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Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo tour of my 6.5

The sun was SHINING!!! and I had new shoes to go for a test drive....And new socks....
So I laced up, strapped on my Garmin, grabbed my Camera and set out. I am on temporary assignment at my current office and will be leaving soon so I wanted to capture the run in Photos.. Enjoy this rare SUNNY day in my World..
The start of the dirt/clay path, the man up ahead was turning as I approached the start so I stopped and snapped a few photos so he wouldn't think I was racing.
The CREEPY upder pass area, muddy, I tip-toed to avoid getting my new shoes dirty.
Can you say PRETTY?? Makes me want to grab a book, sit and chill. Note the low-hanging Willow Tree branches, the weaving begins.
See?? If I don't duck I would be grabbed and consumed by the branches. I barely made it out.
This section runs along the river and has some rutty spots, I almost trip every loop. Graceful, I am not.
The Fitness Center...through the long window is the bay of treadmills. COME OUTSIDE PEOPLE!! It is BEAUTIFUL!! Not sure if anyone was in there. I saw 28ish walkers and 4 (male) runners on the 6.5 miles.
Off the muddy trail, lets adventure in the land of pavement shall we?
Uh oh! I would have to protect Zoe from this Nekkid Semi. Have you seen her Bumper stickers? Pretty hilarious, check them out HERE.
My legs were getting tired of stopping so I ran for about a mile then stopped to get the bridge picture. Past the 8 smokers, UGH!! I tried to snap a photo without them knowing, it came out blurry..
A little Graffiti, How they were able to paint there I have no idea? Mad Skillz.
Love Love this section of the trail. Good memories with Amanda, Kerrie and Zoe from Million Inch Run and with John during the Green River Marathon.
I never noticed the High voltage sign before, that is a little un-nerving.
This column reminded me of LOST.
Not sure what the Architect was thinking on this one. VERY UNIQUE. If this is your house, please let me know if you love it??
A GREAT reminder for Bikers.
This is the section where it is Up Hill both ways and I am NOT KIDDING.. I decided to try for some self portraits while running.
Hmmm.. Seems my camera thinks I have 3 foreheads. I almost didn't post this but it just makes me LAUGH...almost Clown Mirror type look. Now you know why I wear hats ;p
And 2nd try my face in scrunched.. Oh well, I tried.
See Up Hill Again? I turned to head back. Doing the math today was weird because I was adding mileage with Fractions... 1.76 miles, then out and back, how many miles to get to 6?? UGH!! I ended up with 6.5 Miles.
My Favorite shot of the day. High Five to sunshine. My shadow looked pretty trim :)
The path is so green, and then there are the trees to the right that have not lost their leaves?? Weird!!
This section of road is part of Mile 1 of the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon. Very Urban?? Kerrie, Zoe and Jamie will be at the Start Line for their FIRST MARATHON here about .5 mile away in late June.
I may or may not have used those bushes for a pit stop mid race during the Green River Marathon.
The River trail, it is a bit prettier in person.
I love that the trail roots are well marked, again because I am NOT GRACEFUL.
The trail is tucker on the other side of the tall trees, those are my kind of trees I don't get bopped in the head with them.
Yes I will take a left, thank you Mr. Sign.
BORING!! Only 1 mile left....the rest is on the side of the road and I didn't want the cars to think I was CRAZY...

  • During this run I discovered that I am happy being a Zen runner right now. Not worrying about time, hill sprints, speed work, etc. I am sure that eventually I will get back to my competitive Garmin Racing ways. But for now, it feels pretty good to just soak up the scenery. Will my Boston Marathon time suffer? Maybe, maybe not, time will tell :)

  • What do you have planned this weekend?

  • CHALLENGE: Take your Camera on a Run and post the photos, send me a link, I would love to see.


kimert said...

Love the pictures! I think my trails need a biker sign. I try my hardest to stay to the very right of the trail but sometimes you just want to run right down the middle. There are times a biker will just come up behind me and the only reason I notice is because of a shadow! No fun.
Today is a 10 miler with my hubby and the rest of the weekend will be spent relaxing with the family. We may help the kids fill out Valentine's for school but that's about as fun as it will get at my house.

Unknown said...

We moved last March to Missouri from Fort Lewis WA. We absolutely love Washington...especially a nice sunny day in the Winter! Your path looks wonderful!

Unknown said...

Great photo journel of your run. This weekend I am doing the GreenLake Valentines Day 5K. Hopefully the rain stays away.

Unknown said...

You are so lucky to have a nice trail close to your work. Thanks for sharing it in this post.
I did something very similar (including the self-portrait and the shadow pics) to be able to share my lunch-time run with my sis and mom.
Weekand plans - I will be running my first full marathon. I am so excited. Can't think about anything but running.

erindegroff said...

Thanks for posting the pics...I love to see where other people run. This reminds me a lot of the 5 mile loop where I work at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY. It goes along the Genesee River and is always filled with lots to see...other runners and bikers, rowers, grafetti, etc.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I love this post! And a sunny day onteh west side in February?!! Fabulous!

I'm going for 17 miles tomorrow! Yikes! But my phone is primative and my camera is big, so I will have to show you another run through pics!! :)

fancy nancy said...

I saw this on facebook yesterday! I love it!!!

gba_gf said...

Laughing Mel - all my photos would be of pitch blackness ...

here's a photo of mile one (pitch black void)
here's a photo of mile two (pitch black void)

and so on and so forth. I'm looking forward to getting out after 5:30 am one of these days...

Alanna said...

Awesome! Thanks for sharing your run... I love to see where other people get out to.

This weekend is busy busy. Work Saturday; up super-early Sunday to volunteer at a half (bag check!); run from race site to my parents' house - happy coincidence that it's the same distance as my long run (23km); work in afternoon for inventory; SLEEP!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place to run!!!

Carla said...

Beautiful pics! It was a lovely day in the Pacific Northwest. What nice signage and such on the trail.

I'm doing 10 (at least, I think it's 10) with the FF group tomorrow. It will probably be rainy and windy, but that will help prepare me for whatever conditions might crop up on race day. And then I'm joining Mom vs Marathon for part of her long run on Sunday. Yay!

Redhead Running said...

What a fun post!!!! Have a great weekend chica!

Anonymous said...

I love this post!!! Thanks for sharing all of your photos! :) I think the next time I'll run outside, I'll do the same so I can share with you. :) Though my running route wont be as beautiful as yours is!

Kate Geisen said...

Fun pictures!

Love the bike sign. I put in a lot of miles in the summer, and I always signal when I'm passing...it drives me crazy to have somebody blow by me and freak me out. It's so easy to just say "on your left" or "good morning!"

I'm supposed to do 14 miles tomorrow...my longest run yet. We're headed to Chicago, which got about a foot + of snow last week, so I'm a little concerned about what the trails will look like. Here's a link to the pictures from my last long run in the St. Louis snow. So fun!


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love that you posted the crazy self portraits! My camera does wonky things like that too.

I have tried to get photos of my "outside" smokers but they are like a herd of cows. As soon as I get near them, their heads pop up and they watch me until I make the next turn. This morning 10 degrees one ladyin a light zip sweatshirt smoking beside her bucket ashtray attached to the stop sign. I wanted to stop my car, get out and ask her, Really?

That underpass reminds me of the Brave One (a movie). DON'T WATCH IT. You'll never run through there again!

Have a great weekend. Our temps are to be near 50. Yep! I plan on getting out with the jogger until LBM can't take it any more! I am giddy with happiness about the possibilities.

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow, that first self portrait does not look like you AT ALL! weird. what a nice day for a run! great pictures! I ran on my lunch break today, just on busy and icy streets, not very scenic at all!!

Suzy said...

I love seeing where people run! I did this last year on my 5 mile route and blogged about it.

Run with Jess said...

What a gorgeous run you had!!

I've got a 10 miler planned for the weekend. It's suppose to peak over 40 degrees, so I'm SO EXCITED to get outside!!!

akjenniekt said...

looks like a great run (bummer about the pack of smokers though)! wish i could see dirt/pavement here- i'm a bit chicken to run on the snowy trails :)

Unknown said...

That trail looks so pretty. You're making me want to run there.

By the way, I ran my first marathon shortly after your post about all of the things you should know about marathons. It went perfectly! :) Just wanted to tell you, and thanks for the heads up!

Marlene said...

I loved looking at these on FB... so fun! makes me want to carry a camera, but my lunch route is nowhere near as nice as this. Cars, roads and stores! Blah.

JEALOUS of your green grass and clear trails. *SIGH*

Carlee said...

jealous of the lack of snow and ice!!!

Marci said...

Those pictures are so nice!! Jealous of your nice weather Mel, glad you are enjoying some "zen" runs! :)

H Love said...

loved it! seeing that seattle start makes me want to do the rock n roll again...I need to go back and with 2 good knees this time!!

Kathy said...

It has never occurred to me to stop to take pictures so mine are ALWAYS blurry. :)


Caitlin said...
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Caitlin said...

Your "Zen Runner" comment brought a huge smile to my face. Hooray for Zen running! :D

Thanks for sharing those pictures! I loved seeing what catches your eye as you run along the trail. I wouldn't be able to do my river trail justice through pictures -- it needs smell-o-vision. (And even then, I wouldn't want to inflict that kind of stink upon anyone...)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful day for a run! And how weird about the high voltage thing! Yikes!

KT80 said...

What shoes are those? I think my new shoes are the same! Brooks? I love them!

Jess said...

I like the idea of taking my camera with me on a run - might have to try that. And I'm super excited because I am doing the Seattle Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon in June - 1st RNR race and it should be tons of fun! My hubby and I are visiting Seattle for our 1 year anniversary and I thought I could get a race in while we are there, so I chose RNR!