6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Runs are...

This weekend my 3 runs were VERY DIFFERENT... let me tell you why..

Some Runs are...
  • HARDI set out from Tall Grandma's (my Mom) house. I was stressing because I did not have a clear route in mind, it was mid day and I just was not feeling it. I have not put in a Long Run solo in Ages....since Eugene Marathon I think.. WOW.. It was COLD, for me about 28'. I had driven a route around the local lake but it was not safe so I modified the run a bit mixing in my old stomping grounds. I hoped to get in 13 miles then meet up with Muscle Man.. UGH!! Here is how it went bullet style..

  • Hills got me early on, clearly I need more training runs with topography
  • Saw a runner ahead and sped up to pass her, bad idea!!
  • There was a draft on my back BRRRR
  • Nearly twisted my ankle and fell on a snow patch.
  • My chews were frozen and so was my chin
  • I felt like this....
I almost deleted this picture....but it really shows how I felt and the lighting is weird so I posted it... UGH!! Note the life-sized Giraffe in the background, this would go well with the life-sized Polar Bear I saw a few weeks back.. I called it quits are 10 miles and went home to rest up and warm up. My run started FAST and ended shuffling..

STATS: 10.1 Miles 8:55 Pace

After relaxing I knew I had 8-10 more miles to get in. Muscle Man moved the treadmill directly in front of the TV and I started "The Proposal." Gotta love watching Ryan Reynolds and Saundra Bullock :) I covered the Treadmill screen and just ran.. I was dripping in sweat and I the towel I had smelled like detergent and made my skin sting. I went through my water by mile 6 and had Muscle Man rescue me. The movie kept me entertained. As I was about to decide if I wanted to go for more than 8 the boys said "Mommy it is our turn for the treadmill." I could not turn them down.. RUN DONE!!

STATS: 8 Miles 8:45 Pace
Amy and I met up to head to the Soos Creek trail on Sunday morning for my RECOVERY RUN with Kerrie HERE and Zoe HERE. I brought my little phone camera and tried for a group shot..
OOPs it was zoomed in and I did not realize that my memory was full so the camera deleted the actual group shot. FAIL!! We all chatted for a bit then started the run...
Most of the trail was clear, but the bridge sections were pretty icey/snowy. WE saw a snow shaped arrow on the road which was kinda cool, I should have snapped a picture because it was gone on the return trip. We did some bird watching.. this is out of order but there were loads of ducks and something STRANGE..
At first when I saw a white head flying I thought it was a bald Eagle then I realized it was a large Crane/Heron type bird.. We all stopped to look up and see 4 to 5 of these large swamp birds in the trees. WEIRD!! but super COOL! Maybe their feet were cold..
Speaking of cold we stopped at the flush potty along the trail and the bathroom was HEATED!! I wanted to stay in the potty, not the norm with the usual Honey Bucket routine. We used the pit stop for photo ops. Kerrie and Zoe above..
Me and Zoe
Zoe and Tall Amy :)
And off we went into the BRRR.. I had to stop and take this photo, it was too pretty!! I love it! We laughed about going 4 Abreast and 8 Aboob... and then going 2 Abreast when there were others on the trail.. It was super funny at the time :)
Later Kerrie took our picture, I stopped for fear I would fall.
By the end we were getting a little delirious.. and SILLY!! But fun silly.. Amy passed her mileage PR at 9 miles and kept on moving. She is going to ROCK her first Half. We got to Hell Yes Hill and I could feel my heart rate RISING...Amy felt it too so we slowed.. but Kerrie and Zoe kept on moving Up Up Up...
Folks it is much HARDER than it looks and when you already have 11 miles on your legs (or 29 in 2 days) it is TOUGH... But we made it and did laps around the parking lot to get to 12 miles..
Word up!!
Love my girls :) What a fun recovery run.. After the Run Amy and I hit Starbucks for a non-fat Vanilla Carmel Latte to warm up...he truck heated seats were FANTASTIC!!

Stats: 12 Miles 10:49 Pace

30 Miles for the weekend and less than 50 days to BOSTON!!!
  • Every Run is Unique... How was your Weekend? Comment with my weekend run was....

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Waiting Waiting Waiting

It is no secret that my husband is AMAZING and supportive. As a Stay-at-home-Dad he rarely gets a break. So when his brother came to town and they had plans this morning I knew I needed to push my Long Run.. Which means..

  • No meeting up with my running pals, everyone was busy Saturday afternoon. SOLO long run boo :(
  • No running on the trail, Muscle Man does not like me to go it alone.
  • Finding 18-20 safe miles in Bonney Lake
  • Waiting Waiting Waiting until he gets home and trying to stay positive for the Long Run

I had an idea to run all the way around Lake Tapps, so this morning I took the Little Studs for a Jamba Juice and "Drive around the Lake." They were GREAT!! I know these roads very well from growing up here but I have never thought of the roads from a runner perspective. I saw a very fit couple running, they looked COLD my Jeep said 24 degrees..that is COLD for us here in WA.

About 7 miles in the shoulder was very thin and parts were snow covered, the road was very curvy, this lasted for about 3 miles. NOT SAFE!! OK that plan is out.. UGH!! I could hop on the treadmill and run for 3 hours...but UGH!!

Wish me luck. I will most likely do a few loops outside and try to stay WARM.. Tomorrow I will run with Kerrie, Zoe and Amy for 12 miles of HILLS so I don't want to overdue it today.

  • So now I wait...Wish me luck. I will be back with a story Monday. Have a GREAT WEEKEND!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

High Five Friday

First Off the answer to the questions-

Why did the Canadian Geese Cross the Road?
Who knows Eh :)

The Snowy run was FANTASTIC... AC (Alex the Canadian) and I had not run together in ages. He said he would sneak me into the gym but I did not pack indoor gear, so outside it was.. The paths near the office were clear, I thought about doing repeat laps around the lake at .75 per lap.. But AC wanted to venture out. ADVENTURE TIME!!

Once we hit the white stuff I quickly realized that the untouched snow had the best traction and was less wet. I wore my new Pearl Izumi shoes (review coming soon) and smart wool socks... GOOD CHOICE!! My feet were totally warm and dry. It is HARD running in snow, sorta felt like sand in some ways. I had to really focus on lifting my feet, no shuffling along. AC and I chatted, dodging puddles and enjoying the crisp air. We were slow, but it felt tough. My backside was FREEZING, AC was done at 3.75 when I dropped him off I started the loop... BRRRRRR!! I cut my 7 miler short to 5 I was too cold... All in all a FUN adventure.. I feel really badly for all you Bloggy buddies who cant avoid the white stuff. UGH!!

My Weekend Long Run plans are a little TBD at this point. Muscle Man has plans with his bro in the morning on Saturday.. So I may end up solo on Saturday afternoon.

***Anyone up for a 20 mile running tour of Bonney Lake, WA??
High Five Racing/Events:
Kate- 15K Trail Race
Michelle- Hyannis 10K
Bethany & Ryan- Hyannis Marathon
Kadie- River Rush 5K
Hannah- Post Oak Challenge 25k trail run Saturday, Marathon Sunday.

Disney Princess Half
***I know there are more princesses, leave a comment and I will link you in on the list this afternoon..

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HIGH Five Thank you:
Blond Ponytail for the sticker and card it made my day!!

  • If you would like a HIGH FIVE and to be added to one of the lists above please leave a comment I will link you in....just as soon as I can..

  • Please go around and spread the HIGH FIVE Love :)
HIGH FIVE It's Friday!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Guess What?

I am Officially Registered for Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon. This will be my third year for this race, but first time on the Half Course. My plan is TBD but it may be a good chance to attempt a PR in the Half, then go find my buddies on the Full Course.. And a good Goal would be to make front page on the website with another SUPER photo..
It snowed... 4-5 inches, so not a lot, but enough to send us all in a frenzy! I plan to attempt a SLOW run in the snow..I am not used to the white stuff so will see how it goes. UGH!!! Here is a picture of me and Little Stud #1 during his first adventure in Snow.
I don't have much to report... I did see 2 Canadian Geese on a snow drift in the median of the road today "Why did the Canadian Goose cross the road?" And a bit later I saw a white fox in the area where I usually run. Fun nature morning..

  • How is the weather where you are?

  • Anything for High Five Friday tomorrow? Let me know ASAP!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A More Positive Note

Thank you for all the wonderful comments yesterday. Sounds like I am not alone in the frustrated with weight category. Today the scale read 195...back in Onederland :) Hmmm 5 pounds in one day? Anyway I will take it. Seeing 200 was enough to make me realize that I have been slacking with my eating. I want to be more fit inside and out, I have RESET and will get back to my Goal Weight... One thing that really helped when I lost my weight the first go around was speed work.... Picking up the pace shifts the bodies rhythm and seems to speed up metabolism, for me anyways. Funny photo before I set out.


1.5- Warm-up.. Took it easy back to my old running trails. It was pretty chilly so there were not many people out. They cut down some of my pretty trees :(

5K Tempo

Mile 1- 7:28 ..Wow that was a bit faster than I should have gone, I may regret that later. I passed a friendly/fast runner I have seen on the trail many times, we exchanged waves. Turned at 1.5 and had heavy wind on the way back.

Mile 2- 7:40.. Was fighting the wind and breathing heavily. There was a faint smell of coffee, YUMMY! Trying to focus on my core and arm swing. Felt like I was staring at my Garmin to keep the pace.

Mile 3- 7:47.. It took everything I had to stay at this pace. I kept reminding myself that it would only hurt for less than 8 more minutes... I could see the Finish, I kept my stride until 3.1..

5K time= 23:40 or 7:38 pace

1.5 Cool-down.. Cool Down is right, once I got to my Tempo mile Finish Line the wind picked up and the ice pellets fell from the sky.. OUCH!! I sped up as much as I could but I gave all the SPEED I had...not much left. I was covered in sweat by the end and my heart was pumping pretty good. This was the run my Metabolism needed to get me MOVING..

  • The rest of the day I ate really well, Rice cake for Dessert anyone?? I also drank loads of water. RESET.
Muscle Man said there was a little package for me... What could it be??
Sort of hard to read... but it is a Silver Note from the Rock N Roll Marathon series Competitor group. Since I ran 2 Rock N Roll Marathons this year, Seattle and Las Vegas, I earned a 52.4 Silver Note Medal. SWEET!!! I really don't have much Bling, so this was a fun surprise.

  • Lori HERE asked a great question yesterday "Where do you find non-running clothes that are tall enough AND fit muscular thighs?" I shop most often at Nordstrom Rack, Target and JCPenneys, because these stores fit in our one-income budget. Other stores which carry Tall/long Sizes are Express HERE which is higher end $$ for me and Buckle HERE which is more young adult but has great jeans. I know there are many online stores for Tall Gals, but I find I really need to try things on. Anyone other Tall Ladies have input for Lori?

  • Do you have any Positive Notes to share today?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Out of Onederland

It is no secret that I have gained weight and am 10 pounds over my "Personal Ideal Weight" of 185. At 185 my pants fit right, I feel good and things don't jiggle as much. At 185 my thighs rub together, pretty sure they always will. At 185 I have a curves and a rump, and I am happy with that. At 185 given my height most of the BMI scales call me "Normal Weight." I was 185 for over a year and then it dissappeared.....POOF gone, the scale creaped up one pound or more at a time...

Bloggy Buddy Tricia HERE wrote a GREAT post yesterday about the "Reset Theory." The premise is when things get out of control it is time to hit RESET and start over. This morning I stepped on the Scale and it said....

200 POUNDS!!!

What the What?>? :o (

I ran 31 miles this weekend and I am at my highest weight in over 2 years!?!?!?!?!?!

Could be water retention or something?? Who knows?? I am sure tomorrow it will say 196 or 193, maybe the darn scale is broken?? Whatever the case, this morning I was out of "Onederland" a term coined by the Biggest Loser this season, meaning to be in the 100's...


I know what caused it... a Marathon appetite coupled with poor eating habits.... Add a mix of stress and some major life changes and BAM!!

Thank you Tricia...

Back to recording what I eat, filling my plate with fruits vegetables and healthy proteins.. No more drinking my calories. No more repeat visits to the candy bowl. No more hint of lime chips. Back to portion control and an awareness of what I put in my mouth..

  • MESSAGE: Marathon training does not equal weight loss. You still have to pay attention to the calorie intake and eat healthy if you hope for the scale to shift...
Thank you for reading my VENT!! GRRRRR!!! Speedwork better watch out today I am on a mission to find Onederland :)

  • What is your "Onderland" you are on a mission to find?

Monday, February 21, 2011

And I Ran... 31 miles in 2 days

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL in the PNW (Pacific North West), sunny but COLD...well for this Tall Mom anyway. I was not sure how my hamstring would feel for the Long Run so mentally I planned for 15-19 miles... I Googled Hamstring injuries and based on what I read it said that running can actually help stretch the muscles... Go Figure!!

I met up with Tammy, Heidi, the Fleet Feeters and Team in Training folks... the trail was BUZZING.. LOVED IT!! From the first step something felt different, a very very good different. I had energy, my legs were pumping, it was effortless :) I have been waiting for a GREAT Long Run, FINALLY!! I knew that I was in for 20 miles with Tammy. Poor Heidi was not feeling well but she hung in there.

We made the turn for the first out and back and realized that the Fleet Feet coach did not mark the 14 mile turnaround for his peeps... UGH!!! As a Mom I want to take care of everyone so when we saw the first lady with no Garmin pass the turn I told her she could head back... I was on Garmin spotting mode after that... not fun to run 15 when you think you are going 14.

I tested the Green Apple PowerBar Gel HERE YUMMY and easy to swall0w, also had the PowerBar Energy blast chews HERE. At the last water stop I looked in the cooler and spotted some Dove Chocolate hearts from the previous week. Hmmmmm... I took a milk chocolate risk and it paid off... Tammy and I were in chocolate heaven for a mile. The candy melted between my teeth..

At mile 14 we decided to take the rock trail along the river BIG MISTAKE... By mile 14 the stabilizer muscles and feet are sore and I am at more of a shuffle.. not good with a rock path. OUCH OUCH OUCH. It was pretty but the view was not worth the pain, we saw a Man running with a girl about age 11 in a sports bra... It was cold? and she was young?? Not appropriate!!

We dropped Heidi at 16.3 and turned to Finish..

MATH, oh no MATH!!!

16.3 + 3.7= 20

3.7/2= 1.85

16.3 + 1.85= ? :>(

Doing math after mile 10 is TOUGH.. so we decided to turn at mile 18 and hope for the best. I saw some friends from High School and we waved at the Fleet Feeters. The last 2 miles were a bit tough but I had no doubt I could have run the full 26.2 that day. ENDORPHINS!!! Our run stopped at the local bakery where I got a croissant and chocolate milk, finally used that $$ in my pocket.. I did not have my camera.. BOO!! Funny the little boy behind me in line at the bakery tried to flip up my running skirt.. HEHEHE..

20 Miles
Pace- 9:01

Miss Zoe HERE and I planned to run 11 miles... I was WORRIED to run that far after a 20 miler... but when I woke up and legs felt good I was in. I made a BIG mistake and did not check the weather report. The Tall Jeep said 23 degrees, WHAT?? Brrrr... I did not dress for that..

We FROZE the whole run....I joked that my legs felt good because I was literally icing the whole run. At one point there were icey sparkles on the ground, made me think of Edward on Twilight (for Steph and Shelly), I coined it the vampire run it was eeery that not many people were on the trail, the vampire could not find us because our blood was frozen ;) FYI it is OK to get a little goofy.. I may have been tired from the 20 because I don't remember much of the run.

Poor Zoe had sore feet and things on the trail kept sending shooting pains to her feet.. but she made it and got a new...

PGPMR- Post Goober Personal Mileage Record

11 Miles
Pace 10:10

Don't let the sun fool you it was COLD!!! Take #1
Take #2.. Much better Zoe told me not to squat down :) On the way home I saw Sam our Bald Eagle chasing a Seagull, Crazy Sam!!

  • 31 miles in 2 days!!! I am testing a little Tall Mom theory, will see how it pans out at Boston.

  • How was your weekend???


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Runners high!!!

Just a quick note...

Ran 20 miles today
The Big 2 0

SO EXCITED!! Will tell you all about it soon...

I hope my MOJO rubs off on you.. I was due for a GREAT Run.. and it was amazing from mile 1. DIMPLES SHINING!!

  • Go running and get those endorphins!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

2 months away

Wow oh wow welcome new Bloggy pack members 896 strong!!! So blessed to have so many hit "Follow" on the Tall Mom Journey. Are there 4 lurkers who will join in pretty please??

The Boston Marathon is on April 18th...so by date it is 2 Months away!!! This time last year I felt SUPER STRONG read about and Awesome run HERE. This year has been a bit harder but I am trying to keep a positive outlook. I ran 4 miles today and the sore Hamstring felt pretty good, I may not have even noticed it if I weren't thinking about it so much.

Today I wanted to remember one of my Best Running Moments I have ever had...so I searched through photos and found these... Posing with my Eugene Race Medal after my BQ and the AMAZING sign left just for me on the Eugene Course..I BELIEVE that I will make it the next 2 months and cross that Boston Finish Line. It may not be pretty but I KNOW I can do it. With the latest news about the Boston Marathon qualifying times and rolling registration rules I am SO GLAD that I will run this year. Who knows if this Tall Mom will ever muster the Boston Speed again...but I did it once and I have that :) I plan to ENJOY the Marathon for myself first and for all of you who may never have the chance.

  • Amy W HERE First Marathon this weekend!! Good Luck!!
  • Amanda HERE for committing herself to run for Cancer for her Dad and all fighting, please help her in her efforts!! Her Donation page is buzzing HERE. Congrats Amanda you will be amazing and I am cant wait to give you a big Hug and Rock N Roll!! xoxoxo
  • TMB HERE Thank you for the awesome Running Music CD's, win your own and more HERE.
  • Katye HERE Thank You!! for the Brooks Running shirt and book :)

Kim HERE for her list of Giveaways!!

(Just) Trying is for Little Girls Pay it Forward 2/21
Journey in Running Bic Bands 2/18
Abigail Runs Bondiband 2/18
Michelle Goes Running Nathan Belt 2/18
(Just) Trying Pay it Forward 2/21
Blonde Ponytail Chick9 Shirt 2/23
Chapters of our Life Girl Stuff 2/23
Run for the Hills 2Toms 2/23
One Crazy Penguin CSN $35 2/24
Racing with Babes Nathan Haul 2/24
Mom v. Marathon 2Toms 2/25
Our BF Greek Marathon CSN $35 2/27
Tiny Purple Runner Fundraiser

  • I have a 19 miler on the plan, but I will take it easy and cut it down if needed. It is so hard to know what is right or wrong with a sore muscle and Marathon miles.. Thoughts??

  • What do you have this weekend??


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Stay SAFE My Friends

While sitting in a meeting for my Big Girl Job the presenter said something that struck my Runner brain, he said:

"You should have a healthy sense of paranoia."

The meeting was not about Running but it got me thinking. I talk a lot about "autopilot" and "Zen running," but I do have my wits about me always. I am not "Paranoid" but I am VERY VERY aware of my surroundings.

-Tree branch, will it fall on me?
-Stay out of the way of bikers
-Put a hand up at the car to make sure he/she sees me before I cross
-Why is that guy sitting there?
-I don't have a good feeling, turn around..

You should always follow your gut, if you don't feel good about something, there is probably a reason.. As a 6'0 female I admit I have a unhealthy sense of safety.. it would be tough to stuff me in a trunk... BUT... I follow the safety rules as we all should. I did a quick Google Search on "Runner Safety," rather than re-inventing the wheel I will summarize the best tips. I did create the lovely logo for your enjoyment.

Before You Leave

  • Plan your outing.
  • Always tell someone where you are going and when you will return. Inform friends and family of your favorite exercise routes.
  • Know where telephones are located along the route or carry a cell phone.
  • Wear an identification tag or carry a driver's license. If you don't have a place to carry your ID, write your name, phone number, and blood type on the inside of your athletic shoe. Include any medical information.
  • Wear reflective material.
  • Dress for the elements.

On the Road
  • Stay alert at all times. The more aware you are, the less vulnerable you are.
  • Run on sidewalks where available as required by law.
  • Run on the left side of the road facing traffic. You will be in a better position to anticipate and react to vehicles.
  • Run on roads with wide shoulders.
  • Be cautious on blind curves where you will not be visible to approaching cars.
  • Be aware of factors that affect motorist visibility - glaring sun, rain, snow, fog.
  • Run single file when running in a group - particularly in high traffic areas.
  • Anticipate potentially dangerous situations and be ready to deal with them. Always make the first move to protect yourself. Do not expect cars to alter their paths to avoid you.
  • Yield the right-of-way to vehicles at intersections. Drivers may not heed traffic signals or signs.
  • Obey traffic rules and signals. Runners, as pedestrians, are bound by traffic laws.
  • Run or walk with a partner and/or a dog.
  • Don't wear headsets (TM added: or wear just one ear bud). If you wear them you won't hear an approaching car or attacker. Listen to your surroundings.
  • Consider carrying a cellular phone.
  • Exercise in familiar areas. Know which businesses or stores are open.
  • Vary your route.
  • Avoid unpopulated areas, deserted streets, and overgrown trails. Especially avoid poorly lighted areas at night.
  • Run clear of parked cars or bushes.
  • Ignore verbal harassment. Use discretion in acknowledging strangers. Look directly at others and be observant, but keep your distance and keep moving.
  • Trust your intuition about a person or an area. React based on that intuition and avoid areas you feel unsure about.
  • Be careful if anyone in a car asks you for directions - if you answer, keep at least a full arm's length from the car.
  • If you think you are being followed, change direction and head for an open business, or a lighted house.
  • Carry a noisemaker, pepper spray or the like. Get training in self-defense.
  • Have your door key ready before you reach your car or home.
  • Call police immediately if something happens to you or someone else, or you notice anyone out of the ordinary. It is also a good idea to check with police about any criminal activity in the area you plan to run.

    Stay Alert

    Sometimes runners and walkers get lulled into a "zone" where they are so focused on their exercise they lose track of what's going on around them. This state can make runners and walkers more vulnerable to attack. Walk and run with confidence and purpose. If you get bored running without music, practice identifying characteristics of strangers and memorizing license plate numbers to keep you from "zoning" out.

    Away From Home/Traveling
  • Check with the hotel staff or concierge to find safe routes for exercise. If there is not an acceptable place to exercise outdoors, see if the hotel can arrange for you to go to a health club or gym.
  • Become familiar with your exercise course before you start. Get a map and study it.
  • Do research on the local running routes, call the local running store for more information.
  • Remember the street address of the hotel. Carry a card with your hotel address along with your identification.
  • Leave your room key with the front desk.
  • Follow your usual safety rules.
Stay SAFE my Friends :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I believe I am reliable and responsible person. Over the years my mind has been tested, lack of sleep in college, pregnancy brain, lack of sleep as a new Mom, overly busy at work, etc.. During those times I found myself forgetting simple things and becoming a total procrastinator. For the last few months I have been COMPLETELY SCATTERBRAINED..

-G HERE sent me the Born Fit Traveling Shirt forever ago and I have not completed the task or mailed on to the next person.

-I still have not added the last 40 people to the Tall mom Spreadsheet, have not replied to emails regarding the club lately, have not sent out motivation to the 1,000+++ club, updated my line on the spreadsheet or checked on upcoming races for clubbers.

-I have not written a page in my book since October.

-Could not wrap my head around planning parties for our Little Studs birthdays so we did next to nothing.

-Have changed my Boston training plan 8 times.

-I have 3 Giveaways to host..keep talking about it but don't do it.

-The pile of 1,000 Club Bumper Stickers has not been sent

-Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc... Cards I should have sent but didn't..


Thankfully I can fake it just well enough to perform on a daily basis.. I am used to being 4 steps ahead, so when I am 3 steps behind it still works out.. My mental capacity will return. They say time heels all wounds, but apparently 4 months has not been enough time for me to find my Brain.. In the mean time... PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH ME :)

  • I NEED A BAND AID..Why? My run recap from Daily Mile....

OUCH- I spent time icing and caring for my Achilles this weekend and neglected my right Hamstring. I was reminded from step #1.. What should have been a tempo run turned to a hobble stride journey.. Maybe I should have turned back and rested??

Miles 1-3: My leg was tight and I was compensating by shortening my steps..

Stretched at Mile 3- It felt a little better.

Miles 3-5: I was able to fully stride and run normal, hopeful that I was able to work out the soreness i continued..

Miles 5-6: OUCH OUCH OUCH!! OK guess I better rest..

Why is this happening? Maybe I need to rethink my training plan and rest days? When I got back to the office I used Arctic Ease Wrap HERE and it feels so good to have some cold compress and be sitting..

**Smells on the Run: Rain, pipe smoke, chicken noodle soup and grass.

**Funny Things: Countless men with umbrellas and it was not raining, and one dude with very small hand weights focused on pumping those arms.

  • I leave you with a quote: I've decided that the stuff falling through the cracks is confetti and I'm having a party! ~Betsy CaƱas Garmon


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

This Time Last Year

This time Last Year I was featured in a Wellness Article at Work. Which meant I got some AMAZING Professional photos taken.. I played Model for a day...that morning I realized that my gear was too reflective so I called Muscle Man and her brought me an outfit.. This worked out well because we got some pretty great family shots too... I know most of you have seen these but for the newer readers.....

Yes the path is really that green, it is covered in a think layer of slippery moss.. I will be returning to my old office and running this trail again soon..

  • Why am I posting these again??
I think it is fun to look back and remember those days that make me SMILE.. I may be struggling with training and motivation this year but I know a lot of it is mental, and I have CONTROL over that.

There are good days and bad days.
At the end of the day how you feel has a lot to do with how you chose to react to things. Today set out to be positive, to create your own happiness, to not let little things bother you... Take a picture of something that makes you feel wonderful today, so you have something to look back on a year from now and SMILE. Here are a few quotes to get you in the proper state of mind, I am sure I have posted a couple of these before... Guess this is a repeat kind of day ;)

It's so hard when I have to, and
so easy when I want to.
~Annie Gottlier

Every day may not be good, but
there's something good in every day.
~Author Unknown

Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same.
~Francesca Reigler

If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it.
~Mary Engelbreit

  • 6 Mile tempo run today, wish me LUCK :)

  • Last night was one of those amazing nights.... This was the 10th Valentine's for Muscle Man and I.... we have a "Surprise" tradition where he and the Little Studs get dressed up, he makes an amazing Lobster and seafood candlelit dinner, he sets the table with roses and a card, he has everything ready when I walk through the door :) AMAZING!! Who needs to go out when you can celebrate your love at home.. I know it is a lot of work and I feel BLESSED and SPOILED every year. Thank you Sweetheart!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


The Lovely Zoe put out a LOVE YOUrself Valentine's Challenge HERE. She asked to put the tattoo on the part of your body that you are most proud of because of running/life/fitness/etc. Well I couldn't really Tatto my face, so I used tape :) I chose my Lips because I love them no matter what my size. When I was first starting to run felt overweight and frumpy and now that I am much more fit. Running has SPARKED a passion in me and what better body part to symbolize passion than the lips. My dimples and smile are a close second. I TRIED for an artistic type of picture... I TRIED :) Next up the weekend recap..SATURDAY:
Most of my SPEEDY running buddies did their Long Run on Friday, Thankfully my little buddy Carol-Ann HERE was able to meet up for most of my 17 Miler. All decked out in Sugoi.
UGH... I should have checked this picture and taken another.. Anyway you see how much littler she is than me. the plan was to run just over 9 minute pace. we TOTALLY lucked out, there was rain and wind predicted but we had great weather. I got a few compliments on my heart Bondiband.
I was TIRED from the first mile, not sure if it was mental or what because my body was performing GREAT! When we hit the turn we sped up and I got in 5 Goal pace miles, totally un-intentional. We passed a runner with well-defined calves and I gave her a compliment she said "P-90x" UGH I guess I need to try P-90X.. Along the way I came up with a new nickname for Carol-Ann, she is now TINK as in Tinkerbell. She floats off the ground and runs on Pixie Dust :) I dropped her at 15 miles and ran back out, re-passing many folks... Lots of Team in Training people!!! WOOT!! Running for a Cause is so amazing.. The last 2 miles solo were tough, but I finished strong. 17 miles 9:04 pace
I had packed Chocolate milk to ENJOY after the run. I got in my car took a BIG Swig...and GULP... I had to get out of the car because I felt like I was going to up-chuck. I met a nice Team in Training gal while out there, so I guess it happened for a reason.. LONG RUN DONE!!
The rest of the day was spent with family running errands and taking the boys to the park. I was a little tired and from the photo needed some makeup ;)
The predicted WIND came while the boys tossed rocks in the water. That night it was WINDY and crazy RAINY.. Amy, Zoe and I had plan to meet early for 7-9 miles, we were a bit worried..

Thankfully the storm passed and left us with the MOST AMAZING day. Clear, sunny, with the mountain in full view. I felt blessed to be in the PNW. We stretched and snapped a few pictures..Zoe was doing the drag-leg stretch, it was FUNNY..
Me and Zoe in Brooks Gear
I should have taken the Bondiband off for the pictures looks sorta silly, oh well.. Me and Tall Amy, the plan was for Amy to do 7 and Zoe and I to drop her at the car and continue...

The run was great, I had zero soreness and was moving pretty good. I REALLY LOVE this Recovery runs, I look forward to them all week. We chatted the whole way getting caught up on things, Mom talk about birth stories and breastfeeding and plans for upcoming races. The cows were funny, a brown and black cow having a very serious mo-versation :)

When we were approaching 7 miles Amy said she wanted to try for 9!!! Her previous mileage PR was 8, SWEET! We stopped to stretch then headed toward town. We had to start and stop for traffic lights and I could feel my legs tense... just before mile 8 I got a horrible cramp in my Hamstring.. OUCH!! OUCH! OUCH!! We stopped I rubbed it out and we went a bit slower to finish up.. I think I need some Saltstick caps.. So PROUD to be with Amy on her new Mileage PR!! I know she could have done 10 if I was not cramping :(
Me and Amy in matching skirts posing in Orting.. OK very strange I posted this outfit on Window Shopping Wednesday HERE and somehow ended up wearing it the day before Valentines :) Zoe took some fun photos/videos, hope to share those soon...

Another 26 mile weekend... I cleaned up and went to visit my Mom to give her some Valentine Love... It was so nice that we did Yard Work to clean up from the wind storm, then Mom offered to watch the boys. Muscle Man and I had a GREAT impromptu date with Mexican food and some shopping.. Then went home to watch Shrek Forever After as a family.. great family movie.. AWESOME WEEKEND!!

  • QUESTION: Have you ever had Achilles Tendon pain.. I left Achilles felt like it was on FIRE all day on Sunday.. I iced and will rest Monday.
  • How was your weekend???

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I won't be Blogging on the Weekends. With LONG RUNS on Saturdays and MEDIUM LONG RUNS on Sundays, my Family time is limited...

BUT I will post quick updates on.....

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Photo tour of my 6.5

The sun was SHINING!!! and I had new shoes to go for a test drive....And new socks....
So I laced up, strapped on my Garmin, grabbed my Camera and set out. I am on temporary assignment at my current office and will be leaving soon so I wanted to capture the run in Photos.. Enjoy this rare SUNNY day in my World..
The start of the dirt/clay path, the man up ahead was turning as I approached the start so I stopped and snapped a few photos so he wouldn't think I was racing.
The CREEPY upder pass area, muddy, I tip-toed to avoid getting my new shoes dirty.
Can you say PRETTY?? Makes me want to grab a book, sit and chill. Note the low-hanging Willow Tree branches, the weaving begins.
See?? If I don't duck I would be grabbed and consumed by the branches. I barely made it out.
This section runs along the river and has some rutty spots, I almost trip every loop. Graceful, I am not.
The Fitness Center...through the long window is the bay of treadmills. COME OUTSIDE PEOPLE!! It is BEAUTIFUL!! Not sure if anyone was in there. I saw 28ish walkers and 4 (male) runners on the 6.5 miles.
Off the muddy trail, lets adventure in the land of pavement shall we?
Uh oh! I would have to protect Zoe from this Nekkid Semi. Have you seen her Bumper stickers? Pretty hilarious, check them out HERE.
My legs were getting tired of stopping so I ran for about a mile then stopped to get the bridge picture. Past the 8 smokers, UGH!! I tried to snap a photo without them knowing, it came out blurry..
A little Graffiti, How they were able to paint there I have no idea? Mad Skillz.
Love Love this section of the trail. Good memories with Amanda, Kerrie and Zoe from Million Inch Run and with John during the Green River Marathon.
I never noticed the High voltage sign before, that is a little un-nerving.
This column reminded me of LOST.
Not sure what the Architect was thinking on this one. VERY UNIQUE. If this is your house, please let me know if you love it??
A GREAT reminder for Bikers.
This is the section where it is Up Hill both ways and I am NOT KIDDING.. I decided to try for some self portraits while running.
Hmmm.. Seems my camera thinks I have 3 foreheads. I almost didn't post this but it just makes me LAUGH...almost Clown Mirror type look. Now you know why I wear hats ;p
And 2nd try my face in scrunched.. Oh well, I tried.
See Up Hill Again? I turned to head back. Doing the math today was weird because I was adding mileage with Fractions... 1.76 miles, then out and back, how many miles to get to 6?? UGH!! I ended up with 6.5 Miles.
My Favorite shot of the day. High Five to sunshine. My shadow looked pretty trim :)
The path is so green, and then there are the trees to the right that have not lost their leaves?? Weird!!
This section of road is part of Mile 1 of the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon. Very Urban?? Kerrie, Zoe and Jamie will be at the Start Line for their FIRST MARATHON here about .5 mile away in late June.
I may or may not have used those bushes for a pit stop mid race during the Green River Marathon.
The River trail, it is a bit prettier in person.
I love that the trail roots are well marked, again because I am NOT GRACEFUL.
The trail is tucker on the other side of the tall trees, those are my kind of trees I don't get bopped in the head with them.
Yes I will take a left, thank you Mr. Sign.
BORING!! Only 1 mile left....the rest is on the side of the road and I didn't want the cars to think I was CRAZY...

  • During this run I discovered that I am happy being a Zen runner right now. Not worrying about time, hill sprints, speed work, etc. I am sure that eventually I will get back to my competitive Garmin Racing ways. But for now, it feels pretty good to just soak up the scenery. Will my Boston Marathon time suffer? Maybe, maybe not, time will tell :)

  • What do you have planned this weekend?

  • CHALLENGE: Take your Camera on a Run and post the photos, send me a link, I would love to see.