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Monday, October 11, 2010

RRCA Coaching Certification- The Joe Example

I spent the weekend in a room with several like minded folks hoping to glean all the Running/Coaching knowledge that I could. If you are interested in learning more about the Certification program go HERE

A Little about the Instructors:
Patti and Warren Finke, RRCA certified coaches. Patti, an exercise physiologist, is the Chairperson of the RRCA Coaching Committee. Warren, is a long time coach and distance runner. Both are founders and directors of the Portland Marathon Training Clinic, now in its 25th year. They are the author's of "Marathoning Start To Finish and of numerous articles on training for local, regional, national and international magazines. Guest speakers are DeeAnn Dougherty, PRT, RRCA Certified Coach, coach& director of the Portland Marathon Training Clinc and Suzanne Girard Eberle, R.D. sports dietitian. You will receive a copy of Suzanne's book along with the regular publications.

  • We were served bagel and banana breakfast, awesome Lunches and afternoon cookies.
This was a PACKED weekend full of focused learning. Tall Mom does not have a Science brain, so the first day with content on Vo2 Max and nutrition took a ton of focus. I feverishly took notes on the slide notebooks provided. Having the notebooks which corresponded with the slides was GREAT. Although when Suzanne came in to talk nutrition her notes did not match up.. Oh well!

Anyone who has read this blog long enough knows that I have SERIOUS issues with the Run Slow to go fast strategy. I run as long and as fast as I can almost every day....Hmmmm, could this be why I am tired?? and sore??
The second day Patti and Warren really drove home the arguments for this strategy, which I will share later.

IT CLICKED!! Sooooo when I train for Boston, I will be my own tester.. I plan to use the same training plan I used for Eugene, but SLOW down.. Will see how that translates on the Pavement in April.

The last day of the class was my FAVORITE we had a fake client and had to develop a training plan for her:

  • Meet Joe...she is a single mother of 2 who wants to run a Half Marathon to impress a guy. She has been running for 6 years, always fast and never more than 5 miles. An experienced racer.....

We got into groups and worked on our plans. What I realized QUICKLY is that I have a REALLY REALLY hard time taking my own personal experience and drawbacks out of the picture.

Thoughts like "Why would you take someone who goes 8:20 pace and slow them down to 9:45, that will feel so weird and she won't have time to shower and eat lunch," and "That is too many miles for her to run, her knee will be sore.." GEEEZ Mel, this is not you!!! Thankfully my team was GREAT and together we came up with a pretty good plan. It really is amazing how everyone has a bit different way of approaching a training plan.

  • Tall Mom Gripes: This is in no way a big one... I love love instructors who tell stories. Patti and Warren have GREAT stories. I was thoroughly entertained.. BUT.. I would have liked to hear more stories about the type of clients/people I will help. I may never meet an Elite, Olympic qualifier, Ironman contendor, or UltraMarathoner, let alone coah him or her. The examples given about coaching the NORM were a bit more applicable.

If you have any questions about the certification course please email me (tallmomontherun @ hotmail). The cost is $250, and you will get great resources, meet new people and increase your Running/Coaching bag of tricks.

Off to study for my 100 question test. Wish me luck!!


Bethany + Ryan said...

Glad it went well! I didn't know that the train slow to run fast theory wasan actual theory! Lol. But iknow it worksbc thats what i do! Cool! In fact, i'm one of the slowest runners on wednesday nightswith my run club and i usually end up running solo bc everyone leaves mein the dust,but my PRs are faster than theirs. So cool that's a legit theory,ha!
I was so thrilled to get #333 today!!


We had different instructors. I would be interested in hearing if there were any differences between the two. We are going to have proof if the run slower to run faster theory works on Saturday. I built my marathon plan around it. Go rock that test!

Kate Geisen said...

I just read a quote (maybe from Runner's World's daily kick in the butt?) that said most people don't go slow enough on their easy runs or hard enough on their fast runs. I'm interested in hearing what clicked for you.

Rene' said...

Those were my teachers too, but it looks like you had other speakers as well. we had Joe the running mom too. good luck with the test!

Elizabeth said...

Good luck with the test.

Anonymous said...

good luck! you'll rock it :)

kimert said...

I know nothing about running other than putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes that works for me and sometimes it is hard as heck. lol
Good luck on your test!!! I'm sure you will do fantastic!

Lisa said...

Congrats on going through the certification! I went through last year and enjoyed it as well. I sat with another marathoner and the two of us had aha moments together as we realized why we "bonked" in our marathon the week before--our training runs were too fast. I did experiment on myself and I did so much better in my next marathon.

Good luck on the test! I got on the phone with someone from my class and went through it together. It really helped!

Unknown said...

Probably something I should try after yesterdays outcome but I get such a high when I push as hard as I can. It is part of the reason I like to run. Good luck on your test! I would love to be do that class someday.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you learned a lot. Good luck with the testing.

Meredith said...

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Joe is a HORRIBLE client.. bullheaded, stubborn, and frankly a pain in the rear! :D I'm glad you had a good time and learned a lot. The slow thing is really working for me, so I hope it works for you. Welcome to the club - I'll be honored to have you also be a RRCA Coach! I got a 96 on the test so if you need any help, yell.. can't say I'll be able to help, but you never know!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

sounds interesting! I can't wait to hear more about the theory!! Also, GOOD LUCK on your test!! :D

TNTcoach Ken said...

Good luck with the test, Coach!

Denise said...

heh, i learned from my certified coach that i needed to slow down and no one wants to believe that. it's the way to do it!

Marlene said...

Sounds like a great course overall. Good luck on the test!!!

Unknown said...

Well I've got the "train slow" part down, but have yet to reach the "go fast" part;)

Erika Bradford said...

I have a pic of you in class. Let me know if you want it : ) I just snapped a shot from the back.

@Amanda- LOL right there with you.

Nice write up on the class :)

Unknown said...

I do want to hear more about the run slower to go faster plan.

Kerrie said...

The shower and eat lunch thing cracked me up! Way to go, Mel. You're going to be an amazing coach!

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