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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Makes you Think

Wow are we all crazy early rising fanatics, such a fun topic yesterday, thank you ALL for playing along!!!

It was dark and rainy this morning as I set out to make the train. Headed down the hill I saw break lights, WHAT!!?? This was an abnormal area for a backup. Switched to the traffic station and sure enough, there was an accident right at my exit. I know the Sumner area so I took an exit and weaved my way through town. At a Stop sign I started to go, then caught something out of the corner of my eye. It was a slow moving teenager in all black, I could barely make out his figure as he moved along the crosswalk.

Makes you think:

1. I never go this way

2. Traffic caused me to take this route.

3. Would other people in more of a hurry or not paying attention have noticed this kid??

Everything in life happens for a reason. I took the train and landed safely at work..

Side note: Did anyone watch Survivor last night?? I had to crack up at the lady who was voted off in her closing remarks she said "I don't have blisters on my feet, that is an asset." HEHEHEHEHE... but that holds very true with Running :)

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Marlene said...

Wow, things like that always make me stop and think. The slightest thing can change your life so much! Glad you were keeping a watchful eye on your drive this morning.

I DID watch Survivor and had to giggle at the Blister comment. If I were on the show and they saw my feet, they'd vote me out immediately.

But what is with everyone wearing their UNDERWEAR? Too much info! They usually wear swim suits at least?

Amanda said...

My hubby and I couldn't get past the "Fabio" guy running around with the machetti (sp?). WHO let that guy have the bush whacker!? Only young people would think a man about to cut his own leg off is comedy...and me :) If anyone was on the fence about voting her off... she made it easy lol

Kerrie said...

So glad is was you at the intersection. Yes, I think everything happens for a reason...even the bad stuff, unfortunately.

I'm not a Survivor fan, but CANNOT wait for Amazing Race to start up again. It's my favorite!

Unknown said...

So many things happen because of a small chance. If only one thing had been different...

I have to admit that right now I run in black clothing, in the dark. Not the best choice and something I need to rethink.

Denise said...

i watched it. not a fan of the older vs younger though. if it turns into the younger team winning each week, i'm going to bag watching.

Ginny M said...

I did watch Survivor last night. It's funny you mentioned the blister thing. I was thinking about her crazy comment (no blisters being an asset) today. Being back in the classroom is wreaking havoc on my feet... switching from flip flops and running shoes to "real" shoes is a painful transition. I think I have about 5 new blisters!

track coach and adorable wife said...

No I haven't watched it yet, the hubs and I were saving it, but THANKS for telling me who gets voted off! SPOILER :)

Kimberly said...

Huge "Survivor" fan! I, too, loved it when she mentioned the blisters. She would be an asset on my team for sure :)

ShutUpandRun said...

That woman who got voted out was a bit wacky, but kind of endearing at the same time. Poor Jimmy J. puking and falling apart on the first night!! I can't believe I'd be in the old group if I was on the show (43...sigh).

Jamie said...

Isn't it weird how little things like that make you think differently than you normally would?? Happens to me a lot. It's strange, and wonderful, and I like to think it always happens for a reason. :)

Casey said...

That's crazy. I'm a big believer in that there are no coincidences. It makes you appreciate everything a little more.

Way to be awesome, Mel!

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