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Saturday, October 9, 2010

We Have a PLAN

I love love Jill!! She is super organized and sooo fun to be around. AND WE HAVE A PLAN!!

10-10 10 Portland Marathon here we come!

It promises to be a wet one, so we will bring the SUNSHINE to the sidelines. I am super excited to cheer all of my buddies taking on 26.2. GOOD LUCK to everyone!!!

Is it funny that I am excited to be on the sidelines of a Marathon?? Well I am..

More info about the RRCA Coaching course on Monday..



kimert said...

Have fun being the cheerleader this time!!

Unknown said...

Enjoy spectating!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes cheering people on can be just as important as participating. Have a great time!

Kate Geisen said...


RobinLK said...

Cheerleading for fellow runners is amazing... totally different than running the race, but definitely as emotional. Yay for all the Portland runners today!!!!

Unknown said...

I think it's great you will be cheering on the runners! I would be excited too :D