6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Soggy and Super

To say I was WORRIED about my Saturday training run would be an understatement, I cannot remember the last time I ran a LONG training run solo... I did not want to go it alone. I made a plan to run with my buddy Heidi for 8 miles, she had a 10K the next day so was taking it a bit easier than usual, and run 7 miles solo. Not ideal but I had no choice because I was limited on time..

It was lightly drizzling when we set out...the drizzle turned to a rain which continued the entire run. I was SOGGY!! The 8 miles with Heidi sped by quickly, I hopped over large puddles and we cheered on the other Fleet Feet Runners. It was great.. I felt amazing, we plugged along at a good clip and before we knew it I dropped her off..


-My Feet hurt, my right heel really hurt, it is time for NEW shoes.

-The rain picked up I was soaked, heavy and itchy. My hat was dripping wet and my clothes were super heavy, gear FAIL..

-Since I ran on the portion of the trail close to the road, I had to stop for roads and lights, my legs started to cramping up.

-I could feel my mental capacity was being tested, so I pushed out the bad thoughts and kept running.

-I sped up, I wanted to be done, I wanted to EAT..

DONE!!! 15 miles at about 9:05 pace.. GOOD WORK MEL! (Self high Five well-deserved)

Sundays are my Recovery run days. In past training cycles I would rest the day after a long run, but my goal this training is to get over 20 miles on my feet every weekend. So Amy and I met for 6 miles. I LOVED it! Amy and I have so much in common and have not known each other long so there is loads to talk about. Just over 10 min pace felt comfortable, it was cool and the trail was pretty empty. Amy ran 25 miles this week, AMAZING!! Coaching her for First Half Marathon will be super, she is so motivated. She is even thinking of pushing up her Half from the planned Seattle See Jan Run Half HERE in July. I tested my new Cheetah Running Skirt that I scored in the sales section, it was stylish and comfortable.

When I got home Muscle Man and the Little Studs were ready to head out the door. I did not realize how CHILLY it would be for the Little ones until we got going. Their Running hats and gloves were not doing the trick, so we cut the usual 2.5 miles to just 1 mile with a BIG HILL. I could have gone another loop, but I was happy with my weekend miles..

Tall Grandma and I took a trip North to meet the Twins, one of my closest friends had her little ones on January 10th. I could not visit since they were in the NICU and I had been fighting a head cold. They are itty bitty.. I LOVE THEM!! And I am so proud of KT she is the great Mom I knew she would be. Holding two little ones whose combined weight was less than Little Stud #1's birth weight was CRAZY! I feel blessed to be an Auntie and see them grow and thrive.

  • How was your weekend? Training? Race Reports? Fun things in your personal life?

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Tall Mom Truths about 26.2

A few readers have told me lately that they were inspired by ME (wow!) to run their FIRST MARATHON. The First Marathon is a special thing, being a Marathon Newbie is GREAT because you don't know what you don't know. Sorta like being pregnant with baby #1... Sooooo is it horrible of me to share the TRUTHS?? Will it scare you away?

The list below is FULLY my experience, other Marathoners may not have experienced everything on the list... HERE goes...

****If you prefer to live in Marathon Dream land, please do not read on...

*********I warned you.

Marathon Training Truths:

-Your Friday nights will be spent carbo loading, getting your gear together and going to bed early. Marathon training can hamper the social life.

  • -You will have to get up early every Saturday for +/- 16 weeks. Unless you want to take up your entire day running.

-Your Saturday Afternoons you may feel to tired, sick, sore to participate in anything fun.

  • -You will run in the rain, snow, heat, wind, cold, ice, sleet, you name it...There is no such thing as Fair Weather Marathon training.

-You will get chaffing on areas you did not know were rubbing...Often you will not know you have chaffing until you shower.. OUCH!

  • -Blisters, caluses, lost/black toenails, Marathoners feet are GROSS.

-You may spend more time with your Garmin and Ipod than you do with friends/family.

  • -Long Run stomach may leave you RUNNING to the potty over and over.. p00p soup, YUCK!

-You will spend a crazy amount of money on shoes, socks, gear and race entry fees.

  • -You will ask yourself over and over "Why am I doing this?"

-Your personal limits physically and mentally will be tested every day.

  • -Taper Madeness is a REAL thing, you will feel weird pains, be totally afraid of getting sick and feel like you are not ready over and over..Marathon Nightmares are FUNNY!!

-The night before the race you will barely get any sleep because you are not sure you will make it the 26.2.

  • -On Race Day

-self-doubt will dig in and try to take over..

-it is just you and the pavement, who will win?

-of your First Marathon you will Feel........I can't fill that in because each Person has a different First Marathon experience.. With all those TRUTHS are you ready??

  • YES YOU ARE!! It is not easy, if it were everyone would do it. The Marathon can chew you up and spit you out...BUT... That Finish Line is AMAZING, make it there once and you will know what I mean.
  • Those of you who have crossed that First Marathon Finish Line please share your experience...Good, bad, ugly?? Leave a comment..

Friday, January 28, 2011

ATTENTION Seattle/Ballard Area Readers


This is my friend Zoe's sister's car and it was stolen in the Seattle/Ballard area, if you see this car please report it to the Police.

Blue Mustang with black convertible top
Scratches in paint on left rear bumper and right front bumper
License plate cover says "Sometimes I like to go topless"

Would be really great if we could find the car!!

5 Things Friday

1. Can you tell from my last post that I like random pictures and quotes? If I am feeling OFF I will sort through photos and look for quotes that lift my spirits. My favorite Quote Websites are Quotegarden.com and thinkexist.com. The photo at the Header of the Blog was taken on a training run in 2009 around this time of the year.

2. I am not sure what I am going to do about my Long Run. My running buddies are either busy, out of town, or running shorter distances than I had planned. I want to get in a 15 miler at 8:45-9:15 pace early tomorrow, I have a baby shower to go to mid-day and in-laws in town after that. Muscle Man does not like me to run alone so I may be stuck in the HILLY areas along the road. UGH!! I put a call out on Dailymile for a Running buddy, sorta felt like a personal ad. I am sure I will figure something out, join the Fleet Feet group for most of the miles and make up the rest. I am so spoiled with several running buddies that when this happens it is so strange..

3. I lose things. Well to clarify, I put things in safe places, then forget where those "safe places" are. My Ipod tends to be lost most often, today I have the Ipod but cannot locate the USB cord, so I cant charge it or upload new songs...FANTASTIC.. UGH!! My Ipod needs a revamp, once I can find the cord. Last April many Bloggy buddies sent me CD's with their playlists. If you would be willing to send me some tunes please email me :)


  • Kerrie is thinking of starting a local King/Pierce County Washington Running Club. Check out her post HERE and please join, it would be great to have a Big group of people all paces and experience levels.

  • Zoe's Sisters car was stolen. Please check out Zoe's post HERE. If you live in the greater Seattle area please keep an eye out for the Car below, if you see it please call 911, this car has been in Zoe's family for years and it would be GREAT to return a smile to her sweet sister's face.
  • 1996 Dark Blue Mustang
    Black Convertible Top
    License plate holder says "Sometimes I like to go topless"
    Scratches in paint on left rear bumper and right front bumper
    Last seen in Ballard (Seattle)
5. Yesterday I had a meeting at my old office at the end of the day. So I worked through lunch so I could run in my old hood. It was AMAZING!! So nice to be back in my old pretty (not scary) running paths. There was controlled release of a local Dam so the water under the planked bridge was higher than I have ever seen. The Wonky bird's nest continues to grow off-shoots. The Smoking section has a minimum of 10 people even at 3:30PM. The big haul Truck drivers pay zero attention to sidewalks making for a not-so-fun game of Frogger to avoid getting smashed. I know the path, down to my strides to keep at pace. It was a COMFORT to be back there, to feel at home on my run. And I hate to brag BUT....it was 54' with no rain, I ran in a T-shirt after mile 1, AMAZING weather!! I Finished with 5 miles at 7:57 pace

  • I relaxed last night and slept in today so I was not able to pull together a High Five Friday. I hope you understand. If you have a BIG Race or something you would like a High Five for please leave a comment so others can cheer you on.

  • NEW things will be filtering through the Tall Mom Test Lab, I am very excited to share my thoughts.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Finding Inspiration

"We acquire the strength we have overcome." Ralph Waldo Emerson
"A bend in the road is not the end of the road... unless you fail to make the turn." Author Unknown
"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts." Winston Churchill
"I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do." Edward Everett Hale

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I grew

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!! Thanks for reading :)

Last week I was HONORED to be listed as #1 on Jake's (AKA Broken Hearted Runner) list of Best Running Blogs. I am not sure if the list is in any sort of order, but seeing my blog listed was a HUGE High Five. Thank you Jake!! Check out the Full List of Blogs HERE.
I have been looking for a new Doctor so at the recommendation of a friend I met the new Doc yesterday to establish care. She was FANTASTIC!! A Funny thing happened at the Doctor's Office.. I have a SECRET- I have never been measured as 6'0 Tall....GASP....I rounded up because 5'11 and 3/4 is a mouth full.. At Gonzaga on the Basketball roster I think they listed me as 6'1 or taller....I was not fooling anyone being the runt in the Division I Post block. Well yesterday for the first time in my Tall Life I was measured by someone taller than me, a Male Nurse who was about 6'2... and I GREW!!!

Tall Mom will no longer rounding up I am now officially 6'0 and 1/4
And I have allergies...good times.. HEHEHEHE... I texted Muscle Man to share the news and he said "All that running must be good for the spine." Funny guy..

I did not have time mid-day to run since I got to work late... I vowed to run when I got home. Little Stud #2 requested Pizza for his birthday dinner. We ate and I sat and relaxed. Went to Target to pick up a few things, saw Tall Grandma, went home and I sat. Time ticked away...

I thought about my friend Amy who ran 8.1 miles on her lunch hour+, a new distance PR for her. If she could do that, I could get up and put in 5 miles. I hit the wrong button and the treadmill zoomed to 7:20 pace...OUCH..

My groin ached...OOPS!! "Mommy are you OK." "Nope Mommy pulled something".. UGH, so I walked to warm up. Then gradually increased the speed. I watched The Biggest Loser but could not hear a thing over my loud clomping. Muscle Man did a chest work out and the Little Studs played Cars, a little family bonding, sort of. I ran the first 2 miles slow and kicked it up to goal Marathon pace the last 3 miles. It was tough, I am still not used to running a set speed on a little moving pad.

  • Goal Pace???? I really have no plan so far, what I do know is I will not be going for a Marathon PR at Boston. 3:45- 4 hour would be GREAT! Right now running FAST does not feel good on my knee, so I need to be careful.. the key goal is to get to the start line un-injured.

  • Random ??- What do you eat for Breakfast? I need something new, preferably easy to eat in the car. IDEAS WELCOME.

  • Check Out Windows Shopping Wednesday HERE.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tall MOM on the run

Little Stud #2 turned 3 today at 12:19AM... We have 2 boys 5 and 3, when did that happen??

Going from 1 child to 2 kiddos ROCKED MY WORLD!! I never thought about how hard it would be to care for, and spread my time and love equally. I was protecting my newborn baby from my 2 year old baby.. I STRUGGLED for a long time adjusting to this new world. Thankfully I had the love and support of my Muscle Man. Little Stud #2 has kept us "busy" since the day he was born.. he put everything in his mouth, did not sleep through the night until 2 1/2 and will not eat anything besides Pizza, cheese puffs and a handful of other non-healthy foods. He is also the sweetest, funniest and smartest kid I know. He gives amazing hugs, makes hilarious faces and cherishes time with family....

What does the have to do with Running?

Not much, well maybe a little... Adjusting to life with baby #2 was not easy, I was tired, frustrated and I often felt overwhelmed... But HE is the reason I started to RUN.. I needed an outlet for the stress, I needed to get out of plus-sized clothes, I needed to breathe and be ME. When Little Stud was 8 weeks old I put on my Running shoes and Wogged.. The Wog became a Jog and the Jog became a Run... I strung enough Runs together to make a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Marathon, multiple Marathons...
  • Being a Mom and Runner is not easy.....there is a fine line that I clamor along..Home with the kids and husband? Or out training for 2-4 hours? Going to the Zoo or Racing? Skip Boston and spend more time with the family? Or Run another Marathon?
Life changes in an instant....and can bring the BIRTH of something new and wonderful... something that will rock you to the core, and you won't be able to remember what life was like before...

That is how I feel about our Blonde Haired Dimpled Cheeked Little (baby) Boy, I cannot remember a time without him and I would not want to. For all the long nights and tested patience, the reward is a small voice at dinner "Mommy Y is for Yo-yo." "Yes Buddy, good job!"

Same goes for running. At first is was tough, I was tired, it felt awkward and I couldn't figure out how to balance my life...BUT I kept with it... 8 weeks from now I get to celebrate my Running Anniversary. Wow 3 Years!!! I cannot remember life without running.. Thanks Buddy for helping me find a Reason to Run... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

  • In my attempt at an analogy between parenting and running I could not figure out how to factor in Potty training ;) Thoughts?? hehehe

Monday, January 24, 2011

Sore Cheeks and Swollen Toes

Playing Catch up life has been a LITTLE busy....

Jilly set up a bloggy-running-buddies Girl's Night at a local Greek spot.
Zoƫ + Goober

These ladies are a KICK.. And so so so funny. I felt a LITTLE badly for Chelsea because we got into some Mommy topics, but she was a good sport. Goober was the hit of the night getting oohs and aahs for her cuteness.
We all traded off holding Goober so that Miss Zoe could have a little break and EAT.. Goober is 9lb 6oz...HMMMM Little Stud #1 was 9lb 10oz at Birth....I birthed a baby larger than the one I was holding.. OUCH!!
We all posed for Goober pics.. Everyone was dressed cute and I was in my pink hoodie, I am dressed up ALL day.. We had some adult refreshment, amazing Greek Food and were missing Amanda HERE. So we TRIED to do the signature Amanda pose..
I am mid-laugh...not even close, Amanda is the master... I joked with her about doing a telecon but it would have been 10:30++ her time and she is in 1/2 Iron Man training.. My cheeks HURT from laughing so hard!! What a fun fun night. We said we were going to look at race calendars and make some plans, that did not happen so much, but I am sure this group will be back together on a race course very soon..


Up early, left the house when I usually wake up. Worked an event. Was TIRED and did not get the Giveaway posted or new folks on the Tall Mom 1,000++ Spreadsheet. Life comes before the Blog, sorry :(

You all saw my post about "have to" vs "want to." I wanted to sleep in, relax, and just be with the family. But I have committed myself to Marathon training. I had made plans with Carol-Ann HERE, a 19 year old college student and runner. She is TINY, 3 strides to my 1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting new people, hearing their stories, and just chatting on the run. My goal was 9:00-9:30 pace for the 14 miles. My other running buddies were SUPER FAST that day so I was glad Carol-Ann was there.

It takes me about 2 miles to get warmed up, but once I was moving I felt amazing. The temperature was ideal, the company was good and it felt EFFORTLESS!! Oh how I have been waiting to get back to that feeling. We only stopped once to rip the top off some fuel. I like to look at my Half Marathon split because I would like to be a sub 2 hour Pacer for a Half Marathon this year. Our Half time was 1:59:01- PERFECT!! Thanks to Carol-Ann for keeping me company, she started a new blog HERE. Overall pace for the 14 miles was 9:05, right where I should be for my Boston time Goal.

SUNDAY Run #1:
I am doing a TEST training strategy on myself, with recovery runs the day after the Long Run. The purpose is to shake out the soreness and have a no-pressure "enjoy the miles" run. My friend Tall Amy HERE (we are the same height) met me for 6 recovery miles.
It is so different to run with someone who is the same height, Muscle Man is about the closest I have height wise. Amy will be running her FIRST Half Marathon this Summer with me, check out the SEE JANE RUN SEATTLE EVENT HERE. Amy is a part of the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club and has been doing Amazing getting in her weekly miles. This was our first run together and I LOVED every minute of it. She has inspired friends and family to move and sign up for local events which is AWESOME!! I am sure this is the first of many many miles with Amy.

SUNDAY Run #2:
I got home and knew that Muscle Man was wanting to get a run in, before I changed out of my sweaty clothes I asked if he wanted to go.. He did, Little Stud #1 didn't but we said he could run on the track and walk some of the miles, so he was in. I WISH I would have brought my camera, the boys and Muscle Man were too cute at the track. Little Stud #2, who will be 3 tomorrow, was running with a bazooka made out of blocks, it was sooo funny!! My legs were screaming at me to stop, and I was feeling a bit light headed so we walked home.

TOTAL WEEKEND MILES: 22.4!! I can officially say that the "want to" has returned.. I have the Swollen Toes to prove it.

I leave you with a few quotes that struck me today... Monday morning :)

  • Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle. ~Abraham Lincoln

  • Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. ~Will Rogers
  • There's nothing like biting off more than you can chew, and then chewing anyway. ~Mark Burnett

  • Though the barriers of life seem formidable, we find when we challenge them that they have no will. ~Robert Brault

  • Most people, upon reaching the top, look down and enjoy the view. The smart money is on looking up and finding new mountains to climb. ~Jeb Dickerson

Saturday, January 22, 2011


7:08 AM- Facebook Status Update "the line between "want to" and "have to" is a little blurred this morning."

Not sure but today Marathon training feels like something I "have to do," instead of what I "want to do." NOT GOOD!!! I am hoping that driving down to the trail, seeing my friends, feeling the fresh air and the strength in my muscles will help.

Running really is about mindset...maybe my brain needs to warm up today as much as my creeky legs.. I believe it is possible to change how I think about things...off to finish my Peanut butter toast and run 14 miles..


Friday, January 21, 2011

High Five Friday

SPEED? Oh SPEED? I did SPEED work yesterday and boy can I tell that I have not been focused on my SPEED.. Since I did 2.5 unplanned miles on Wed night with the family I opted to cut the warm-up and cool-down portions of my run yesterday and do 6 instead of 7 miles..

Warm-up Mile 1: 8:23- Should have been slower

Goal 7:45-7:54 Half Marathon goal Pace

Mile 2: 7:38- Oops a little too fast

Mile 3: 7:50- Dying by the end of the rep, had to stop and catch my breath. Stopped Garmin.

Mile 4: 7:42- This was mostly through the CREEPY part of the trail and I swear I stepped in dog poo because I could smell something for most of the mile. I stopped just before the last rep to rub my sneakers in the Grass.

Mile 5- 7:48- There was another runner, he is a fastie and I knew he was gaining on me. This mile had a BIG HILL, I swear part of the hill is Uphill BOTH WAYS :) At the end of this mile I stopped to stretch my tight calves..

Cool-down- Time? I sprinted at the end to try to get sub 8's for the workout but the smokers were in the way.. BOOOO!! I did rest and stop my Garmin 3 times so that is not really accurate anyway :)

Solid effort and this confirmed that I am NOT in Half Marathon PR shape. There is a FREE Half Marathon next weekend I was thinking of running, but I may give it a few weeks to get my SPEED back..

  • One thing that is holding me back is my CORE.

Mom of 2 + No Ab work= Flabby mid section

I put a call out on Facebook for the Winsor Pilates DVD's, I did the workouts religiously before I got married. HIGH FIVE to my buddy Kim at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls HERE she replied quickly and the package arrived this week. Thanks Kim!!!

Maybe if I actually do the workouts I can get a have a HIGH FIVE worthy set of Abs like the ladies below who I BELIEVE are part Alien or Robot, I have not been able to confirm my belief.
Steph @ Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge. HIGH FIVE to Steph and her new Marathon PR 3:21:05, read all about her race HERE!! Strong from head to toe Steph. Pretty sure I am going to be Steph's Sherpa across the Boston finish line if she has too many celebratory beverages along the course to Finish her 50th State. Oddly enough just 30 seconds later at Rock N Roll Phoenix finish Line came the pretty lady below...
HIGH FIVE to the AMAZING abs of Emz HERE, WOW!! Emz earned a 3:21:35 at Rock N Roll Phoenix Marathon, she felt dizzy at mile 15, fell just out range for the PR she was hunting for and finished STRONG.

***Results like those pictured above are not easily achieved, but I know that a solid CORE will be an asset for me as a Runner..

HIGH FIVE Racing & Events:
Coming soon- I need to snoop around. Leave a comment if you would like to be added.

HIGH FIVE Great posts:
Looking for links, will add soon..

HIGH FIVE Giveaways:

**Special Thanks to Zoe HERE for this list

Run Zoe Run $50 CSN- Ends 1/21
Running: My Anti-Drug's iFitness Belt Giveaway - Ends 1/21
That Girl Is a Running Fool's $35 CSN Stores Gift Card - Ends 1/22
Blonde Ponytail's NUUN & Nike Giveaway - Ends 1/22
Momma of 3 Bondiband & #9 1/22
Frugally Green Mom's My Lip Stuff Giveaway - Ends 1/23
"Because all the cool kids are doing it" Road ID/GU/Ryders Giveaway - Ends 1/25
Laughing Lindsay's $100 AMEX Gift Card Giveaway - Ends 1/26
Being Alison's $100 AMEX Gift Card Giveaway - Ends 1/27
Impossible is Nothing's Allied Medal Display Giveaway - Ends 1/28
A Mom's Impression's $100 AMEX Gift Card Giveaway - Ends 1/30
Winter Follower Giveaway Tour - $950 Total Cash Prize - 3 Winners - Ends 1/31
How Sweet it is $1000 Social Media/Small Business Hop - Ends 2/14
MissZippy: Pacific Energy Giveaway ends 2/2
Kiley- Run Necklace- Ends 1/28

  • What do you deserve a HIGH FIVE for this week? Leave a comment.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

My First Production


I made a little movie
, jumping on the bandwagon here, have you seen all the FUNNY movies floating around Facebook??? There is one about a Marathoner, Iron Man, Mom Runner and SUAR (Shut Up and Run) humor..

Making this was more to amuse myself than anything..but hey don't we ALL have a similar form of internal dialogue some days??

HIT PLAY- the little Triangle :)

***You can check out my movie, view more movies and/or make your own HERE:

I dusted off my Giveaway/Review Blog and posted a new Weekly edition I call "Windows Shopping Wednesday" go check it out HERE and let me know if you like the idea.

  • Yesterday- I worked through lunch, got off early and made it home while the sun was still shining. We packed the boys in the car and hit the trail. It was COLD when the sun went down, so we cut the run a little short so our Little Studs would not freeze. We saw the FRIENDLY ROTTWEILER on the trail, I have seen him 4 times now in the same mile stretch. One run Zoe and I thought he was a Bear, that is a big dark doggie. This 2.5 miles was not on my training plan but I can't pass up running with my favorite partner Muscle Man :)

  • Today- 7 mile lunch run. I am planning to try Half Marathon Pace to see where I am at fitness wise.. Will let you know how that goes tomorrow. Look for a GIVEAWAY tomorrow too..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stylish Tall Mom 1,000+++ club

The lovely Kerrie @ Mom Vs. Marathon and Chelsea @ Will Run for Food nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award floating around Bloggy Land. Thanks ladies, I TRY to be Stylish whenever possible ;P

Go check out their lists, Kerrie has some old-school sports photos and Chelsea has a picture of a Baby pig in boots, fun stuff!!

Here are the rules to accepting this award:
1. Make a post + Link back to the person who awarded you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award to 7 great bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won!

You have all heard about me.. I thought it would be fun to share about the Club..

7 Things about the
Tall Mom 1,000+++
2011 Clubbers

1. Names:
There were some trends being that the group is majority female...
5- Katie's, Lisa's and Jill's
6- Michelle's and Amanda's
8- Amy's
9- Becca/Becka/Rebecca's
9- Sara/Sarah's
10- Heather's
11- Jen/Jenn/Jennifer's

2. Places:
We span all over the country, including 3 from Anchorage Alaska, a large group of Canadians, someone from Peru, Malaysia, England, and many people at Army/Air Force Bases. I had a fun time plugging in all the cities, there are some creative names, here are some of my favorite city names: Mount Dora, Okeechobee, Apple Valley, York, Tonganoxie, Jupiter, Bountiful, Normal and the topper Paris, TN. Love it!!!

3. Ages:
The Average age of the folks who provided their age is 33.3, and I am not making that up. Our most experienced member is Trudie at 67 who will be logging miles while walking her dog. And the baby of the group is Ashlyn at 17 years young.

4. Birthdays:

We have 11 January birthdays, including Saundra HERE and Paige HERE whose birthday are this week. There are 9 February, 8 March, 9 April and 15 May.... I would go on, but you get the idea :) We could collectively blow out candles nearly every day of the Year..

5. Goals:

This is an AMBITIOUS group! We know they all want to reach 1,000+++ miles this year (or their own personal goal). We have folks going for BIG TIME FIRSTS including 5Ks, 10Ks, Half Marathons, Marathons, Half Ironman, Full Ironman, Ultras, 12 races in 12 months and more. People want to work on speed to get new Personal Records, and will be crossing off lifetime goals in 2011. It is inspiring to read the stories of personal success in weight loss, lifestyle change and facing adversity one step at a time.

6. Run Like a Mother:
Being that most of the group is female with an average age of 33.3 we have loads of Moms and many many CEO's of the Home. I was amazed how many women have 2 boys about the same age as our Little Studs. We have a few pregnant club members, new Mom's like Zoe HERE, and SBS of Run Like a Mother the Book is aiming for 1,000+++. We have Moms with 1-10 kiddos, Catey HERE has 8 kids with the addition of her miracle baby Sam, there are Mom's of multiples lots of Twin future runners :)

Special Thank you to those who left a personal note in their forms. I truly appreciate the words of encouragement and condolence. It is amazing to get such great warm-fuzzies from people I have never met. Being told that I "Inspire" you is the BEST compliment I could hope to receive. This is a wonderful community of like-minded people who are willing to test their limits and be/achieve more than they ever thought possible. What an Honor to play host to this group of 416++ (still logging a few more) Runners in 2011.

Now I get to pass this on to 7 people... Well many many folks have already received this, so I am going to send it on to my FAITHFUL followers those who have been there since the Beginning of Tall Mom (click names to be linked to blogs):

Velma @ Running with Boys- My St. Louis 6-Foot Twin, she has commented at least once a week since early 2009!! Go tell her Hello, and bonus for you she has a CSN Giveaway going on HERE.

Fair Weather Runner
- This lady is FUNNY!! I appreciate people who can subtly infuse movie quotes into posts about running "60% of the time it works all the time." She is training for the Oz Marathon on 4-16, how cool is that Marathon name??

J @ Morning Runner- Running and Wedding Dress shopping last weekend, yes this girl has a lot on her plate. She is positive, uplifting and REAL!!

Felice- The Happy Runner
- Mother of 2 boys, one of which is peanut, she ran through most of her pregnancy last year. Author, Mom, and creative blogger. Her Giveaway/Review blog HERE is always buzzing with great products.

Heather @ Run Faster Mommy- Heather's blog has grown and so has her ambition, what once was "Run Faster Mommy" is now "Swim, Bike and Run Faster Mommy." I don't know much about the 3 sports, but I love that Heather is constantly juggling getting her degree, family life, sports, jobs and which week to give up Mountain Dew.

Marlene @ Mission to Another Marathon- Not sure when Marlene first commented on Tall Mom but I know it was in 2009. I have "known" her a while and she ALWAYS has positive words of encouragement, you can tell she reads the posts. I had the great honor of running the Seattle Rock N Roll Marathon HERE with this lady and I KNOW that we will meet up again in the future. I consider her a dear friend, even if she is in Antigua while I am stuck in rainy Washington..

The Canadian and Australian Mel's: Mel at 2nd Chances my Canadian Mel, has a great story, her current post on her blog explains it all, go watch but bring your kleenex. Mel Tries to Run my Australian Mel connection, she does not post often but when she does it is a joy. She is the author of a play and last year published a book on Gastric Band Surgery. When she was a radio jock she interviewed me on her station, which was AWESOME..

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday

I realized I have been a bit of a SLACKER on Test Lab Tuesday. I have plenty of things in the Tall Mom Test Lab, they need to be RUN through the ringer before I give a review...

Welcome to the day for all the things I review..

Living, Eating and Running...

Alpha and Omega:
Muscle Man was out of town for a night, to get a much needed SAHD break.. This meant I had the Little Studs Solo...we were upstairs watching "Over the Hedge" when I thought up an idea..it would be FUN to get a NEW movie.. We went to Great Wolf Lodge over the Christmas Break and they had clips for "Alpha and Omega," so off to Target we went.

LOVE LOVE! The character development and mix of kid and adult friendly dialogue is great. The Little Studs were entertained (well LS #2 departed about 3/4 of the way through but he is 3). I highly recommend this movie as a rental or purchase. Our kids have already watched it several times..
TLC Extreme Couponing:
Tall Sister came over and we happened upon this show. The premise is Shopaholics who have mastered the art of Coupons getting item upon item for pennies. I got hooked. The first lady gave me ANXIETY, she appeared to have no reason for her purchases and no place to store them. She stacked 200 boxes of pasta on her futon. The lady pictured above was uber-organized and had a supply for 3 months, which is the coupon cycle. Then there was a guy who bought a crate of Total cereal and donated to Charity..

-TLC totally staged this, no store has that much inventory on hand.

-I feel bad for the general public who could use a good deal, get to the store and cannot buy 10 for $10 because they were after these food hoarders.

-Wow these people have too much time on their hands, 7 hours in a store, and countless hours researching deals.

-I wish that our grocery bill could be $6 :)

Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches:
At Target the Little Studs wanted Ice Cream, well I am trying to get down to my best Running weight so I had to pass...but I did pick up a pack of my old 140 calorie FRIENDS the Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches. I made the mistake of giving LS#2 a bite and ended up sharing most of my sandwich with the kiddos, so I probably only had 100 calories. Tastes so GOOD you will feel like you are cheating on your diet.


Smart Wool Socks HERE:
This time of year proper gear is so important and to me that starts with socks. Running socks are $$$$...but for good socks it may be worth the coin. Although it does not get too chilly in Washington when the chill comes I make sure to have my Smart Wool socks on for running. I even wear them around the house. These socks are AWESOME keeping my feet toasty and blister free.

Drymax socks HERE:
What I do know being a Washington runner is RAIN. I am constantly trying to avoid puddles, soggy socks are not fun. The solution I have found is Drymax socks, these are MAGIC! In the wettest conditions the water is pulled away from the skin leaving my toes dry. I have 3 pairs and this time of year one pair is always in my running bag.

  • Have a product you would like me to review?? Email me tallmomontherun at gmail and hotmail.

  • What Living, Eating and Running products are you in love with? or maybe there is a product we should AVOID. Leave a comment.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm a Little Different

Welcome NEW Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!!

Lately I have realized that I am DIFFERENT. The list could go on and on for all of the reasons, being 6 foot tall and female comes to mind, but the most glaringly obvious difference from my Running friends is this:


I work hard on my running days, but I CHERISH my rest days. The Marathon training plan I have created for myself is a 4 day a week plan with the OPTION to run a short 5th day if I want to. My weekly mileage MAX for this Marathon training plan is 40 miles. DIFFERENT?? Yes! But does it work for ME? YES!!

There is no Rule in training for a Marathon that says run 6 days a week, 70++ miles, never take rest days.... the KEY to a good plan is knowing yourself, your differences and doing what you know you can stick to.. If that means crazy awesome mileage, cool.. there are many DIFFERENT plans out there one is right for you and that makes your HAPPY.
Speaking of happy! The local Saucony rep sent me these bad boys to test out.. Women's ProGrid Kinvara HERE. I would have preferred a less DIFFERENT color, but it is sorta fun to have day glow shoes. I wore these the first time to the Hood to Coast movie. The shoes are in the test lab for Review but I will have more info soon.
I was also sent the Women's Lexi Long Sleeve top HERE. I threw on the outfit and set out for 2 miles with Muscle Man and the Little Studs.
  • 2 MILES Friday:

IT WAS WINDY! The boys fought the whole time about whether the stroller shade should be up or down.. UGH!! The run went by quick...we sped up a little to stop the bickering.. I was working from home, it was nice to get a short run with the family mid-day. This run was not on my plan.
  • 12 MILES Saturday:
The next day was a 12 miler with the Fleet Feet group. I did not sign up this year but my friends Tammy and Heidi did, so Janna and I played bandit. Speaking of Janna she updated her Blog HERE. My GOAL for this run was 9:15 pace, but when I woke up with an upset stomach I was worried!! I don't like slowing down my friends.. GOD BLESS MY FRIENDS!! Janna, Tammy and Heidi were the reason this run was a success. There were many times I wanted to slow, to stop, to relax...but they just kept on moving, talking, and keeping a strong positive vibe. I held up the rear of the group, caboose style :) "I think I can I think I can."

Last year at this time I set the pace, I am TOTALLY humbled coming into training with less endurance. It was GREAT to see so many folks out with Fleet Feet Training!! Although I am not on the team, I appreciate that they let me bandit the training, I brought my own water :)

The trail was an adventure we saw a hoof of some sort, 5 bald eagles (Our Sam now has a son and wife I think) and lots of dogs.. It was a nice day, warm for January, and we finished before the rain started.. BONUS!! I fell in love with a Brooks jacket of a fellow runner, now I am totally tempted to shop online.. New gear=great Marathon training, Right??

  • 4 MILES Sunday:
I will be doing recovery runs on Sundays. I spent 2 hours cleaning our wood blinds and was feeling DUSTY.. The rain and wind looked CRAZY outside, but Little Stud #2 was napping so the treadmill near his room was not an option. I laced up and set out, I made a TOTALLY horrible video on the run which I may post later..LOL.. This run was tough, hilly, windy, but it felt good to get some fresh air. We are having a mini heat wave it was in the 50's. Funny my recovery run pace was 9:14....hmmmm OOPS!!

  • Today is a REST DAY!! Yippee... although I am at work....those of you who have the day off ENJOY!!!
  • “The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King, Jr

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Whatcha Doin

Just spent 2++ hours dusting our wood blinds.... they are clean but my house overall is still a MESS... UGH!! There should be a catergory on DailyMile for House Cleaning..

Off to run in the sideways Rain and Wind... will tell you all about the weekend in runs 2 + 12 + TBD...tomorrow morning. Have a very HAPPY Sunday..

  • Whatcha Doin today??

Friday, January 14, 2011

A Tale of Fails

My training plan called for HILL repeats, my knee is not ready for that...I got dressed anyhow, looked out the tiny window in my office, and got dressed. Muscle Man had texted me earlier in the day that is felt "Warm," I forgot that and put on my winter/weather quality GoLite Jacket. All dressed up, first foot out the door, SPLASH!!

-Did not put on my Hat and it was pouring buckets.

-Wore a jacket for winter weather and it was 55 and raining, got to warm so ended up wearing a T-shirt, rain dripping down my arms.

-I wanted to get to know the route to the North, it ended after .7m, so my run was spent looking for more mileage.

-Ran on path near a local business which does not allow smoking on company property, so the smokers go to the trail. These were DEDICATED (lol) smokers out in the rain, about 8 of them with puffs too big to dodge. Pretty sure I inhaled a full cig, COUGH COUGH.

-Nicely dressed woman frowned at me. What was that about??

The run wasn't all fails, I found a path just under a mile that is dirt covered, this is the type of trail I should run on more often for my knees. It will take loops and loops to get in the miles but it is pretty so I guess that is OK, I will let the mud dry up first it was slippery.

The rain was thick. In Washington there are many different ways to describe rain, this was coast-like rain. Misty, wet, like running through continuous wall of water. I was sticky, I kept having to wipe the water from my face and arms...Cant believe I did not wear my hat.

I thought about stopping after 3 miles, I was near my car and I could complete the 2 miles when I got home....I was TEMPTED.. But I continued on, I was already wet, and would have the laundry from this run I didn't want a second set of clothes to wash. What if I did not get the miles in I would be behind? There is a hill about 1 mile out that will be good for hill repeats next week, good to know :)

I passed a man with an umbrella the size of a small tent, it made me laugh inside.. There were a few runners out, all male, they were lucky... They did not have to worry about their makeup washing off and a soggy matted mess of ponytail hair. I looked LOVELY after the run!! Lucky for you I did not have a camera :)

Long Run tomorrow, I am going to bandit the Fleet Feet group...SSHHHH don't tell :)

  • Get out there and burn some doughnuts this weekend!!! And FYI if you are in the Seattle Area Top Pot is giving FREE Seahawks Doughnuts to people who come dressed in a Seahawks jersey... SCORE!! Go Hawks!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Know your PLAN

Marathon training for Marathon #6!! When did that happen? Each training cycle has been a bit different. I would say the only Marathon where I was fully prepared, and completely ready was for Eugene (Race Report HERE). The trick to a successful training plan for a Marathon is self-assessment.
  • Maybe you want to "just run for the love of running" and don't want the confines of a true plan.

  • Maybe you need structure down to the minute, pace, distance, etc..

  • Maybe a Beginner plan would be best, a plan that prepares you for the mileage, but does not have speed work, hill work, or other confines.. Your goal is simple To Finish.

  • Maybe you do not like rest days, will run all day every day, and need a plan to reign you in.

  • Maybe you have a PR you are hunting down and need the structure to get you there.
Knowing who YOU are as a runner is important before you go into any training from 5K to 50K and beyond.. I am a NEWBIE (Wannabee) Running Coach practicing with training plans on friends and family.. Which client am I having the hardest time with?? ME! Yes I have created my own training plan. So before I work with ME, I need to know a few things..

STRENGTHS/POSITIVES:-Experienced runner and racer with a decent mileage base coming into training.
-Knows she CAN run the distance, she has done it before.
-Strong quads
-Ability to stick to a training plan
-Has a treadmill in her home and running trails near her office.
-Great gear and shoes for the winter training
-Has the support of family and friends
-Has a community of runners to complete long runs with
-Can tap into speed when necessary
-Determined to have a great effort at the Marathon in Boston.

-T-Rex arms slow her down :) hehehe
-Has 8 pounds to lose which is weighing her down.
-Schedule during the day is all over the place making some days hard to fit a run in.
-Fades at the end of runs/races.
-Adjusting to major life changes
-May be slightly burnt out and not totally ready for Marathon training.
-Has a weak knee making 4-5 days a week max.
-Tempted to run for fun instead of time
-Would like to help others meet their goals, leaving her goals to the side.

  • How do I work with this person??
The Message: Unless you know yourself as a Runner you will not know what plan (or lack of plan) is best for you. The runner you are is ever-changing, so assessments should be done often. The worst thing to do is set out on a plan and not be able to stick with it.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Around the Hood to Coast

Title inspired by the before and after category on Jeopardy??

Moving on... Yesterday I met Tammy for a run AROUND MY HOOD, well the hood I grew up in, well not really a hood a very nice little town called Bonney Lake. We met at Allen York Park for a 7 mile run. I have run this route a few times, I keep coming back because it is BEAUTIFUL, each time I forget how HARD/HILLY it is. I really should do a Map My Run for this one because it is a quad builder..

I felt like a tour guide as I showed Tammy all the lakes in Bonney Lake, we started with Lake Tapps, passed by Emerald Hills Elementary, went past Tall Grandma's house (Mom you were on the phone, I will come pick up my sweatshirt soon), then past Lake Jane Park, on to Lake Bonney, from Bonney Lake Blvd to Old Buckley Hwy, and back to the park 7.02 miles of hilly/lakey goodness. It is green, it is quiet, very few cars to worry about, but MAN!! I asked leading questions because I could not find my breath. I am very proud of our pace for such a TOUGH route.

We said a quick Goodbye because it was 5:05PM and we would reconnect at 7:05PM.. You see Jill HERE had an extra ticket to "Hood to Coast" the movie HERE how could I pass up a chance to see OUR SPORT on the big screen. Yes it started at 8:30PM, there was potential for a snow storm and I would not get to bed until after 11PM....BUT....it was only showing for one night and I NEEDED to be there...
And WOW am I glad I went. This Movie is WONDERFUL!! Funny, sad, entertaining, real, off color, and INSPIRING. I loved it!!
  • What is Hood to Coast?
For all the FAQ's go HERE

Event Date: August 26-27, 2011

Known as "The Mother of All Relays", HTC is the largest relay in the world, hosting a capped team limit for the past 20 years, and has filled on "Opening Day" of registration for the past 13 years! HTC is also the longest running relay event in Oregon , and hosts the largest beach party on the west coas

The race spans 197 miles, from the top of Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean at Seaside. Consists of thirty-six (36) Legs. Each runner is required to complete three (3) of the 36. Each Leg ranges in distance from 3.7 to 7.4 miles. Legs vary in difficulty, from easy to very hard, due to the varying Oregon terrain. Each running team has between eight and twelve runners. Due to the popularity of the race, they have had to limit the number of teams for the Hood To Coast Relay to 1,250 teams. Selling out on "Opening Day" for the last 13 years.

Interested?? Well get your info in early next year because Registration took place in October!!!

  • Would Tall Mom ever attempt the Hood to Coast? FOR SURE!! It has now been added to my bucket list. I think Muscle Man would be a great driver/navigator and Tall Grandma would be an awesome packer/race crew/support. I wonder if motor homes are allowed?? because Tall Grandma has a sweet one, we would get loads of sleep.. Although we have missed the cut-off for 2011, the wheels are turning to TRY for a team in 2012. With such amazing interest and a lottery system it may be a few years...
Back to the movie....

I don't want to spoil anything because the movie will come out on DVD and I think every runner should own it in their collection to pull out for inspiration the night before a BIG running event. This is BY FAR the best running inspired film I have seen. The filming was pristine, musical score matched to each scene, and the characters were both endearing and funny. I had to fight back the tears one scene and was in giggles the next. It helped that I was surrounded by my running buddies, Jill, Jamie, Tammy, Janna and little Janna.... and I got to meet a few new friends!!

Hood To Coast was in theatres for 1 Night only 1-11-11... I am hoping that it will re-release soon. If not, here are a couple recommendations for Running movies you can own and watch now...
Spirit of the Marathon HERE:
The premise of the film is runners from elite down to newbies preparing for the Chicago Marathon.

From the website
"As six unique stories unfold, each runner prepares for and ultimately faces the challenge of the Chicago Marathon. More than a sports movie, Spirit of the Marathon is an inspirational journey of perseverance and personal triumph; a spectacle that will be embraced by runners and non-runners alike."

I bought this movie and watched it prior to my First Marathon. The SPIRIT has hit me in different ways each time I have watched it since then. The filming is very documentary shaky and not always clear, parts of the film are a bit SLOW, but it is a GREAT movie to watch especially for those who are thinking of tackling the CHALLENGE of the Marathon (26.2 miles). UltraMarathon Man HERE:
The running community has mixed feelings about Dean Karnazes, many think he is a business man using running for fame... Well I say GOOD FOR HIM!!! I have read all of his books and watched this movie many times. This film follows Dean on his Quest to complete 50 Marathons in 50 States in 50 Days sponsored by North Face, with the support of his family and amazing team.

From the website: The inspirational film UltraMarathon Man: 50 Marathons • 50 States • 50 Days, features renowned endurance athlete and best selling author Dean Karnazes, in his attempt to run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days to raise awareness for youth obesity and to get America active. A beautiful and epic journey across the United States, during which Dean pushes the limits of human endurance, inspiring thousands across the country to join him along the path while uniting people of all ages and abilities to take "the next step."

The amazingness (is that a word?) of this feat give me chills. As an Event Planner I could not stop thinking about all the logistics that had to be put in place in order for this to be a success.. I am in awe of people with seemingly superhuman strength and endurance. His passion and drive is inspiring, makes my 7 miler at lunch seem not only possible, but easy :)

  • Movies that do not make the cut: I bought a couple Prefontaine inspired movies to get to know more about the Running culture in Eugene, OR...those are a bit dark and focus more on short distance and competition. We also own "The Long Run" I have watched it once and will never again. It was slow, did not seem very real, and overall is a poorly made film. The Director of this film does not appear to know a thing about running...

  • What Running Movies/Books do you love?

  • Tell me about your favorite route in your "Hood"?

  • Have you ever participated in a Relay event? Did you blog about it? If so, please post the link in a comment so others can check it out.