tough to juggle for me.. but my buddy seems to have it down to a science..
Auntie Kiera was there for the fun too. I squatted down so we could all fit in the frame. What a JOY to be with some of my best friends, chat, cuddle with the little ones and just RELAX. Before I knew it was 8:38 and I had an hour drive oops... We have a little tradition of bump rubbing with Auntie Kiera. I love these pictures..

At California Pizza Kitchen, KT was not too far along but with Twinners the bump grows fast!
With KT after my baby shower... Ready to POP!! As you can see I didn't run while prego :) This is one of my all-time favorite pictures.. So random in the parking lot. And the photo that started the tradition, in front of Claim Jumper prego with Baby #1.
This has nothing to do with Running but it does have to do with Traditions. These photos are our Archive of the years of our friendship and the traditions we have made together. A snapshot in time which captures moments I hold dear. You can find those moments on the RUN too.

  • I am HOPING to get caught up on miles today, I have not run this week yet... OOPS!!. Pretty sure Kerrie HERE and I will run this afternoon and maybe a family run when I get home.

  • What traditions do you have with your family or friends?


Being Robinson said...

precious, i love this. well i'm in the haven't run IN A WEEK club, you aren't alone. hope you have a fantastic run though :)

fancy nancy said...

Love this!!!! I just love babies!!!

{will run for margaritas} said...

Ohh, this is so fun! What an awesome and fun tradition! :)

Diet Coke and a Lemon said...

Precious babies! I love the pics!
If one of my friends would just get pregnant then we could start this tradition haha

Emz said...

I love these photos.

Love pregnancy photos. so beautiful.

Velma said...

LOVE IT - you look so cute!

Marlene said...

Those pictures are fantastic! So much joy. :)

My cousin and I have a tradition of taking a picture with me in her lap (hehehe) at special occasions - weddings, showers, Birthdays, etc. :)

Jen said...

LOVE the pics... I don't have any traditions yet as I am the first of my friends to have babies... but I would love to draw faces on their tummies.

BTW: I am giving away a runningskirt.com skirt on my blog if you want to feature it in your HIGH Five Fridays.

Also running the National Half Marathon on Sat.

Marissa said...

LOVE these pictures...they made me smile too :)

Anonymous said...

i love all the pictures. but it's making my already loud biological clock tick more!

Kerrie said...

LOVE baby bump pictures. Those twins are adorable -- they don't look real they are so cute.

Thanks for the run in the SUN today. See you tomorrow for what looks like RAIN. Boo.

Unknown said...

Great baby bump pics! How wonderful that you have them archived to share.

Winks & Smiles,

Denise said...

aw, that was cute. i liked the random parking lot one!

KTaylor said...

Thanks for posting this Mel! I love our traditions, but love our friendship more. It's what makes life great!