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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Be My Valentine

Welcome new Bloggy Pack Members!!! I have been bad about posting pictures. I thought it would be good to show you my new Running Skirt. I LOVE IT!! And it was a killer sale. I wore this on my 6 miles with Amy and Family Run. My Brooks gloves almost match. Makes a boring black outfit come to life..
Muscle Man all decked out in his Fleet Feet hat and Champion Gear.
And the Little Studs in their Hats/Gloves, I bought these special for our runs and put them in the same spot every week so we aren't hunting for stuff right before the run...

  • It is February, which means Valentine's Day in just around the corner.

Lovely Bloggy Buddy Melissa HERE hosted a Valentine's Gift Exchange and offered the questions below to help our buddies get to know us. I thought it would be fun to post the answers on Tall Mom as part of the Valentine's Exchange.

1. Handmade gifts? Love or dislike? Total LOVE! I think that taking the time to make or order something special for someone is amazing. I wish I had more time and artistic ability.

2. Gift cards? Love or tacky? I love to shop, so for folks who don't know me well gift cards are a GREAT gift...I like Nordstrom Rack gift cards :) I am not a fan of getting gift cards from close friends, I think if you really know and care about someone you should take the extra time to put thought into the gift or have the gift card as an add-on.

3. What type of theater do you frequent (like Cinemark, etc)? Closest Theatres are Regal Cinemas.

4. Coffee? addict, like, can't stand? Starbucks, home, other? Total Addict, I have a Mom and Pop stand I go to most morning or Java Angels in Bonney Lake because Tall Sister works there.. But I often will go to Starbucks to warm up after a long run with my buddies. Muscle Man and I have drip at home.

5. Do you read? Books you've been wanting to read? Type of books you like? Not as often as I should, Nicholas Sparks or Running Related. I have heard "The Long Run" is a good book.

6. 3 Favorite running accessories: Garmin is about to die, Ipod but I lost the cord and Running Skirts to go over my spandex... ANY gear/shoes from Brooks. This time of year ear covers and hats are NEEDED!!

7. Kids? Ages? 2 Beautiful Boys ages 5 and 3

8. Pets? Land Turtle named Tally

9. 3 things you can't leave home without: Water, lately I have been using the re-usable water cups with a straw I LOVE LOVE it but I only have one and the lid is cracked. Snacks, I always have a granola bar in my purse because if I get low blood sugar I am not fun to be around. And my Blackberry/camera, gotta stay connected.

10. 3 Favorite magazines. Current subscription? I have a subscription to Women's Running, but it is sort of a waste. I am not a big Magazine reader, the pages are too busy and I can't concentrate.

11. When you are in a running slump, what motivates you? Friends, new gear, fresh music on my Ipod, watching running movies, reading running books, new runners sharing their stories and excitement, quotes and registering for a race.

12. Complete the sentence, "My favorite thing about running/exercise is ______" Feeling strong and fit.

13. Shoe size/t shirt size: 10 or 10 1/2 shoes and Large Women's shirt.

14. 3 Favorite Valentine's candies: hmmm conversations hearts are OK but I sorta prefer Easter candy I like Cadbury Cream Eggs and Cadbury Eggs with the hard shells.. I love M&M's, Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and hmmm are Gu Chomps candy??

  • Now you know a few more things about me.. Feel free to "Be My Valentine" and send a gift :)


Unknown said...

february is definitly the best month of the year... it includes my favorite holiday and my birthday. ;)

teacherwoman said...

Great post! A little more of an insight into who you are!

Unknown said...

What a great pic of you (and the rest of your family). I think gummi bears are way better than Gu Chomps for candy/running fuel!

kimert said...

I loved reading those questions/answers! The skirt (and rest of the outfit) looks great! I seriously need to get a skirt. I think it'd look better over my running thights than the too big Nike tempo shorts I usually sport! haha And I agree, Feb is a great month!

Anonymous said...

Kinda random, but reading your Q&A got me curious as to your current running playlist (or fave running songs)... Has it changed since you last put together a playlist and blogged about it? Maybe that was last year... I just remember putting together my own million-song list of favorite songs. :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You look adorable in your running skirt!! And, Muscle man looks good too, but the boys win for cuteness!

I was fun to learn more about you, Mel!!


love the cheetah! good choice!

#14 - I much prefer Easter candy too. Cadbury Mini Eggs and peanut butter cups will be the death of me yet!

Twincerely,Olga said...

great post!! the running skirts look so good on you I might have to try one!Love Starbucks,homemade gifts would be nice and gift card great too!
Can't run without my Mp3 and my bottle of water~

LindseyAnn said...

You have a TURTLE? That's so cool!! :D
And my sister (referred to as Assistant Coach Little Sister on my blog) works at a coffeehouse, too. Sadly, it's 11 hours away from where I live so going to visit her at work doesn't happen often. Even still, she's the only other person I feel comfortable with making my coffee.

Unknown said...

Love the pics. Family runs rock!

And what fun things to learn. It is a nice variety of fun facts =)

Kerrie said...

You are rockin' that skirt, lady!

Meredith said...

Love the skirt!! You look so cute!!

Marlene said...

Fun Q & A! I can't believe it's Valentine's month already. Yeesh!

Super cute skirt! I have a cheetah too, but no stripe. We could have been "pretty in pink cheetahs" at RnR... next time. :)

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

Love the skirt!
Now, a silly question. Is it the kind with shorts or briefs and do you wear your running tights under the shorts/briefs or over? This was really giving me a hard time on my Sunday run, so I just decided to wear nothing underneath, but I can't go on like that in the winter! HELP ME MEL! haha. :)

Jen Allen said...

Love the skirt! I may have to treat myself for valentines day.

SupermomE13 said...

Fun Valentine's game. I will play along on my blog. :)


I totally love Brooks everything too! What shoes do you like? My new favorites are the Ravenna's. My Ravenna 2's are coming tomorrow and I can't wait to try them! I ran my last marathon in the Ravenna's and have never felt better. LOVE Brooks!

Unknown said...

What a cute skirt! You rock those running skirts.
And Brooks everything is definitely on my list of favorites, too.
As for candy, my favorites are Milka chocolate, Cadbury fruit and nut bars and Jelly Belly's. I try to reserve those for the long run days, though.

Karen said...

My 2 year old is sitting on my lap. She just looked at your picture and said, "Go running!"

Melissa said...

Love your answers!

Kittee said...

Great Post.. I am new to blogging and may play along on my blog. If you dont mind...

I always run in a skirt. Fabulous choice, Cheetah!

busy wife mom runner said...

do you LOVE you skirt??? i was checking them out the other day, but would love to be able to try it on first. i think some stores in portland might carry them.

Denise said...

do diamonds count as homemade gifts...if not, i prefer ones that are bought. ;-)

Anonymous said...

just may have something up my sleeve ; )

Unknown said...

this is so nice. what a beautiful idea for this creative fun. thanks for sharing.

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