6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

TMOTR Resume


Standout High School Athlete in Volleyball, Basketball
and Track & Field

2nd Place in State Senior year- Shot Put

State Tournament in Volleyball and Basketball

Former Division 1 College Basketball Player


Married to Muscle Man in August 2003

Mother to 2 Boys 11/2005 and 1/2008

Tall Parents were married over 31 years when my Father passed in 2010

Older Tall Sister and Younger Tall Brother


5K= 21:38

10K= 45:54

Family 5 Mile= 46:31 with hubby and double jogger

1/2 Marathon- 1:43:39

Marathon 3:37:06 (BQ)

Yearly Mileage= 1,220

RRCA Certified Running Coach

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