6'0 tall, former athlete, mother of 3, struggling to keep up on the RUN of daily life.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

At least my socks were CUTE

My buddy Tammy arranged a group 10 miler on Saturday morning at 7:30 including Jen and Heidi. It was a CHILLY 38' when we started at 38 when we hit stop... BRRRR!!! I thought it would be fun to dress in costume.. Hmmmm running fashion icon in Blog Land? Oh yes, TMB HERE! Thankfully when she stayed with me for Your Go Girl she gifted me a pair of Little Miss Match socks.. AWESOME!! So here is my costume?

How did I do?? My skirt is Sugoi but other than that I am pretty spot on. Soon after the dark photo op I put my coat back on and our foursome set out. We were chilled at the start, time to get out the gloves and ear covers... The night prior to the run Muscle Man and I had our home version of Chinese, egg rolls, pot stickers and egg drop soup with shrimp....my stomach SEIZED soon after dinner..

I did not think much about the tummy issues until mile 3 the BAM!!! What the?? Only 3 miles into a 10 miler and my stomach was doing flip flops, there was not a Honey Bucket along the trail.. URGH!! I was pretty quiet, thankful that the ladies kept my mind off my issues. I know Jen and Tammy pretty well but had never run with Heidi. I LOVE LOVE LOVE meeting new running buddies :)
  • I have been worried that I would miss the miles for 83 mile CHALLENGE this month but somehow my efforts have added up.. I sit at 79 miles, leaving just 4 to go :) Think I may wear Garmin while Trick or Treating..

We got to the mid-day point, Heidi and I were a bit behind the others. It was nice to chat and slow a few steps. But I was not good company, I was in PAIN!!! She offered me her tissue, I prayed I would make it without having to fertilize the bushes or ruin my white skirt. Sorry TMI, but that was an honest fear I had. My lungs were great, legs were strong, mind was focused, but my tummy urgled and gurgled all the way home... We got to 10 miles and I RAN into the Honey Bucket. I was sick until about 8PM, not fun at all!!

Moral of the Story? Think before you eat the night before a long run!!

*****So many friends running Marathons tomorrow!! I wish I would have had time to give out High Fives.. here are a few I can think of off the top...

*Jen HERE-MCM Marathon her First!!

*Shelly HERE- Fire on the Mountain 50K

*Becka HERE-Athens her First!!

  • What will you be for HALLOWEEN? To check out what I was up to, and dressed as, this time last year click HERE :)
  • The person who I announced as the WINNER of the Outside PR Party bucket never contacted me and I cant seem to locate the post soooo below is the new Winner, please email me your address :)

****WINNER is: Aimee at I Tri to be Me

Friday, October 29, 2010

Tall Mom to BOSTON!!

Thanks to the AMAZING Jill HERE (or Jilly as I call her) and to Adidas looks like I will have a spot in Boston 2011 after all!! That's right folks, Tall Mom is going to BOSTON!!!

I had faith that if it was meant to be it would be and I am excited to have something to be excited about. I know Dad will be so PROUD of me as I cross the Boston Finish.. My purpose in running Boston has changed a bit. These past few months I have really loved running with/for others. Who knows where this will take me, but I have a feeling that speedy PR miles are not what will heal my HEART. I want to run this for all of those who cant, or may never qualify. To experience every step and share the excitement. I hope you all will join me on this JOURNEY.

My running has still been a bit off. I ran 8 miles with Tammy on Wednesday, my last day home before heading back to work. It was a GLORIOUS day!! The air was crisp, trees are changing color and the Mountain was in full view. Without knowing it Tammy and I went SUPER FAST!! I thought I had lost some fitness but 8 miles at 8:26 pace is pretty darn good!! I doubt I will make the 83 mile CHALLENGE without injuring myself, so I am going to borrow a few miles from some of you ;)

Have an AMAZING weekend folks. Life has its ups and downs, if you have faith you may just find the purpose in it all.


Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I can't Fake it

As much as I would love to go back to my bubbly self I can't fake it. I am still VERY VERY SAD...on the brink of crying every moment of the day. My purpose this week has been to help my Mom in any way I can. She is so strong, we have been very productive considering the impossible task.

This morning I realized that I am only at 57 miles for the month. I had hoped to run 83 for the CHALLENGE.. Hmmmm 26 miles in 5 days?? It is possible, spreading Marathon miles over less than a week. Will see. How are you doing on the CHALLENGE?

I don't have much to report it has been POURING here and I have a cold. Trying to avoid getting full blown sick I have remained indoors. But today the sun is shining...I just had my coffee...and I plan to hit the pavement.

OOPS- I never drew a winner for the TMB Endurance headbands... I decided to pick #59 for my Dad.. And the Winner is Shelly at One Foot in Front of the Other...this is pretty funny because Shelly makes headbands too...but I also know she wears headbands daily and is a long time Tall Mom fan... Click the name above to visit Shelly, she is a true inspiration and has a BIG RACE this weekend. Shelly I am not sure when I will get the prize in the mail, but I already have your address :) If you need a GREAT Headband go HERE and Shop.

And since I can't fake it, I am going to share a few things I have learned with the passing of my Father..
  1. Take pictures of everyone...do not just focus on the young. Those pictures will mean so much when that person passes.
  2. Learn about the collections and hobbies. My Dad had several passions, we never fully took the time to listen and learn... We now hope to carry on his legacy, but we have to start without the knowledge that he had.
  3. Turn off the TV and spend time talking. Share stories about childhood, great memories..
  4. Keep a family journal to record those memories.
  5. Call, write, email, visit, do not let time pass without connecting in some way. The last phone call I had with my Dad will be with me forever.... Find time for lunch, dinner, or just spending time together.
  6. Create Family Traditions, traditions that hold your family strong.

I will head out for a run today, hang with my family tonight and go back to work tomorrow. Thank you for all of your love, prayers, emails and support.. It truly means so much to me and my family.

When someone you love becomes a memory,

that memory becomes a treasure..

Sunday, October 24, 2010

To Run and Missing Boston

Thank you from the bottom of my heart... your comments have lifted my spirits. I ran 7 miles in 59:03 for my Dad with my friend Tammy. Tammy who I met through Fleet Feet training. Tammy whose amazing husband James was the pastor for my Dad's funeral. I felt weak.. I felt strong... We talked about Dad, family, life.... then I asked her to help me escape for a few minutes. Escape my sadness... She told me about her Marathon on 10-10 where she qualified for BOSTON!! For 5 miles I listened as she talked about overcoming mental obstacles during her Marathon.. She said I was with her on the run.. We got to 59 minutes and STOPPED.. Then she prayed as we walked to the cars, it was just what I needed. I have not had the strength to run more than 2 miles since.

I did not run the Half Marathon on my plan for Saturday.. It was the best decision I could have made. I was, and still am, totally exhausted physically and mentally. As much as I wanted to dedicate the miles to Dad I could not race. LESSON: Know when you need to take a break...

Speaking of Boston... On Monday 10-18 the registration for Boston opened. During that time I was with my family selecting a grave site, picking out a casket, making all the arrangements to celebrate and honor my amazing father..It was one of the hardest days of my life...At 2PM I went to register but it was too late. Boston had SOLD OUT. I was sad, disappointed and angry..but I could not have gotten there any sooner. I quickly got over it and realized that everything happens for a reason. If I am meant to run Boston 2011 I will, if not, I will make the most out of whatever comes next... Maybe a fun race like Dublin or NYC :)

  • I hope that you are all doing well. Stay focused on what REALLY MATTERS in life. Do not let time pass without offering a smile, a hug, a gesture of kindness. You create your own Legacy..

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Finding my Words and Strength

With the help of Tall Grandma and Tall Sister we found the words to tribute Tall Grandpa... below is an editted version of the Obituary..

Heaven needed a handyman. John passed suddenly at the age of 59 on Sat. Oct. 16th. John was raised in Fircrest, WA, graduated from Wilson High School in 1969 and attended University of Puget Sound. A long time resident of Bonney Lake, WA. In life John was a loving husband, caring father and playful grandfather. After 30 years at Seafreeze he retired, days were spent with family, travelling in the motor home, rock hounding, mushroom hunting, cooking on the BBQ and restoring his 54 Studebaker. John always wore a smile and gave amazing hugs. He is survived by his wife of 34 years, his children and grandsons. In Heaven every Opal has fire

I did not have the strength to run.. My energy and will to lace up was gone.. the boys kept saying "Want to go in the jogging stroller!" So we drank some coffee and went out as a family. It felt so good to be out running. Dad was always so proud of my athletics.. He went to every game and track meet and kept a close tally on my stats. Years later he could quote my game highs, remembering down to the last rebound. He was glued to the computer screen the day of my first Marathon, he offered to watch the Little Studs. Dad took a picture of the computer screen when I finished.

Yesterday I reflected during those 2 miles. I will miss him every day, but he is in a better place, Heaven. And Dad would want me to keep moving...today I will meet with my running friend Tammy. Her husband James will be the pastor at Dad's Celebration of Life. I met her on the run, who knew that our connection would lead to her husband playing such an important role.

We will run 59 minutes for Dad!!!

  • What have you done today to show those you love how much you care? Live life to the fullest, cherish the moments!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Writers Block

The world feels COLD. My Dad loved to read this blog, I always thought of him waking up drinking his coffee and clicking on Tall Mom...funny how the Internet connects people...

On Saturday morning my brother called Dad had a heart attack at age 59 due to complications from Pneumonia... He passed away before I could say Goodbye..


Dad was always happy, always smiling, an amazing Father and Husband. My parents were married for 34 years, for him it was his forever. I sit here attempting to write his obituary, but I have WRITERS BLOCK... How can I capture all that he was in a short paragraph???

I can't run, I can't think, I am barely functioning..

  • For now I leave you with some advice... Do not let space, time, illness, or petty things keep you from your family. LIFE IS SHORT!!! Imagine that you could not say Goodbye, imagine it is your last chance with that person. It will totally change your perspective.

Death leaves a heartache no one can heal,
love leaves a memory no one can steal.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Brain on the RUN

In looking at my training plans I noticed something. There is no section for MENTAL TRAINING.. Hmmmmm.... Much of distance Running is mental, and yet the "Brain Training" is not written down.

Why is that??? I have a few ideas. The first is that it is VERY VERY difficult to measure Mental capacity/strength. Physical endurance can be built up, tested and is visible. But the inner workings of the Athlete, how do we test that? My answer? NO IDEA FOLKS..
I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember. My Mental bag of tricks is so big that it is collecting dust. (DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional psychologist) I may not be able to make you a Brain Training Plan but I will offer a few things that work for me:
Tall Mom Brain Training Tricks:
  • Avoid the Negative Self Fulfilling prophecy- Don't know what this is, check out Wikipedia here. How does this relate to running? Have you ever said the following "I can't run more than 2 miles without stopping," or "I always bonk at mile 17," or "I am so slow, I will never be able to run fast," or "I am not a strong runner." Say those things to yourself, even internally, enough times and it becomes the TRUTH. That negative seed you planted will come back to take you down, so don't plant the seed. Change your thinking to be positive!!
  • Find Autopilot- If you have been a distance runner (Distance runner by my definition is 3 miles+++) long enough you have found Autopilot. It is that state where you are not consciously aware that you are running. Lost in your music, taking in the environment, etc.. Your feet are moving, but you are not thinking about running. When I find myself letting Negative Nancy in, I push her out by clearing my mind. I will sing, people watch and look for interesting things along the path. I will often tell myself and my running buddies "Get out of your head!!"
  • File Away Runs- While training for the Eugene Marathon I had a mental file for my training runs. A file for Yuck, Strength and Pace. My Goal was to qualify for Boston. The Yuck file had those runs that SUCKED, where I did not feel well but pushed through. If I felt a bit down during the Marathon I would think "This is nowhere near as bad as my 23 mile training run on HILLS with an upset stomach." There are also those amazing training runs where you are in the zone, where race pace feels natural. Those runs I filed away as confidence builders and committed those to memory the night before the race. Thinking "This is how you will feel on race day."
  • HAVE A PLAN!!- There are so many elements that can go crazy on race day. So you should go in with a plan. For fuel, water, support, etc. As your mind gets tired it will be harder to think. Have a plan, try to follow it and check in with your body along the way, adjust where needed.
  • Count up, Count Down, Count all Around- While you are training think about the best way to count. Do you like to count up or count down? Break things into sections, time, etc. For me if I think about Time I get freaked out!! So I have to count down. Internally thinking "I ONLY have 7 miles left" is much easier to accept than over an hour remaining. Use the same counting every time to avoid thinking in terms that will push you down.
  • Visualize the FINISH- 1 mile, 5K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon, Ultra and beyond it is all the same, you are running for the FINISH LINE!! When I have a Goal I imagine that Finish Line over and over. Always with the same positive end. I think about how it will feel to reach that Goal. The pride, the joy, the pain, the fatigue... During my training the last .1 is always that visualization of the FINISH LINE. Smile for your picture folks, this is the line you have been training to cross.

I have more, but I am sure that is enough for the day. The key here is DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU TO KEEP YOUR BRAIN RUNNING POSITIVE!!!

  • What tricks work for you??


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pretty Please Do me a Favor

Not sure if you noticed but there is a TMB Endurance Bands Giveaway on Tall Mom Giveaways HERE.

  • Pretty Please Do me a Favor and ENTER!! You could WIN the beautiful band below..
It is my FAVORITE CANADIAN's Birthday today..

  • Pretty Please Do me a Favor and head over to Marlene's Blog HERE and Wish her a Happy Birthday... While you are there also wish her GOOD LUCK in her Marathon this weekend. she has worked sooo hard this training cycle and is going to rock the race.. Do this and you can have an extra entry in the Giveaway above. Leave a comment that says "On 10/13 I visited Marlene."
On High Five Friday Last week HERE I had a LONG LIST of racers. October is a popular racing month. Pretty sure I will have as long of a list this week. Do you love race reports??
  • Pretty Please Do me a Favor and go read a few race reports and comment. Some Reports are still in work, but I am sure these Bloggy buddies would love love a Visit :)
Stacie- Portland Marathon
Amanda - Portland Marathon
Julie- Portland Marathon
Harmony- (First) Portland Marathon
Janna- Portland Marathon
RLAM Sarah- Portland Marathon
Cynthia- Portland Marathon
Paul & Fleet Feet Team- Portland Marathon
Tiffany (Daily Mile Buddy)- (First) Victoria Marathon
Nancy (Daily Mile Buddy)- Victoria Marathon
Amy- (First) Victoria Marathon
Beka- Chicago Marathon
Velma & Hubby- Chicago Marathon
Jill- Chicago Marathon
Steph- Chicago Marathon
Stephanie- (First) Chicago Marathon
Becka- Hartford Half and Boston Half
Suzy & Hubby- Half Marathon
Shelly & Hubby- Fall Foliage Classi

Wow I am expecting a lot of you folks today :) Don't Forget I said Pretty Please....

I will leave you with a quote:

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending." ~Author Unknown

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Portland Marathon CHEER Report

I knew I would be in class the days leading up to the Portland Marathon. I opted not to run the Marathon because I was very burnt out after my 3 Marathons in May/June, not ready to hop back into a 16 week training cycle. I went back and forth, even tried to get into Portland at the last minute... but it was not to be.. I knew so many FRIENDS running that spectating was the best option.

My class ran late but my buddy Bloggers saved me a seat. Thanks to Stacie HERE for making the reservation.. I had a TINY portion of Mushroom Ravioli as Jill and I stared at the Map to make a plan..
They were all cute, I was dressed for ALL DAY in class.
Thanks to the Hubbies, including Track Coach HERE, for snapping the photos.
Harmony, Blonde Pony, Me, Jill, Amanda, Tressa, & Stacie

We loved the banners along the roads so we had to POSE.. I sent Jill home with the MAP. Her Mom lives in Portland and has for years, so I was HOPING that she could come up with a good plan. We hoped to use public transportation and get to a few spots along the course. Race morning we scrapped the plan and took the Tall Jeep around town.
Me and Jill a little TIRED before the coffee, headed to mile 4ish. Read Jill's Spectator Report HERE. To start the day Jilly forgot the Map and was locked out, THANKFULLY she rocks and knew right where to go. I drove, hmmmm I sorta suck at driving, parallel parking and doing anything out of the norm in a car.
  • NOTE: As a spectator if you see barricades and flashing lights you are near the race course :)
We went a bit too far and were blocked, I had to travel the WRONG WAY ON A ONE WAY ROAD....and there was a Police Car coming my way.. GULP!! We parked, hid, then sprinted up the stairs...just in time.. Apologies for blurry photos, it is hard to hold an umbrella and take pictures with a phone..
  • NOTE: As a spectator bring a good camera with sports Mode. May not be practical during inclement weather or if you will have to run.
We planted ourselves at the intersection of mile 1ish and 4ish, will AWESOME soggy runners going both directions.

I wore an outfit I could run in and that I thought people would spot easily.

  • NOTE: As a spectator dress comfortably, and in bright easy to locate colors, also try to warn your athletes to which mile markers you will be located.

My pictures are a bit mixed up....oops...

Amanda HERE, Jill spotted her first. She looked great, happy and not too soaked. See you at mile 12!!

Janna Rockin it out in her Fleet Feet Yellow.
See the puddles, I was FIXATED on the puddles. I wanted to stand in the puddle so no one would suffer the splashy soppy sneaker fate.. Guess it was the Mom in me. I kept yelling "Watch out for the puddle."
After Amanda we had to get back to get the Map and head to mile 12ish. I kindly asked Jill to Drive, she quickly agreed that would be best..
  • NOTE: When spectating have the best driver, parker, and person who knows the area drive, it will save time and anxiety.
Mile 12 was my FAVORITE!! First reason is we got Coffee, I love love Coffee!!
  • NOTE: When spectating Eat and Drink, don't forget that you will be on your feet for 4-6 hours and in order to be the BEST CHEERING SECTION you can be, you need to have energy!!
We also found the PERFECT spot on an angle, easy to see everyone. We were next to a Man with 2 older kids waiting to watch their Mom is her First Marathon.. He was funny he kept yelling "The Sun is out on the other side of the river!" Which was a total lie, but it made people smile. Jill has AMAZING vision, she was reading names off the bibs and yelling for so many people.. We are equal opportunity cheerers, we yelled for everyone. I like to compliment people on their outfits. We saw a lady with a purple tutu wearing purple vibrams, a guy from my class TOTALLY BAREFOOT, and a woman wearing Crocs!?!?! Janna zoomed by us totally in her music zone..
Then we spotted Sarah from Run Like a Mother HERE I have had the pleasure to meet Sarah a few times...I even texted her the night before the race. She was running her town on the HUNT for a BQ. She posed for us, but my camera was too slow.
We waited for Amanda and were getting worried... With reason, here came our friend.. "Do I turn Here?" she jokingly said as she walked up. Utterly defeated, tired, yucky stomach, it was dire. I said "Do you want to get in the car with us?" FYI I knew she wouldn't, but I wanted to remind her of her options. She said "No, I can finish, it just won't be pretty." I wanted to run with her then, but I also respected the Race Director and did not want to leave Jill solo. We said we would see her again at Mile 18. "Anything you want us to bring you?" "A Casket!!" Uh oh!!
Off she went and off we went to the MAP. On our way to the car a group of ladies said "How do you know everyone?" Jill smiled and replied "Their names are on their bibs. Runners really like it when you cheer for them by name."
  • NOTE: when spectating make sure that you have a good Map, GPS, and a knowledge of the main roads that intersect with the course. There will generally be parking, as people will filter in and out of spots as the time passes.
Together we made our way across the city, calculating how long we had to make it there in time. Mile 18 was much different than Mile 12. It was COLD!! I kept reminding myself that the runners were much colder and avoided complaining. I did the Mom holding baby shuffle to stay warm. The runners were pretty haggard, a woman stopped and looked hypothermic, Jill went to talk to her. it was SAD! I loved the bibs "Go Cowhide," "Nice work Lisa," "Keep it up Molaradun!?!?!" Hehehe it was fun. I shared my umbrella with a fellow spectator.
Julie HERE was ROCKING it out! So fast and so strong. We were lucky to spot her at every stop.
And Janna, AKA Lioness, posing for us. She looked GREAT and cruised to her 3rd sub 4 Hour Marathon in 6 months..
Sarah, a vision in Purple, ready to RUN LIKE A MOTHER to the finish. We about gave Amanda a heart attack and I dropped my umbrella to run with her. I had a bib given to me by an injured runner, so I was legit on the Course. I talked Amanda through the next 2 miles, trying to keep positive, have her check in with her body and see if there was anything she needed from us. She was thirsty...but was much better than mile 12. I had no idea that this would be how I would say Goodbye to my friend :(
Not knowing the course I was fearful to continue, plus Jill was waiting and I did not want to leave her solo. Amanda was STRONG and I knew she would Finish.
Jill and I helped people OVER THE WALL!! Next up?? Finding our way to the Finish.
  • NOTE: As a spectator try to park as close to the Finish as you can so you don't miss any of your friends.
We had no clue what parking would be like so we parked at the first spot we saw and jogged to the Finish Line. It was a LONG way, OOPs!! We missed Janna and Sarah Finishing.. Then settled in to a spot along the wall. The Finish area at Portland is very cramped and not well Organized..
We spotted Julie, Harmony, and finally Amanda with Red.. YIPPEE!!
We headed to the Family Reunion area where we saw Harmony, Blonde Pony and Family and congratulated them on their finish!! We hung with Track coach and Adorable wife and WAITED and WAITED.. No Amanda :( Jill realized that our parking was almost up...URGH we would miss Stacie HERE also.. UGH!! We had to get back, we did the best we could..
It was a LONG LONG day but worth every minute..I kept reminding myself that the Marathon runners in the rain were having a tough tough day, puts it in perspective. Jill was a blast, awesome driver and super CHEERLEADER. I am so pleased that we were able to be out there and in our own SMALL way help folks to smile, feel special and forget they were running 26.2 in the POURING RAIN!
  • NOTE: If you have never Spectated a Race GO DO IT!!! Yell with all your might for everyone, take pictures, and HAVE FUN!


Monday, October 11, 2010

RRCA Coaching Certification- The Joe Example

I spent the weekend in a room with several like minded folks hoping to glean all the Running/Coaching knowledge that I could. If you are interested in learning more about the Certification program go HERE

A Little about the Instructors:
Patti and Warren Finke, RRCA certified coaches. Patti, an exercise physiologist, is the Chairperson of the RRCA Coaching Committee. Warren, is a long time coach and distance runner. Both are founders and directors of the Portland Marathon Training Clinic, now in its 25th year. They are the author's of "Marathoning Start To Finish and of numerous articles on training for local, regional, national and international magazines. Guest speakers are DeeAnn Dougherty, PRT, RRCA Certified Coach, coach& director of the Portland Marathon Training Clinc and Suzanne Girard Eberle, R.D. sports dietitian. You will receive a copy of Suzanne's book along with the regular publications.

  • We were served bagel and banana breakfast, awesome Lunches and afternoon cookies.
This was a PACKED weekend full of focused learning. Tall Mom does not have a Science brain, so the first day with content on Vo2 Max and nutrition took a ton of focus. I feverishly took notes on the slide notebooks provided. Having the notebooks which corresponded with the slides was GREAT. Although when Suzanne came in to talk nutrition her notes did not match up.. Oh well!

Anyone who has read this blog long enough knows that I have SERIOUS issues with the Run Slow to go fast strategy. I run as long and as fast as I can almost every day....Hmmmm, could this be why I am tired?? and sore??
The second day Patti and Warren really drove home the arguments for this strategy, which I will share later.

IT CLICKED!! Sooooo when I train for Boston, I will be my own tester.. I plan to use the same training plan I used for Eugene, but SLOW down.. Will see how that translates on the Pavement in April.

The last day of the class was my FAVORITE we had a fake client and had to develop a training plan for her:

  • Meet Joe...she is a single mother of 2 who wants to run a Half Marathon to impress a guy. She has been running for 6 years, always fast and never more than 5 miles. An experienced racer.....

We got into groups and worked on our plans. What I realized QUICKLY is that I have a REALLY REALLY hard time taking my own personal experience and drawbacks out of the picture.

Thoughts like "Why would you take someone who goes 8:20 pace and slow them down to 9:45, that will feel so weird and she won't have time to shower and eat lunch," and "That is too many miles for her to run, her knee will be sore.." GEEEZ Mel, this is not you!!! Thankfully my team was GREAT and together we came up with a pretty good plan. It really is amazing how everyone has a bit different way of approaching a training plan.

  • Tall Mom Gripes: This is in no way a big one... I love love instructors who tell stories. Patti and Warren have GREAT stories. I was thoroughly entertained.. BUT.. I would have liked to hear more stories about the type of clients/people I will help. I may never meet an Elite, Olympic qualifier, Ironman contendor, or UltraMarathoner, let alone coah him or her. The examples given about coaching the NORM were a bit more applicable.

If you have any questions about the certification course please email me (tallmomontherun @ hotmail). The cost is $250, and you will get great resources, meet new people and increase your Running/Coaching bag of tricks.

Off to study for my 100 question test. Wish me luck!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

See You Soon


It took some convincing, huge thank you to everyone who lightly HARASSED Amanda at 5 Miles to Empty on her post HERE after my post HERE. Yes we had a very PUBLIC courtship. A Year ago Today we had our "First Date" HERE.
Just look at how cute and young we look :) She was my FIRST running partner, my BFF Charity was my bike training partner for my First Marathon. How Crazy is that?? From the first day I could tell we would be pals...just different enough to keep things fun. Pretty sure my uber-early ultra-planning ways could drive her crazy... but I have dabbled in what I coined "Amanda-style" racing lately.. maybe we have rubbed off on each other a bit..
So many self-portraits I could not pull them all into this post. I have been SAD for months knowing that her MOVING date was looming. Today I said "See You Soon," exactly one year to the day that we met. She does not like Goodbyes. Who knows maybe Zoe can pull out more Plane Tickets and we can all meet up and race near North Carolina??

We have had some soggy and TOUGH runs, like the Million Inch run... we always seem to find fun ways to make the most out of those somewhat downer days...
Yep REWARDS people!! Eat up.. Amanda ordered coffee after a COLD run which tasted AMAZING.. Pretty sure every time I have a post race coffee I will raise a mug to my buddy.
One of my favorite races was one that Amanda recommended, I had no plan but to go out and have FUN!! Before I had running buddies I focused a lot on pace, time, goals.. Friends like Amanda have helped me to realize there is much much more to running. At the end of the day your time will not matter, it is the memories you build along the path.
Running friends can help you through the worst of times.. Like Mile 20 in the FREE Greenriver Marathon. It was 80++, way to hot for this WA girl, I was lonely, tired and ready to QUIT. I stopped, she said I could hop in her car....I loved the offer but we both knew I could not do that.. Seeing her for those 2 minutes (I stopped to talk) gave me the RECHARGE to keep going.
And isn't that what good friends are for?? When you are down they lift you up.....you repay the favor when the tables are turned. After Miles and miles I got to know Amanda. We shared our thoughts, frustrations, ambitions, secrets... the code "What happens on the road stays on the road." What I will tell you is that Amanda is genuine, smart, empathetic, a GREAT listener, and very driven. She cares about her family, friends, community and gives without expecting anything in return.
Am I sad that we won't have any more T-Town runs?? ummm well not T-Town that place is sketchy ;) but runs in general YES!! Losing a Running partner is tough, the miles will be quiet and we have one less in our TRIBE at races. I am blessed because the distance will not take away my friend. THANKFULLY Amanda has unlimited texting, which she knows I will use (she is great at interpreting bumper stickers)..

Our "See You Soon" went just as our friendship began, ON THE RUN. More about Portland Marathon Spectating to come this week. For now I am off to check on my friend..
  • Tall Mom text: "How r u feeling?"
  • Amanda: "Starting to feel back among the living."
****GOOD thing we did not get her the casket she asked for at mile 12..
HAPPY 10-10-10!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

We Have a PLAN

I love love Jill!! She is super organized and sooo fun to be around. AND WE HAVE A PLAN!!

10-10 10 Portland Marathon here we come!

It promises to be a wet one, so we will bring the SUNSHINE to the sidelines. I am super excited to cheer all of my buddies taking on 26.2. GOOD LUCK to everyone!!!

Is it funny that I am excited to be on the sidelines of a Marathon?? Well I am..

More info about the RRCA Coaching course on Monday..


Friday, October 8, 2010

High Five Friday

I am DEEPLY immersed in RRCA Training while you read this, Self High Five. I am not sure that I have ever explained WHY I want to be a running coach..

There are 3 reasons:

1. I always thought I would be a coach, a basketball coach. I tried and was not hired by my alma mater High School, it was a BLOW to my ego, so I ran off to get a Big Girl job. Through running I can coach and bring home the bacon, win, win.

2. When I first started running I was INSPIRED by the ladies in my office, they helped me stay positive and gave me something to look forward to. I need to PAY IT FORWARD. Being a coach I can help women, young girls and runners close to PR's reach their dreams. From pacing Jill and T I can tell I am truly going to enjoy being a coach.

3. I am a NEW runner, with just over 2 years since I ran my first Half Marathon. I have so much to learn. In order for Tall Mom to be LEGIT (with badges all laminated and what-not) she needs to get some training!

The You Go Girl folks posted a few new photos that I am in LOVE with!! These photos drive home that the WA Bloggies are AWESOME!!
It was freezing, raining and they were out there cheering like mad, Zoe even took a video of me and T. I hope she posts it on her Blog..
Becka's Siss L, Chelsea, Zoewith Goober and Kerrie
Look at Jill HERE, so excited to cheer Diana to the finish.

  • High Five Racing & Events:
Stacie- Portland Marathon
Amanda - Portland Marathon
Julie- Portland Marathon
Harmony- (First) Portland Marathon
Janna- Portland Marathon
RLAM Sarah- Portland Marathon
Cynthia- Portland Marathon
Paul & Fleet Feet Team- Portland Marathon
Tammy- Victoria Marathon
Jen- Victoria Marathon
Tiffany (Daily Mile Buddy)- (First) Victoria Marathon
Nancy (Daily Mile Buddy)- Victoria Marathon
Alanna- (First) Victoria Marathon
Amy- (First) Victoria Marathon
Beka- Chicago Marathon
Velma & Hubby- Chicago Marathon
Jill- Chicago Marathon
Steph- Chicago Marathon
Stephanie- (First) Chicago Marathon
Becka- Hartford Half and Boston Half
Suzy & Hubby- Half Marathon
Shelly & Hubby- Fall Foliage Classic
  • High Five Best posts of the Week:
In My opinion
Robin Here links all around Blog land..which lead me to
Emz HERE recap of her 50 miler!!!
  • High Five Giveaways:
Please tell them Tall Mom sent you
Harmony- Recovery socks ends 10/8
Stacie- Lift Your Sole Ends 10/11

HIGH FIVE It's Friday!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Slug Slime Shimmers

Welcome to the newest Tall Mom Bloggy Pack Members!!!

Did you know that when the sun hit the Slug Slime on the pavement it shimmers? Sparkles like glitter.. Well it does and it is pretty cool..

I felt a bit like a Slug yesterday, not wanting to run AGAIN without an Ipod. It is so quiet being stuck with my own thoughts on the run. But I got out there and did 4.1 miles of leafy goodness!! The first 3 miles were GREAT!! The last mile I felt like I was running in sand, very WEIRD.

Tomorrow at this time I will be in RRCA coaching class. I am sure I will come out much wiser :) One can hope right.. I am trying to pull together a HIGH FIVE for all you busting out major miles on 10-10-10. Please comment or send me an email so I don't miss you..

I have NO PLAN for Portland spectating yet. I hope to pull that together ASAP so I can give all my buddies an idea of where I will be. Details soon :)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hybrid Miles

Come on Mel! Come on Mel!! Come on Mel!!! I repeated over and over and over in my head, and even aloud. Had there been anyone on the trail I am sure they would have thought I was CRAZY..


Local (to me) Coach and author Jill Bruyere HERE sent me an AMAZING Half PR training plan. I have loosely followed the plan, due to . Yesterday called for RACE PACE miles.

Lets talk about Race Pace shall we... My current Half Marathon PR lies with my 1st Half, I ran a 1:43:39 which is roughly 7:55 pace. WHAT?? I must have been faster in May of 2009, These days sub 8's are tough tough for me.. So yesterday I set out with a plan, to hold my pace around 7:45, my goal for my Half on 10/23.

IT WAS IN NO WAY EASY...and I didn't have my Ipod. I found myself listening to my breathing and cadence of my stride. I don't know this pace, I would be fast, then too slow....holding the pace was strange and very uncomfortable. So how did I do?

1- 7:50
2- 7:44
Overall= 7:47!!

Solid effort, I was dripping in sweat when I was done. It took EXTREME focus to get this speed, if I let my thoughts waiver I would be back to my cozy pace. At the end of the run I felt tense from starting at my Garmin. So why am I telling you this?

Because.... when I got home I laced up and ran 2 miles with Muscle Man and the Little Studs. 2 blissful miles, not worried about speed or form, just running for the pure joy of being out there. These Family Runs make me so happy!! 9:18 pace never felt so good :) A sharp contrast to speed work.

The 2 versions of Tall Mom:
  • 1. Killer Focused Athlete who aims for PR's and will pound the pavement to reach goals.
  • 2. Runner who wants to enjoys the journey, running with family, meeting new people and helping friends reach their goals.

I truly believe there is room for both versions of ME. And this year I have dabbled in both. There was overwhelming JOY at the finish line in Eugene when I qualified for Boston. Helping Jill and T set new PR's was Awesome as well. Sooooo I have a question:

  • What type of Runner are you? Do you train with goals and focus to PR at every race? Or will you relax, and enjoy the miles with friends and family? Or maybe, like me, a hybrid of both? Give examples, I love examples :)


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tall Mom Test Lab Tuesday- Sugoi

Sugoi brand has amazing high quality and stylish products. I am blessed to own some AMAZING pieces, so I thought this Test Lab could be dedicated to the brand.. Click the names to be linked directly to the product page.

I immediately fell in love with this jacket.. There are well-place pockets, it is soft, the sleeves and body are long and it is sooo cute!! I wore it about 5 times before running in it, I did not want to make it stinky :) Great for wearing around town or on the Run. I am hoping to ditch the belt and wear this in my next Fall Race. Or maybe I will keep it clean and wear every weekend while trolling around town, I am sooo torn!!
What Sugoi Says:
This versatile Locust Jacket has style and design that can be worn just about anywhere. The fitted style gives a flattering look, while the fabrics take care of the optimal technical elements.
  • The Locust Jacket is currently available in the Tank Green color on sales for $50!!
Zap Vest HERE & RSR Mesh Cap HERE:
Gotta love the reflective gear for safety and comfort. I wanted to TEST this vest and cap out so I wore the gear on a 5AM 6 mile run in the RAIN!! I am happy to report that the gear is AWESOME. The vest is a tad short for me, but I am 6'0 so that happens often. The pockets are well placed and the material does not make that annoying swishy sound. The hat is a tad big but I think will fit fine once I wash it. A white hat should be a staple in the gear bag of every runner

White skirt for a Mom...Uh oh!! I have to be sure to keep the Little Studs grubby fingers away from this ADORABLE and comfortable skirt. There is a boxer brief inside the skirt that fits snug. I am fearful of chafing on any run longer than 3 miles, so I wore compression short under, but I KNOW the skirt would work solo. I work this for 10 total miles, cute and functional. There is a small pocket that would be OK for Gu but I would not trust it to put my keys in.
What Sugoi Says:
The Stamina skirt offers a fun and feminine running and fitness option. With a boxer brief and flat waistband, the skirt offers the best in comfort, which the mesh back pockets and four inch inseam adds to the Stamina skirts functionality.
It is getting COLD, you need TIGHTS!! I wore these tights EVERY long run in Fall and Winter while training for Eugene. The compression really helped keep my legs fresh. Yes I often looked like Bat Woman, but it was so worth it. I was warm, my muscles were supported and I recovered much faster than before. Don't let the price tag deter you, when you figure in the cost per wear for the years you will be wearing these tights it is sooo worth it!! I have worn these 25++ times and they still look and feel almost new.
Go check out What Sugoi has to say HERE
Many of you commented on these Arm Warmers when you visited the Sugoi site. I am lucky enough to own a pair which I will be TESTING soon. I love the colors, the style and the fit. Arm Warmers are great for racing because if you are like me you freeze at the start but quickly warm up. with Arm Warmers you can easily peal them off and toss to your race crew or tuck in your waist band. Much easier than tying a jacket around your waist.
  • Sooooo I updated my Race report links.. If you are ever bored and want to read all about Tall Mom on the Race, scroll down until you see the "RACES" header on the right. Simply click on any of the pictures to be linked to the Full race report.
  • Thanks to everyone who has emailed for the 83 mile Challenge. I will be sure to rply tonight with the link. I will be taking entries until the end of this week, so don't miss out!!!



**Note: All reviews are based on my own personal experience with the specific product. I received these products free of charge from OutsidePR and was not compensated for my review.***