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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Post 691

Post 691...that is a lot of writing on Tall Mom.. JEEPERS!! Yesterday I was so proud of myself a co-worker brought in cupcakes and I didn't have one... BUT... then my Boss invited us all out to Mexican and I went, totally skipping my lunch run.. OOPS!!

This meant that I would have to run on the DREADED Treadmill. I have nothing against my treadmill, my passion for running is being outdoors period.. Muscle Man and I got "Saint Ralph" on Netflix and watched it during dinner, this INSPIRED me to get upstairs and get a few miles in... Before my run my good friend Lynette surprised me with this...
She reads Tall Mom and saw that my water cup was cracked and on a whim bought me a new fun orange cup with purple dahlia flowers.. WOW!! Thank you Lynette!! The kindness of my cherished friends is AMAZING!! Lynette's hubby and my good buddy Tom left on deployment this past weekend, so why she is taking care of me I have no idea. If you pray, please keep Tom and his unit in your prayers..

"Friendship isn't a big thing -
it's a million little things."

After the visit I hopped on the treadmill. The Little Studs were watching Pixar Short Films and I did not have the heart to change it, after all I am running in their play room. The run was TOUGH, I started slow and got faster as the miles ticked away. I wanted to get 5-7 miles in, but I knew I needed time to relax a little before bed. Little Stud #1 kept talking to me and Little Stud #2 was having potty training issues.. I was kiddo entertained to say the least.

5 miles done, sweaty, stinky and DONE.. Not the run on my plan, but I got it in and that is what matters..

  • Will you sacrifice a training run for time with co-workers/friends? Or do you stick to the plan, runs come first?

  • Do you have a good friend who does little things to make you smile? If so leave your story, I love to hear about the kindness of others..

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Unknown said...

Yes!! Yes!! Once in awhile you should definately sacrifice that workout for friendhips and lunches. That is just as important as your workout (as long as you usually stick to your routine, as we all know that you do). Who knows you might find that extra hour later in the day to make it up and if you don't, then today is your rest day. I hope you have a wonderful lunch with your friends. I think lunches like that motivate you to do better on your next run :)

tahoegirl said...

I tend to stick to my plans and try to get my runs in. My mom was visiting over the weekend and I told her I *had* to get my 7 miles in. She was OK with it and I was happy I did my run.

I like to pick up little things for a friend if I see something that reminds me of them. I have a friend who loves Pink Lemonade Lip Smackers and she couldn't find it anywhere. I saw it recently at a store and bought all 5 of them for her.

Enjoy your day.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

I have always wanted to see Saint Ralph, but could never find it to buy or rent.

How was it?!

Anonymous said...

i always try to stick to my plans but lately friends have been "getting in the way" hahah.

and i have friends that will send me random texts every now and then which make me smile. nothing wicked special but random inside jokes that warm my heart :)

Emz said...

Love this.

the little things


the BIG things.

no doubt. The guy who paid for my mcmuffin at the drive thru - awesome.

a mom who texts me knowing I'm in the middle of my long run saying, "finish hard" ... amazing.

Meredith said...

Love the quote! Love it! And you know what I love about you?? The fact that you do life first. Family. Friends. Life. You love to run, but don't let it run your life. I admire that in you!

Hope you have a fantastic day!!

Kristin said...

I try to plan my workouts to avoid conflicts to family and friends as much as possible...I do my weekday runs in the mornings before work and my long run either Saturday or Sunday depending on what else is planned. I do cross training and yoga in the evenings several times a week, and while I will not blow them off on a whim, I do try to be flexible about occasionally choosing friends and fun (or rest and relaxation) instead!

L.B. said...

Well, considering I just sacrificed a 4-5 mile run to meet up with a friend, the answer is yes. However, I hadn't seen her since high school (93) so this was a bit of an exception. If it's people I see a lot, then most of the time my run comes first.

Amy said...

Runs and friends have to have balance, and it's tough to find it sometimes. Lately I've been putting runs first too often, so I'm taking this as a reminder that I don't need to do that all the time!

I live on the opposite side of the country from most of my friends, but a couple of friends stick "real mail" in the post for me now and then and I like to return the favour. It's so nice to check the mail box and get a little note, or photo or CD in the mail along with the bills!

Marlene said...

Great job getting that run in on the treadmill!! Sometimes other life "stuff" comes first. :)

Aysha said...

I've never left a comment before but I have been following your blog for a couple months now. I love it!

I'm training for my first marathon this year and I find your blog super motivational. I enjoy reading about how you balance your training with regular life (family, friends, work etc.). It's something I'm still trying to figure out, but I know I'll get there. I have two little girls (11 months and 3 yrs old) and find that I don't have time for more than 4 runs/week. It made me breath a sigh of relief when you said you only run 4x's per week. I find so many runners say you have to run 5-6 times a week in order to train for a marathon properly. Have you posted your Boston Training Plan anywhere? It would be great to see it.

Looking forward to your words of wisdom as I continue to embark on my marathon journey.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

What a great friend!! I have my starbucks double insulated straw cup on my desk right now!

Party of Eleven said...

My husband and I also watched Saint Ralph recently. It WAS an inspiring movie! Very cute. We also watched on Netflix. Love the Netflix. I would probably rather spend time with my friends than run :) Doing both would be awesome, though! My friends kids and my kids do a lot of the same activities, so they are always offering to pick up my kids to take them to and from. So sweet and helpful. I love my friends. Going to go check out the window shopping now!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, I see my friends so rarely that I would definitely plan my running around them.

Lisa said...

I try to make time for both, but sometimes you just need to miss that run or workout. While the workout is important, so are friends and you can always run 5 miles on the treadmill but you can't always meet your friend for coffee and when they need someone to talk to.

Tricia said...

I like to stay flexible. Running is important, but so is having a life outside of running. Balance.

Jessie said...

My life absolutely comes first! What I sacrafice is the hours of TV time I use to have and REALY dont need! And as far as my friends Oh they are what get me through! They are the spice of my life~

Anonymous said...

I have a cup VERY similar to that! I love it! Use it every morning! What a nice friend!

Lindsey said...

It is so weird seeing running bloggers not in running gear - you're so pretty!! (Not that you don't look pretty in your running gear, you know what I mean!) I wonder if I would recognize a runner in non-running gear if I saw him/her?

Run with Jess said...

Love, love quotes! I especially love the one about a million little things... it is SO true! Hugs to your friend Lynnette - we're a military family here too, and it just stinks every time he leaves!

Christy Dillman said...

Just found your blog and am a follower now! Love the new cup, my scrappin' friend got me something similar for Christmas and I take it everywhere! Thanks for all the inspiring quotes!

Christy Dillman

helgabaumann said...

Nah, not for coworkers, for friends... maybe. For family, yes if it absolutely must be. My husband likes to call me selfish and i figure he is right, but if i use all the "opportunities" of skipping a run soon my willpower will be gone and me back to lazy and fat. Than i become unhappy again and act out on the people whom i care for. So i guess really ONLY if it totally has to be.

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