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Friday, March 4, 2011

Busy busy

This is my first chance to Blog... 8:26PM PST

My Big Girl job was BUSY today and this weekend will be busy too...20-22 Miles tomorrow, I think Janna and Tammy want to go 8:40 pace... HMMMM??? We'll see what these Tall Legs have to offer..

We were planning to go to visit the in-laws when realized that Comicon is in town.. So Muscle Man, Little Stud #1 and Uncle Marky will have a fun afternoon getting their pictures taken with Darth Vader and Wil Wheaton :) Without the trip I won't get a chance to run with Kim in Portland Booooo!!! But I will be able to run with Amy and my local pals :)

Please go wish Shelly GOOD LUCK on her 50K this weekend HERE

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  • Foodies... I need your help. My good friend KT (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KT) has to cut soy and dairy from her diet. Anyone have good ideas for lunch and dinner recipes so this new Mommy of Twins can have the energy to keep moving??


What are you up to?


Kate Geisen said...

Sounds like life is busy, as always!

I have my first 18 mile run tomorrow, it's pouring buckets, and we're hitting the trails. Oh, my...I'm going to be up to my knees in MUD. Not ideal conditions, for sure, but hopefully I at least get a good story out of it.

Kerrie said...

Does that mean you are meeting us Sunday???!!!

I was only supposed to do 4, but I need 14 next weekend and next weekend is insanely busy so I'm thinking of swapping weekends and doing 14 on Sunday and 4 next weekend. Did any of that make any sense?

PS: Hehehe. Will Wheaton. Whenever I hear his name I think of Big Bang Theory.

KT80 said...

Does she eat meat? Lean protein and lots of fiber with some healthy fats - so chicken, fish and nuts with avocados and dark chocolate. Not all together of course. :)

Cory Reese said...

I believe Mountain Dew would fit into the diet. (Mmmmm.)

Lisa J said...

your body absorbs and utilizes more calcium from dark leafy greens than it does from dairy- best options are spinach, broccoli, kale (kale is great in smoothies), asparagus.

since she is looking to get rid of soy the only thing she needs to make sure is that shes getting in enough protein if it was a staple in her diet- quinoa is a grain based protein that is a complete protein (just as soy is) and there are TONS of recipes online- then just making sure she has other sources whether its meat, plant, nut, or legume based.

Marlene said...

Enjoy your weekend AWAY from Big Girl work. Sounds like you need a break. Good luck with the runs!

Weather looks WORSE for my race on Sunday so 1:42 is probably out the window. A few inches of snow overnight and 20 + mph winds at the race. GRRR. Ah well, I will do what I can.

Maybe we can find a HM somewhere in the middle one of these days and we'll pace each other. ;)

Miss you buddy!!!!

BigHappyFamily said...

I'm so glad I stopped by today. I was reminded that Darth Vader is coming to our library next week! And, I learned about a great give-away on a blog I don't follow. AND, I am reminded that I did not log my February hours for TM1000.

Today I rest, tomorrow I race my fist half. Have a good weekend.

Run with Jess said...

Big girl work stinks! Happy Run day!

Unknown said...

At my house, Darth Vader wins out over the in laws every time too! So bummed we don't get to run together, but we've got the perfect route for next time!

scissorbill said...

The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Tortilla Soup
Speedy Black Bean Soup by Desperation Dinners (google for recipe)
both can be frozen in individual containers

5 Miles Past Empty said...

So not a foodie....

Big Girls Jobs are for the birds.... =)

Have a great weekend!

MCM Mama said...

I was soy/dairy free when nursing both of my boys and I just started it again to see if it will resolve some issues I'm having.

I don't have time to write a lot now, but shoot me an email at mom2shoo at gmail.com and I can give a ton of suggestions.

Liz said...

This is one of our family's go to meals: Elie Kriegar's (a Food Network chef and registered nutritionist and dietician) Baked Beans. It's super easy and fast, and because we use no salt added ingredients, it's SO good for us (and yummy to boot!)