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Friday, October 1, 2010

High Five Friday

Welcome New Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!! The Pack has grown to 693!! WHAT?!?!?!? Wow that is CRAZY!! Now do we think we can get to 700 by the end of today?? Come on lurkers and friendly clickers, hit FOLLOW on the right sidebar, you know you want to :)

It is OCTOBER!! Where did September go? This means all of you in the 1,000+++ club have 91 days to get to 1,000. Are you on Track?? I am happy to report that I passed mile 1,000 during the You Go Girl Half Marathon. Last year I hit 1,000 in December, so I am sooo pleased to have hit this milestone so early in 2010. Need something to INSPIRE you to get out the door on these Gloomy Fall Days?

  • CHALLENGE!!! 83 miles in October!! Email me your name, and Blog (if you have one) and I will send you a link to the 83 Mile Challenge Spreadsheet. Walk, Jog, Run, and Swim, track your miles on the spreadsheet and be listed on Tall Mom in November. Only 2.76 miles a day, you CAN and WILL do these. Start today!!! I know there are lots of Bloggy friends who will crush this, email me anyway, would love to have you in the CHALLENGE!!

Heard enough about You Go Girl this week?? TOUGH!! What a wonderful, amazing weekend. The memories made I will treasure. I have tons more pictures, so here are just a few... All the photos will be posted on Tall Mom Facebook Album HERE, more will be added so watch for that.

Thanks to Jill for the AWESOME list of Link Love, below are the ladies who attended the Bloggy Meet up and/or ran or "jalked" the You Go Girl Half or 10K. The BEST part of the weekend was meeting new people and making new FRIENDS!!! At the Bloggy Carbo night I really tried to get around to talk to everyone, thankfully there were a few chairs left in the PACKED room. Click the names below and go say Hi, these are truly AMAZINg Women!!
Kadie + Beautiful Daughter
Kim- No Blog :(

Thanks to Marlene for her HELP, here are some official race photos..
Note: this is 10 minutes before the race and no one wants to step up. we are standing in the middle of the 8minute pace corral.. CRAZY!!
Trying a new Finish Line pose, the Double Thumbs up. What do you think?? Next up?? I am working on Blowing a Kiss, may be difficult but I will get it down. TOTAL POSER and PROUD..
Notice I am CHEESING and TMB is so Focused.. She used every ounce of energy she had on the race course. So PROUD of her!!

Thanks to everyone who emailed me for High Fives!!
  • High Five Racing & Events:
Abbi- (First) Freedom's Run Marathon
Diva Mom- Lakefront Marathon
Stacey- St. George Marathon
Candice/Barbie- St. George Marathon
Jesse- Urban Cow Half Marathon
Daphne & Hubbs- (FIRST) Urban Cow Half Marathon
Kate- (First) Lewis & Clark Half Marathon
Tiina- Lewis & Clark Half Marathon
Kim & Ali- 5K Race for the Cure Albany
  • High Five Running Moms:
X-Country2- First Half After Having TWINS
Casey- First Half Marathon as a Mommy
Amanda- Stylin the next Running Generation
Shelly- Day 144++ and Counting. AMAZING!
  • High Five Races for a Good Cause:
  • High Five Giveaways:
Please tell them Tall Mom Sent you..I have not won anything is AGES!!
Running on My time- Brooks Giveaway Ends Today
2010 Journey in Running: 100th Post Ends 10/8
Racing With Babes: Jessica's Gifts Giveaway End 10/7
Miss Zippy- Running Chics Ends 10/4
Yurbuds Ends 10/3 (HERE)
Girls on the Run Ends 10/7 (HERE)
Snorg Tee Ends 10/7 (HERE)
Print Candies Ends 10/7 (HERE)
Itty Bitty Clippy Ends 10/9 (HERE)
Born Free Cup Ends 10/9 (HERE)
  • Speaking of Giveaways!! The Outside PR Party Bucket Giveaway was so AWESOME that I had to end it early. 648 Entries!! The WINNER is Erindogroff- She said "I'm a follower! I enjoy your reading about your running adventures, as well as tidbits about your adorable family :)". Thanks!! Please email me your address to tallmomontherun (@) hotmail.
  • Next Giveaway coming SOON
  • What do you Deserve a HIGH FIVE for Today?? Leave a comment.

HIGH FIVE It's Friday!!


Diana Tries-A-Tri! said...

I think we all deserve a high five for getting through another week! Yay for Friday!

OH, and I'm having a giveaway too over at my blog:

www.dianatries-a-tri.blogspot.com or ya know just click on the name haha. Have a great weekend everyone!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Yay for everyone running this weekend! I totally spaced on emailing you! Coach is running an 8k in the morning (hello PR) in my hometown, then we are holding our own 5k night race for the Jog 4 JS!

Plus I am having a giveaway starting today from Jessica's Gifts
http://trackcoach-tressaabe11.blogspot.com/2010/10/jessicas-gifts-giveaway.html Good Luck everyone!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the high five!

I have enjoyed all the photos of your race. It looks liek you girls had a great time!

No Longer Using said...

are you feeling better????

i love the matching outfits you guys all had!!! really great event and well photographed, too!

i have fallen off the mileage recording. it is just not my running mentality now to track mileage and it works so well for me not to. i'm sad i'm no longer in the "club" though :( i will always be a tall mom fan though!

Marlene said...


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love High Five Fridays!! I love being able to send all the well wishes for the racers! (I didn't register for the half/marathon this weekend since Hubbs was undecided. I don't want a no show on my record! So I'll be a "morning of" decider for this. I'll see what Hubbs thinks.)

Thanks for the High Five on my running insanity. It's bad when you know your insane! heehee

I love the posing! You look great in race photos. T looks like a running mag cover girl, she is soo focused. She is going to break new ground this fall and spring! So fun to follow!

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

"Total Poser and proud of it" .... LOVE IT!! You have a great blog. I'm not sure I can commit to 83 miles in Oct. but I will do as many as I can!

kimert said...

Ok, I will attempt the 83 miles in October challenge. Maybe I can do better with this one than I did the last one. ;)
Great pics!! Happy Running!

Becka said...

Racing alone I will be at 65.5 - I should be able to get to 83 with little problems :D

I am so far on track to hit 1000 for the year, but my injury has already cost me 50 or so miles...

Molly said...

I just went to record my seven mile trail run I did this a.m. on the spreadsheet....we need October! : )

have a great weekend, and I just posted a compression sock giveaway too!

Anonymous said...

I'm giving myself a high five for hitting 750 miles on September 30th. Right on track for my 1000 mile goal (which I missed the sign-up for on your blog, but it was my plan anyhow!). AND second high five (hey, if we can't high five ourselves, who will?) for being challenged to run a 50 mile week and being at 47 miles with a 5k race on the schedule tomorrow. Highest mileage week EVER (by a lot).

Unknown said...

Aww thanks for the high five, made my day! I just "liked" you on facebook:)

Kerrie said...

High Five to YOU for posting all those links. :) Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

Fun - a new challenge! Just emailed you. I want in - I'm running my first marathon this month.

Winks & Smiles,

Alisa said...

Well I'm officially in marathon training for the Goofy Challenge so put me on the October challenge. Assuming nothing bad happens I technically should be running closer to 95-100 miles this month!

It kinda feels good to be back on a schedule.

DaphneB said...

Yay! Thanks for the High Five! And good luck to everyone else running this weekend! I think I need to be more of a poser, my mom took some really awful pictures of me during our last 5k, so I've vowed to try smiling at least. =o)

Sylvia said...

You all are so inspiring...I am signing up for the October challange...2.76 miles a day. Wish me luck!


Trish said...

Yay, another mileage challenge! I love the encouragement and accountability. My personal goal is for 125 this month. Emailing you now.

Casey said...

Thanks for the High Five Mel! Love the photo of you in the corral! It could be in a magazine!

jillconyers said...

I missed the Friday High Five with my first marathon last weekend.

You can see pics here
Life...as I see it

I'm sending you an Oct challenge email now. I have 171.53 miles to 1000+++ !

Anonymous said...

Former lurked and now follower! Sign me up for the October challenge, I CAN doooo it!! :)

Nancy said...

You always deserve a high five, Mel, so I gave you an award on my blog. Check it out at www.makingourmarks.blogspot.com
You rock!!

Kris said...

I'm in for the October challenge and I just sent you an email!

Middle Name Marie said...

I need a high five! Next week, I am running the Chicago Marathon and going for the big BQ!

Tricia said...

High fives to you for being such an amazing support in our online community!

I'm totally in for the october challenge!

*~*~* Tracy said...

I give myself a high five for running my 2nd half marathon this morning and nailed a nearly 6 minute PR!! (official times are listed yet)