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Friday, November 12, 2010

High Five Friday

I met AC (Alex the Canadian) for a lunch hour run yesterday. He has not run in a while so he warned me he would be SLOW. No problem, I was please to have someone to run with. We set out for a 3 miler. Since we had not run in a while there was not shortage of conversation. I even convinced him to go 4 miles :) We ended 4 miles at 40 minutes, so nice to relax and run with a friend..

Yesterday was also DIVA NIGHT at Fleet Feet.. I met my running buddies Janna and Tammy for Sushi then we headed over together. It was PACKED, I totally forgot to pre-register, OOPS!! I also did not take any pictures, BAD BLOGGER!! It was nice to look at the booths, chat with the Saucony rep and have a tiny glass of white wine. And I WON a Sweaty band in the raffle, so score... I have not won anything is AGES so this was super.. Meeting my buddies for 10 miles on the trail this weekend, hope I am in shape for those miles.. WOWZERS!!

Also this weekend is a family invited baby shower for the TWINS who are due in February, I am basically their Auntie because I consider Katie one of my closest friends. I went a LITTLE overboard in shopping, but when there is a Boy and Girl to shop for it is too much fun!!!

If this is your first time to HIGH FIVE FRIDAY, Welcome!! The point of this is for you to go around and give folks listed below a HIGH FIVE!! Makes friends, celebrate accomplishments, win FREE stuff :)

High Five Racing & Events:
Tricia- (FIRST) San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon
G- Marathon going for UBER GOAL
J (TMB hubby)- Half Marathon
*****I know there are more.. Are you Racing or have a Big Event? Leave a comment..

High Five October 83 Milers:
There were 24 of us who ran 1,854.54++ miles, I missed the mark by a bit, but have many many friends to borrow from :)
Mel- Tall Mom- 80
Alanna- 64.11
Alisa- 108.45
Allie- 139.3
Amy- 61.01
Becca- 10.25
Cheryl S.- 85.2
Courtney- 44.38
Cynthia- 98.33
Debbie- 44.36
Irene - 27
Jill C.- 6
Kim- 118
Kimberly- 111.24
Kortni- 84.1
Kris- 13.1
Lesley- Racing It Off- 144.96
Lori- 121
Lorraine (Wifey)- 83.2
Lyndsey- 119.3
Marlene- 109
Megan- 138.6
Penny Lane- 10.751
Trish- 32.9
CONGRATS and Thanks for RUNNING!! IF your total is not correct please let me know and I will update above.

High Five Giveaways:
I have not won in AGES, please tell them Tall Mom Sent you. Click name to Enter.

Impossible is Nothing - Bondi Band Ponytail Hat Ends 11/15
Trish- Moving Comfort Bra Ends 11/12
Mommy's A Runner- Headsweats Ends 11/17
Harmony- Inspired Endurance Ends 11/18
Lisa (Early Morning Run)- Fit for a Runner Ends 11/16
Lesley (Racing It Off)- SportsHooks Ends 11/16
Run Courtney, Run: Allied Steel Giveaway Ends 11/12
Evolving Through Running- Ryder/Gu Giveaway Ends 11/14
The Misadventures CSN Gift Card $35 11/16
(Just) Trying is for Little Girls Enell Sport/Lite Bra 11/19
TROAM TMB Endurance Bands 11/17
Long Legs on the Loose- Boston Fundraising Raffle
Running Diva Mom-
CEP Compression Socks Ends 11/13 (HERE)
Holly Flower Clips Ends 11/13 (HERE)
Chobani Greek Yogurt 12-Pack Ends 11/14 (HERE)
Necklace Ends 11/14 (HERE)
Go Headband Ends 11/17 (HERE)
Polar Bottle Ends 11/18 (HERE)
Uncommonly Cute Tees Ends 11/18 (HERE)
DC Rainmaker- Forerunner 210 Ends 11/18
(Just) Trying is for Little Girls - Crazy Do T-Shirt Ends 11/12
****I want to WIN the Giveaway Above so I can get this SHIRT...
Now do as the Shirt Says and Give yourself and Clap because you are AWESOME!!
  • What do you deserve a High Five for Today? Leave a Comment




Dude. I need that shirt!

Totally going to be channeling your speedy legs tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

track coach and adorable wife said...

I don't really deserve a high five but we do have a giveaway going on for a shirt from Chick 9 clothing!http://trackcoach-tressaabe11.blogspot.com/2010/11/giveaway-just-as-promised.html

Good luck to the racers!

Stacey said...

I don't deserve a high five either, but I am doing my first giveaway on my blog! SIGVARIS athletic socks.
Have a great weekend.

Marlene said...

Congrats on the Sweaty Band!! Yay!

Have a great run with friends this weekend.

Unknown said...

Congrats on your sweaty band win! Thanks for sharing my giveaways. So glad to have High Five Friday back!

Anonymous said...

I just did my third 20 miler for my first marathon coming up! woot!

gba_gf said...

That warmed me right up to see myself on the High Five. Thanks ~

I feel so good, and so relaxed today. I talked to my coach, my T, and my T... and T again... AND I know what has been said is true. I am trained. I am healthy. I run this pace all the time. This is going to be fun. The UBER goal is suddenly looking a little easier.

Laura said...

Happy running weekend and love that T!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Great linky job on all the high fives and giveaways. You are the blogging-gueen!

I don't really deserve a high-five but I'm giving myself a "pat-o-the-back" for driving the 3 1/2 hrs to the VA house on my birthday to give sick Hubbs a break and baking my own cake!

Have a great weekend!

Christy said...

Hubby and I completed the DRC Half Marathon Nov 7th. My goal was to finish under 2 hours and had I not had a calf injury, I would have finished in 1:50-1:55.....but instead, I struggled from 8 miles on and ended up finishing in 2 hours flat!!! (a 7 minute PR) It was my second ever half marathon and I'm proud that after having sworn off half marathons, I took this one on. It was a GREAT event. Beautiful location and heavily (awesomely) sponsored. I'm thinking I will for sure do it again next November. Join me!

Unknown said...

Had a great time doing the challenge! Looking forward to doing another one.

Winks & Smiles,

Running Diva Mom said...

thanks for linking me in, mel! congrats on your sweaty band score, too. have a super-dee-duper weekend!!

Unknown said...

That is a huge list of giveaways. Thanks for sharing it.

My mileage is low. It should be 108.33. Thanks.

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