6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New things in Tall Mom Land

I am the type of person who likes to try new things, ONCE :) The best part about trying new things is you may just find things you love... I met my running buddies Tammy and Janna for a Sushi dinner before Fleet Feet Diva night. On the table was placed Edamame... Hmmmm
Coated in salty goodness, I was IN LOVE!! Read More about Edamame HERE. I bought a bag in the frozen food section and this has been a nightly snack.. YUMMY!!

As a parent it is tough to go out to the movies, not to mention expensive.. But lately we have found some time to hit the local AMC...
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows:
I am a Harry Potter fan, well the movies, I have not taken the time to read the HUGE books, but Muscle Man has read the whole series a few times. The first couple movies had whimsy, smiles and kid-like magic. As Harry and his pals grow, the whimsy is replaced by fear and dark magic. This film is very well made, but it is dark. I do not consider this a family movie, unless you have children over the age of 10 or so. But for a date night, it is AWESOME!!
Sidenote: did you know that if you sit off to the side the chair are cushier? This is because most people want to be smack dab in the middle. the view from the side is good, it is not crowded and the chairs are cozy :)

The FUN thing about having kids is I have a good excuse to see the fun kid movies. With Little Stud #1's 5th Birthday and Thanksgiving, we had good reasons to see the new kiddo flicks.
Tangled a Rapunzel Story: This movie may seem to be for girls...but it really is a fun show for all. We took my 10 year old Tall Nephew and he really liked it. The only downside for me was that we went to the 3D version, glasses give me a headache and there was not much 3D content. Mandy Moore is the voice of Rapunzel, she has the perfect Princess voice. The songs were fun and upbeat, there was action and adventure.
Megamind: It has been a while since I have seen a movie that made me laugh out loud. The humor is geared more toward adults but is not confusing for the little ones. Mispronounced words, identity crisis, elaborate costumes and weapons that backfire combine for s Superhero adventure. I will be buying this movie when it comes out, it is that GOOD!!

What did you buy on Black Friday??? Hmmmm... Well Muscle Man and I, with the generous help of Tall Grandma for our BIG Christmas gift THANKS MOM, purchased a.....wait for it....
If you have read Tall Mom for any amount of time you know I am a road runner..but lately I have not been able to fit in my miles due to work schedule, weather and darkness. Also Muscle Man is planning to run his first Half Marathon in 2011. For us both to reach our goals a Treadmill is a needed addition. I will have a full review once I test it out, I don't want to recommend something unless I give it a FULL TEST. We opted for a Proform, with a longer runway and wide base. I HOPE that it works for us Tall folk :)
  • Holy Wow there are sooo sooo many giveaways in Blog Land. You know I have not won a Giveaway in FOREVER.. Anyhow.. I love Dara Torres and really really want to win this book HERE.. So enter, but know that my Winning mojo will take it home.
  • What New things do you have to share??

I am registered for Vegas and working on the Outfit. I am SAD because the shirt I bought to honor my Dad is too big :( So I have a few options. Will post the Marathon outfit soon.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday for RUNNERS

Eat, Shop, Run, REPEAT!! Yes folks it is the Holiday Season and with Christmas quickly approaching it is time to think about RUNNING... Umm, of course I mean GIVING... Or possibly giving the gift of Running??

I have not registered for Rock N Roll Vegas yet... GASP!! But I have a good reason..
The Rock N Roll Race folks are hosting a fun Cyber Monday chance to WIN!! Check out the details HERE. So if you do decide to Register today and try to win some FUN FUN prizes please put my email tallmomontherun@hotmail as the referral, that way we both have more chance to WIN!!
***No Purchase Necessary. You may be entered to win the Ultimate RockStar Experience Package by completing this form on Monday, November 29 from 9am – 5pm PST. See official rules
There are other Fun Cyber Monday Deals:
Cyber Monday Perks!
1. Free additional gift bags (Star gift pouches)- please specify under order notes what needs separate bagging.
2. Purchase of $25 or more: FREE skinny headband of your choice!
3. Purchase of $50 or more: FREE bottlecap magnet of your choice!
4. Purchase of $75 or more: FREE oval magnet of your choice!
5. Purchase of $100 or more: FREE runnergirl stickfigure charm!
Code: cybermonday
Ends Midnight
  • Have fun, get your shop on and fill me in on any DEALS I should not miss.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Tired just thinking about it

By this time next week Amanda HERE and I will be done with Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon!! My 5th Marathon and 4th in 2010...

Just thinking about my Marathons makes me TIRED..

1- Rock N Roll Seattle June 2009 REPORT HERE- I had BIG plans and started with race with the Boston qualifying pacer group. By mile 11 my bladder took over, I lost it and was in survival mode after that.

2- Eugene Marathon May 2010 REPORT HERE- My training was spot on, I started this race strong and confident. I was in the ZONE from start to finish and qualified for BOSTON with a time of 3:37!!

3- (FREE) Green River Marathon June 2010 REPORT HERE- Still a bit out of it after my BQ race this was a FREE Marathon I ran to stay in shape and to be a Marathon Maniac. I ran half with my friend Jon but got TIRED mid way and had to walk a lot and it was HOT!

4- Rock N Roll Seattle June 2010 REPORT HERE- I felt HORRIBLE when the race started, very out of it and super light headed. Thankfully I had Marlene to keep me moving. Together we made this my FAVORITE Marathon to date. Running with a friend vs. running for time is much more FUN!

Saturday morning I met Heidi on the trail for a 10 miler, it was COLD 31' and there was ice on the trail. BRRRRR!! We set out for 10 miles but mid way Heidi felt good so we decided to go for 12...BUT I did not bring water or nutrition...OOPS!! This time of year I can do 10 miles without water/food...but 12 is a different story.. But I made it work, with the help of Heidi, we had great conversation the entire run, gotta love my running buddies..

AND GUESS WHAT?? Sam the Bald Eagle did an amazing flyover and landed above our heads! It was MAJESTIC... I have missed Sam, I was convinced he left me to watch over Zoe..

There were some slushy spots on the bridges, I was careful not to fall. The saying is true the Bigger they are the harder they fall ;) There were very few runners on the trail, one guy was pushing his little girl in a stroller, she was NOT HAPPY!! Been there buddy.

Overall my energy was high and I feel confident going into Marathon #5.... but before then I have..
  • Full week of work getting ready for an event
  • Leave work at 1:30 Friday to go to Airport
  • Fly out at 4:00ish
  • Land and head to see Amanda's family
  • Go to a show, a few casinos, the expo, check into our hotel, shop, take pictures, win millions, carbo load, get gear ready for the morning, tram all around town, and try to stay off our feet.
  • Get up early, tram to the start.. and RUN 26.2 miles!!!

We will walk off our 26.2 around Vegas, then I am on the red eye Monday morning and go straight to work to start my event.. Hmmmm???


But you know what? I am looking forward to going on a quick trip and seeing my good friend. Running a Marathon for my Dad is just what I need...

  • How was your Thanksgiving Weekend?
  • What do you have coming up that you are Tired just thinking about?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy ThanksGifting

Happy Happy Thanksgiving Bloggy Land!!! Here is to eating amazing food and running off the calories :) Muscle Man and I will be hosting the Tall Family at our house. It will be tough without Dad, but I am very Thankful that we can all be together..

Soooo with Thanksgiving here and 1 month to CHRISTMAS... I thought it would be fun to give a nod to some of my favorite companies and pass on some gift ideas..

Lift Your Sole HERE, has high quality products that are amazing! I wear my cuff bracelet and necklaces daily. Jill, the artist, has a great facebook page where she posts inspirational quotes and questions. Go to Lift Your Sole Today because there is a SALE 10% off and free shipping over $50.

Click HERE to Shop Gu Energy. I love the Gu Chomps, my favorite Gu flavors are the ROCTANE..
Brooks HERE has my favorite E-Z T's and I am a happy camper in the Adrenaline shoes. The fit and quality set Brooks apart from the pack.

GoLite HERE keeps me hydrated because their handheld is AWESOME! I also love my travel bag. With so many products to chose from I am sure you won't leave this site for a while.

I put on my Recovery Socks HERE after every long run. They fit my legs like a glove and really aid in recovery. I have tried other brands and these are the BEST!!

Sugoi HERE products are high quality, comfortable and easy to wear. The Piston tights have majical powers!!! Trust me having a few really quality items in your running closet is a great way to keep you running.

Gone For a Run HERE is the place to go for personalized and fun gifts for runners. Bibfolios, shirts, ornaments, etc... Online shopping has never been so FUN!!
  • Need more ideas?? Check out my post from last year HERE with lots of GREAT ideas for Runners.

Of course I would not leave you without a few things I am Thankful for..

Tall Mom give Thanks for...

-All of you, your amazing uplifting and positive comments. This has not been an easy year but you all have been there for the ups and the downs.

-Muscle Man, The Little Studs and my Tall Family, we have held strong together and managed to find a smile and a laugh.

-My HEALTH!! My legs are strong and have taken me to amazing places and helped me to achieve my Goals.

-Time with the ones I love.....UMMMMM OK guess I better get to it.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Newest Family Member

The snow continues....I know to many of you a few inches of snow are NOTHING....but to us in Seattle this is BIG. Last year it didn't snow at all. For the last 2 days is can been coming down. Muscle Man likes to build Snowmen and Snow-women and Snow-babies...since we have a little yard he opted for one BIG Snowman.. Meet Tall Snowman, our newest family member :)
I forgot my computer at work, BAD timing on that!! I don't feel like testing my 2 month old Jeep on the icy roads, so I am staying home again today.. It has been fun relaxing with my family, I think this is just what I needed. TO FOCUS ON MY FAMILY!! And let things outside of my control go... I don't plan to leave my house today....
Off to shop online, I am soooo behind on Christmas Shopping I think online and Black Friday sales are the only chance I have to catch up..
  • Does anyone have a home treadmill that folds up that you like? We are considering getting one, but I would love some recommendations.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Don't try this at Home

Since June I have not put in Marathon mileage.. I have run 16 and 18 milers here and there with my buddies, but mostly my long runs have been 10-13 milers.. So when I SPONTANEOUSLY signed up for the Rock N Roll Las Vegas Marathon early December I knew I needed to test myself at the distance.

I DO NOT recommend running a Marathon when you have not trained!!! DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!! I have been running for over 2 years, have decent base mileage built up and know how my body will repond to 20 miles..

I texted Janna to see if she would go 18-20 with me, she quickly agreed and I replied SLOW!! A few of us met at the trail, it was chilly... Our 4 other friends were doing 13 miles and started FAST... Ummmmmm GUYS!!! Back in May I was in shape for that pace over 20, but not yesterday. At mile 3 I told Janna we needed to slow down.

After running with Jill I knew that 10 minute mile pace felt amazing, so I wanted to stick to that. I felt a small blister forming on the arch of my right foot, so at mile 7ish while Janna stretched I used my Scape sunscreen lip balm on the blister I hoped it would act like bodyglide.

The air was crisp not too many people out on the trail. I looked for Sam our Bald Eagle, no luck!! Janna and I talked as time passed. When we hit the halfway point I was getting tired and my stomach was turning. I took a couple Gu's and some Gu Chomps and drank from my 4 bottle Nathan Fuel belt.

I am funning because I LOVE LOVE tights weather, my Sugoi Piston tights came out and kept my circulation going.. I SWEAR the compression helps. Janna was strong and really helped me to stay positive.

Her water bottle was empty, we searched for a spout when I spotted Fox Hollow Coffee, we ran up and Andy quickly filled her bottle. THANKS ANDY! We joked about Andy for a bit and hit the home stretch.. Janna's knee started to hurt, I told her we could stop and walk at mile 18. She said "No one does 18, 18 is crap!" Pretty sure she was kidding, it hurt to laugh.. I was
T-I-R-E-D, everything in me wanted to stop. Suddenly I felt my tiny blister grow....I called it China and Janna laughed. Around mile 19, China exploded, instant relief and my shoe was a pink hue, YUCK. We kept moving, Janna prancing like a pony.

We get VERY LOOPY the last bit of a long run we play a little game where we reafirm how good we feel. Below are some of the things we say to keep going:

-My backside feels awesome
-The wind is at our backs pushing us along.
-My feet feel like I just got a manicure.
-I have so much energy
-20 miles is easy

UGH!! Done, I bent over a bit to look at my foot, BIG MISTAKE, instant blackout.. Sitting in the car felt AMAZING.. I DID IT BRING ON VEGAS!!!!!! Thank you Janna!!

And thank you for the sweaty trip to Starbucks for a nice WARM drink..

  • HAPPY MONDAY! It SNOWED last night, and when it snows the city is a monkey mess, so I am home avoiding the ick.
  • How was your weekend?


Friday, November 19, 2010

Flashback Friday- Truly Happy

I have had a TOUGH Week. My schedule is all over the place and things seem to be a bit OUT OF CONTROL.. So today I thought it would be fun to post pictures of days where I was TRULY TRULY Happy... I have a 20 mile run tomorrow, to get ready for Vegas... WISH ME LUCK!!!We went to the beach in April.. It was COLD and WINDY!! Little Stud #2 could barely breathe because of the high winds.. but the sky was beautiful and we were TOGETHER....
I planned a special Birthday for my Best Friend. We hiked to the bottom of Snoqualmie Falls, went shopping and went to dinner on the water. It was a GREAT day!
Muscle Man and I went on an AMAZING trip to Hawaii for my buddies wedding. The kiddos were safe at home with Grandma and Grandpa. We got to really RELAX, it was very much a second honeymoon.
The boys and I went to a beautiful park to take some Fall pictures. One of my favorite pictures was taken this day. It was drizzly and rainy, but all I remember is how peaceful it was to be out with my boys..
Every year we go and pick out our Douglas Fir Christmas Tree. This is Little Stud #1 and I, Little Stud #2 was in my belly almost booked...
It snowed, never snows too much around here. so we all got dressed up, built snowmen, went for a walk and watched cars struggle to get up a steep hill. It was AWESOME!!!

  • There are some great great posts about what people are Thankful for, it would be awesome to see those Thankful posts with some pictures. I LOVE PICTURES!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I had FUN on Spreadshirt.com yesterday. I really wanted to create something to wear in the Marathon to Honor my Dad.... the picture above is what I made... Dad died of an undiagnosed heart disease, we say he passed because His Heart was too Big :) I hope that the shirt turns out as good as it looks online and that it will work for 26.2++..

Also, I am working on creating a Tall Mom shop on Spreadshirts. Once it is up and Running I will post the link. I have been a SLACKER host for the Tall Mom 1,000+++ club lately.. No inspirational emails, no updates... SO SORRY :( I truly hope you are all making your mileage.. We are sooo close to the GOAL! And huge congrats to those who have passed the Milestone..

A couple quotes to leave you with on this RAINY day in Seattle...

"Wherever you go,
no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine."
Anthony J. D'Angelo

"It's so hard when I have to,
and so easy when I want to."

Annie Gottlier

"Happiness is an attitude.
We either make ourselves miserable,
or happy and strong.
The amount of work is the same."
Francesca Reigler

One of my FAVORITES below..

If you don't like something change it;
if you can't change it,
change the way you think about it.
Mary Engelbreit


Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am on loan to a new Big Girl job until the end of the year...which means new work location. This has totally thrown me off of my usual lunch running. Where to change? Where to run? Where to shower?? URGH!! So yesterday my co-worker was going to the fitness center and I joined in.

She gave me a little tour. The treadmills looked over a beautiful courtyard, with a little path and over sized Willow trees, BEAUTIFUL!! Almost like being outside. I am not a Treadmill runner, so I picked the Manual setting and got to work.. It was HOT, I totally forgot to turn on the fan.. OOPS Pause, and we are back in action.. Being forced to run a consistent pace is new for me, I sorta run by feel and it usually equals out. It was a TOUGH workout, I tried to push the pace... I ended up with 5 miles in just over 41 minutes.. Not too shabby... I am pretty sure that I should sign up for the gym, at least to get me through the Fall and winter months..

Today marks 1 month since my Dad passed. It has been TOUGH. I just want to have something to look forward to, to distract me from the sadness..... Soooooo I did something a bit SPONTANEOUS!!! Remember how Amanda HERE moved away and we never got to say Goodbye?? Well she is running the Las Vegas Rock N Roll Marathon.. I texted her to see how things were going and who was going to run with her....and come to find out she was going solo :(

HMMMMMMMMMMMM............... I like Vegas!!

So I texted Muscle Man to see what he thought. He gave the go-ahead, I booked tickets on Southwest and I am going!!!

WHAT AM I THINKING?? I am not in any shape to run a Marathon.....but the idea of being in Vegas with Amanda was too good to pass up.. And maybe my Mom and sister will come too, it is TBD!!
After a good night of sleep I was hoping to possibly convince the lovely Amanda to run a Half with me instead. Below, for your enjoyment, is our text stream:

Tall Mom- Fast half pace u to a PR? Or slow Marathon?

Amanda- :) I am certainly not is fast half shape. I'm thinking slow Marathon.

TM- K. LOL! I should have thought of this 2 months ago... Maybe my Dad will help carry me the distance.

A- I'm sure he will! Well if we get to mile 16 and it sucks maybe he will carry us to a nice cushioned seat in front of a slot machine! Ha ha!

TM- And a Million dollar jackpot

A- TOTALLY!!! Think of all the destination races we could do with that! After we pay off the house of course :)

TM-Dublin Here we come..

A- Nice! And Athens! And Bahamas! and Kona!!

TM- We must test the Honey Buckets (porta potties) on each continent

A- LOL! Hilarious...

Soooo I am going to run a Marathon in less than 3 weeks.. Do as I say not as I do :) Sometimes in life being a little SPONTANEOUS is just what the Spirit needs..

  • Anyone else running Vegas??


Monday, November 15, 2010


Hello Monday!! Welcome to the new Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!!

The Amazing Jill at Running 2 Sanity HERE posted about how CLOSE she was to her 1,000th mile for the year. I had plans to run about 10 miles with Tammy and Heidi so I invited Jill via text, it was a bit early and out of the way, so I changed plans to run with Jilly. And I thought it would be AWESOME to run 10.26 to get to 1,000!!!

Me and my Little Buddy Jilly... I was a little tired but found my energy once I saw Jill's smile..
She grew :) It was a chilly day, but the cool air felt nice. I forgot my Garmin in the car so I let Jill be the watch woman.. it was nice not to have to worry about speed, distance, time, etc. The miles passed quickly, always do with good friends. I did not once feel tired. The run was truly EFFORTLESS... Like our legs were moving and we were not paying any attention. 10 miles is by FAR my favorite distance. I would run 10 milers every weekend, I LOVE IT!!

Other than a guy walking 2 dogs who flipped off the car that did not let him cross the road (really buddy??), there was not too much notable on the path. We had planned to reward our efforts with STARBUCKS, always nice to know there is a reward at the end.. We hit 10.3, gave a quick high five and a nice hug!! CONGRATS JILL!! Jill had a steamy forehead, I joked about writing 1,000 on it, until she came up with this GEM to mark the occasion..
I truly hope you can see the 1,000 in the photo.. We are total hams and we like it!! Starbucks was packed so I scoped out some COZY chairs while Jill got the warm drinks and much NEEDED water. What a WONDERFUL way to start the weekend..

  • How was your weekend? Anything fun happen??


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Thankful for MOMENTS

This time of year many of us start to think about what we are THANKFUL for.. Yesterday I had a GREAT run with Jill (will share tomorrow), then we brought lunch to my Mom and Tall Brother because they are working at the Puyallup Rock and Gem show at the Puyallup Fair. If you live local go check it out great place to purchase very unique gifts. Little Stud #2 was fussy to say the least. At the Rock show he repeated "I WANT TO GO HOME!" Over and over.. Embarassed Mom, Check.. I could not get him to calm down or be quiet. It was very apparent that he got up too early and there was no way to get him to calm down. So we hugged Mom and headed out.

I was TIRED but we had to go grocery shopping, we had nothing in the house. URGH!! Tall Mom does not like grocery shopping, AT ALL! We nearly forgot our reusable bags, but I ran back to grab them. I set the bags next to Little Stud #2 and he rested. PHEW no repeat of the MONSTER at the Rock Show. Speed shopping, spending way too much, I tend to do that when I shop hungry. I looked down and this is what I saw...
Can you say ADORABLE??? This is a MOMENT I am very Thankful for... a gentle reminder that there is peace and joy everywhere. Funny, he woke up just after we had loaded all of the groceries in paper bags...nice timing buddy...oh well the bags acted as a nice pillow..

  • Today I am off to CELEBRATE the upcoming birth of the my close friend KT's TWINS due in February.. I will play photographer, relax and ENJOY seeing baby boy and girl cuteness.


Friday, November 12, 2010

High Five Friday

I met AC (Alex the Canadian) for a lunch hour run yesterday. He has not run in a while so he warned me he would be SLOW. No problem, I was please to have someone to run with. We set out for a 3 miler. Since we had not run in a while there was not shortage of conversation. I even convinced him to go 4 miles :) We ended 4 miles at 40 minutes, so nice to relax and run with a friend..

Yesterday was also DIVA NIGHT at Fleet Feet.. I met my running buddies Janna and Tammy for Sushi then we headed over together. It was PACKED, I totally forgot to pre-register, OOPS!! I also did not take any pictures, BAD BLOGGER!! It was nice to look at the booths, chat with the Saucony rep and have a tiny glass of white wine. And I WON a Sweaty band in the raffle, so score... I have not won anything is AGES so this was super.. Meeting my buddies for 10 miles on the trail this weekend, hope I am in shape for those miles.. WOWZERS!!

Also this weekend is a family invited baby shower for the TWINS who are due in February, I am basically their Auntie because I consider Katie one of my closest friends. I went a LITTLE overboard in shopping, but when there is a Boy and Girl to shop for it is too much fun!!!

If this is your first time to HIGH FIVE FRIDAY, Welcome!! The point of this is for you to go around and give folks listed below a HIGH FIVE!! Makes friends, celebrate accomplishments, win FREE stuff :)

High Five Racing & Events:
Tricia- (FIRST) San Antonio Rock N Roll Marathon
G- Marathon going for UBER GOAL
J (TMB hubby)- Half Marathon
*****I know there are more.. Are you Racing or have a Big Event? Leave a comment..

High Five October 83 Milers:
There were 24 of us who ran 1,854.54++ miles, I missed the mark by a bit, but have many many friends to borrow from :)
Mel- Tall Mom- 80
Alanna- 64.11
Alisa- 108.45
Allie- 139.3
Amy- 61.01
Becca- 10.25
Cheryl S.- 85.2
Courtney- 44.38
Cynthia- 98.33
Debbie- 44.36
Irene - 27
Jill C.- 6
Kim- 118
Kimberly- 111.24
Kortni- 84.1
Kris- 13.1
Lesley- Racing It Off- 144.96
Lori- 121
Lorraine (Wifey)- 83.2
Lyndsey- 119.3
Marlene- 109
Megan- 138.6
Penny Lane- 10.751
Trish- 32.9
CONGRATS and Thanks for RUNNING!! IF your total is not correct please let me know and I will update above.

High Five Giveaways:
I have not won in AGES, please tell them Tall Mom Sent you. Click name to Enter.

Impossible is Nothing - Bondi Band Ponytail Hat Ends 11/15
Trish- Moving Comfort Bra Ends 11/12
Mommy's A Runner- Headsweats Ends 11/17
Harmony- Inspired Endurance Ends 11/18
Lisa (Early Morning Run)- Fit for a Runner Ends 11/16
Lesley (Racing It Off)- SportsHooks Ends 11/16
Run Courtney, Run: Allied Steel Giveaway Ends 11/12
Evolving Through Running- Ryder/Gu Giveaway Ends 11/14
The Misadventures CSN Gift Card $35 11/16
(Just) Trying is for Little Girls Enell Sport/Lite Bra 11/19
TROAM TMB Endurance Bands 11/17
Long Legs on the Loose- Boston Fundraising Raffle
Running Diva Mom-
CEP Compression Socks Ends 11/13 (HERE)
Holly Flower Clips Ends 11/13 (HERE)
Chobani Greek Yogurt 12-Pack Ends 11/14 (HERE)
Necklace Ends 11/14 (HERE)
Go Headband Ends 11/17 (HERE)
Polar Bottle Ends 11/18 (HERE)
Uncommonly Cute Tees Ends 11/18 (HERE)
DC Rainmaker- Forerunner 210 Ends 11/18
(Just) Trying is for Little Girls - Crazy Do T-Shirt Ends 11/12
****I want to WIN the Giveaway Above so I can get this SHIRT...
Now do as the Shirt Says and Give yourself and Clap because you are AWESOME!!
  • What do you deserve a High Five for Today? Leave a Comment


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Post It truths

I found the photo above when I was putting together the slideshow for my Dad's Celebration of Life. It is sooo true!! If everything were perfect life would be boring.. The good stories/memories are those where things were far from perfect.. RELAX and find ways to be HAPPY! We spend so much time aiming for PERFECT, but what is perfect really?

As I think more about this it really changes my perspective. PERFECT=The American dream, 2.5 kids, a BIG house, fancy cars, and lavish vacations. Hmmmm....I had a PERFECT childhood. We travelled around the county in a Motorhome that often broke down. We played in piles of dirt searching for treasure. We ate off brand foods and wore clothes from the clearance rack. To you this may not be PERFECT, but looking back it really really was. We were HAPPY.
  • Hmmmm Running Blog Tall Mom, how does this apply?
There is a training plan, a race, a goal that you have for your Running. It would be PERFECT if all went as planned, you hit that PR, you got faster, stronger...etc.. What does it mean to be a PERFECT Runner? The answer is NOT To win the NYC Marathon or having 3% body fat...those people are superhuman or possibly Alien ;) And you know what, we don't have to be PERFECT.

We will miss training days because our kids are sick, life got in the way, our legs are sore, our mind is tired or we just need a DAY OFF! We will run in the rain, the mud, the snow, the dark, the fog.. We will have stomach issues, low blood sugar and want to quit. We will fall short, have tough days and feel defeated. Our shoes will get worn down, t-shirts will reek like sweat and favorite socks lost or ruined with holes. We get blisters, black toe nails, and chaffing. BUT... we keep going, we lace up, we make it work, we find our own version of PERFECT though all the imperfections.

You chose what to focus on day to day. You decide to let the little imperfections ruin your mood. You can be HAPPY through the journey, look back and realize that the ride was pretty darn "FANTASTIC."
  • Tonight is Diva Night at Fleet Feet!! That means I have know Zoe for 1 year, Happy Friendiversary Zoe! It will be nice to relax and enjoy the company of friend old and NEW.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Whole new world

The rain POURED outside the office window as my lunch hour quickly approached. AC had IM'd me that he may want to run, but when he saw that it was "pissing rain," his words not mine, he opted out. I have made too many excuses it was time to go it ALONE.

There was a chill in the air as I waited for my Garmin to find the satellite. A workman nearby looked at me as if I were a bit CRAZY, occupational hazard for runners :) As I set out I felt like I was flying, my legs moved effortlessly. I took a DEEP BREATH, it felt so good to breath and connect with my body. The rain gently bounced on the pavement and leaves. I wanted to smile. I wanted to scream! The wetlands beneath my favorite bridge were swelled with water. A funky looking bird landed in the stream next to my path. I was cold, my hands freezing, but it was revitalizing. Alive, I felt alive, more alive than I have felt in weeks.

My worst fears were that I would be ALONE, and crumple to the pavement in a crying mess. But I was not ALONE, I was strong. Running is my way to connect with me, connect with nature and now to connect with my Dad in Heaven. First solo run was a success, but was I really solo? I think not.

  • GUESS WHAT?? We have a lovely new addition to our West Coast running crew. Head HERE for the details.. I am super excited to go meet the little miracle and see new Mama Zoe today. Selfishly I have already marked 6 weeks on the calendar because that is HOPEFULLY when I get my little running ninja buddy back :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Every new beginning...

Tall Mom Confessions/Thoughts:

1- I have been eating and eating, mostly Halloween candy and amazing meals provided by friends... this has resulted in my being 12 pounds OVER my goal weight.. I am embarrassed to admit it, because I should be more in control than this. I also know that stress and being emotional can cause weight gain, so I won't beat myself up too badly.

2- I have not run solo since my Dad died. Not sure if I am scared or what, but today I NEED to break the streak. I know that I NEED to run to help with healing.. and with #1 :)

3- I have 5 friends who are pregnant, 2 of which are prego with TWINS!! In fact my running buddy Zoe HERE is due today!!! Thinking of my friends and the miracle of life makes me smile and shopping for baby gifts is pretty darn fun too :) In honor of Zoe, below is a candid photo she took last year before a training run.
4- Speaking of babies. Today 5 years ago I became Tall Mom, well the Mom part anyhow. After nearly 20 hours of labor Little Stud#1 was born. Happy Birthday Buddy! I was iron deficient and sick for about 6 months following his birth from all the blood lost. URGH!! Below is the most UNATTRACTIVE family photo ever, but it was our first so I will post it :)
5- I am SAD that my Dad will not be there to celebrate any more birthdays. He loved to take pictures, give gifts, BBQ and just be around family. And he was an amazing Grandpa!! I am working through the grieving by remembering all the birthdays and holidays we DID get with him.. Thinking this way seems to help.
6- I passed my RRCA Coaching test, I could not have done it without Erika.. THANK YOU ERIKA!! I owe you big time.
  • 7- I have NO CLUE what I want to be when I grow up. My Big Girl job as an event planner is AMAZING, I am paid very well and have great company benefits.. But I am not sure it is what I am meant to do with my life. So I am making a list of all the things that I am interested in. If you have any ideas please chime in.
8- The mental side of Marathon training is my strength. I am thinking of creating a little class on it and seeing if Fleet Feet would let me coach the Marathon and Half Marathon training teams.. Of course I have no counseling degree or anything other than my own experience, I wonder if that would be frowned upon..hmmmmm
  • 9- I am EXHAUSTED!!! Totally EXHAUSTED! Ironically, because of the bullet above, more mentally than physically.
10- I have not been able to make it around to reply to all of the AMAZING comments. Your stories, positive compliments and kind words have truly helped me through this tough time.. Please know that I appreciate it and do not intend to ignore anyone.
  • PLEASE read the stories in the comments of my last post, they are GREAT!!
  • I will have a few product reviews soon, I am a little behind.


Monday, November 8, 2010

That is Ours, what is Yours?

Thank you for humoring me while I retold our LOVE story :) When life gets hard it is good to get lost in amazing memories. A few people asked for pictures....well back in 2001 digital photography was not as popular, or maybe my college budget could not afford it.. But I dug up a couple photos I had scanned..

Little Tall Mom #33 playing for Gonzaga University. I always had my hair braided and wore thick bangs..
Here is a photo from 2003 at the Puyallup Fair. Yes, I was blond for a while. I could never go back to blond, too much work. Notice how much thinner Muscle Man was, he has worked very hard to bulk up. He has an amazing metabolism.
Yesterday we had a GREAT run/walk with the Little Studs. There were some dark clouds in the distance but we did not let it stop us. We ran to the track, where there was a soccer game, BUMMER! So it was off to the muddy Junior High Track. Little Stud #1 and I did a fast lap, well his fast.. Then I did a Tall Mom Fast lap.. 1:26- and I felt WINDED!!! I have a lost a lot of fitness but I am not going to beat myself up about it. Family run around the muddy bases of the Baseball field, did a few hops on the concrete to get the mud off and jog/walked home.
Little Stud #1 jogged for a bit, he even pushed his brother in the jogger...SO CUTE!! When he got tired we slowed down to admire and inspect the various leaves along the path. Loved every minute. Just after we returned home the rain started to POUR BUCKETS.. Perfect Timing..
  • I realized that I missed an opportunity yesterday. A few people chimed in that they met their loves through Match.com.. I should have asked you all to share your story.

If you have time please leave a comment or email me at tallmomontherun @ hotmail and pretty please tell me how you met the one you love. Reading your LOVE STORIES will surely make my dimples shine.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

A LOVE Story

First off today is World Run Day, so get out there and Run, no matter how far.. JUST DO IT!!

This is my LOVE story, has nothing to do with Running but really it kinda does. Muscle Man is my key supporter in my weight loss, and constant cheer leader with my running. Some of you have already heard part or most of this story, but it is a good one so I am going to tell it again.

My Senior year at Gonzaga University I went back in great shape, I was tone, strong and ready for my last season of Basketball. 11 days into practice I closed out on defense and felt a pain in my knee. I knew instantly that I had done something BAD to my knee. I should have been upset, but I wasn't, I knew there was a reason for the injury. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

Bless the coaching staff they let me red shirt and come back the following year. The following year most of my close friends had graduated, so I moved in with a new girl on the team, she could not cut it, so she quit and moved out. Hmmmmm... I was lonely, spent a lot of time on the computer. One day a Match.com pop up appeared. I figured Why Not? I filled out the profile, but did not add a photo. Emails came in from weirdos, a foot fetish guy for example. After a bit I got an email from a guy, the last line in his email read "And I am cute if that matters." It blew me away, I didn't want an arrogant guy, but a man with confidence was just what I was hoping for. We exchanged photos, and talked for nearly 2 hours. Anxious to meet we decided our first date would follow my Basketball Game later that week.
  • Sidenote: Muscle Man always wanted to date a girl with brown hair who played basketball, lucky me..
On 11-7-2001 (9 YEARS AGO TODAY), I was nervous, could barely focus on warm ups. My knee was healing but I still wore a brace for support. Eyes were set on the stands, waiting for him to appear. Trouble was he said he would come with a couple...so when he arrived with a guy I wondered if it was the right person. I knew from the minute I set eyes on him that I was interested, so when he left at half time I was FREAKED.. Mental trashing "Guess he doesn't like me, he left."

He returned with a beverage and I continued to play.. 10 points later the game was over and went to the locker room to shower. Butterflies were swarming and I could hardly put on my socks let alone tie my shoes. Felt like I was moving in slow motion, the anticipation was immense. Got ice for my knee, came out of the locker room and headed toward the court.

This minute will be etched in my sole FOREVER. As Muscle Man walked toward me there was an immediate calm, like I had know him forever, I FELL IN LOVE with him at that moment, before a word was spoken. Love at first sight, how could it be? Mental trashing "There he is Mel, don't screw it up!!"

I don't remember the first words we said but I know he said "Where did you park?" and I said "In the parking lot," in a feeble attempt at humor. He smiled and we headed on our first date.

Since that moment we have been inseparable. Our marriage is amazing, normal, and full of love. We never fight, it is EASY. Every day I feel blessed that I have Muscle Man. I Thank God Every day for this amazing husband, father and friend. Sorry for the Cheese Factor but this is on my mind today.

The Message: Love can and should be easy.

  • What do I have planned for World Run Day? Well so far this week I have run 2 miles.. OOPS!! :) Rest week huh? Muscle Man and I will take the boys to the trail, hope the rain holds out so we have a nice run. 9 years ago I could have never guessed that we would have 2 amazing Little Studs, a beautiful home and a love for running as a family. What a Blessing..
  • Today take some time to think about your blessings. Life can be TOUGH and UNFAIR, but when we think about those things that are GOOD and AMAZING it totally changes our perspective.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Back to Normal

Welcome to the New Bloggy Pack Members!! What a welcomed surprise when I have had very little time to dedicate to Tall Mom. You all are GREAT!!! Special Thanks to the bloggies who have sent sympathy cards Marlene, Chelsea, Melissa and Harmony, I truly appreciate all the positive thoughts..

My idea of what "Normal" life is has changed, shifted, been totally shaken up. Each day I am met with new challenges. But I am also reminded of all that life has that is beautiful and amazing. Yes I am sad, I cry, and I wish that I could have more time with my Dad. But I also know that he would want me to keep moving, to pick my head up and let my dimples shine..

Soooo I thought I would share with you all a few things that make my dimples shine...

The Little Studs.. While attempting to post this Blog they wanted a mini photo shoot. "Mommy take a picture of my wollipop!" CHEESE!! They were too cute, so I put down the computer and took some silly pics..
We took a trip to Chucky Cheese as a family last week...think we all just needed to smile. And look at the game they have.. Yes folks it is AWESOME!! The kids run in a big hamster wheel..it was broken, I am hoping that is because so many kids are running :)
This week I was SWAMPED at work including a social evening, a Cruise on the water... It was one of the nicest days in November in Seattle EVER.. So clear and beautiful. I must say there are some perks to event planning.. Wish my phone would have captured the beauty...
Last night my big siss made some tasty soup and we had a family dinner at our house. Tall Grandma hit the 75% sale at Target and bought the Little Studs some costumes (THANK YOU GRANDMA!!), they go through several costume changes daily. One of my friends who lives down the street once texted me to inform me that "It is good to see that Buzz Lightyear is protecting your husband while he washes the car." Hehehe.. Soooo while the guys watched sports we went and picked up a few more, including the Olive and Popeye costumes above :) Muscle Man did not even need the fake muscles.. I also go a Ghost Busters costume.. This is a GREAT time of year to pick up costumes for future years..
  • I deemed this week a BYE week for running. Although Muscle Man, Little Studs and I will go for a LONG FAMILY RUN in the morning. I am in search of a good run to register for to get me back in the grove, so if you have any ideas please let me know.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Runless in Seattle

Wow 733 Bloggy Pack Members!! Welcome new friends, this totally made my dimples shine today..

UPDATE: I am currently deeply immersed in my Big Girl Job supporting a conference. Which means I am stuck in the city, no time to run and CRAZY/WONKY hours. Yesterday I left my house at 5:20AM and got home at 9:05PM.. URGH!! Soooo tired, I am getting by on Fumes..

Needless to say I am feeling a bit off this week and very ready to get back to some normalcy. The good news is the Weather is fantastic, so if I ever do find the pavement I wont be stomping in puddles.

**Thanks to EVERYONE who helped me get UP TO SPEED.. I will be using that post to go around and visit Bloggers this weekend..


Come on Weekend!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Up to Speed

I have been totally disconnected with Bloggy Land with no hope of catching up.. Soooo I thought it would be fun to use this post for you all...

Pretty Please help me get

with you by answering any of the Following:

First: Name and City/State- city is optional :)

1. What did you accomplish in October that you are PROUD of?

2. What do you have coming up that you are EXCITED about? Could be a race, life event, test, meal, anything really...

3. Who has Inspired you and why?

4. Who have you Inspired and how?

OK think that is enough to keep you busy... This is a GREAT way to see through comments all the people who are out there in Bloggy Land and what you all are up to..