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Friday, February 4, 2011

HAPPY Friday

Signing on for about 3 minutes.. WELCOME new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!

Generally this is High Five Friday but I am taking a Vacation day...which means I will not be sitting in front of a computer :)

Plans for the Day:

Fresh Air
Time with Muscle Man and the Little Studs
Oh Happy Day..

My run yesterday was GREAT!! I have not felt comfortable solo on the trails near my new office.. Yesterday I had an idea. I stepped out of my office and started running along the sidewalk until I got to the dirt/clay path around the Fitness Center. One lap and I realized the loop was just over 1 mile. SCORE!! The path is well lit, near a busy parking lot and busy with people mid day. SAFE!!

People Watching:

-Dude with shape up shoes

-Girl with her hair down running like Phoebe toward the fitness center

-Man with safety goggles first lap, no goggles second lap, goggles again 3rd lap, funny!!

-Women one who said "Good work" and smiled!!

I had a side ache for 3 miles, not sure why?? It past eventually and I was able to gain some momentum and SPEED. 7 miles at 8:34 pace!! The funny thing is that I just went on autopilot, did not worry about my pace, my body remembers and my happy pace is back. LOVE IT!! I am DONE with putting pressure in myself, I just want to RUN. And that I did.



(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

Enjoy your day off! How fun to spend it with all your guys. So glad you found a safe trail to run on at work.

theAlmostRunner said...

How encouraging! I'm so glad your body just "remembered" what your happy pace was. Have so much fun today with your boys!

kimert said...

Great run!!! Have a fabulous day off!!!

Marlene said...

Happy Friday! I hope you are having a great day off work with the family!!

WOOHOO for finding your stride again. Sounds like a great trail to work with!!

Run with Jess said...

Bahaha! I love your people watching notes!! And I would definitely call 8:34 a happy pace... You were cruising!!

Laurie said...

Glad you found your "happy pace" :) Enjoy your day off!

Jamie said...

People watching is AWESOME. I could spend hours doing that. People can be really entertaining especially when they aren't trying to be.

Tricia said...

Great run! Enjoy your weekend!

Kim (Book Worm Runs) said...

I think we sometimes forget in all the training and stuff that running is FUN!! Glad you got a good run in and enjoyed yourself :) Have a great weekend!

trisha*n said...

I LOVE it when I just let myself run. It's amazing how it just takes you away. I wish I let myself do it more. I love your blog! I'll definitely be back for more :)

Zaneta said...

Have a great day off! :) Happy friday indeed!

Korin Lopez said...

I just found your blog for the first time and was wondering if it is possible to still join your challenge?
I have been keeping track of my mileage (albeit very low so far!)
Korin Lopez

fancy nancy said...

Love when my body goes on autopilot!!! Hope you had a great day!

Heather @Chatterstorm.net said...

I swear when you just relax and run, that is when you get the best runs. I love a mentally free run!`

Bethany + Ryan said...

i hope we can do some people watching together in April, it's so fun! :-) have a nice weekend!

Twila said...

Nice run! I long for the day when 8:34 "just happens" I am almost there!

Kberry said...

Love the people watching! I did that my whole half marathon, makes time go by quickly, haha.

Amanda@runninghood said...

autopilot is the best! Hope you had a great Friday! And I love people watching!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Hope your mini vacay was fabulous!!! I love that you can make 7 miles at 8:34 seem so easy! I know I say this over and over, but I so wish I could run with you on a regular basis. I know I would learn a ton from you and I think we would push each other--in a good way!

Happy weekend Mel!

Alma said...

So great to have a run like that! A 1-mile loop will be great for those tempo workouts, no?! Safety is such a big issue - I just dropped one of the loops near my house that includes running through the Mt. Baker pedestrian tunnel (under the I-90 lid) because there have been muggings in there lately. It's total bullshit but I don't want to live dangerously.

VICKYFF said...

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