6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dont hug me I Smell

Lunch runs with Kerrie @ Mom Vs. Marathon HERE are becoming common place in my weekly routine.. YIPPEE!!! I got dressed and grabbed my little cell phone to test on the run, I need something little to capture some photos in Boston. I thought I would use the phone for the time but someone the clock was off..
After stretching and a quick self portrait I had ZERO CLUE what time it was.. So I set out and planned to be a little early. It was RAINY AND WINDY AND COLD AND YUCKY AND GROSS AND NOT SO FUN TO RUN IN ;) Thankfully after 1.33 miles I would have a buddy to share in my misery. I passed her office to get in 1.5 miles then waited to stretch..
Say Hello to my little Lunch Running friends. I LOVE my Pearl Izumi W Syncro Float IV HERE. The shoes are light, comfortable and cute. From Pearl Izumi...

Raising the bar again, the new syncroFloat® IV runs and feels better than ever. With a touch of support for the mild pronator, this is a smooth, well cushioned and responsive shoe for the efficient runner.

The shoes do run a little tight so if you are interested be sure to go up a half size or more. I hid behind the tree to stretch since I was so early and out came my buddy..
We opted for a pre-run photo.. This was take #3...one day I plan to post all of the outtake photos, they are CLASSIC!! Did I mention that is was RAINY, WINDY AND COLD?? Oh I think I did. One stretch of our run is ultra miserable so we joked about how the rain was helping our skin glow and the wind was doing wonders for our hair. Anything to pass the time.. Kerrie had the fun idea to do some Running photos on our favorite plank bridge. Bummer because my Cell phone camera only makes small images, but I think she did pretty good :)
On the route we have been doing I cross this .25 bridge 4 times and it is BEAUTIFUL. The bridge wiggles through a swampy marsh with a big birds nest and pretty trees. Next up I needed to test my skills at photos while running, mind you this is all in preparation for Boston and 333% necessary for my training ;)
What better way to make what could have been a MISERABLE Run fantastic. We laughed, chatted and before I knew it I was dropping her off. One run closer to Boston :)

  • In case you noticed the title of the Post let me explain.... I wore this jacket on a run about a week ago and it did not get too sweaty so I left it in my locker at work.. Well it was SMELLY!!! I warned Kerrie not to Hug me.. But she didn't seem to mind, yep that is what good running buddies are for.

  • Tonight I have a DATE with Bloggy Runner buddies to see My Run, a stroy about 75 consecutive Marathons in 75 Days, Running on the BIG SCREEN FOLKS!!! SO EXCITED. Don't Miss out. Go HERE to see if it is playing in a theater near you tonight.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Run Happy into TAPER Madness

On Saturday Tink HERE and I met up EARLY so that I could get in 23 miles and still make it to the Beach. It was chilly, my poor little friend had freezing hands the whole run. I felt pretty good, the chilly air was refreshing. The Cherry Blossom trees are in bloom along the trail, AMAZING!!! White, pink and yellow flower pedals speckled along the concrete path. I packed some different fuel options including Dove chocolates and I wore my Nathan Speed4 Fuel Belt HERE. The first half of the run always goes by fast, I don't remember much besides a little sign that read "Mini Donkey for Sale", the Team in Training people all smiles and a family of bikers who kept stopping every Half mile or so, we played Leap Frog with them. We hit the turn and kept on cruising.
  • Half Marathon time= 1:56:22
On the way back there was a lady pulling a weird cart getting in the way of the runners and bikers on the trail, not sure what she was up to?? A few weeks ago I had met a fun Team in Training gal (I am BAD with names) so we waved and she said "I Follow your Blog," so cute!! Leave me a Comment so I can post your Team in Training page :) By mile 17 I was getting pretty tired and the rain/wind picked up, I put my gloves back on and turned up my Ipod. Tink and I were Quiet the rest of the run, both using all our energy to keep moving.

The last stretch to the Meeker trail head is BORING...I JUST WANTED TO BE DONE... Finally we saw the cars and sprinted to the Finish..

23 Miles Time- 3:23 Pace- 8:48

This run gave me confidence that I can get a sub 4 Hour Marathon in Boston, but also worried me because I have not trained for HILLS. Oh well too late for that now. Last LONG LONG run of training DONE!!
We asked a fellow Runner to take our picture... She was AMAZED that we had just run 23 miles, made me feel good. I thought it would be fun to try Amanda's Signature Pose HERE...I didn't realize she started the pose on one of our training runs...total claim to FAME for me :) Pose Fail, oh well I tried. I am leaning on the post, just trying to stay upright, I was TIRED!!
We tried a self portrait, hmmmm who is the frame HOG here?? RUN HAPPY Folks!! Love my Brooks hat. My Sister posted a few more Beach Photos, I love love this one..
My run yesterday was CRAPTASTIC, first runs of Taper always are for me... BOOOO!! Check it out HERE and while you are there look at my Daily mission photos "Worst Race Photos" they are CLASSIC!!

  • GUESS WHAT??? My Boston Race Outfit is coming together!!
Look at what came in the mail...

Runner Girl Visor from Gone for a Run HERE. Muscle Man always draws stick figures for me, so this Visor is for my cute hubby :)

Red Dot Athletic Skirt from Running Skirts HERE

Special Thanks to Cindy at Running Skirts for getting this skirt to me FAST :)

  • I have a DATE Tomorrow to go see the Movie My Run HERE with Chelsea, Jill, Jamie and Kerrie and MORE.. We plan to meet for Dinner beforehand, fun fun Running buddy date night!! Are you going??

  • I asked on Facebook but I will also ask here. Do you have any advice for me on Running the Boston Marathon? Or will you be there to Cheer? Let me know :)

  • Meeting Kerrie HERE for a soggy run today, that should help with the Taper Madness.

  • Have you entered my 3 Giveaways?? Nuun, Sony and RazzyRoo?? If not go do it HERE WINNERS will be announced tomorrow 3/31.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Marathon Toes in the Sand

“Don't grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.”

Michelle Held

I have been MIA...with my Marathon toes in the sand :) We went on a Family trip to the Washington Coast for a long weekend. It was a BLAST. Played in the sand and the pool, kids had a BLAST!! It will take me a bit to get caught up with Blog Land. In the mean time, let me bring the beach to you :)

3 weeks to BOSTON!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Time to TAPER

Ran an AMAZING, chilly and wet 23 miles today... Will fill you in on the details Tuesday.. In the mean time check it out HERE. So proud and sooo ready for TAPER, I am not sure how my FLAT training runs will translate in the hilly last miles of Boston but I will do the best I can Dimples shining.. I want to remember it all so I can share with you all..

I am off for some FAMILY TIME and a much needed BREAK...

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Tall Mom on Slowing Down

I have to admit this time last year I was a FREAK about Pace. Well maybe FREAK is the wrong word, but I was overly fixated on my Goal pace of 8:23 to qualify for Boston. Every run was planned and executed to get to that Goal. And I race day I looked like this..Relaxed, determined, alone, fast, in the zone, quiet, stern, robot-like, and at the end of the race I DID IT!! I was proud, elated, on cloud Nine. What a dream to be able to train so hard for so long and realize that Goal that I was set out to accomplish... After Eugene last May I was TIRED!! The calm after the excitement set in and a light bulb went off...

TALL MOM...this is the Running Gods

What?? Really?? Not every race has to be a PR? I can run for FUN.. I can enjoy the scenery.. I can run to raise money for a good cause and PLAY on the Marathon course... I can Pace my friends to amazing PR's and look pretty darn cute while doing it.. I can enjoy the company of a friend from out of town, instead of leaving her to pursue my own PR.. Really??

Once I let this settle in the Summer was AMAZING!! All the pressure I put on myself to perform for a PR was gone and I had FUN!! Want Proof??

I promise I don't always wear this pink skirt... Although I do LOVE it!!
  • The Message: Reaching for a Goal and your potential is a great feeling, but taking a break from the PACE can be just what you need to ENJOY the journey.
Training this year had been different, more relaxed and much less pressure. I am not staring at my Garmin, I will run with my buddies at whatever pace they want. I am having fun and I don't have anything to prove. What is my Goal for Boston??? Will just have to see on race day. All I can hope for is to have a HUGE SMILE on my face because I am enjoying the journey.

Before I go I need to leave a few HIGH FIVES...


TMB- National Marathon
Dorothy- National Marathon
Jen- National Half MArathon
MCM Mama- National Half Marathon
I'm sure there are more... leave a Comment :)

From Zoe HERE... WOW Thanks Zoe!!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I love love that Kerrie HERE and I are 1.25 miles apart. I run from my office, trying to time it just right, to pick her up, we run together, I drop her off, then run back...

This is how it went Yesterday:

I had 3 miles fast and 3 slower today so I set out to do 2 fast before I RAN to pick up Kerrie. It was HOT, well hot for me, and I was thirsty, I ditched my gloves and ear warmer at .25, I have not bee in tune with the weather lately.

Mile 1- 7:52, Mile 2- 7:53

Zoomed to get Kerrie totally parched and flemy(SP). So nice to chat with my buddy. We went the opposite route from usual to mix it up. Not too many people out but did see my buddy Zen Runner fresh back from her Honeymoon. I let Kerrie set the pace and settled in for the ride, at one point she was feeling tired and realized we were going pretty fast..so we slowed back down. Kerrie is getting speedy soon it will be tough to slow her down :)

Mile 3- 9:15, Mile 4- 9:03, Mile 5- 9:27

Dropped Kerrie off and was solo for the last bit.. UGH!! Sped back up for the last mile, SOOOOOOO THIRSTY!! SOOOOOO HARD!! I am not in speedwork shape at all but it felt good to push the pace and get my sweat on.

Mile 6- 8:57, Mile 7- 7:51

Love the sun, could have run in a tank top :) My 6 mile on plan turned to a 7 miler, which was fab. We are going to run together again today, but alas i think we may get rained on, but what do I know I have guessed wrong on the weather every day.. THANKS KERRIE!!

So you know how I have been PROMISING A Giveaway for about 3 months... Go Visit Tall Mom on the Run Reviews and Giveaways, you won't be disappointed it is....


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Makes me SMILE

Last night was WONDERFUL!!! Went to visit KT and play Auntie to her 2 month old Twins.. Love love these babies, they made me feel like an old pro by cuddling and quietly dozzing off in my arms. Wow does KT have her hands FULL she is doing AMAZING! I try to pass on Mom tips when I can but having Twins is out of my league. I posed for a quick photo-op holding both babies. Just one infant was tough to juggle for me.. but my buddy seems to have it down to a science..
Auntie Kiera was there for the fun too. I squatted down so we could all fit in the frame. What a JOY to be with some of my best friends, chat, cuddle with the little ones and just RELAX. Before I knew it was 8:38 and I had an hour drive oops... We have a little tradition of bump rubbing with Auntie Kiera. I love these pictures..

At California Pizza Kitchen, KT was not too far along but with Twinners the bump grows fast!
With KT after my baby shower... Ready to POP!! As you can see I didn't run while prego :) This is one of my all-time favorite pictures.. So random in the parking lot. And the photo that started the tradition, in front of Claim Jumper prego with Baby #1.
This has nothing to do with Running but it does have to do with Traditions. These photos are our Archive of the years of our friendship and the traditions we have made together. A snapshot in time which captures moments I hold dear. You can find those moments on the RUN too.

  • I am HOPING to get caught up on miles today, I have not run this week yet... OOPS!!. Pretty sure Kerrie HERE and I will run this afternoon and maybe a family run when I get home.

  • What traditions do you have with your family or friends?

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I am a NUMBERS DORK and I am not afraid to admit it :)

  • I love catching the clock at 1:23, 3:33, 3:21, 1:11, etc.. I get a dimpled grin many times on day.

  • I always analyze my Race Bibs

  • I often text friends on fun dates and times.. For Example I tested T Here "3/11/11 at 11:11", love her she replied "3/11/11 at 3:11" Hehehe

  • I get a little giddy when my total at a store has .33cents
You get the idea...

What NUMBERS are on my mind right now??

14576- My Boston Race Number, I am deep in Wave 2

27- Days to Boston Marathon

14- The Number of Miles I ran with Amy..funny story
I failed to look outside and dressed so wrong.. it was 28' and chilly and I was bare legged.. But at least my outfit was cute.. Love Runningskirts.com the socks and skirt I bought just before Rock N Roll Seattle, kinda fun with the blue and pink.
Amy is always warm and she dressed much smarter than me, but was in a tank by the end of the run. She SAVED me by bringing supplies for a mid-run pitstop.. UGH!!! Bonding with the trail and my lovely running buddy.. So proud of her, 14 miles already and she is training for her first Half Marathon in June.. She also has already met the March 93 mile CHALLENGE.

3- The number Gonzaga Buddies who will have Twins in 2011. KT had her boy and girl in January, Jess had two boys this week and Syd is due in June with twin girls. Syd was one of my closest friends on my team at Gonzaga, although most of the time we were fighting for playing time or tossing elbows at eachother. Thinking about her strength and power being passed on to twin girls...NCAA Coaches should start recruiting now...Future hoops will be in good hands.. 16- Sweet 16 that is!! In case you missed it my Lady Bulldogs (Zags) won last night beating #3 UCLA and advancing to the Sweet 16. Second year in a row. Congrats to Coach Kelly Graves and all the ladies!! I am one proud Alum... Want proof?

33- My Number at Gonzaga, not sure why this photo is so small, it was before Digital was really popular :) Feel free to jump on the Gonzaga Women's Bandwagon all are welcome.93- How are you doing with your CHALLENGE?? I am at 122 for the month. I have not run this week but I will. This is the last BIG WEEK before Taper.
Taper is such a weird animal, so I am going to do a mini Taper, reduce my miles but continue to run without letting the Gremlins in..

  • What NUMBERS do you have floating around right now??

Monday, March 21, 2011

Self Portrait

People often say that this or that person has not yet found himself. But the self is not something one finds, it is something one creates.

Thomas Szasz

Never mind searching for who you are. Search for the person you aspire to be.

Robert Brault

It is only when we silent the blaring sounds of our daily existence that we can finally hear the whispers of truth that life reveals to us, as it stands knocking on the doorsteps of our hearts.
K.T. Jong

To the question of your life you are the answer, and to the problems of your life you are the solution.

Joe Cordare

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Nelson Mandela

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.

Douglas Adams

The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want.

Ben Stein

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Better today than Boston

I had an incredibly horrible run today...from step #1 I was fatigued, could not catch my breath and had a pain on my left side. I tried to keep up with my running friends but I continued to fall behind, the further I fell back the more frustrated and anxious I became. We were running in a city I kinda knew but I rode with Tammy to Heidi's house and was not sure how I would get home if I couldn't keep up. And I had no idea how to get back to Heidi's... UGH!!

I pushed all I could for 13.5 miles of the planned 22 miles. I am not sure if my body, mind, or a combo, finally shut down as I could barely keep my eyes open. For the FIRST TIME in my running career I called for help. I have cut many runs short, but have never had to call Muscle Man to Rescue me.

Pride bruised, I pulled the sweaty $5 out of my pocket and bought a Hot Chocolate as I waited in the 50's style Diner in Buckley....

More on this later... Thanks to Chelsea and Jess for your Texts an concern :) and to everyone on Facebook and Dailymile... Off to bed and instead of dwelling on what could have been I am tealling myself..

Better today than Boston

  • I struggle with listening to my body vs. getting the planned training miles in. Do you struggle with this as well? How do you get past it?

Friday, March 18, 2011

Two Years of Tall Mom

Two years already?? I started this Blog to record my running journey, it was no frills and mostly for me. I still consider this my personal Journal but it has grown to be so much more.

An Obsession and Addiction? Yes

A chance to talk about ME? Yes

Fun way to review cool Running Gear? YES!!

BUT so much more than that. I have the unique opportunity to connect with people. I write and I am blessed to have amazing people like you read, or at least skim I can get pretty wordy. THANK YOU! THANK YOU for making me smile and laugh. For sharing your lives with me, coming to visit from across the country, leaving amazingly kind words and cheering for me. These past 2 years I have been called "Inspiring" if that is what Tall Mom (The Blog not the woman) has become, a way to INSPIRE people then I could not be more PROUD!

My brain was a bit frazzled trying for the perfect post for the 2 year Bloggiversary, so I opted to randomly upload a bunch of photos in no particular order and write a story.
If you have to ask WHY I run you don't know me very well. I run to connect with myself, my body, my friends, nature, to burn off my stress and fit in my skinny jeans. There are TOUGH days when I would rather stay in bed and CRY...this year I could not run after the death of my Dad but my running friend Tammy brought me back and I thank GOD she did.

There is beauty everywhere, you just have to get past the hard breathing and pain before you can get there. It takes a while, but trust me running can be ENJOYABLE. It is AMAZING to think about all the places my size 10's have taken me.

I could not do it without the love and support of my Partner and Best friend Muscle Man and our Little Studs. I know they miss me for breakfast every day, but they never make me feel guilty. I am a Wife, Mom and Runner.

And we are raising our kids to enjoy being outside and working out... OK maybe they just come along for the tasty snacks.. Those are carrots (not Cheetos) ;)

My Bloggy and Running friends have become a part of my extended family... This past Bloggy year we added a new little one to the group, Miss Goober is an adorable Addition. Sadly we said goodbye to the wonderful Amanda but we know she will be back SOON and we can always reach her via telecon.

Photos from Races and fun family days working out. The kids are not always on the best behavior but that is all part of the charm.
Muscle Man covered in sweat and me barely breaking a sweat and earning a ribbon.. OOPS!! I love that my husband will match with me, run with me, and kick it to the Finish Line not letting me win.. SNEAKY!!

I Run Like a Mother, although I don't do the heavy pushing very often..

The GOOD thing about running?? Hmmmm burning calories so we can EAT! And celebrating with friends to REFUEL. FYI Coffee post a cold run is wonderful.

We have special and precious moments, rare when those moments are caught on film. Congratulating Dear Friends for reaching life long goals and dreams.

And Welcoming New friends from across the land. I would have never met Marlene and Steph if it weren't for this Blog. Happy Birthday STEPH!! What a blessing!

There is so much JOY to be found. People hold back their feelings of excitement, WHY? Let it out!! Wave, smile, ham it up, be a dork, wear crazy outfits and enjoy life!

A Wave and a smile go a long way. You never know whose mood you may lift. I know it is HARD when you are tired, hurting or sad... but at least fake it for the photogs on the course.

The day may start with rain soaked pavement and end with a friend getting a HUGE PR! Don't let a little rain spoil your day, bring a poncho, put on some pink socks and create your own sun.

People from across the US are bonding via Blogs. We come together to race, eat and pose for a pre-race photo. It may not be a lot of time, but it is our time.
It is RARE when you can find a group who is just as goofy as you are.. people who don't care how fast you run or how high you jump ;) The joy in this sport can be found with the people you surround yourself with.
Memories you will cherish, and photos with just the right timing to make everyone chuckle.. Note to dude to the right.. This photo has been posted often but it is CLASSIC!!
Tall Mom has about a million self-portraits.. Some are pretty BAD, but others turn out kinds cool. Like this one pacing Jill to an 8 minute Half Marathon PR. Yes folks that was a GOOD DAY!
There are struggles, bad days, days when it is hot, you are sweaty and all you want to do is STOP! The Road Blocks are there to teach us to climb over, we gain strength in the challenge.
And at the end of the day if all else fails grab a few friends, have a Cupcake tasting party and Run it off in the morning :)

  • Wow that was hard. Hope you enjoyed my little attempt at a story. Look out for loads of Giveaways this next week.

  • High Five to all of you for reading and making this Tall Mom feel special on a daily basis.