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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Up to Speed

I have been totally disconnected with Bloggy Land with no hope of catching up.. Soooo I thought it would be fun to use this post for you all...

Pretty Please help me get

with you by answering any of the Following:

First: Name and City/State- city is optional :)

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...

3. Who has Inspired you and why?

4. Who have you Inspired and how?

OK think that is enough to keep you busy... This is a GREAT way to see through comments all the people who are out there in Bloggy Land and what you all are up to..



kimert said...

First: Kimberly, Friendsville, TN

1. I ran the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 5k and got a new PR!!!! And I am 20 lbs lighter than when I ran it this same time last year. Woohoo!

2. To be determined! I know I want to run a 10k race and a half marathon but have not registered for either as of yet!

3. LIFE! My family – hubby and kids! They are always there for me and are my biggest supporters. No matter what hubby is by my side and keeps me going. They see me for who I am and love me which means more to me than anything and gives me a reason to keep going on.

4. I’ve inspired many, some I don’t even know with my story. I don’t think I have done anything spectacular that others haven’t but I know that I’ve inspired a few people with how far I have come over the last year. I hope to continue inspiring others as I accomplish more in the coming year.

Katherine said...

Katherine/New Orleans, LA

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?
Registered for my first half marathon and have begun training!

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...
Thanksgiving. I can't wait for the break and to spend all day in the kitchen... one of my favorite things to do.

3. Who has Inspired you and why?
One of my good friends just ran a half and inspired me to sign up. And of course, there are all the people in the blog world (including you) who are an inspiration to this recreational runner!

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
I hope to inspire my family with my training and racing, just as I did when I was a swimmer.

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Kurt (go online by "wojo")
Newington, CT

1. Proud Octoboer Accomplishment: I completed my first half marathon. That was the first step towards my goal of a 2012 Ironman.

2. Upcoming Exciting Event: I'm leaving my Ph.D. program to pursue a fitness career. Oh, and a marathon in spring.

3. Who Inspires You: Anyone pushing the limits of the (im)possible. (e.g. Team Hoyt, Philippe Croizon) I never thought I would enjoy running let alone finish a half marathon and plan to do an Ironman. With every boundary I approach, the limits keep moving further away. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it and I'm inspired by anyone who hears "that's impossible" and automatically wants to challenge it.

4. The goal of my own blog is to inspire people to join a fitness activity or set a goal. I've had friends start up the couch-to-5k program, another get back into her spinning class, a friend joined me on the half marathon this month, a few friends set goals of doing triathlons with me next season, and my own mother now walks 5k every other day. I try to inspire through knowledge (showing people how easy/fun/beneficial it is to be active) and being an example (I'm sure plenty of people are sick of seeing all of my workout posts).

Meredith said...

Meredith/Vancouver, WA

1. I ran the Girlfriend's 1/2 marathon and PR'd AND did it in under 2:00... 1:56:30!

2. I'm excited that I won an entry into the Vancouver USA marathon and will get to run that in June!

3. My dear friends who ran Portland inspire me. One who BQ'd and one who ran like a warrior through the pain and still finished in 4:15!

4. I have several friends who have started running because of my journey. I hope to inspire more!

It's Me, Kristi said...

Kristi - West Monroe, LA

1. I successfully rehabbed my shin splints
2. I won a lottery spot into the Houston Chevron Marathon in January
3. I am inspired by "regular" folks (you know, jobs, kids, houses) that are able to complete tough goals (marathon, Ironman, etc...)
4. I hope I inspire people often, but the only people I am aiming to inspire are my children.

Katy said...

Katy - Battle Ground, WA

I entered my very first marathon - Portland 2011 here I come!

I am running the Foot Traffic Holiday Half in December, I am also excited to have the holidays here to celebrate :)

I got up the courage to finally enter a marathon after reading "Run Like a Mother"! How Inspiring!

I think I have been inspiring my husband, who just started running and is running the Foot Traffic Holiday 5K.

Karen said...

Karen from Kansas

In October, I ran my 2nd half marathon with a 20 minute PR!

I am inspired by people like you who show me everything that's possible.

I've inspired a friend to start running!

Kimberly said...

Kimberly, Indiana

1. I completed the Tall Mom 83-mile challenge :)

2. I am not sure if I call it excited but I'm anxious for my race on Saturday - a 15.9-mile trail race. It will be the farthest I've ever ran.

3. All the running moms. I struggle to get it done at times, and I just have an ornery Siberian husky and a husband.

4. I get comments from co-workers that my weight loss has inspired them. They saw me at my heaviest and, now, at my thinnest (a 120-pound difference!).

Alicia said...

Hey Mel! I've been MIA and just read about your Dad. I'm so sorry for your loss. Hope you are holding up okay. You are an amazing person and a great example out here in the bloggy world. I just know that through your loss you will help inspire others through what they are getting through. That's just what you do!

Guess I can't leave without answering your questions-
Alicia from Lehi, UT
1. I wanted to quit running. I got to the point where I hated it and wasn't sure why. I pushed through and found myself on the other side. Very proud of that.
2. Hubby and I are starting a charter school here for kiddos with autism. Very excited about this!
3. I've been inspired by Sam Felsenfeld of OperationJack.org. He has almost reached his goal of 62 marathons for the year. For his son.
4. Hmmm, hopefully I'm inspiring my kids to set goals and go for it! :)

Nike Athena said...

First: Nike (really), Beaverton, OR

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of? We have been sticking to our "building a strong foundation" 5K plan

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Going to Cali for Thanksgiving and setting up a family Turkey Trot with the nephews. And the Jingle Bell 5K in Dec.

3. Who has Inspired you and why? My Dad started running cause I asked him to, I am amazed by how far he's come in the last year and that he genuinely enjoys it. It gives me hope.

4. Who have you Inspired and how? My running buddy told me the other day she wouldn't "be doing this" if it weren't for me and would still be dragging her butt around for 1.5 mi instead of building mileage.

Laura said...

I'm not new to following you...but this is fun!
Laura - Canada!!

1. Ran my second highest monthly mileage in prep for my Nov Marathon.

2. Hamilton Marathon...NOV 7th!

3. Anyone who has commented on my blog for support and advice both inspires and touches me.

4. ...hmmm...well I guess my run group. They commented about how well I was doing and how happy they were that we have trained together through the summer.

THANK MEL!! You are awesome.

Allison said...

Allison - Dallas, Texas - triandfinish.blogspot.com

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of? I am proud that I have increased my swimming by 50% over last month and my running has had HUGE gains. Never before did I think I could run a mile...much less 6!!!

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...

I'm super excited about the holidays! November and December are such great months filled with family and friends. Without these people I would never be where I am or who I am.

3. Who has Inspired you and why? My best friend continues to inspire me everyday even though she is no longer with us

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
I have inspired my 10 year old niece to start getting active. She has indicated she wants to participate in the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot that I run each year!

What a great way to catch up!!

Meredith said...

Meredith -- Nobleboro, Maine

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of? -- I ran the 5K in the Dempsey (Yes, Patrick Dempsey) Challenge on October 2nd. I ran strong, and am very pleased with my performance.

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...
I am excited to be able to RUN AGAIN. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis. I was hoping to sign up for a Thanksgiving day 4 miler, but I don't know if I will be ready yet.

3. Who has Inspired you and why?
So many people!! I followed people doing the Couch to 5K program from a distance, and then after my son was born this spring, I just decided that I was going to do it and become a runner.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
There are several people who are now running because they followed ME on MY couch to 5K journey!

Darlene said...

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?

I ran 68.5 this month - the most ever in a month. I finished the Susan Komen 5k in 29.10 (2nd fastest time). I ran 8 miles last Sunday - the most ever!

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...
I am excited about running longer distances. I never thought I could run more than a 5k and now I'm considereing a half marathon some day.

3. Who has Inspired you and why?
A new running friend Mary who just started running a year ago has already run a half marathon. The beginners runners group who I had inspired has surpassed me by running in a 10k race.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
I ran several 5ks with my friend Mary and she finally finished under 30 min. She claimed I was her inspiration.

Sarah @ A Runner's Heart said...

Sarah from Fort Worth, TX

1. I finished the Couch to 5K program! :) I think I may be becoming a "real" runner now! haha :)

2. I will be running my first 5K this month on Thanksgiving day! I am VERY excited! I also start my half-marathon training this month!

3. You and all of the other bloggers that I read!

4. I have had 3 of my friends tell me that I have inspired them to start running and do the C25K program. That really makes you feel good inside! :)

J said...

J, New York

1. I am proud that I have been stretching every day and doing my PT exercises as well as doing XT.

2. I am excited to get back into speed work and running more after my little break due to knee pain.

3. I am inspired by all the blogs I read. They have really kept me going when I haven't been able to run!

4. I don't know who I have inspired...hopefully a few people to get out and run in the dark mornings!

Jodi H said...

Jodi Avon, OH

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?

I ran a 3 minute PR at the Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon on October 17th!!

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...

The beginning of my Cleveland Marathon training in January. I didn't make it to the finish line in 2010. I will get my redemption in 2011.

3. Who has Inspired you and why?

My family, the inspire me to be me because they are proud of me no matter what the outcome. They could care less if I come in first or last...what matters to them is that I had the courage to start!

4. Who have you Inspired and how?

Many of my college friends mention to me on facebook that I have inspired them through my dedication and determination with my running. Thing is the inspire me to inspire!!

Becca said...

Becca G. New Castle, PA

1. October was kind of a disappointing month because I had to go into physical therapy and ran a total of 10.25 miles, but I have to say I am proud of myself for knowing that I needed to back off from running and getting the help I needed.

2. I am currently looking for my next race, and that has me kind of excited. There is a chance I will be signing up for the Miami Half in Jan with some college friends, I just need them to commit!

3. You are definitely an inspiration to me, because you make me feel like no matter what is going on (or how much) I can totally do it. I would also say that my friend Sid Busch has inspired me, especially lately. I met him at the Air Force Half in September, and he is a running machine!

4. I would like to hope that I have inspired my sister, but I am not sure. She has recently gotten back into running, and called me when she was able to run 3.1 miles without stopping! It was a very neat moment for me, and meant so much that she called me!

Bethany + Ryan said...

1. I am proud of running another BQ time and also for placing 2nd in my age group this past sunday while wearing my home made spinach costume. :-)

2. i am excited about my 50 miler which is THIS saturday! i am also excited to hit the "6 month mark" til our wedding.

3. I feel EXTREMELY inspired by Matt Long's new book, "The Long Run." It is by far the best book i have ever read!!!!!

4. I try to inspire ppl at work to make healthier choices and to incorporate more exercise into their daily routines. We all did a 5k together last month and have another one in the works for April, actually, we are all going to do the BAA 5k the day before Boston

Anonymous said...

Fun idea Mel!

Garland, TX

1. 5K PR on Oct. 1, My first 21 miler on Oct. 23, and Half-marathon PR on Oct. 30th. It was a GOOD month for running!!!

2. Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 5th. My first full.

I'm going to switch 3 and 4.
4. So many of my friends, near and far have started running... I am so proud of them! It's amazing how much just talking about running and making it sound FUN and healthy can influence others. My SIL completed her first 5K. My friend, Jenn, completed her first half marathon. Emily got through her first 9 mile run and is counting down to her first half marathon. High school friend Jennifer just signed up for her first 5K. College friend Julie and local friend Lynette are actively doing a C25K program. It's awesome!

3. Things come full circle because it's those that started running that are accomplishing new distances for the first time that inspire me... also, so many of you in the bloggy world have inspired me... by being honest about not only the highs, but the lows, of running and how you got through them. I think of YOUR stories when I hurt and don't think I can continue.

Anonymous said...

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?
I ran 211 miles!!!

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...
My very first marathon is on november 28th in Seattle

3. Who has Inspired you and why?
Tons of bloggy friends and recent bloggers that have ran marathons.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
Not sure who I have inspired...

Kate Geisen said...

Kate: Illinois

1. I ran my first half marathon in 1:58:32, surpassing what I EVER thought was possible! The next week, I ran a trail 20K, fell twice, took nearly 1/2 hour longer than my half marathon, and had a blast. The next week, I set a new 10K PR. And then I didn't run for nearly two weeks after all that. :)

2. I'm excited about Thanksgiving. I love getting together with my family. I've got a 10 mile race at the end of the month that I'm looking forward to, as well.

3. I'm inspired by my work and blog friends who manage to be amazing athletes AND wives, mothers, friends, and employees.

4. I've inspired some of my friends ("real-life" and bloggy) through my blog (and incessant facebook posts about running and cycling), but what makes me happiest is inspiring a love of reading in my students. We're reading Little House in the Big Woods right now, and they beg me not to stop at the end of a chapter. One of my girls said yesterday, "I never want this book to end because I love it so much!" It warms my heart every time I think about that. It's EXACTLY what I want for them...to know that magic of reading. :)

Alanna said...

Alanna - Vancouver, BC, Canada

1. I finished my first marathon in 5:07:18!!!

2. I'm working toward upping my running to 4+ days/week and getting ready for my next marathon training clinic that starts on 30 December.

3. Other bloggers inspire me! It's amazing how supportive the online running community is... My husband inspires me too since he does all the same training as me (he's "better" at running than me so maybe someday I can be as fast as him!).

4. I've inspired a couple of friends to get back into exercising. I'm most proud of inspiring my 3 year old - he was hopping around the living room yesterday telling me he was exercising. He likes to do his stretches before we run too (even though he rids in the stroller).

Jamie said...

Jamie from Tucson AZ!
+I'm proud of the fact that running is a still a big part of my life. Sometimes I tend to jump from activity to activity, and I was afraid I'd leave running behind, but it sure stuck with me!:
+I'm really really really excited about the Del Sol Ragnar Relay I'll be running in Feb!
+My sister inspired me to run. She gets all the credit.
+I'm not sure. I hope I have inspired someone along the way. I try to bring my friends running with me, but no one has caught on...yet. :)

Thank Tall Mom for having an awesome blog!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

My few readers get off easy! I need to ask more from them when I get behind. Great idea. I feel quilty when I miss posting this way they could help catch me up! heehee

First: Name and City/State- city is optional :) Shelly ~ PA

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of? Two things: Got Hubbs to race with me and finished my 3rd Ultra with a new distance PR.

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really... Excited?! Might not be the right word but Army Son's potential wedding.

3. Who has Inspired you and why? My daughter. She reads all the time. She is reading the advance set from a series of books that I used to read to her. She tells me what the characters are doing and I remember loving reading to her, making voices for each character. We loved it. She inspired me to make time to do that with LBM even though he doesn't seek out the reading time like she did, I still need to make time to offer it to him, share that time with him.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
I don't know if I have inspired anyone. I attempt to do that daily but often don't fully know the results of my efforts. I can only pray that my influnce on others is a positive one. What more can I hope for?

DaphneB said...

1. Daphne, West Sacramento, CA

2. I ran my first HALF in October. My hubby and I ran our longest distance ever, crossing the finish line together at 2:48:53.

3.Who inspires me? YOU DO. Everyone that laces up their shoes and hits the pavement. Everyone that has lived through adversity and overcome it. Everything around me that pushes me to do better, to be better.

4. Who have I inspired? Come to find out, more people than I ever imagined! Friends on facebook that I didn't even know followed my posts have run into me in real life and told me that they see my dailymile updates and it makes them want to run too. In fact, at a party over the weekend I got a group together to run an HM in March! I'm stoked! And further inspired by my inpiring hahaha.

DaphneB said...

Oops I missed the real #2. What do I have that's exciting coming up? Just continuing the training, incorporating more cross training...potentially training for a triathlon...the sky's the limit!!

Anonymous said...

Shawna - Tulsa, OK

1. I ran the Rock n Roll Denver Marathon as a training run and helped pace my husband to a marathon PR!
2. I'm really excited about Rock n Roll Vegas in December! I'm hoping to set a 15 minute PR myself!
3. My grandfather has really inspired me - he taught me that the best accomplishments are the ones you had to work hard for.
4. I try to inspire the mothers that I coach and the others that I run with. I also try to inspire my kids to know that hard work pays off and that your health is your responsibility!!

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

1. Finishing the Chicago Marathon even though I was injured.

2. Finishing PT so I can start running again.

3. Just watched Spirit of a Marathon and was inspired by all the featured runners.

4. I inspired one of my friends to start running this year and next year she's signed up for the RNR Half in Chicago!

Catey said...

Catey from Eagle Mountain, Ut

1-I ran my first half marathon post baby #8! woo-hoo! And because of proximity of the closest available *real* event and the time it would have taken me away from said (nursing) baby, I did a personal half. I learned that a personal half is a heck of a lot harder than an event with other people!

2-I am excited that my little miracle baby turns 3 months old this week!! Also that my friend opened her own workout studio three doors down. Abs of steel are comin' back! :)

3-My friends inspired me by cheering me on for my run; the drive by honkings, and even a sign at mile 10 to keep me going were such a boost when I started tiring out. I have been blessed with the greatest friends!

4-Someone emailed me and told me that I had inspired her to take up running again after 8yrs! She has kept me updated on her progress and signed up for her first 5K-I am so happy for her!

*also-it's good to hear from you in Bloggy Land again! Hope you are doing ok. :)

Unknown said...

Deb, Cochrane, Alberta, Canada

1. I beat obesity. I dropped below the BMI that makes me obese, and I will never again be in that category.

2. I run my first 10km race this coming Saturday! I only started running this past summer and did my first 5k in September. I am so excited to be able to do this!

3. You already know her. I find Marlene incredibly inspiring. I used to think of her as this amazing runner person that I could never be like, but having read some of her older posts, I see that she started out just like the rest of us.

4. I have friends tell me I inspire them when they read my blog. It's usually just after I've hit a big milestone or made a major self discovery. When I wrote my letter to obesity (http://debshrinks.blogspot.com/2010/10/letter-to-obesity.html), I had a quite a number of friends mention something.

Great questions!

Rene' said...

1. Rene', Amherst, NH
2. I am super excited because I am running my first marathon this weekend, the Manchester City Marathon in Manchester, NH.
3. I am inspired by my friends that I run with daily, by other mom's who accomplish big things i.e. tri's, marathon's etc....and of course by my family who give me the time to run, go to races things like that.
4. I don't know if I inspire anyone really. My son told me that I looked great after losing 25 pounds this year so hopefully as he gets older that will inspire him to want to take care of himself.

Melissa said...

First: Name and City/State- city is optional :) Melissa Louisiana

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of? Survived. LOL. Hubby was out of town 2 weeks and when he got home we threw a hick butt Halloween party! :)

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really... Thanksgiving. I am really enjoying doing a what I'm thankful for post every day on Facebook. I have a couple of races in November that I'm pretty excited about too.

3. Who has Inspired you and why? you. You have had a really bad event occur in your life, but you are trying to pick up the pieces and go.

4. Who have you Inspired and how? who knows and that's scary in general. lol No, really, my SIL and a co-worker just started running because of me. Yippee!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Fayetteville, NC =(

I accomplished Portland, barely. And a cross country move: Pacific time zone to Eastern Time Zone.

I have Vegas Marathon coming up!!

Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

Pam - Paris, TN

1. An 8:02 PR in a half marathon on 10/30!

2. The RnR Vegas Marathon on 12/5.

3. Jen @ Setting You Free. She's an amazing runner and such an inspiration as a Christian. She's battled some shin & ITB issues (which I'm currently in PT for to hopefully keep the pain tolerable to get me through Vegas!) during her training but overcame and just finished the MCM! GO JEN!

Christine said...

Christine, VA

1. I ran my FIRST marathon in October :)

2. I'm planning on "racing the states". My goal is to visit every state and come home with a medal (any race distance, as long as I get a medal). There is no deadline, I just enjoy racing and getting to know the US better.

3. My old roommate has inspired me to start running and also to run a marathon, she is one of the strongest and nicest people I ever met.

4. Not sure, maybe a friend of mine. She wants to do a marathon with me next year! :)

Twila said...

1. I am PROUD of my 1st marathon and I did it in 4:27:46! Under my #1 goal AND I ran a half marathon under 2 hours!

2. I am excited about running for fun; not training. I am going to keep my calendar race free for a few months and spend time with my husband and son.

3. My blog friends are inspiring me right now! Whenever I feel selfish for running or frustrated someone always reminds me to get off my butt.

4. Most recently I have inspired my mom; she ran her first 5K at the age of 50 last weekend. I am so proud of how hard she is working! She is going to do a half in the Spring.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Tiina aka One Crazy Penguin from St. Louis, MO

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?

I PR'd by 5 minutes in the half marathon! Woohoo!

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...

I have the Hot Chocolate 15K in Chicago this weekend. Chocolate *and* a race? Absolutely!

3. Who has Inspired you and why?

My friends. They keep me going day in and day out.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?

Ironically enough, my friends tell me that I inspire them as well :) The perfect friendship!

Tricia said...

Tricia, Austin Texas

1. On 10-10-10 I won first in my AG in local 5k.

2.I'm excited about running my FIRST marathon in (less than) two weeks. Rock n Roll San Antonio here I come!

3. I volunteered at a local marathon a couple of weekends ago. I was SO inspired as I cheered everyone on. Runners of all speeds,all ages and all sizes-out there reaching their goals.amazing.

4. Sometimes blogging is tough, but what keeps me going is the comments and emails I get from readers telling me I have inspired them to get moving. Best thing ever!

The Jesse said...

First: Jesse / Elk Grove, CA

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?
A 20 mile training run :)

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? My first marathon!!!

3. Who has Inspired you and why?
Tons of bloggy friends, including YOU

Rebecca said...

I'm Rebecca from Northeastern PA

1. I didn't overkill a foot fracture this month and it healed nicely!

2. My first race isn't until January- but I'm flying "home" to So Cali and get to do runs out there for two weeks. I'm even more excited for my family to meet my newest addition!

3. So many people I haven't meant but "know" through blogs encourage me in so many ways. Someone I do know is http://amarathonmom2b.blogspot.com/. She is so awesome.

4. I work with a youth group 12-18 of girls in my area. I love them all, and I see them becoming better people and it makes my hard work worth it.

Alili said...

Ali in ATL, Georgia

1-A new mile PR! 8:13 :)

2-Marathon training starts in one month and I am EXCITED to start my journey of redemption!

3-I am inspired by my husband. He's training for his first half marathon and has only missed a couple of workouts in the last 8 weeks and NONE of the missed workouts were key workouts.

4-I hope that I've inspired others by talking about my recent depression. Airing it out has helped me and I hope it has helped my friends in similar situations.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Amanda In Portland, Oregon

1. I started a blog!
2.I look forward to quiet time at night when all three kids are sleeping and I have a glass of wine in my hand.
3. My chiropractor, Ted Forcum at Back in Motion in Oregon has inspired me in so many ways...to be a great athlete, give back to the world by using my gifts and let what I love be what I do.

4. I've inspired my husband, kids, and students. I hope I've inspired the other teachers I work with and the people that read my blog.

Happy Tuesday!

Aimee said...

Aimee- Denver

1. My first marathon!!
2. My second marathon in Jan. RNR Arizona! I'm doing it with my sister and husband!
3. My sister has inspired me. She works full time, her husband works nights, and she has two kids 3 and 18mo. I don't know how she manages it all, but she does!
4. I've inspired my husband to take up running more seriously and now he's going to do his first marathon in Jan! Yay!

Erika said...

Erika Jackson, Michigan
1) ran my first marathon in Long Beach, California Oct 17!
2) most excited about...starting my Christmas shopping! And starting my next cycle of training!
3) Inspired by my friend Nicole (who helped me catch the running bug!)
4) People who knew me "before running" say that they are inspired that a non-runner can change into a runner, complete 3 half marathons and a full marathon and raise 3 kids by myself since April (that's when I ran my first race!) Seems crazy I can do that much in 9 months!

Anonymous said...

Kadie - Bremerton,WA

1. October has actually been a very tough month in our lives and I think just getting through it together has been accomplishment enough :o)

2. I am SUPER excited for the Las Vegas RnR Half in 32 days!!!

3. My coach has been the biggest inspiration to me. See my blog post, too much here to retype!

4. I have inspired my coworkers to get out and get moving! I even had 23 of them signed up for my last 10k! Woohoo!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

Zaneta: Ohio

1. October... I accomplished getting more hours at work lol... also accomplished getting back to enjoying running after my first half marathon

2. I'm excited about my last 3 or 4 races of the year because I'm trying for a sub 25 5k and know i can do it! Also I LOVE Christmas because I LOVE spending time with family, so i'm really excited that it's coming up! :)

3. My grandma was an inspiration to me... she was my best friend and was always smiling and praying for others even though she was a double leg amputee and had arthritis cripple her hands so badly she couldn't grip anything. She taught me so much just by example... she's the kind of person who leaves a legacy way after they leave this world!

4. I dont know if I've inspired anyone... I hope that I have in some way made someone want to improve their life somehow...

jillconyers said...

First: Jill. Cincinnati, OH

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of? Started and completed one (of 3) month of P90X strength training program.

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? I cannot wait to get back to running after dealing with what is either nerve damage or a stress fracture (I'll know tomorrow).

3. Who has Inspired you and why? My husband. His perspective on life is enviable.

4. Who have you Inspired and how? A co-worker who has started running. My latest text from her was I ran 10 minutes. It felt great. I feel like Super Woman. She is so excited and she says, "You did this to me!" with a big smile.

Hunnybee said...

Ontario, Canada

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?
Lasting all 3 nights when we went Thankgiving camping in tents.

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about?
Christmas and the big Santa Claus Parade

3. Who has Inspired you and why?
I have to get back to you on this one.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
My 5 year old. He did his first 1km race this October and hes was so proud to be a runner like mommy.

X-Country2 said...

Niki, omaha

1. I got one kid to sleep through the night! HOLLA!!!

2. Getting the other kid to sleep too.

3. Anyone who has kids who sleep.

4. Anyone who still needs their kids to sleep.

(Can you tell my focus these days? :o)

Unknown said...

Colleen - Delaware, OH
1. I PRed in my marathon in the middle of the month. Felt totally unprepared and still kicked ass! WOOHOO
2. I'm doing Beach 2 Battleship half Ironman next weekend. Should be fun!
3. A lot of my blogger friends have inspired me. At a time when I definitely feel burned out, they keep me going!
4. I'm not sure... hopefully someone! :)

Unknown said...

Becca - Charlottesville, VA

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of? Surviving Chicago Marathon.

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Trying my first go at 100k trail run.

3. Who has Inspired you and why? All the bloggers out there as they remind me that I am normal as well as I should always try for my best.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
People I run with and meet at other races, I share stories of running adventures.

Brandi said...

Brandi - Naples, FL

1) Ran my first double digit run and felt great!

2) upcoming 20k - my longest distance ever! then my first half marathon in January ;)

A Finley said...

I'm Andrea, from Eugene, OR
1. I am proud that I got 2nd of 9 in my division running a 5K with my dog.
2. I am excited to train for and finish my first sprint tri before I turn 50 next September.
3. I am inspired by all the bloggy moms that run before dawn - that is so not me!
4. I inspired my daughters, 13 & 20, my hubby, and my BFF by completing a half marathon in September.

RunningWhit said...

Whitney from Arkansas. I'm proud of my 5 minute 10K PR this October on a tough cross country course. I have been inspired by everyone in bloggy world. It's great to find others who are going through similar things in running and life. I think I've inspired some newer runners in our local training group with a cheerful hi and a good job during the workouts.

Karyn said...

I am Karyn from Ma

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of? I recommitted myself to running and worked out at least 3 days a week which is a huge improvement from what i had been doing. I also ran my first race since May.

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...
I am excited for Thanksgiving and seeing family. Also the 5 mile race that I run every year on thanksgiving

3. Who has Inspired you and why? My husband he is working full time and going to school full time. He has made dean's list 4 semester in a row... never complains and is a present and loving husbad and father. I am proud to have him.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?Some of my mom friends stated how impressed they are I can work 30 hours a week, run/workout and be committed mother. It means a lot... i really strive to balance it all.

I am a new follower of yours and I love your blog. I am truly sorry to hear about your dad.

bobbi said...

First: Bobbi, Beach Park, IL

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?
I ran my first MARATHON!

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? I'm running a 10k (my first) with a bloggy friend on 11/20, and Thanksgiving - it's my favorite holiday.

3. Who has Inspired you and why?
Running bloggers inspire me daily - most recently Shelley at itsjustonefootinfrontoftheother. She is amazing - she just finished a 50k trail run.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?
I inspired my sister to run her first full marathon - we are running together 6/18/11 (Grandma's marathon, Duluth, MN)

L.B. said...

Luis; Riverside, Calif.

1. I got a PR at the Long Beach Half Marathon, finishing in 1:55:03

2. I have the Mission Inn Half Marathon on my calendar, Nov. 14 here in Riverside; not sure yet if I want to go for another PR

3. Katie A of One Run at a Time is an inspiration to me. She sets goals and works hard to obtain them. I was lucky enough to run the LB Half with her (not side-by-side because I can't keep up with her, but she ran the race the same day)

4. I inspired a blog reader of mine to go for a marathon, and she ran the Chicago Marathon on 10-10-10! She told me as much, so I'm not drawing conclusions :) It's nice to know that readers think highly of what I've done (I dropped 120 pounds) and the path I've taken to get there.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

1. I ran my first marathon (Portland) in 4:17 and got to meet you! :)
2. My husband and I are running our FIRST half marathon together in Vegas on 1/8/11!!
3. I watched Biggest Loser this week where the contestants trained with US marines, and the men and women in our US armed forces totally inspire me. They sacrifice EVERYTHING for our freedom.
4. I think I most recently inspired my hubby. He was so proud of me for completing a marathon, that he wanted to run a half! We are making it happen!

slowly growing old together said...
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slowly growing old together said...

Becky - Washington, DC

1. I topped 1000 miles for the year on Oct 30 during a 20 mile run with my husband.

2. My husband and I are running the Philly Marathon on 11/21.

3. I'm inspired by my good friend, BA. She became a quad 4 and a half years ago and is in a wheelchair barely able to move her arms and hands. Yet, she is the best mom, wife, and math teacher I know. Her "no quit" attitude is inspiring. When she's able to walk again, we're going to run/walk a marathon together!

4. I've inspired two volunteers in DC to run a 1/2 marathon. And I'm going to train and pace them. Neither has ever run a race before. SO EXCITING..

Amber said...


Tampa, FL

I am training for my second half in January. Doing the Disney!!!

I am excited to start posting physical therapy tips on my blog.

My son inspires me everyday to stay healthy and to serve the LORD with my whole heart.

Thanks for this post!!

Unknown said...

You've got a lot of idea and concern about your article. This is a great post thanks for the post. Keep posting.

Liz said...

Liz- Baltimore, MD

1. Oct. 16th I ran my 2nd half marathon at the Baltimore Running Festival. I shaved 22 minutes of my first half marathon time from May. I'm still slow in comparison to a lot of the running bloggers, but I'm REALLY proud of my growth as a runner.

2. I'm really excited to qualify for the National Half Marathon. I'm so close... I just need to shave 1 minute off my 5K time and I'm set to register for the half through the nation's capital, which will also be on my birthday this year! Score!

3. Who has inspired me? Well, that changes from day to day. I get inspired by everyone. My son's birth inspired me to run and my son inspires me to try to be healthier. I'm also inspired by the running bloggers who are crazy fast... and then every once in a while there will be a post about where they started as a runner. And they were just as slow as me. :) It makes me realize there's hope for me to get faster. I just have to keep on working.

4. I started a running club at work last year and a few people ran a 5K; and just this week I inspired my 3 year old to eat a vegetable by eating it myself. :)

Kayla said...

Kayla Chicago
1. October wasn't too exciting for me but I'm proud that with the exception of a week or two I have kept up with running since I have had a absolutely crazy schedule lately

2. I'm excited to be doing the Disney Princess Half Marathon to kick off my spring break (I wish it was closer though) and I'm excited that in 2 weeks I get a week break from school which means I can go visit my family (so so excited)!!

3. All the many bloggers have inspired me. They are encouraging, they continue to push themselves, and when life knocks them down they get back up and keep going.

4. I have a couple friends I have inspired with my running (I think). I have convinced one of my roomies to do the disney princess with me! so excited to do it together!

Unknown said...

Lorraine (Wifey) Atlanta, GA

I ran my first marathon on Halloween - the Marine Corps Marathon! It was INCREDIBLE. I can't wait to do another one. Well, maybe a little while, but another one is in my future!

My next race is the Atlanta Half Marathon on Thanksgiving Day!

I'm inspired by the other running moms out there making it happen. I love reading everyone's posts! They keep me motivated.

I tweeted and took photos for the Washington Post online during my marathon and received countless tweets about how motivating and inspiring my running journey has been. That, to me, is absolutely priceless!

Winks & Smiles,

Unknown said...

1. I finished my first Chicago marathon!! It took forever becuase of the heat, but I just don't care. I did it and I want to do it again.

2. Hmmm, nothing to exciting coming up, but I do have a 5k next week that I hope to get a PR in.

3.One of my fellow training buddies is my inspiration. She felt terrible during the marathon, but she finished, even though it meant walking the entire last 14 miles of the race. I am so proud of her for not giving up.

4. After talking about my experience with others I have had a couple of people start running and had one friend say that she wants to run the marathon with me next year!

Kathy said...

First: Name and City/State- city is optional :)

Kathy, PaaMul, Quintana Roo (it really isn't a city but a colonia)

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?

Well, I managed another month without tearing my calf muscle (chronic) but I think I'm more proud that I'm not only regularly swimming again but have encouraged my 14yo son to swim with me and he does, 3-4 days per week.

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...

I'm hoping to run the Tres Culturas (that runs through 3 Maya ruins) but not sure I'll be up for it.

3. Who has Inspired you and why?

you. I've been so sad for you putting myself in your shoes if it were my dad, and you are impressing me with your ability to show the human side to this tragedy.

4. Who have you Inspired and how?

My son? Swimming?

Eryn said...

Eryn in Vancouver, WA

1. I ran my first half marathon.
2. I 'm excited to run the Hot buttered run 5k with my fabulous sister in law (her first!)
3. I am inspired today by my two amazing friends I ran 6 miles with today.
4. My sister in law has been training and doing an amazing job getting ready for our upcoming 5K. She did a few shorter training runs with me for my half, and it got her wanting to run:)