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Friday, January 28, 2011

5 Things Friday

1. Can you tell from my last post that I like random pictures and quotes? If I am feeling OFF I will sort through photos and look for quotes that lift my spirits. My favorite Quote Websites are Quotegarden.com and thinkexist.com. The photo at the Header of the Blog was taken on a training run in 2009 around this time of the year.

2. I am not sure what I am going to do about my Long Run. My running buddies are either busy, out of town, or running shorter distances than I had planned. I want to get in a 15 miler at 8:45-9:15 pace early tomorrow, I have a baby shower to go to mid-day and in-laws in town after that. Muscle Man does not like me to run alone so I may be stuck in the HILLY areas along the road. UGH!! I put a call out on Dailymile for a Running buddy, sorta felt like a personal ad. I am sure I will figure something out, join the Fleet Feet group for most of the miles and make up the rest. I am so spoiled with several running buddies that when this happens it is so strange..

3. I lose things. Well to clarify, I put things in safe places, then forget where those "safe places" are. My Ipod tends to be lost most often, today I have the Ipod but cannot locate the USB cord, so I cant charge it or upload new songs...FANTASTIC.. UGH!! My Ipod needs a revamp, once I can find the cord. Last April many Bloggy buddies sent me CD's with their playlists. If you would be willing to send me some tunes please email me :)


  • Kerrie is thinking of starting a local King/Pierce County Washington Running Club. Check out her post HERE and please join, it would be great to have a Big group of people all paces and experience levels.

  • Zoe's Sisters car was stolen. Please check out Zoe's post HERE. If you live in the greater Seattle area please keep an eye out for the Car below, if you see it please call 911, this car has been in Zoe's family for years and it would be GREAT to return a smile to her sweet sister's face.
  • 1996 Dark Blue Mustang
    Black Convertible Top
    License plate holder says "Sometimes I like to go topless"
    Scratches in paint on left rear bumper and right front bumper
    Last seen in Ballard (Seattle)
5. Yesterday I had a meeting at my old office at the end of the day. So I worked through lunch so I could run in my old hood. It was AMAZING!! So nice to be back in my old pretty (not scary) running paths. There was controlled release of a local Dam so the water under the planked bridge was higher than I have ever seen. The Wonky bird's nest continues to grow off-shoots. The Smoking section has a minimum of 10 people even at 3:30PM. The big haul Truck drivers pay zero attention to sidewalks making for a not-so-fun game of Frogger to avoid getting smashed. I know the path, down to my strides to keep at pace. It was a COMFORT to be back there, to feel at home on my run. And I hate to brag BUT....it was 54' with no rain, I ran in a T-shirt after mile 1, AMAZING weather!! I Finished with 5 miles at 7:57 pace

  • I relaxed last night and slept in today so I was not able to pull together a High Five Friday. I hope you understand. If you have a BIG Race or something you would like a High Five for please leave a comment so others can cheer you on.

  • NEW things will be filtering through the Tall Mom Test Lab, I am very excited to share my thoughts.


Faith Ann said...

I can relate to #3 sooooo much. Currently, I have a ring, a watch and a camera card in "safe places" but have forgotten where those places are.

The camera card has been in safe place for almost a year! The watch and ring are going on 6 months in their safe place.

Stephanie said...

Quotes are awesome! I have both of those sites bookmarked too!

I also lose EVERYTHING! (actually...I usually just FORGET something then assume its lost until I remember that I didn't bring it)

Have a great weekend!

Tricia said...

Have a great weekend!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Five things, when did that happen?????

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

However you get your long run in please be careful. Scary paths alone make me nervous for you!

Safe places?! I have loads of those. that's the problem I too forget which one I used! ;-)

Enjoy the weekend!

Kerrie said...

Thanks, Mel!

PS: Glad you got to run on the old trail. Wish I'd known. I coulda suited up for a couple slow miles with you. :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I always enjoy your quotes and pics!! I hope you find a buddy to run with this weekend--wish I could join you! :)

Emily said...

It is a good problem to have that you too frequently have friends to run with!

I will happily send you a CD of my jams if you want to have a dance party while you're running.

Angela said...

have you tried http://pacepal.com/?

Melissa Del Duca said...

Just found your blog through Amy Strickling. Really loving it as a beginning runner (training for my first 1/2 in March)and a mom of three. Any advice for my first 1/2?

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I am always putting things where I "know" I'll be able to find them. And I never can find them, at least when I'm looking for them.

Marlene said...

Hope you can round up some company for the long run! And enjoy the rest of your weekend!!!

Chelsea said...

YOU should come do the Burke Gilman and I can 'crew' for you and make sure you a) don't get stolen and b) stay hydrated and c)have bananas at the end.


Unknown said...

I loved the pictures! :) And great run in the old hood! :)

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

happy friday to you too! :D

oh no!! I hope zoe's sister finds her car! that's terrible! :(

Unknown said...

i'm sorry. i hate not having a long run buddy so i know how you feel!
hopefully we can run together soon!
are you planning on running with fleetfeet tomorrow then?

Unknown said...

I'd run with you if you were closer. I end up doing all of my long runs alone at this time of year. It does have the advantage, though, that race day is always easier because there are so many things going on around - and I'm not use to that.