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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Today is Wednesday HALF way through the Week. How is your week going?? Let's talk about more HALF's Shall we??

My lovely Big-little Sister (big because she is older and little because she is smaller) registered for her first HALF!!! The see Jane Half.. and how perfect is that her name is Jayne :) The race is July 17th in Seattle, all female and should be GREAT. If you are interested in Registering go HERE.
Big-little Siss ran her first 5K this weekend!! I wish I could have been there but I had 20 miles on the plan. I loved seeing the pictures and I am SOOOO Excited for Team Tall Mom at the HALF in July, Jayne, Amy and Me. How adorable is she???
We are about Half way through the month. How are you doing with the 93 mile CHALLENGE? Training for a Marathon has helped me I am at 83 miles today and should surpass the target this week. With 15 days left in the month make a plan. You CAN do this!!

On Sunday Amy and I set out for 10-13 miles. NO PRESSURE I left the mileage up to her. I was along for the ride to cheer her on. I used the run to TEST my CEP Compression socks HERE. These socks felt great on my calves which were a little tender from the speedy 20 miler the day before.
After this run I think I NEED to have a little compression in Boston. Posing to show off the socks. Amy borrowed my Nathan Speed 4 Fuel belt HERE. Since we are the same size she can test my gear before spending the $$.
My cute buddy said she felt like Bob the Builder :) She was decked out in St. Patty's green with adorable hair. I joked that she would get SOAKED and have dripping wringlet curls, but it hardly rained at all. The temp was perfect, no wind, later that day there was a crazy storm so glad we missed it.

About 3 miles in I spotted a Bald Eagle perched high on the big tree next to the trail, Amy then saw a second Bald Eagle...we STOPPED!! It is just too cool to see these huge birds so close up. She took video and we set back out. The trail was fairly quiet and we opted to turn at mile 6 and decide to add miles on at the end depending on how Amy felt. Always good to stretch, but I could feel my soreness. My left foot was stinging, at the time I did not know why.

The last bit was a blur, talking and taking in the sites and smells of the cow pasture :) As we got close to the end Amy said she wanted to get into the "teens", pride swelled!! I have been sorta coaching Amy, and she is doing so AMAZING! We hit the turn and went back toward the cows. There was a guy doing plyometric type air climbing, it made me chuckle. I caught my breath after laughing and we turned back. We did the Math just right and ended with 13.1!!! CONGRATS AMY!! I am working on her medal. Such a treat to be with someone when they hit a huge goal. Her first Half Marathon is not until June, she is WAY ahead of her training :)

When I got home I realized that my toes were covered in blood.. Hmmm!! Not sure why? But look at my shoe..
Thankfully I scored on a new pair of Brooks Adrenaline from Fleet Feet Bonney Lake so I wont have to wear these bloody bad boys in Boston. Speaking of Boston, go check out my possible race outfit HERE.



fancy nancy said...

Your sis is too cute!! Runs in the family I can see! That race sounds great...maybe a destination race for me some day!

I am around 60 miles so far...on track for 93 miles!!!

Oh and I have a half this weekend....ironing out an outfit choice...hoping for warmer weather!

Kimberly said...

So gross but I sometimes get bloody toes/socks because I haven't trimmed my nails and they cut into the side of another toe. I just retired a pair of sneakers that had blood stains on them from such an incident!

Anonymous said...

Jayne looks tooooo Cute!!! You weren't kidding when you said you had a bloody toe! WOw!!!

BigHappyFamily said...

An all female half sounds fabulous!

Emily said...

it will be such a special race doing it with your big-little sis! Being there for my bro's first marathon was the best thing ever. I wish I was going to be in WA that week so I could join in the fun!

Nike Athena said...

Enjoy your race with your sis!

I just bought those shoes on Saturday and I'm totally in love with them!

akjenniekt said...

That's cool that your sis is doing that half. My sis and I are actually planning on running the same race together (my first half and her second). I'm really looking forward to it :)

Kara said...

Bleeding through your shoe is pretty hardcore :)

Marlene said...

I had a random bloody toe recently! For some weird reason my toes were bend funny and the nail from one was cutting the other. Ouchie!

You are too cute!

And YAY Jayne on her first 5K. GO SIS!

Marlene said...

I had a random bloody toe recently! For some weird reason my toes were bend funny and the nail from one was cutting the other. Ouchie!

You are too cute!

And YAY Jayne on her first 5K. GO SIS!

jen said...

I've totally had the bloody shoe before- gross! Yet kind of awesome. :p

I'm so impressed with your high-mileage weekends- those back-to-back long runs are GREAT training!!

Lisa said...

Love your sis' skirt! Super cute.
I can't wait to meet you, and now your sister, at the race! So excited to run in Seattle!

gba_gf said...

5-46-10... the locker combination to my Jr High Locker? OR the number of miles I have "SWIM-BIKE-RUN" so far in MARCH!

(notice that there's RUN miles in there!!! grin) I'm only allowed to jog though - I think the J may be soft... I believe I am on track, will give 93 my best shot, 'fankle' allowing. LOVE YOU MEL! Thanks for inspiring me to keep kickin, even when I'm "broken".

Willow River Piecemakers said...

Wow - does your sister look like you! Hope your foot feels better in the new shoes - bummer!

Denise said...

congrats to tall sis!! love that you're rubbing off on the family.

Anonymous said...

Woah, bloody shoes are not fun! Glad you got new ones right away!