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Monday, December 20, 2010

Santa Runs Tacoma 5K 2010

Welcome new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!

The night before the Santa Runs Tacoma 5K Bonney Lake had a STORM, with wind and rain so loud I could hardly sleep...our power went out so I made sure to have my cell phone alarm set. at 6:30 I woke up to start the day...the Little Studs were not far behind then Tall Grandma came with some tasty French Toast sticks.. I had not set out EVERYTHING the night before the race and was distracted with everyone up and about.. Diaper Change, eat, get directions, kiss kids, do I have everything? Mom and I set out early because the main roads were to close at 8AM...
We got a GREAT spot for FREE in the Marina area, I was a bit worried I would get a ticket but we didn't. I realized quickly that I FORGOT MY GARMIN and IPOD!! Yes folks I would be running unplugged...thankfully it was a 5K.
Meet my beautiful Mom Tall Grandma :) I was super excited to have her with me at this race, she has always been an amazing support through all of my athletics.. I bet if she had packed my bag I would have had everything ;)

Mom and I looked around, grabbed my free hat and a chocolate milk, I intriduced her to friends as we would run into people.. There was a guy wearing the same Elf shirt, I said "Wow thought I would be the only one wearing this costume," joking of course, it was from Target, a lady next to him snapped back "Well you wont be running with him!!!" Hmmmm OK guess she thought I was hitting on him.. We took lot and lots of pictures, since Mom was there I had my good camera.
Santa Runs Tacoma was a GREAT evernt with 5K, 10K and kids 1K. We had a great local blogger turnout Alma, Chelsea, Janna, Jill, Kadie and Kerrie. Chelsea arranged for matching socks, but I already had a fun pair that Janna gave me for a gift..
Hmmm can you spot me?? My Brooks Green Silence 5K racers were perfect for my Elf costume.
I love my little running buddy Janna, she ran the 10K for fun and took pictures..
Not sure why I thought this was a good idea, but I guess we hit Jill in the head, sorry Jilly!!
The start line was PACKED... so after the photos ops I tried to work my way closer to the front, I was not racing but I did not want to walk either..
Mom stayed with Tammy on the sidelines and got a good spot, she caught a great photo of the Grinch. As I started out it was SLOW.. I dodged people, ran on the medium grassy area and was hoping I could find a good pace.. I quickly realized that the snowflake earrings and side braids were tangled....UGH!! The rest of my outfit was totally comfortable.. I passed my Elf Twin at mile .75, guess his cranky friend was right, we would not be running together I was too fast :)
  • With no idea of the time mile 1 passed in a flash, the course started on a hill then levelled out, which was nice.. this was the same route as part of the You Go Girl Half Marathon where I paced T to a PR. I felt good, breathing a little labored but I was not pushing it too hard, the leaders wooshed by on the right and we came to the turn.. 1.5 done..
It is very strange not having a Garmin to obsess over, or an ipod I could hear my breathing.. My race strategy because spotting women ahead of me and passing them.... I saw my friend Amy and waved, Janna took my picture, and Kadie and Chelsea yelled my name.. The race atmosphere was great lots of costumes and not too competitive. I was getting tired and I knew there was a small hill left, I saw Judy ahead.
  • Judy is 67 she is a local celebrity and is at EVERY race...I even saw her at mile 18 of the Portland Marathon. If Jusy is not at a race you know that there is a BETTER race somewhere else.. I beat her by a mear 10 seconds in a 5K, I was going 7:23 pace.. she wins her Age group every time :)

I knew that Judy would be running sub 8's, so if I passed her I was on target for my sub 7:30's goal. I wanted to have fun and not get injured trying to go too fast. Passed Judy and looked for the next woman to pass, 1, 2, 3, 4, I was picking them off... Guess starting slow is a good thing. Up the hill and I was out of steam. I totally forgot that Mom and Tammy were at the Finish Line, but I did pose for the Race Photographer.. Can you see me in the distance?? Thankfully this race was chip timed, it took me over a minute to cross the start line.

Where's Tall Mom the Elf??
Yes T-Rex Arms...what is that??
Classic Mel, mouth wide open looking like I am about to die... I waved to my Mom, photo in the last post, then went on to get my chip cut off, grab my Mug from Heidi (mugs were given to the first 300 finishers, my running buddy Heidi and her husband James were volunteering), grab a water and find my Mom and friends.. I had no idea what my real time was but I knew it was 23:xx and I was OK with that.. Time to play Tall Mom Photographer!!!

Kerrie cruising to a PR wearing Elf Ears
Jill super excited to have friends at the finish
Look at that cute Elf.. I think next year we need to try for the team costume contest.
Amy and her dog Brandon
Janna on the turn for the 10K, they had to cross the finish then go back out.. I would not have liked that course glad I chose the 5K.
This team was Santa and his Reindeers, funny they sorta looked like meatball costumes :)
Here is Nicole at Body By Beer she had commented and said she would be a ginger Girl, so when she crossed the finish I knew it was her.. First Race!!!
We chatted for a bit, I love love meeting new people!! congrats Nicole, you looked great.
And here is Pastor James, my running buddy Tammy the Redhead's hubby.. It was his first 5K!!
Amy hung out with Mom and I.. she is TALL like me :) funny story when I was in Junior High I would watch Amy play Basketball at the High School, I idolized her, I was her biggest fan. Years later I ran into her at our friend Lynette's Baby shower, I told her my story and we have been friends ever sence.. She says I inspired her to start running, and she has inspired friends and family, IT IS CATCHING :)

Here come Kadie and Chelsea, looking strong.. I will be designing a training plan for chelsea because she is going to run Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon :)
Erika finishing the 10K, I guess the costume was a pain to run in.
The Grinch finished and won the costume contest.
Tammy looking lovely and cheering on her family.
Janna crossed the 10K and did a cartwheel, I did not get that on camera.
Next up the little ones for the 1K, here is Jill and her little Man
Jamie and her buddy.
Kerrie and Mr. Race Face
After the kids run we went inside to check on Awards, amy thought her dog might get a costume award. I loved all the fun costumes.. I looked at the results, and although the time was not official I had placed 4th in the Age group!!
And Brandon won the homemade costume award.. We waited FREEZING, Mom bless her let me use her big coat.. It was a LONG wait but eventually it was my turn.
TIME: 23:07
PACE: 7:27
AGE Group: 4
This race was so fun for so many reasons.. With the stress and sadness the last couple months i NEEDED a day to dress up, be with family and friends, and just HAVE FUN! Mission accomplished..


Amy @ Run Mom Run said...

I saw you there! I was going to go introduce myself but you were taking your group shots at the time and I didn't see you again. Though you must have passed me on the course somewhere. Great race.

TNTcoach Ken said...

That finish line face was a easy fun run?????? Ha, way to T-Rex arms. Great photos.

Aimee said...

That race looks like so much fun! I loved all the costumes! The pictures were awesome! Congrats on your 4th place win! Woohoo!

EricaH said...

Sounds like a very festive and fun race to run.

abbi said...

Looks like fun and awesome job!

Kate Geisen said...

Congratulations! Nice job taking 4th place when you weren't setting out to kill yourself in the race. BTW, I know you've mentioned lately being up a few pounds, but you look GREAT, so if you still are, you're hiding it well.

gba_gf said...

THAT LOOKS SO FUN!!! I'm glad you had a good time.

Chelsea said...

Yay - my first race pics where it looks like I'm actually RUNNING!

Hope you & your mom enjoyed your treats. :)

Kerrie said...

I had so much fun with everyone! So glad to be "back"! Thanks for the photos, too!

Yes, next year we should try for the costume contest! Maybe we could be a running Nativity!

Bethany + Ryan said...

wow, that looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! Your running community out there seems so cool! I'm jealous. Last year when i saw all the blog posts from the women's only half i was like, "i wanna fly out and run with all them next year!" looks like so much fun! great job to all!

Twila said...

I wish we had more Christmas fun runs. There is only one and NO one around here dresses up. Looks like a lot of fun!
Glad you passed the cranky guy : )

Marlene said...

Congrats!! Strong 5K. Your Mom is an awesome race photog - so many fun pics!!!

Michelle said...

Sounds like a really fun race!! Congrats on your great time!

Unknown said...

Great report! Congrats on your big 4th place finish.

Still Running said...

Way to go. Your costume is too cute. Inspires me to try another 5km to see if I've improved!

Erika said...

Looks like you girls had so much fun!!!

Richelle said...

Sweet run and great costume! Congrats on the age group award!

Average Woman Runner said...

Nice photos! You looked pretty cute in your elf shirt & braids :)

Unknown said...

Love these photos. It looks like such a fun race. Congrats on your 4th:)

TX Runner Mom said...

What a fun race! Great job!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Nice race report! You all look great. Congrats on the fast finish. (love the braids!!)

Unknown said...

That looks like so much fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Loved all the photos... some really cute costumes!!!