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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty Please Do me a Favor

Not sure if you noticed but there is a TMB Endurance Bands Giveaway on Tall Mom Giveaways HERE.

  • Pretty Please Do me a Favor and ENTER!! You could WIN the beautiful band below..
It is my FAVORITE CANADIAN's Birthday today..

  • Pretty Please Do me a Favor and head over to Marlene's Blog HERE and Wish her a Happy Birthday... While you are there also wish her GOOD LUCK in her Marathon this weekend. she has worked sooo hard this training cycle and is going to rock the race.. Do this and you can have an extra entry in the Giveaway above. Leave a comment that says "On 10/13 I visited Marlene."
On High Five Friday Last week HERE I had a LONG LIST of racers. October is a popular racing month. Pretty sure I will have as long of a list this week. Do you love race reports??
  • Pretty Please Do me a Favor and go read a few race reports and comment. Some Reports are still in work, but I am sure these Bloggy buddies would love love a Visit :)
Stacie- Portland Marathon
Amanda - Portland Marathon
Julie- Portland Marathon
Harmony- (First) Portland Marathon
Janna- Portland Marathon
RLAM Sarah- Portland Marathon
Cynthia- Portland Marathon
Paul & Fleet Feet Team- Portland Marathon
Tiffany (Daily Mile Buddy)- (First) Victoria Marathon
Nancy (Daily Mile Buddy)- Victoria Marathon
Amy- (First) Victoria Marathon
Beka- Chicago Marathon
Velma & Hubby- Chicago Marathon
Jill- Chicago Marathon
Steph- Chicago Marathon
Stephanie- (First) Chicago Marathon
Becka- Hartford Half and Boston Half
Suzy & Hubby- Half Marathon
Shelly & Hubby- Fall Foliage Classi

Wow I am expecting a lot of you folks today :) Don't Forget I said Pretty Please....

I will leave you with a quote:

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~Author Unknown


Marlene said...

How sweet are you!!!!! AWWWW. You totally made my day. You don't even have to send me a gift now... this will suffice. :D

Love ya!!!!!!!!!

Stacey said...

Does it count that I wished her happy birthday on FB as well? (: She is an amazing lady isn't she!

Meredith said...

Love the quote!! And glad you said pretty please or I would not go do all that you asked :)

Velma said...

Thanks for the shout out!

Anonymous said...

no love for my RR? ;) i kid i kid :D

lots of great racing going down this weekend!

p.s. i LOVE the quotes you put up!

Alanna said...

Add me to the report list! I completed my first marathon in Victoria on Sunday and the report will be up soon. :) Alanna @ running42km.blogspot.com

Tricia said...

Whoohooo!!! Lots of race reports to read. Love it!

(and I posted the race report for my kiddos first race)

Heather said...

Ok. I am going to read race reports because I find them quite inspiring! And because you said so.

Katie said...

Love that quote and I appreciate you posting all of the race recaps. My first marathon is Satuday and everyone is so inspiring and I am just a mess I'm so anxious to run!

Lisa said...

I love that there are so many people out racing! thanks for linking us up with everyone too!

Great quote, definitely something to remember.

Christine said...

On 10/13 I visited Marlene

The CilleyGirl said...

Wow, look at all those women married to men named "Hubby"! Whoda thunk it?

Anonymous said...

can i get a high five on friday??? running my very first marathon on Sunday!!! im running the goodlife toronto marathon. same one as marlene!

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