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Monday, January 31, 2011

Soggy and Super

To say I was WORRIED about my Saturday training run would be an understatement, I cannot remember the last time I ran a LONG training run solo... I did not want to go it alone. I made a plan to run with my buddy Heidi for 8 miles, she had a 10K the next day so was taking it a bit easier than usual, and run 7 miles solo. Not ideal but I had no choice because I was limited on time..

It was lightly drizzling when we set out...the drizzle turned to a rain which continued the entire run. I was SOGGY!! The 8 miles with Heidi sped by quickly, I hopped over large puddles and we cheered on the other Fleet Feet Runners. It was great.. I felt amazing, we plugged along at a good clip and before we knew it I dropped her off..


-My Feet hurt, my right heel really hurt, it is time for NEW shoes.

-The rain picked up I was soaked, heavy and itchy. My hat was dripping wet and my clothes were super heavy, gear FAIL..

-Since I ran on the portion of the trail close to the road, I had to stop for roads and lights, my legs started to cramping up.

-I could feel my mental capacity was being tested, so I pushed out the bad thoughts and kept running.

-I sped up, I wanted to be done, I wanted to EAT..

DONE!!! 15 miles at about 9:05 pace.. GOOD WORK MEL! (Self high Five well-deserved)

Sundays are my Recovery run days. In past training cycles I would rest the day after a long run, but my goal this training is to get over 20 miles on my feet every weekend. So Amy and I met for 6 miles. I LOVED it! Amy and I have so much in common and have not known each other long so there is loads to talk about. Just over 10 min pace felt comfortable, it was cool and the trail was pretty empty. Amy ran 25 miles this week, AMAZING!! Coaching her for First Half Marathon will be super, she is so motivated. She is even thinking of pushing up her Half from the planned Seattle See Jan Run Half HERE in July. I tested my new Cheetah Running Skirt that I scored in the sales section, it was stylish and comfortable.

When I got home Muscle Man and the Little Studs were ready to head out the door. I did not realize how CHILLY it would be for the Little ones until we got going. Their Running hats and gloves were not doing the trick, so we cut the usual 2.5 miles to just 1 mile with a BIG HILL. I could have gone another loop, but I was happy with my weekend miles..

Tall Grandma and I took a trip North to meet the Twins, one of my closest friends had her little ones on January 10th. I could not visit since they were in the NICU and I had been fighting a head cold. They are itty bitty.. I LOVE THEM!! And I am so proud of KT she is the great Mom I knew she would be. Holding two little ones whose combined weight was less than Little Stud #1's birth weight was CRAZY! I feel blessed to be an Auntie and see them grow and thrive.

  • How was your weekend? Training? Race Reports? Fun things in your personal life?


Anonymous said...

I ran a 5km race on Saturday. That's about it.
Awesome job on the 15miles. Sorry I couldn't join you.

Claudia said...

Way to go for pushing through and running the 15 on Saturday. I was wet out there!
Rest day on Saturday. Found a day-glo tank on sale (for early morning runs) - score! Yesterday the plan was for 10 miles easy, but I pushed it and loved running fast! Those mid-distances that used to be my long run seem short now. 13 more days and I am getting a bit nervous.

Stephanie F said...

I am so proud of your Saturday run! I'm JUST starting running and blogging... you are a real inspiration. Your honesty and grit are amazing! I'd love to have you as a trainer! :)

Unknown said...

Bravo on your long run! I only had time to run a six miler that day, and I too was soaked by the time I was done. But it did feel good to get some time out on the pavement.
I too got to see my grandma this weekend, even blogged about it because she is just so darn cute. :p
Well hope you have a great week.
oh and ps, I am jelous of your high milage weekends!!!

kimert said...

Way to go pushing through the long run! I've been so lucky in dodging the rain around here so I am dreading the day it hits!
This weekend I ran my first 8 miler, training for my first half marathon! it went great!

Denise said...

i think solo long runs are really good for us. you can't count on anyone but yourself come race day, so it's nice to know you have it in you before then.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Pushing out the bad thoughts, I love that!

Marlene said...

Congrats to KT on the twins! They must be adorable! Glad you got to visit.

SUPER job on the soggy long run (ick) and some bonus miles the day after!

Anonymous said...

my weekend was GREAT. i went rockclimbing for the first time for real. it was a total blast. but i did do some miles and realized that i need new shoes too...bummer.

Tricia said...

Great job on the weekend miles!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

What a great weekend you had! Nice job on your miles.

How wonderful to get to hold the itty-bitty ones. Babies are so wonderful! Mine is growing up tooo fast!

Unknown said...

I ran 6 miles Saturday morning at the gym on the treadmill. It is so hard to run when you are soaking wet from sweat! When I run on the 'mill I can never go at the same pace for long, so I played with the speed some, doing some spurts of 7 mph, which is FAST for me,as my usual is 6. It was almost easier to run that fast!

Susan said...

Great job on your 15 miles!! It was -30 Celsius here, so I ran 9 miles on my treadmill this weekend. I was tired and a big baby on there, hopefully my next run will have more energy :).

Amy said...

Great job on your long run! I think some solo miles are good mental training - a race full of people can still be pretty lonely at times!

LindseyAnn said...

Hi--I just found your blog and I love it! :)
The weekend was pretty low key, nothing too special. I'm a week out from starting training for my next half marathon, so right now I'm just trying to get my base mileage in.
PS--I love the marathon truths post! I must be crazy, because I still want to take on my first marathon even after reading that! :D

{will run for margaritas} said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm trying to amp up my mileage which was hard with snow everywhere (4-5 days later)....but trying not to get discouraged! Have a great week!

LookingUpAgain said...

Great weekend miles you have there :) I had to play the mental game to get myself out the door on Sunday for my long run. My knees were acting up again after mile 3 and I mentally decided to take an ice bath when I finished. No ice at home led to a Snow Bath instead! Coldest thing ever!

Beth said...

great job finishing your semi-solo run!

Unknown said...

Way to push through with that mental toughness!! Babies are awesome---but twins are double awesome. how fun!