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Friday, December 31, 2010

Running into 2011

I had GREAT plans for 2010 recaps of goals, accomplishments and pictures...but as a Working Mom on break from the Big Girl Job I have a LOT to fit in.. Oil change and car service, shop for new Living room furniture, burn down the house... etc.... Wait what??

So the last couple days has been a comedy of errors, I am pretty sure my Dad is messing with me from Heaven or maybe he is protecting us, you decide....

The WEIRD things:

1. Lost my Marathon and Runner girl decals off the back of my car at the Car wash.

2. Did not get our chicken nuggets at Wendy's

3. Dropped the salt shaker on my spoon holder and it shattered.

4. And to top it off I used kitchen towels to pull dinner out of the oven... I always use pot holders not sure what I was thinking. I put the towels in the drawer. Muscle Man smelled something and saw smoke, opened the drawer and WHAM towels on FIRE!! All the towels in our drawer were lit up, he tossed them on the floor then we threw them in the snow.. The weird thing was I was thinking the other day that I wanted matching Kitchen towels. So blessed that all we lost were towels and that the Little Studs were upstairs.. here is the damage.. UGH!!
This morning I finished up 2010 with a RUN.

Total for 2010= 1,220

My Goal was higher, but 2010 threw me some MAJOR PUNCHES so I am proud of those miles. FYI the 2010 spreadsheet closes tomorrow morning, so email me if you need the link, anyone with no miles listed will be deleted from the Blog post on 1/2.

I met Tammy, and Heidi at 8AM and 22 Degrees...BRRRRR!!!! My camera phone was blurry but it was cold so no retakes. We opted to try a new trail (to us) along the Puyallup River, new scenery..
It was a little slick, but the snow has covered everywhere so I am guessing this trail was one of the few options. I was TIRED from the get go, I HAVE NOT RUN ALL WEEK, OOPS!! Tammy and Heidi are in shape and zoomed along. I am 11 pounds heavy and have not run much lately, but I will get back on track ASAP.. When we set out the goal was 12 miles, UGH, so when the trail ended at a little over 4 miles and we had to turn I was happy... I told the girls they could drop me off at 8 miles.
The Mountain was aglow and majestic...I NEVER tire of this view.. We stopped for a quick shot and headed back. Hard to believe that I have only know Tammy for a Year, the Fleet Feet training group starts next weekend I am not sure if I will sign up but I am sure I will bandit a few training runs.. After the run I came home to a sick Little Stud #1. We had plans to shop for couches so Tall Grandma came to our house, THANKS GRANDMA!! She took care of LS#1, including when he tossed his cookies...YUCK!! We found couches at Allen's Furniture in Enumclaw, WA.. TOTALLY recommend it for local folks, Jon was GREAT to work with.. Our new furniture arrives in 6-8 weeks in the fabric we selected...SO COOL!!

Yesterday, Tall Grandma treated us to a trip to the Train expo at the local Museum.. LS#1 had a fun time, he wore the cute hat and loved the exhibits.. I got in the spirit and put on a funny hat :) Looking back on 2010 there were very good moments and days I struggle to even think about...but I will recap it all so I won't forget, this is my journal after all. Maybe I will have time to post tomorrow while Muscle Man watches football.
  • UPDATE the Spreadsheet for the Tall Mom 1,000+++ Club. Also if you would post on your Blog with a link to Tall Mom and tell others about the Club and that it will open for 2011 on 1/3 that would be GREAT! Would love to have twice the number next year!


Christy said...

Happy New Year to you too! Glad no one got hurt!

Beth said...

So glad no one was hurt in your small fire, yikes! What a weird way to end 2010, I hope you what a fun, safe, start to 2011.

I am so glad to see that you will be doing the "Run 1000++ with Tall Mom" again, I already put the logo on my blog and will kick off the year with 13.1 tomorrow =)

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

Happy New Year!! A fire is a crazy way to get new towels but atleast now you can have matching ones ;)

Elizabeth said...

Glad nobody was injured. Have a safe and blessed New Year.

Anonymous said...

Sneaky way to get new matching kitchen towels! ;-)

I'm totally in for the 1000 club in 2011... I was so sad I missed joining this year because I didn't find you until June!

RunningFromCancer said...

Glad nothing else was damaged in the small fire . . . and that it stayed small. Isn't it amazing just how lucky we are sometimes!!!!

I so enjoyed being in the 1000 club during 2010 - it certainly kept me going and I KNOW I RAN FURTHER THAN I WOULD HAVE WITHOUT IT. THANKS MEL - for giving me that little extra push!

Count me in for 2011!

Hoping for a healthly year for you and your family.

Unknown said...

Happy New Year, Mel. That's one tough way to get new towels...I've always thought us wives should get a "wedding shower" at 5 years and 10 years in so we can get all new towels and such.

Looking forward to being a part of your club in 2011, since I missed out in 2010.

Kerrie said...

Is it bad that I giggled at your kitchen towel story? It's just so random! I guess, it seems like something that would totally happen to me! And the picture is awesome. It's only funny because nobody got hurt. :)

Hope you have a wonderful new year! I want to be part of the club next year, but I don't think I'd make it, especially when last year I got hurt running too much. *shaking head* We'll see.

Happy New Year!

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

I accidentally put a pot holder in the oven one time. It was stuck to the bottom of the pizza stone! WOOPS!!!!!!

I'm IN for 1000 in 2011!!!

Chris and Mandy said...

Glad your husband noticed the smoke before it became much worse. So what color towels are you going to pick out? :)

I'm in for 1000+ for 2011. It's going to be a huge challenge but I've spent a lot of time talking it over with my husband and he's going to help me.

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Fires are scary, no matter how small they are. I glad everything was okay, and all you lost was towels, because it could have been so much worse.

Happy 2011.

Melissa said...

Happy New Year!!

abbi said...

Happy New Year - hopefully that was the end of the weird events!

Meg O @watchmegorun said...

i put the picture on my blog as well as a link to your blog! I'm so excited to start this. I'm not sure how to make a button of it so the two can be combined. Happy New Year!


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

i put the picture on my blog as well as a link to your blog! I'm so excited to start this. I'm not sure how to make a button of it so the two can be combined. Happy New Year!


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Happy 2011!! And, CONGRATULATIONS on your 1220 miles! All you runnin' mama's AMAZE me with your dedication!

Will you be sponsoring another ++1000 miles in 2011?! I will be sure to sign up this year!

Meredith said...

Happy New Year and holy cow about the towels! Love the pictures! Thanks for all the motivation and inspiration in 2010!

The Running Mama said...

I am definitely in for 2011 with 1000 miles! May need help posting on my blog: happytobearunningmama.blogspot.com. I am new to this!


Stacie said...

My FIL is the area coordinator and main guy who runs Operation Lifesaver. He was at the train expo/museum every day. When I saw the pic of you guys in the hat I giggled. I probably carried the box those hats came in :)

Kennyo said...

Hey, it sounds like it was a up and down year, bu you had a great spirit!! I enjoy reading

Marlene said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! So crazy about the towels. I'm glad everyone is okay and that the damage wasn't worse.

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Happy New Year! Sorry to hear about the kitchen fire! Glad everyone is okay!

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