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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Promises promises

I made promises earlier this week...

I promised to have a great Giveaway, well I don't have the info yet.

I promised to have a HUGE High Five, well my computer went down.

I promised to go around and comment, well time/computer/kids/running/life

Tall Mom generally does not break promises but this week I have no choice.. Tomorrow is TAG's Memorial and we will have a family day after... leaving little time for Blogging... I know you will understand.. Thanks :)

Soooooo last night Muscle Man and I took the Little Studs to the trail and had a GREAT GREAT Family run, so nice to have him back to do the heavy pushing. I took some pictures and will post soon.. And today I ran #6 in my 10 day streak, a short 3 miles but the streak continues..

I am looking forward to a 4 day weekend and possible Half Marathon on Labor day.

  • What are your Weekend plans? Hmmm High Five Monday has a good ring to it..
  • ATTENTION: August 80 CHALLENGE peeps please send me an email to tallmomontherun@hotmail with your name, Blog and mileage. The post will go up mid next week and only those who email will be listed. There were over 75 people who commented so I expect a FULL inbox :)





H Love said...

Thinking of you and the fam! You are a mommy and wife before you need to worry about bloggy land. You are so sweet worrying about others. I'll still be here...no hurry!

Jen said...

FAMILY always comes first.

You could call your High Five Monday edition as:

Monday's Mojo

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Have a great long weekend.

I love your family runs!

track coach and adorable wife said...

Family first, for sure! Blogging second, eating third!:)

Jesse is doing his last Sprint Tri on saturday in Bonney Lake (Lake Tapps) and hopefully my sister will be popping out her baby! Aww, newborn baby smell all cuddled up on my chest. Yay!

Anonymous said...

As the others have said, definitely family first...

I'm hoping to be prepared for a high five on Monday. If I get my planned Saturday run in, this will be my highest mileage week ever.

Unknown said...

Family has to be there first; at the end of the day, they are the ones you're tucking into bed.

I can't remember if I'm doing the August 80 or not; I think I am. hmmm.

Racing 10K - Labour Day 10k - this weekend. Planning to rock; let's hope I do!

Marlene said...

So behind after a busy weekend. TOTALLY understand life getting in the way... we have to keep our priorities!

Can't believe we are back to work already. *sigh*