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Saturday, March 5, 2011


A couple of Bloggy buddies Emily and Rose had posts recently with the theme of confessions.. Fun topic that leads to silly chatter... I thought it would be fun to get the ball rolling.

Tall Mom Confessions:

I have sweaty and itchy armpits
2 of my toe nails are GROSS and ready to fall off
I wear spandex when I run...nuff said
My runs are routed to avoid Hills if possible
I don't always shower after my lunch runs
My thighs rub together so bad I cant wear running shorts

Now it is your turn for a Runner Confession..

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Please keep it PG this is a family blog :)


SupermomE13 said...

oh man... fine... my running confession is on any run over 8 miles or so I usually have to find a potty break spot...sometimes I am lucky enough to be near somewhere with a bathroom, but I live in the country so sometimes it means ducking behind a bale of hay or in a culvert. Crazy the things we do! :)

Janice {Run Far} said...

Hilarious, and how fun.

I have the most sweaty armpits ever... I actually use a perscription on the pits to keep it from ruining my shirts. Sick. I too have thighs that rub together, and always try to run in running shorts, and am quickly reminded why I don't.

My confession.... I pee my pants in nearly every run. I know most running mommys do, but I do it almost every run. It's awful and super sucky/stinky.

Tricia said...

ha!I had a toenail fall of last week. I went for a pedicure recently and the lady said: "Why are your toenails black" my friend said:"Because she runs" the pedicure lady said"Well you need to stop that, or you'll never have pretty toenails"

:) oh well

Stacey said...

My thighs rub together too..
My confession: I wear cotton socks I bought at Costco when I run.

Great post, I may have to copy! Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

I too am part of the pee while I run group. The only time I don't is when I'm at the gym and I sweat so bad on the treadmill. Haven't figured out how to keep it from happening yet, but if anyone finds out something let me know!

Scarlett said...


Twila said...

I have to wear compression to keep the thighs from rubbing together.
I don't wear underwear when I run (is that PG?)
Sometimes I have to start and stop the treadmill like 8 times before I finally make myself run.
My feet are disgusting and I dread flip flop season.

Joy Blaylock said...

I confess the last four items you shared...

Rebecca said...

Confession: Last nights run was "propeled" by PMS "fumes" -- you're welcome.

Lori said...

My nose runs so bad when I run in the Nebraska cold/wind here that I'm always doing the farmers blow on my runs. My sports bras stink ever after I wash them...and adding fabric softener just gives them a sickening smell.

Kimberly said...

I love these!

I am the stinkiest runner on the planet. I am not sure why my sweat smells so bad but it does. My husband won't even come near me!

Now that I'm pregnant, I pick routes where I know I'll have to stop for a traffic light because I want the break to catch my breath. I sometimes even pretend to tie my shoe so I have to wait through another light ;)

The Jesse said...

my thighs rub together really bad too so i dont wear running shorts either :(

Laura said...

I body glide my things like there is no tomorrow.
I have the sweatiest shins known to woman-kind.
I often plan my routes to include a net downhill...and as many bathroom stops as possible just in case.

Kerrie said...

I CAN'T shower after lunch runs...baby wipes.
I drink coffee before long runs to...um...flush everything out.

tahoegirl said...

Fun post.

Along the lines of sweat, I have the sweatiest face. Like dripping off. In particular my upper lip below my nose has got to be the sweatiest spot on me. Gross.

Ditto on the thigh rubbing.

After a training cycle of avoiding hills, I am trying to incorporate more into my current training. Every time I approach one though I curse.

I spit when I run.

My lips are a gooey mess after I run. I have to wipe them on my shirt cuz they have this gross film on them.

scissorbill said...

I'm proud that I've perfected the farmer's blow and don't even care if cars can see me.

I don't always stretch.

I use fabric softener on my tech gear and I put it in the dryer on high. I have three kids and do way to much laundry as it is to worry about special care.

Anonymous said...

hmm where do I begin.

1) I don't wear underwear when I run. It its spandex or something with a liner, underwear drive me nuts!
2) my second toe is obscenely longer than my big toe that it gets the brunt of the abuse from running. They are constantly bruised.
3) i look forward to my gu.
4) i just ended a week long streak without shaving my legs because it was still cold enough for tights.

Kara said...

I think if you read my latest post (http://itsadoglickbabyworld.blogspot.com/) it has some pretty awesome confessions in it :)

I'm normally a nice person, but I get really bitchy when I run and I curse a lot while running.

Marlene said...

I left my dirtiest confessions on Em's blog already - LOL!

Sometimes I stuff tissue in my armpits at work so I don't sweat through my shirts. :S

5 Miles Past Empty said...

My confession is that I secretly want to get hit by a car just to freak out a jerk driver and make them feel bad for the REST of their life. Of course I only want superficial injuries but I would SO exaggerate everything and make them think I was dying. I want to set up a video camera and have the news air it...maybe then people around here would slow down. Other than that I can't think of anything PG. =)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

@Amanda only you!! ha ha ha!!

Mel, you are too funny! Love it. My toenails are officially distance toenails---or forms of a nail, mis-shapen ugliness!

Confession: blow my nose into my gloves or hands b/c it bothers me so much more when I run--I am still working on perfecting the snot shot on the run!!

Anonymous said...

keep it pg? hahah ;)

i wear spandex when i'm running on the weekend and during the day. so that i can look good for the people out and about. oh how vain am i?!

Unknown said...

Only two toenails? I'm impressed. There is no hope left for pretty feet and me.

There is nothing wrong with spandex. Polyester, though? That's bad!

gba_gf said...

he he - runner confession ~ when it's my turn to create the run route, I always make sure it has LOTS of hills.

Chelsea said...

OOo, this is fun.

- I let my dog lick the sweat off my shins when I come home. It's his favorite thing.

- I run after work...and don't shower until it's bedtime. :\

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

My thighs rub so much I can't wear running skirts, because the shorts on them are too short. Boo.

Karen said...

Let's see... one toenail missing, one on its way to being gone. I guess my confession for today is After not having a shower for 2 days, I just balled my greasy hair up in a knot and headed out for my 15 miler (all the while praying I didn't see anyone I knew). :)

Denise said...

the arm pit one made me laugh!! i wait to shower after my wknd long runs. it's so gross but i like to shower right before i go out for the night!

KT80 said...

This is so cool because I was thinking that I was one of the only runners who had trouble with chaffing thighs. Thanks for making me feel better!

Jenn getting thin said...

Ditto on the thigh's rubbing, gotta love spandex!!!

When I get a Pedicure--I always get the darkest red polish so you can't see the black toenails during flip flop weather(lives in Florida, so that is year round)

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, I'm a newbie runner. . .do all runners lose toenails?? (is this what I have to look forward to) lol

I'm in the beginning stage of trying to get my blisters to turn into calluses.

~ Getting the snot shot down. .

~ Finally figured out the "No Underwear While Running" after emailing Mel.

~ Experienced how hard (and miserable) it is to run while squeezing your cheeks hoping not to get the Hershey Squirts!

Love this Blog -- Makes me feel normal. ;-)

KT80 said...

Hi Amy, I have not yet lost any toenails, but it seems to be something that happens pretty frequently to those who run long distances. Welcome to running! :)

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

My favorite confession is that your legs rub together while running. I don't wear shorts either, ever not running shorts not any shorts. While my legs are strong from running I just don't feel the need to draw attention to my inner thighs.

Happy running,
running in heels after child

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

- I sweat like it's my JOB while running
- Vaseline has saved my long runs! (I'll leave it at that)
- I honestly prefer to run alone

Jacky said...

LOL! Confession time!

I too sweat lots an lots... gross... and stinkier every day that goes by...

I too wear spandex... no comment!

My thighs, my arms, everything rubs against each other... no shorts for me... I'd end up with a "thong" kind of running gear, LOL!

Toe nails? What are they... 2 fallen off, one about to... one of the fallen off ones, has done so for the second time... guess I won't need time to trim it ;)

I am being lazy lately and not running... that's the worse of all :o

Have a great day you wonderful ladies!

KT80 said...

Is there a connection between weight and rubbing thighs? I do have some weight to lose, but it seems that a lot of people have rubbing thighs that are at a healthy weight.